Birthday Wishes for Husband
Birthday Wishes for Husband

2024 Trending Happy Birthday Wishes for Husband from Wife

In a world of irresponsible men, wife beaters and domestic violence prevalence, good men exist and thrive, even in their dwindling numbers.

You have been blessed with a great man, who’s by no means perfect, but a loving and supportive husband, doting father to your children, consistently wearing himself out to provide for you and eke out a better future for you.

It’s his birthday, and he deserves to be celebrated with encouraging words of love from you, the love of his life.

Are you at your wit’s end as to how to convey your feelings? Are you willing but incapable of putting your admiration into writing?

Hey, don’t stress yourself further. I am at your service to find what suits you to precisely express your love to your husband, in a special way, on his special day.

Sweet Birthday Wishes for Husband

Your husband deserves these Sweet Birthday Wishes  for  Husband on his  special day. Feel free to use them generously.

1. Happy birthday to my man.
You are my man-crush and my Prince Charming.
Today is your birthday, I celebrate you my husband, my best friend and confidant.
You are a perfect gentleman and an icon of grace.
Your path will shine brighter and brighter in Jesus’ name.

2. Happy birthday to the love of my life.
Today, I celebrate a man with a large heart, compassionate and kind, generous to a fault.
My giant Teddy Bear, my own sugar pie, I love you so much!
May you live long, and enjoy God’s goodness, favour and blessings, with sound health, in Jesus’ name.

3. Happy birthday to you, my darling.
You are a rare gem, my precious gift!
You are a priceless treasure, completely invaluable!
You are an epitome of excellence, perfect in all ways!
You are an uncommon breed!
You are a unique brand!
It’s your day, let’s rock it!!

4. Happy birthday to you, my King!
You are special beyond description.
You are one in a million!
You are a worthy husband, the best father in the world to our children.
Rock your new age with grace so amazing!

5. Today is your day, my husband.
Happy birthday to you, my handsome.
You are caring, charming, ever-smiling and full of warmth.
You are unfazed in the face of adversity.
You are strong and unflappable in crises, my Rock.
When you open your mouth, my gentle giant, words of wisdom laced with grace, pour forth.
I celebrate you today and always!

6. Hey, it’s your birthday!
Many years ago, a prince was born into a home filled with love and laughter.
Groomed and nurtured to become a great prince.
Today, the prince has grown to become a great king,
filled with wisdom, creative and skilled, blessed with much wealth- things money cannot purchase.
Happy birthday, dearest husband. May your joy be full and continually run over!

7. Happy birthday to you, my sunshine!
It’s your day, you deserve to be celebrated.
You are a delight to be with, my boo of life.
My friend and confidant.
If I have the means, I’d give you the whole world on a platter of gold. You deserve it and more.
Enjoy your day, with all my love.

8. Happy birthday to my man.
It’s a glorious day, my beloved.
The sun shines brightly, releasing its blazing glory on a shining star: YOU!
As the wind blows, the trees sway from side to side, dancing and celebrating with you.
Today is a great day, you are a great man, wonderful-beyond- description husband!
Enjoy your day, my gem!
May the Lord grant you many more years with greater blessings.

9. What a beautiful day!
I celebrate you, my darling husband, as you add another year to your age.
May you celebrate many more glorious years in God’s abundant blessings.
Love you loads, my baby.

10.Wow! It’s your day, sugarpie!!
I feel like dancing and celebrating you with careless abandon.
Let someone dash to the rooftop and shout to the world the joyous news ever;
It’s my prince’s birthday!
A man of honour and substance, loving, caring and sweet.
I love you to the moon and back. Happy birthday to you!!!

11. Happy birthday to the man that always makes me feel like a Queen.
Today is your day, enjoy its blessings to the fullest, my treasure.
May the Lord adorn your life with royalty, fame, wealth and honour in Jesus’ name.
Have a great day, my king!

12. Happy Birthday to the man of my dreams, my Sweetheart, and my eternal soulmate. You’re indeed my treasured gift from God.
Every day with you is exciting and inspiring.
You are the reason why I reach for the moon and grab the stars.
On this your glorious occasion, I celebrate you with all my heart.

