2024 Best of Happy Birthday Poems for Loved Ones and Lovers

Happy Birthday Poems Samples for Him or Her

The lady: Please I need a romantic birthday message for him, thank you.

Olalekan: Okay. You will have to write as many things as you can remember since the two of you started the relationship:

How you met, why you accepted his proposal, all you like about him. What has been happening in the relationship.

Lovely moments together.

Your description of the relationship so far. Your description of him.

How you see your future with him (anything you see happening in the future).

And every other things you can remember, or you’ll love to add.

If what you write to me is not much, I won’t write the birthday message.

The lady: OK. I’ll try sir.

We met on Facebook. After several times of ignoring his messages, he never gave up.

He kept checking on me, sending greetings until he got my attention.

I finally accepted his proposal after chatting for about a month because of the maturity he exhibited since we started talking.

His persistence, care and respect he has for me were super. Even though we don’t live in the same town, I always feel we are together because we talk and chat 3-4 times each day.

The moment I cherish is when it’s time for him to call me in the evening which he never misses, and we will talk deep in to the night.

The relationship so far has been wonderful, entertaining, lovely and very interesting. He is very kind, loving, caring, and very understanding, he inspires, and he is hardworking.

And, of course, very jovial.

I see peaceful, loving, and very fruitful future with him.

I hope this is enough to compose the happy birthday messages for him.

Happy Birthday to My Hero

I have a hero
He’s the legend of my heart
And I am like this…
Because he’s like that.

Not just today alone…
Every other day became special since I met him
A little about my hero and you know where I’m coming from.
He is an everyday inspiration to me
His Love and Care is second to none
He’s understanding and considerate
His kind and lovely nature is magnetic
A second with him comes with a thousand smiles.

So won’t you help me wish my Hero!
As the ensembles with one voice sing
Let the cymbal form high into waves
The drum in rhythm shall follow
And The world in standing ovation say…
Happy birthday to my Hero

My Hero came when I wasn’t expecting to find love
And stayed when I was expecting to me be lonely
With him, every minute is golden
With him I can smile into the future
He’s peaceful inside out
Oh how can I forget the night talks!
That which brings him right beside me
Very far apart yet always together
Talk about the way he respects me!
Who else can be like my Legend!

Why not join me to wish my hero!
As we climb unto mountain tops
From where our voices will rise high
That every living may be informed
And the world chorus with me…
Happy birthday to my Hero.

For my Hero, may this day be blessed among days
Together we shall celebrate this day every year… As we grow together on every other special day.

Happy birthday to my Hero.


I can gaze into the future, with untold gaiety.
I can smile alone like I’ve won a billion dollars jackpot.
Each day passing by, there’s nothing as fascinating as your thoughts within me.
To say it as it is, you have captivated all of my heart.

Yea, a captivity I don’t want to be freed from
With the way you smile and make me glad.
A journey I don’t want to be back from.
Still, by the way you laugh and make me merry.
Your love is path I don’t want to deviate from…
Relishing each moment, even as I go.

Your Love in its totality is more than I bargained for
With each stare I gave, your love stands sure much more.
And I just can’t wait to see us walk down the aisle together.

Yea, it might be years of waiting… It’s sure worth it.

Now and forever, allow me to savor this tingling feelings from your thoughts.

Permit me to always bask in joy, in the awe of you.

You know what?

I Love you and I’ll love you to be mine forever.

Meanwhile, I celebrate you on this day
I celebrate all that makes you bountiful,
I cherish each moment that made you into this lovely being
And I envy every step all the way.

If I would ask for another, it’ll be in another world
And if you’ll be there, I pray I’ve the favour to have you as mine again.

You know why?

When I look into the future, I see myself with you.
Whichever way I turn, I bask in awe of you
And the way it is, you’ve got my all…
So, I Love you so much and I’ll love you to be mine.

Happy Birthday to You Alyssa


It’s your birthday really, but I need your help because I’m in an deep mess.

Here’s it:

There’s this lady that got my all and I wish I make her know.

She’s not a member of my clan,
But pleases me than the most favoured of them all.
Every moment with her comes with unmetered gaiety and my life with her has been awesome, to say the least.

I did spy on the awesomeness that’s inherent in her love for me and it’s amazing to see such that defies definitions.
The deeds of her love I can’t verbalize, and speechless, is how she forever make me feel.

She’s been outstandingly my hourly muse,
And a lamp to my path that I wouldn’t grope.
Her whole has she given to my cause
And wouldn’t stop to give me a futuristic hope.

Here I am, trying to give a word to tell the totality of what she means to me and it’s been a mission impossible!
I’ve trusted my ego in the search for the best of adjectives and sadly, none did suffice. In fact, I suck in telling her worth, so I give up!

