Birthday Messages for Your Friend

Best Birthday Messages for Your Friend

I agree, some friends deserve the very best of birthday messages and wishes on their birthdays.

Some are friends but some are friends indeed. Some would give a lot to make sure you keep on smiling while some are ever on a mission to see you sad.

To say it as it is, some friends are bae!

Got that special friend who deserves the best on their day? Then these Happy Birthday Messages for Your Friend would do just that – will do even more!

Happy Birthday Messages to My Bestie

I keep wondering how much of a crashing bore I’d have been if I hadn’t met my bestie.

If you sabi me before ehn… Hehehe. I was a super-introvert, but I didn’t like it. I wished I could be more of a talker and a jester.

I used to be very serious. I don’t mingle so easily. My sense of humour was nothing to write bush about, until my partner in crime came my way eight years ago.

Back then in school, whenever she came to my room, after doing most of the talking, she would ask me, “My talk is getting too much abi?”

I’d reply, “I’m sorry, but yes.” Hehehe.

But really, her personality (she’s a talker, very funny, and ‘unserious’) has rubbed off on me. The only time you won’t see us talking when we’re together is when we’re sleeping.

She thought leaving school would bring an end to our friendship, but na lie. Eight years don waka, we keep going stronger. People keep saying we look alike. Lol.

One other valuable thing I learnt from her is ‘opening up’. When she told me all about herself, I had no choice than to learn to do same. Friendship is sweet when you have a like minded friend.

Friends, help me wish Wuraola Oluwakemi Adebumiti bestie, a beautiful lady, intelligent and silly by default (hehehe), wife to my friend, another intelligent bae, a happy birthday. I love you.

Happy Birthday to Mrs Adebumiti

Are you looking for Olubunmi Mabel twin sister?
Look no further.

This is Wuraola Oluwakemi Adebumiti, her non-identical twin sister.

She is modest woman
She is brainy
She bailed me out one day, when she gave me a golden advice money cannot.

Dear Mrs Adebumiti,
On this special day, I wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Less I forget, please bring back our “morning coffee”.

Happy Birthday to a Special Friend

You know that thing wey dey make person frown without reason. That thing that makes one ignore friends not because they did something wrong but because of unstable emotions, MOOD SWING, yeah. I used to be its victim until this sweetheart wouldn’t let me be.

We were bunkmates for three years as student nurses, as if that was not enough, she still followed me down here to practice and yes, same birth month but I am two days older than her. Although, till date, Kemi doesn’t accord me the due respect but I have forgiven her a long time ago, life is too short.

Seriously, its being an amazing eight years with you, Dear and right now, I am still counting. Your love, support , free pupuru and gbokolisa meals (lolz), your corrections and most importantly your contribution to HTF remain sweet memories, I don’t pray to recover from.

So this day, I will leave you with this; “Carry your Candle, sweery, go light your world”.

Age with Grace

May this SEASON,
With this new PERSON,
Give you REASONS,
To be out of devious PRISONS,

For nuptial RACE,
To set the PACE,
And become an ACE.

Happy bornday to Mrs. Oluwakemi Adebunmiti.

Happy Birthday to a Wonderful Lady

If I hear say today pass without me wishing a wonderful lady happy Birthday…… God bless you richly dear sis… are one of the people that made my service year in Ondo State a wonderful one….. Chai!!! She is really wonderful I remember when I first got to ondo and I needed accommodation she was ready to help…… I was sick and I needed a nurse to inject me nah she I run go meet, chai!!!! I remember one night my bro was coming from a journey and i needed to reach someone urgently who will help get him cos it was late already and have tried all my possible best, that was how she came to my mind again…. She no even questioned me nah so she helped again…… And some other good deeds too……I know I have done nothing to reward your good deeds to me ehen but I know God will bless you and all that is yours in Jesus name….. The desires of your heart shall be granted…

Happy Birthday to you Wuraola…

You are a Wura indeed…

Love you plenty.

Happy Birthday to a Special Friend

You’ve come closer enough
To be one of those I cherish.
Your vision is becoming clearer by the day
And I’ll wait with the world, to celebrate you.

Keep the fire burning
Keep up the fight for greatness!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to You Sir

The right words are rare.
Adjectives wouldn’t dare.
To say it as it is,
On a day like this.

Happy Birthday to you, sir!

I wish you the best.

Enjoy it before 11:59pm

Happy Birthday Darling Friend.

God shall bless you and keep you growing higher every day.
Have a beautiful celebration.
Your gift is coming.
Happy birthday my darling friend.

Happy Birthday to you!

I celebrate you on YOUR DAY!
The LORD has added another Year to you…
Keep Counting your blessings and never cease celebrating Gods Unfailing Mercies in your life!
May this season of your life mark a turning point in your Life!
May all of Heavens Best Blessings find their way into your life!
As the days of a Tree, so may your days be!
May the Lord teach you to Number your days that you might incline your heart towards wisdom!
Happy Birthday Heaven’s Favourite!!!!

My Wishes for You on Your Birthday

As you are a year older today, these are my wishes for you:
The Mighty hands of God rest mightily upon you,
The peace of God abide with you,
The Lord is your strength, your shield, and your fortress.
You will move from Glory to Glory. You shall do exploits.
You shall live to witness many more years in life.
My the Lord bless your new age.
Happy Happy Happy birthday!

I Wish You Outstanding Joy

This day doesn’t come twice a year, but once a year!
May this your new age,brings you an outstanding Joy, an unending Favour.
And an undying Laughter.
Wishing you a blissful happy super duper birthday with a well-fulfilled life and destiny.
Happy Birthday to You.

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