13. Happy birthday to the best husband in the world!
I’m brimming with excitement, it’s my honey’s special day!
My life wouldn’t have been the same without you.
Thank you so much for making my life so beautiful.
As you start another year today, may the Lord bless you from Zion and fulfil the desires of your heart in Jesus’ name.

14. What a wonderful day!
A happy day, filled with joyous music, sweet melody and unlimited praise.
Happy birthday to you, my love.
You are my dream come true.
Handsome, loving, patient and untiringly caring.
I am the woman I am today because you gave me the wings to fly.
I love you so much, ademi.

15. A birthday is an opportunity to celebrate an icon.
Happy birthday, my Prince Charming.
You are my perfect match, my best friend, confidant, lover and mentor.
I celebrate you, my dashing Beau.
You are my substance, I’m but a mere shadow without you.
I love you, my baby. Congratulations!!

16. My heart is filled with gratitude, the Lord has spared your life.
Happy birthday to you, my crown.
Nkem, you are everything my heart desires.
Every day, I bask in the euphoria of your love for me.
You’re an uncommon father, considerate partner and a delight to be with.
Rock your day, to the fullest, handsome!!

17. It’s your day my darling husband, happy birthday to you!
The Lord will make your way prosperous, fill your mouth with laughter, give you more testimonies, grant you rest on all sides and bless you tremendously.
Your light will never grow dim in Jesus name.
I love you so much, my sweetie!!

18. Hurray!! My sugar is a year older today.
Happy birthday to you, my darling husband.
I love you from the depth of my heart, your love thrills me to no end.
As you add another year to your age, may your life be filled with all that your heart desires.
May your joy be full as a new dawn begins in your life.
Enjoy your day, boo, you deserve it.
Love you loads!!

20. To the love of my life, a glorious birthday wishes for you.
May you enjoy sound health and experience unprecedented promotions in your work.
May you find fulfilment in all your endeavours, as success yields to all your efforts.
May all that you desire and imagine in your wildest imaginations, become reality for you.
May the Lord encompass you with His goodness and crown you with favour.
These, and more, are my prayers for you.
Congratulations, my love!

21. Yippee!! It’s the King’s birthday, I celebrate you, my love.
My heart desire is that the Lord shower you with everything good in life.
May this new year usher in a greater and brighter phase in all areas of your life in Jesus’ name.
Happy birthday to you, my eternal love!

22. It’s a beautiful day!
A day of sunshine filled with much glory.
No lurking shadow or pangs of regrets dare dampen this joy.
A tinge of sorrow wiped out by sounds of jubilation.
Everything herewith and beyond the horizon, is beautiful and joyful.
Your generation and those to come shall celebrate you!!
Happy birthday to you, my sweet husband!!!

23. Happy birthday to my one and only boo of life.
It’s your day, let’s celebrate in grand style.
Let your imagination go wild, reach for the moon, ask for the stars, you deserve these and much more!
Put on your dancing shoes, mine is on already, let’s waltz and swirl merrily to wonderland.
Close your eyes, cross your heart, and make a wish- Heaven awaits your order!!
May all you desire comes true, today and always.
Congratulations, my dear husband!
May you work and reap abundant returns.

24. Finally, today is here!
Can’t wait to celebrate you, my love. I’m brimming with so much excitement; I feel I’d burst.
Happy birthday to you, my husband.
You are a rare diamond among men, I’m proud to be your soul mate!
May your joy be full and running over.
Happy birthday, my darling!

25. I woke up with excitement.
Waking you up from dreamland with a resounding kiss is just a tip of the iceberg!
So many surprises await your unravelling as today unfolds.
It’s a super duper day, a great day indeed!
Happy birthday, my darling husband.
You are simply the best ever!
Enjoy your day, it’s yours for grabs!!

26. It’s another opportunity to celebrate the best man in the whole word: indeed you are a celebrity, a million times over!
Happy birthday to my dearest husband!!
May you live long to see your children’s children.
May the Lord decorate your life with love, peace, great achievements, mercy and abundant joy, in perfect health, in Jesus’ name.
Have a wonderful day, my hubby!!!