Her name is Mikaella and she’s the one reading this piece.


I’ve heard of oceans wide
Seen their shores as I was told
Saw even their rolling tides
That are Beautiful to behold
But no matter what feelings they bring
Your love gives more, so to you I forever cling.

Your love is calling the shots
With you my status is changing
I’m confident of its end
So there’s no more decline
Neither a refusal of its dictates…
Because, I’m on my way to a better day – a better day with you.
I Love you.

Happy birthday to you my love.

Celebration of Love

I led my heart on an adventure, and here’s the result of the ultimate search!

You were many men’s dream but you came true for me. You were some people’s crush but they’ll watch you in my arms.

It started as one of those movies and I watched until it turned a reality. To some it’s still a fairytale, but to us it’s boundless!

I diagnosed my heart desire and it tested positive of your love, yours alone!

Your love is an art, bringing an expression to my innermost thoughts and feelings.

I’m like a rock of flint, your love, the sparks my world needs.
Amazing how you became the answer to my unverbalized prayers.

How it happened, to me is still magical
The joy it brings, more than rhythmical
I waited for so long, nothing was ensured…
But here I am, savoring a union so treasured.

I love you *Wura mi*
I really love you, *Fife Kemi*
I will let the world know…
That I love you so much.

And I’m on a mission to finding someone as lovely as you; When I find her, we’ll both call her our daughter.

With Much Love…
From Olalekan Adebumiti
to Akinnagbe Oluwakemi GoldenStreams

Happy Birthday to You, My Treasure

It all started as a musing but you soon became the lyrics I dared to learn, the song I have ever cared to listen to.

It was a lonesome pine, heading to an unknown world.
It’s still beats me how my heart knew the way and my mind gladly followed.

It was a tasking ride but you became the destination.
It was a rocky start and your love justified the adventurous means.

The moment you stepped into my life, the Veil of uncertainty torn.
I got a brighter view of my future, your deep calleth unto mine.

Sooner than I expected, our love became an everyday kind of love, every moment binds us together, supernaturally!

When I spied on our love’s longevity, it leads up above the waves, it’s steady and consistent.

All I’ve learned by theory began to appear clearer to me by the day!
All I’ve ever sought for began to unfold before my very eyes.

Your abilities are rare, exceptional than a dish I savour.
Your cares are untold, deserving of commendations!

I’ve seen love being played and sure got a hint of its feelings….
Just that when you came, your kind of love surpassed all I’ve seen and learned.

With every day passing by, your love has proven to be more than magical.
If I’m to pay it back, I sure will need to break a bank!

On a Less Serious Note

With a covetable sense of humor that we share, it’s amazing how our conversations provoke laughter.

Moments we’ve shared together are characterized by how much we have come to build a future that’s awe-inspiring.

Seasons have come and gone and our love keeps rejuvenating, as sweet as Ruby wine!
Isn’t it wonderful how we innocently sing love languages to each other?

And I am forced to remember the breathtaking moments I say thank you for saying YES and you’ll say thank you for ASKING. Together, we have trademarked “Mr and Miss MUTUAL”.

And My Reflections

If they knew you’ll become my sacred gem, the whole world would have celebrated you upon your christening.

You are beautiful inside-out, forgiving to a fault, peace-loving, and your self-control is one of a kind.

You are phenomenal with beautiful values and amazing in character.

I can choose to tell of how amazing you are forever, but I’ll wait to tell it all another day.

To my Loving Choice, May the good Lord keep you and prosper you all the way up!

Happy Birthday to You…


I Love You. I really do. I will forever do.

Happy Birthday to You my Hubby

Birthday Poems for Hubby

Now I look back and see we’ve come a long way
Yet I look ahead, the journey is worth a sigh!

He’s been my husband, my love,
Oh, my heart so sweet
He’s has been a friend indeed,
A Romantic One at that!

His virtues are so high,
His height is an obvious proof.
Ever amazing are his deeds,
my heart and soul can rightly tell.

I take a step each day,
Envisaging a future of bliss
Right beside me is this Gem
No, more than a Gem, he is!

If I try describe your worth
Lexicographers would lose their jobs
And if I’ll try to sing of your love
Millions of medley wouldn’t do.

I try to make a boast of your love
Adjectives say they’re not qualified
How on earth will I say it all,
To the man who rocks my world!

In the eyes of our children,
I see the Romes, we’ve together, built
Their shadows can tell too,
That you’re a father, in cash and kind.

A line of prayer could help grace this day,
But more than that, I wish a world of eternal life.

Thank you for a wonderful marriage
Thank you for bringing out the best in me.
You mean so much more to me.
More than more and much!

I love you.

From the Adebumitis
On behalf of Reverend Mrs Olabode.