27. Happy birthday to the love of my life.
Today, I rejoice with you as another year is added to your age.
You have added so much value to my life, I need to let you know how much I love and appreciate your worth.
From a lowly life, you brought dignity and honour to me.
From a life of insignificance, you brought me into a life of prominence.
You are my Sunshine, Prince Charming and an epitome of excellence in my life.
Little wonder my life revolves around you!!!
On this joyous day of yours, may the Lord’s blessings encompass you abundantly, my lovely husband.

28. My husband is a year older today, I can’t keep quiet!
I have to celebrate the love of my life.
Happy birthday to you, my sugarpie!
You are beautiful in and out, you have no mean streak in you!
Your love intoxicates me and I live each day in a perpetual state of euphoria!
You are love personified, and I can’t help but appreciate your being.
I love you so much my husband, and I pray that you will obtain favour from the Lord that will set you outstandingly in a place of excellence this new year.

29. Hurray, my baby boy is a year older today!!!
Happy birthday to my handsome husband!!
The one with the “swag”, who knows how to press my “mumu” button and make me ” putty” in his hands!
The one whose beautiful dimpled smile lights up my world!!
The one who drawls “baby girl” in that special way and calm me when agitated.
It’s your day, enjoy it to the fullest my love.

30. A birthday is a day of sober reflection, excitement and gratitude.
Happy birthday to my dearest husband.
I feel so blessed to have you in my life.
You are everything I desired in a man; kind, good-natured, great sense of humour, honest, hardworking caring and romantic, what more can I ask for?
As you celebrate today, my prayer for you is that the Lord will continually decorate your life with all the blessings you aspire for, and more…in Jesus’ name.
Congrats, Nkem!

31. On this beautiful day, I’d like to express my utmost love to you, my hero.
Happy birthday to you, my husband, lover and friend.
Marrying you was the best decision I ever made in life.
Life with you has been an out of the world experience for me.
What better day to appreciate your love than today?
My profession of undying love and total commitment to you and your dreams is my ‘prized’ birthday gift to you.
Rock your day my love!

32. Happy birthday to my sweetheart.
Ademi, it’s your day and I celebrate you fully.
My heart’s delight, may the Lord order your steps aright this new year.
May He cause His light to shine upon your ways and grant you good success.
May you receive divine wisdom and revelation that will launch you into the realms of greatness.
Love you, my baby!

33. I appreciate God for the gift of life.
Those whose lives were snatched from the jaw of sure death, tend to appreciate the gift of life more and celebrate every day as a precious gift from God.
That the Lord has spared your life today, despite all odds, is a miracle I choose to celebrate joyously.
Happy birthday to you, my treasured husband.
Every day with you cannot be exchanged with all the gold in the world.
I love you, honey. I bless God for your life and I pray He’ll keep you to live to a grand old age in Jesus’ name.

34. Happy birthday to my heartbeat.
My darling husband, I celebrate you on this special day of yours.
May your heart be filled with overwhelming joy as the day unfolds.
May the new year bring a new beginning for you.
A year of effortless achievements, graced with favour and fulfilment of all your dreams, in Jesus’ name.

35. Happy birthday to you, my husband.
My heart greatly rejoices with you as you celebrate this special day of yours.
You are the best husband in the world for me, no man can be compared with you.
My crown, you have brought so much joy and laughter to my life and I pray the Lord reciprocates by blessing you abundantly.
I love you to distraction, my baby!
Enjoy your day, you rock!!

36. Happy birthday to the man who makes the world rock for me!
My loving husband, I celebrate you today and forever.
Words fail me in finding the right word to describe how much you mean to me.
Still, you need to know you are my Rock, Strength, Joy, Jewel and Treasure.
I will cherish you forever!

37. To the one I love, happy birthday to you!
Loving you is a pleasure, being a part of your success story is a privilege.
As you celebrate a new age today, my dearest husband, may the coming days be filled with unfathomable joy, uncountable blessings and more laudable achievements, for you in Jesus’ name!
Love you loads, my precious!!

38. It’s your born day, my precious husband!
Happy birthday to you, my King!!
I worship the ground you walk on because you treat me like an inestimable jewel, a Queen, of unparalleled beauty!!
You are my Pride, my Rock and my Joy.
I celebrate you with so much joy today, my friend, mentor, and companion.
You mean so much to me: my world literally revolves around you.
May your light continue to glow gloriously in the years to come in Jesus’ name.

40. A beautiful day, to a beautiful soul!
Happy birthday to the greatest love of my life!!
In every way imaginable, you rock, my husband!!!
You define ” gentlemanliness “, a virtue that’s virtually lacking in this part of the world.
In kindness, patience and understanding… you aced it, beautifully.
Today is your day, may you be blessed beyond all imaginations in Jesus’ name.

41. Happy birthday to my handsome Prince!
May your hand achieve the greatness you desire.
May your numerous challenges turn into profitable opportunities.
May God’s peace, wisdom and strength, guide you in all your ways.
As you continually fill my life with joy, may the oil and wine of marriage shower you with inexplicable blessings.
Congratulations, my darling!

42. Happy birthday to you, my husband.
It’s a special day for a very special man.
You are my dream come true, my cherished love.
May your star continue to shine as lines fall on you in pleasant places in Jesus’ name.
Hip! hip!! hip!! hurray!!!

43. Happy birthday to my incomparable husband!
A man of inestimable value, my gem!!
On this special day of yours, may the Lord shine His face upon you and prosper you in all your ways in Jesus’ name.
Cheers, my darling!

44. Happy birthday to the most amazing husband!
I’m honoured to be your wife and partner, in this journey of life.
You are a man of integrity, admirable qualities and warm personality.
You are a builder of personality, a destiny helper and a dream pusher!
I love you till eternity, my charmer!!
May your joy no know bounds, now and forever in Jesus’ name.

45. Hey, it’s your day, my honeypie!
Happy birthday to you, my dearest husband.
On this special day of yours, I appreciate you for loving me just as I am.
Your understanding and patience brought out the best in me.
Thank you for your loving arms and embrace, your rock steady shoulders to lean on.
May all your secret pains, fears and worries, be eternally washed away by God’s abundant rain of favour and blessing in Jesus’ name.
Congratulations, my love!

46. Happy birthday to my lovely husband.
You are my best friend and everything I could ever wish for in a spouse and companion.
Your selflessness humbles me, while your vision got me- hook, line and sinker.
You are special beyond description and I’m proud to be called ‘yours’.
God bless you beyond measures.

47. Happy birthday, my unique star.
No one else has made me feel so special and loved like you.
You are simply the best!
On this special occasion of yours, may you be rewarded with the very best that life has to offer.
Lots of love with loads of kisses!

48. Celebrating an icon on this occasion of a new age.
A man of reckoning, an excellent trailblazer and an enviable record-breaker.
A worthy spouse and perfect father.
Happy birthday to you, my wonderful husband.
May you continue to be a source of profound joy to this generation and generations to come.

49. Hurrah! It’s my boo’s day!!
I wanna celebrate with fanfare and pageantry.
Happy birthday to the most loving man God ever created.
I’m wowed by the consistency and intensity of your love for me.
So great is your love, it defines you!
So powerful it is: it transformed me and made a positive life-changing influence in my world!
God bless you, my perfect hero!
Rock your day in grand style!!!

50. Finally, today’s here, bright and clear.
The very air is tinged with excitement and exhilaration.
Happy birthday to my eternal love, my beloved husband!
Marriage to you has proved your worth: all my secret fantasies found fulfilment in you.
You are so secured in your worth, you encouraged me to soar with you.
You inspired me: and I’m spreading my wings; reaching for the moon.
Have fun, my love!

51. Happy birthday to my best friend and husband.
In wisdom, you are a modern day ‘Solomon’.
In intellect and creativity, you are a genius about to be discovered.
In beauty and comeliness, ” Adonis ” can’t hold a torch to you.
As a father, your children adore you.
As my man and husband, you have no equal.
Love you loads, my sweetheart.
May your fame spread beyond this realm in Jesus’ name.

52. On this special day of yours, I can’t help celebrating you like the star you are.
Happy birthday to you, my dashing husband.
On a beautiful day like this, you need to know-
You are the apple of my eyes, my heart’s delight.
You are worth more than gold, in fact, you are the most precious gem.
May your light continue to shine, my Sunshine!