Happy Birthday to You, My Wife and Friend

I heard they say that love was blind
See how yours keep leading me on
Even learned that love wasn’t all
But yours keep being my essence.

Some say it lasts but for a while
But yours remain a lasting spell
Thought love was a spark at a time
Yet, yours keep me ever electrified

It came right inside my heart
Cast off all its agelong umbra.
So I tried describing how I feel
Now I’m down on all my luck!

Thought for you I’ll write a song
Oh, see how my lyrics are bad!
And if I’ll hire someone for it
Sure, I’ll need to break a bank!

If I’d let the rhythms out on instruments
A Gazillion of Orchestra still wouldn’t do.

Happy Birthday to You My One and Only Wife.

For a brand new day,
For new hours of His blessedness
For a year of sunshine and rain
For her Cute Smiling face
For all the wishes and birthday gifts
For the Virtual Candles and all…
Thanks to God who gives them all.

To the one who has got my all
To the one who always makes my day
To the one that’ll do anything to make me smile
To the one whose one touch could keep me forever high
To the one whose affection would forever got my spine….

Would you join me say…
Happy Birthday?

To the one who would give her all
To make this small me have it all
To the one through whom I’m ever blessed
To the one whose care is quintessential
To the one whose support never wanes

Would you mind wishing…
Many Happy Returns?

Just when I realized how much I needed love
Yours came with a load of goodies
Then how can I choose to not celebrate
The centre of my daily merriment!

Happy Birthday Poems for Sister

Collection of Birthday Poems for Siblings

Happy Birthday Poems for Sister

I could remember when Mother was complaining of not feeling too good that night

I could remember how Father took her to the hospital

I could remember how we were all crying when mother was leaving

I could remember how Father and Mother came back with a very healthy, beautiful and lovely bundle of joy

I could remember how I do take and pick her from school as a little girl

I could remember how strangers will offer to pay our t-fare because my kid sis is a beauty to behold

I could remember how she would stay in my class for afternoon lesson while I was in primary six against the school’s rule because she was too beautiful

I could remember how my mates will be fighting with each other to follow me whenever I want to goan pick her from her school because she was too lovely

I could remember how Sayo sent me a love letter through her when I was in Jss3 but she decided to give my mum. Oh Lawd! You know the rest of the story

I could remember when she got into St. Louis. I was in my last class. She won’t stop coming to my class. She’s always looking for her sister. She had alot of school mothers admist my mates because she’s was portable, beautiful and brilliant

Oluwadunsin, Temiloluwa, Fiyinfoluwa, Praise, mum calls her Jesus Beauty is indeed a blessing to our family. Her birth changed our story.

Birthday Poems for Sister

Now, this young lady is everything good.

Her talent is alluring, her steppings is killing, her voice is sonorous, her dishes are welcoming, her naughtiness is accepted, her enthusiasm is great, she’s good on the drums too

When she picks my call, forget it, you won’t know it’s not me. We talk alike on phone. We play pranks. Lool. Dad and mum can’t even recognize our voice on the phone so who are you to recognize it?

Baby, I love you. Heaven knows that. You came and you became a great part of me.

May you be so great in Jesus name.
Happy birthday to you my Love and Friend.

Friends, over to you.

Written by Amiife Mhiz.

Birthdays come once in a year and it is a time to celebrate special treasures God has blessed us with.


Today I celebrate the man of my dreams, My best friend, the crown God gave me, my partner in destiny and purpose, the father and protector of my unborn children, My No 1 cheerleader. You’ve been amazing over the years and even in the few days of your wife, I have no doubt that the coming years with you would be more splendid than I can ever imagine. Thank you for being you and for allowing God mould you to what you are today.

As you add another year today,
May your life be as colourful as Jacob’s robe,
May your heart shine bright like the northern star that led the Three Kings to the manger,
May you have the strength of heart like David’s when faced with challenges.
May your nights be warm with God’s Embrace,
May your mornings be bright with God’s Grace,
May your journey be fulfilling with God’s Ways.
May the Lord’s veil of protection keep you warm when dread makes you shiver,
May you seek the answers in His loving Grace when your heart is gripped by doubt,
And May you find solace in His warm Embrace whenever you feel alone.

Happy Birthday Olowo ori mi, Scriptures says in Proverbs 20:6 that “Most men will proclaim each his own goodness, But who can find a faithful man ? I’m proud to say that I found mine in you, I love you beyond what words can express Eriifeoluwasimi, Continue to bask in God’s unfailingly and immeasurable love.

– Yewande Kalejaye Olujobi.

Heart Touching Happy Birthday Wishes

2024 Heart Touching Happy Birthday Wishes

2024 Happy Birthday Wishes for Him or Her