53. Today is a day of celebration, there’s melody in my heart.
A special song for a special man, sang in a sonorous voice, composed by a lovestruck heart – just for you, my honey!
Happy birthday to the love of my life, my precious husband.
May you soar above every wind of adversity to capture your dreams!

54. What a lovely day to celebrate a lovely one!
The sun shines brightly, bringing much hope.
The hope of a great today, and a greater tomorrow.
Happy birthday to my crown.
I rejoice with you now and forever.
Your expectations shall not be cut off in Jesus’ name.

55. Happy birthday to my dearest husband.
My darling, you are simply the best!
Through thick and thin, you have stuck with me, my best friend forever.
I appreciate you, my champion.
I adore you, love of my life.
May your day bring you so much joy, favour and blessings.
Have fun, my dearest!

56. Happy birthday to my adorable husband.
You are such an amazing man, I can’t help but blow your trumpet.
You are an outstanding husband and father.
You are gracious, kind and compassionate.
As a revolutionary, your wonderful deeds have transformed many lives.
Your business acumen and diligence stood you out.
You are blessed, my darling, today and forever!

57. Happy birthday to a great man.
My dearest husband, your value is inestimable.
You are a man of character, charisma, principle and intercity.
You are an outstanding husband and a great role model to our children.
Posterity will call you “blessed”.
I don’t just admire you, I’m extremely proud of you.
Let the party begins…!

58. Happy birthday to my wonderful husband.
As you celebrate today, my prayer for you is that the Lord will satisfy all your desires with good things and give you rest from all your troubles in Jesus’ name.

59. Happy birthday to my champion.
What a wonderful day to celebrate a courageous warrior!
Congratulations, my darling husband!!
You have fought many life battles and conquered them all.
May the Lord continue to give you all round victory in Jesus’ name.

60. My fervent prayer for a great man on the special occasion of your birthday is God’s abundant blessings, grace and favour to encompass you in this new year.
Congratulations, my darling.
Happy birthday to you, my dearest husband.!

61. A birthday is a special time.
A day of rejoicing and celebration of life and life’s numerous blessings, with loved ones and friends.
Happy birthday to the husband of my youth.
The children and I love you, you are wonderful.
Thank you for building beautiful memories with us.

62. Happy birthday to my gem.
Thank you for standing by me when the world around me was crumbling.
Thank you for caring so tenderly for me when sickness wasted my body away.
Thank you for nursing me back to health and giving me the will to live, because of your undying love.
God bless and reward you, my darling husband!

63. Happy birthday to the man that offered me the world, and gave me a taste of heaven!
My sweet pumpkin, I cherish your love and care for me.
I’m in awe of your constant devotions to me, I’m ‘wowed’ by the honour and respect you openly bestow on me.
God bless you real good, my husband.
Tell you what, I love you fiercely, from the depth of my heart! I celebrate you today and forever.

64. Happy birthday to my dearest husband.
As you celebrate your new age, I pray that the Lord shall restore you and bless you abundantly.

65. Happy birthday to my beloved husband.
You are my dashing hero, my knight in shining armour.
My heart beats for you and I love you from the depth of my being.
Through the challenges of life, we have been an unbeatable team.
Congratulations, my darling!

66. Happy birthday to my awesome husband!
I love you more today than I did in the past.
Our love gets better with time and I pray that this year, all your wildest dream shall come to pass in Jesus’ name.

67. It’s the King’s birthday!
Let the air be filled with joyous music from the musical instruments; beat the drum, string the harp, play the piano, sing the song- it’s time to celebrate royalty.
Happy birthday to my sweetest husband.
As the world joins me to celebrate you today, may you expand and explode in growth previously unimaginable.
Congratulations, my baby!

68. It’s jubilation time, time to rejoice!
My precious husband is a year older today.
Happy birthday, my love.
May your days be long in the land of the living.
May you possess your territories and fulfil your destiny in Jesus’ name.

69.Happy birthday to my precious husband.
You are a man of substance and purpose.
May your hands achieve all that your heart desires and pursues.
May the Lord almighty bless your new age with abundant glory and favour in Jesus name.
Enjoy your day, my treasure.

70. Happy birthday to the best husband anyone would wish for!
My beautiful crown, you are one of your kind, with a wonderful personality!
Hmm, A no-nonsense man, firm, strict, yet extremely kind. Intelligent, smart and brilliant, a walking encyclopedia on various subjects!!
I can go on and on, the point is: ‘this gal is so proud of her treasure.’
Have a blast, my baby!

71. Loving you is what I do proudly, like wearing a garland in my hair.
Here’s wishing you everything good, everything lovely, everything wonderful, because you deserve nothing short of the best.
Happy birthday, my daring husband.
You are the best!

72. Happy birthday to my first love, last love, only love and forever love!
My dearest husband, this birthday shall be a new year of countless blessings, a new dawn of numerous miracles and a new beginning of greater exploits, in Jesus mighty name.
Rock your day, it’s time for merriment!

73. Happy birthday to a special man. My husband, you are a rare gem. A man of substance, and a pillar of support to your family and friends.
A hugger with a ready smile, ever available with a listening ear, always ready to counsel, encourage and give.
May God bless you real good and increase you on every side.
I love you dearly, my guy!

74. Happy birthday to the love of my life, my precious jewel, my king!
You are one in a million.
You are a rare treasure.
You are a unique brand.
Rock your new age with grace so amazing.

75. Happy birthday to my loving husband.
A thousand words can not paint a good enough picture about you.
You are a rare gem, an uncommon breed, a special brand!
A great man who honours his wife and treats her as a treasure.
Amongst men, you have no equal.
Amongst equals, you are outstanding.
May you be blessed beyond all understanding in Jesus’ name.

76. Happy birthday to the man of my dreams, my darling husband!
An exemplary leader par excellence.
Inspiring, humble, simple, and highly principled.
A visionary and accomplished manager of people and resources.
You are a celebrity, my love. So, rock your day!

77. Happy birthday to my best friend, lover, teacher, mentor and husband.
May you reap a thousands fold of all you have laboured on me and our jewels.
Thank you for always being there for us.
Thank you for pouring yourself out when necessary.
Thank you for taking a strong stand for Christ.
Thank you for never compromising.

78. Happy birthday to my dearest husband.
Through the storms of life in our journey, yours was the firm anchor that held all through.
Thank you for encouraging me every day, for pushing me on when I slowed down and for nudging me forward when I’d have taken a bow.
May the Lord reward your diligence and devotions with unlimited favour and grace.
Congratulations, my love!

79. On this occasion of yours, my joy knows no bound.
I’m super excited and hyperactive.
Happy birthday to my Rainbow.
You are the catalyst that triggers every brilliant smile I wear, the brain behind all my achievements and my number one fan!
I love you so much, my husband. May the Lord shower his blessings upon you always.

80. A wonderful birthday celebration is deserving of a wonderful man.
Happy birthday, my crush -my husband!
To a brilliant man, Thanks for being so supportive, patient and devoted.
Thanks for being you, you are a rare breed!
I love who you are, you are the best!

81. Indeed, God is good and great.
Today is a great day, and I celebrate a great man in his new age.
Happy birthday to you, my husband and love.
You are my best friend, confidant, and number one cheerleader.
Life is great because you are there with me.
Have a blast, my darling. Enjoy your day to the fullest!

82. Happy birthday to my dear husband.
The favour of God will overflow into your life. Your days will be filled with laughter and your nights shall be free of regrets.
Wisdom, knowledge and insight shall be your constant companions.
Peace and mercy surround you, and your light shall shine continually.

83. Happy birthday to my loving husband.
It’s your day, have fun unlimited!
Your future shall be bright, the shadow of the past shall vanish without a trace, and your today shall be beautiful in Jesus’ name.
Hip! Hip! Hip!! Hurrah!!!

84. Hey, it’s my darling husband’s birthday!
A wonderful birthday to you my dearest!!
This year, the goodness of God will encompass you, His glory will overwhelm you, and His light will shine upon you.
Heaven shall shower its blessings upon you, and the earth will yield its increase to you, as you celebrate today.

85. Happy birthday to my baby boy.
The guy who makes me so unbelievably happy and fulfilled, my noble husband.
Today, the Lord will bless you generously from the abundance of His treasure house.
The dew of heaven will rain on you and keep you evergreen, blooming and flourishing, by God’s special grace.
Love you like ‘kilode!’.

86. Happy birthday to my husband.
Today is your special day and I pray the almighty God will add sweet things to your life and make you a blessing to your generations.
May you live long to eat the fruits of your labour in Jesus’ name. Love you loads, my one and only confidant.

87. Happy birthday to my Prince Charming.
My loving husband here’s wishing you many wonderful and beautiful years ahead in good health, wealth and strength.
May the good Lord continue to add more years unto you. May your heart be filled with joy and merriment.
Hearty cheers to you my darling!!

88. Happy birthday to my Teddy bear.
My lovely dove with the twinkling eyes.
My lionhearted giant, with the gentle-as-a-lamb demeanour.
God bless your new age, my sweet husband. May you live long and well and attain the pinnacle of your career in your prime.
Have a blast dear !!

89. Mercy all the way!!
So many years of unmerited favour and grace, kept by His mercy, plenteous like the sand of the ocean.
Gracious Lord, for all these and more, I thank you.
Happy birthday to my heart’s Delight and my Pride.
My husband, may you experience more years in sound health. May you fulfil your destiny and be located by helpers of destiny, in Jesus’ name.

90. Happy birthday to my wonderfully made friend and husband.
It’s been an amazing experience with you all these years.
God who made you for me has definitely shown me inexplicable Mercy.
I love you more each passing day. May your days be long and well, in Jesus’ name.

91. Happy Birthday, My King.
Happy Birthday, my Powerful boss @ the top: the one at the helms of my affairs.
My charming husband, I love you to distraction.

92. Happy birthday to my beloved husband.
My handsome knight.
God’s gracious Gift to me.
My perfect match.
My dream come true.
My life jacket.
I love you to the moon and back.
Rock your day, Darling!

93. Happy birthday to my intelligent and creative husband.
As you celebrate your birthday today, I pray that God will shower His favour upon you. You will live to fulfil your purpose on earth in Jesus’ name.
Have fun, dearie!

94. Happy Birthday to my darling husband!!!
You are indeed a man of integrity, strength and wisdom.
You are my superman.
Thanks for the multiplier effect you brought into my life.
Thanks for your love and care. This new year will see you reach greater heights, your light will shine forth to the ends of the earth, and the great shall call you greater.
Love you loads, sweetie-pie!

95. Happy birthday to the love of my life.
My friend, mentor, confidant and soul mate.
A man in whom my heart continues to delight in.
The man who never fails to make my heart skip.
My Rock, the melody in my music.
I can sing your praises from here to eternity, yet not completely done.
I can try to extol your virtues, but would I really capture them all?
It’s your day my husband, have fun!

96. To the one I love with all my being, happy birthday to you.
You are my Sunshine.
My best buddy and partner.
Thanks for your constant love and support.
My heart beats for only you, forever.
Let’s put this melody on an eternal loop.
Much love today and always!

97. Happy birthday to the love of my life, my best buddy, my confidant, my number one fan and friend and my personal ‘Maitea ‘.
On this special day, I celebrate you. I am grateful to God for preserving your life.
I pray that we shall celebrate many more years in good health, peace and prosperity. The hand of the lord will be mighty on you. You shall do great exploits to the glory and honour of His name.
I love you and I am crazy about you!

98. Happy birthday, my sugarplum!
It’s your day honey, let’s rock it to the sound of music, munching on treats and popping champagne!!
Your love inspires me to be a better person, to be the best I can be.
You are my role model.
My unflinching support when things go awry.
In all, I’m grateful to God for you. God bless you real good!!

99. Happy birthday to my Love.
I thank God for giving you a new song this new year.
Indeed, your mouth is filled with laughter, for the gracious Lord has given you beauty for all your past ashes.
Honour and praise to replace shame.
Wealth and favour in place of poverty and lack.
Congratulations, my darling husband! May your testimonies abound forever.

100. Happy birthday to my favoured one.
Your life has been lined with one miracle or the other.
Grace abounds for you where other struggles vainly.
What others labour for, comes supernaturally to you.
You are blessed, my husband.
May the Lord continually shower His blessings upon you. His grace will never cease in your life.
Love you loads, my honeybun!

Written by Ajala Abiodun

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