Birthday Post for Friend
Birthday Post for Friend

100 Awesome Happy Birthday Post for Friend in 2024

Some people gain entry at some point in our lives, and our entire lives change for the better. They work up their presence up the ladder of our very existence that they sooner become indispensable.

These people become what we call ‘friends’. They can go any mile for us, make our lives go every inch interesting, and even offer their shoulders as headrests when we are tired.

At special moments of these friends’ lifetime, say for example on their birthdays, we might become so overwhelmed that we sometimes don’t know how to convey our special wishes to them. We sometimes do not know what words to say, or how to piece together the best of wishes.

Do you find yourself in crossroads like this? Do you sometimes get so overwhelmed that you don’t know what special birthday wishes you should make for your friend?

If you’re in this category, we are here with a hundred lovely birthday wishes and messages you can send to your friend(s) to make their birthdays memorable.

Choose from any one of them, and be sure that it’ll convey your thoughts to them. Cheers to a friend’s birthday!

Inspirational Happy Birthday Post for Friend

Are you in need of a lovely birthday post to celebrate your friend on his or her birthday? If yes, then let me present to you heartfelt happy birthday post and quotes for my best friend from the heart.

1. Here’s to wishing my best of friends, whom I love like myself a happy birthday. Enjoy God’s love and support.

2. To a friend who’s more important than gold, silver, and all the precious metals put together, I pray you have a new year filled with God’s goodness, love and joy!

3. Let not any crooked word and opinion of others stop you from enjoying every moment of your day. God’s got you, so enjoy!

Happy Birthday Post for Friend
Happy Birthday Post for Friend

4. May all the good things of life you’ve ever been praying for come to pass, today and forever. Go dominate!

5. Here’s to wishing a friend who’s as close to me as my heart God’s unlimited favour, honour, and graciousness. Go ignite your world.

6. True friends are like headrests where we can place our weary heads. You’ve been a true headrest. I present you my unreserved felicitations on your seeing a new year. Blessings on you!

7. Much love to my brother and friend, who can do anything for the world. Grace to you on your birthday!

8. Friendship is like a strong chord made of fibre. You’ve been a true friend since the first day we met; you deserve more too, on your birthday. I pray you stamp on limitations, and achieve purpose without stress.

9. I wish you the best feelings of ecstasy for every hour that clocks today. Have a smashing day ahead!

10. May you’ve truckloads of happiness, joy and hope on your birthday, mate. Soar!

Sweet Happy Birthday Post for Friend

The following are sweetest birthday post for my best friend you can send your awesome friend on his or her birthday.

11. To a friend who’s turned family, happy birthday!

12. I hope my birthday songs for you placed on repeat, annoy you to laughter. Happy birthday.

13. They say we’re crazy together. We know crazy does it. Cheers to the craziest birthday, friend!

14. Enjoy every moment today, plus everything you do love doing. Have a great day celebrating!

15. May the angels sing you happy birthday songs that’ll make you smile forever. Have a sweet birthday.

16. May the rainbows colour the skies in radiant colours to make your day colourful!

17. May the dolphins write with their tails, poems to make the world know it’s your birthday.

18. Do have a smashing anniversary of the day you left your mother’s womb, to explore this beautiful universe.

19. May all the good things of life come your way today. Happy birthday, buddy.

20. Life without you as a friend will be boring. Here’s to more happy celebrations with you. Happy birthday!

Cute Happy Birthday Post for Friend

Keep your friend amazed with these following inspiring happy birthday post for a special friend.

21. Much blessings on a friend who grows and wants others to do same. Have a special birthday!

22. Wake up, pray and slay, for it’s your birthday! (girl)

23. May you find rest on every side. Do have a peaceful birthday celebration

24. Today’s a special day to celebrate your life here. May you keep shining as the stars, and never go down in your prime. Live long.

25. It’s a great feeling seeing you grow in sound health and wisdom. Keep growing without hindrance. Happy birthday.

26. As we celebrate you today, I pray we’ve many more birthdays we celebrate here on health. Cheers to a great birthday!

27. Keep making every day count. Keep making us proud. Keep living life to the fullest. We love you, dear friend. Happy birthday.

28. May your boldness and the drive to survive never wane. Have a bright birthday!

29. True friends have we been for long. I pray we get to be better friends as we age. Happy birthday dude, and long life to you.

30. Having a great friend like you makes everyday on repeat. Happy birthday to a jolly good fellow!

Awesome Happy Birthday Post for Friend

Do you know that as your friend is plus one today, there is a post that suit that kind of occasion? Ok, if you need some, here is most trending happy birthday post for a friend I love so much.

31. I bless the day our paths crossed. Since then, I’ve always prayed never to miss one moment with you. I wish you, my friend and confidant, the best birthday ever.

32. I’m really honoured to have someone as special, caring, and important as you in my life. Do have an admirable birthday party.

33. With you, life is full of adventures. I hope we have more adventure filled times together. Happy birthday!

34. On this special day, I pray that your life is filled with unlimited adventures and the beautiful and perfect things in life. Enjoy yourself.

35. Happy birthday buddy. I love you to the moon and back.

36. You’re the best friend I’ll always admire and love. Have a fun-filled day.

37. You’ve proved to be a worthy and reliable person in my life. I pray that all your wishes come true and that you always have a reason to smile. Happy birthday.

38. Here’s to wishing an amazing person – a wonderful friend; someone whose shoulder I can always rest my head a happy birthday!

39. Beyond the cliche, I wish you long life, prosperity, and all of life’s goodly treasures as your birthday gift. Blessings to you!

40. I pray that you always find peace and comfort in all of your life’s endeavours. Peace to you.

Best Happy Birthday Post for Friend

Lunch your friend into the well of happiness on his or her birthday with the following best happy birthday quotes for my best friend.

41. May Providence provide all you need to survive on mother earth. May life treat you kindly. May you never suffer. Happy birthday.

42. Amazing is the word to qualify a friend who has turned family. Enjoy life’s blessings.

43. Dash through this day with your spirit bright, with your soul fired up, and with your body strengthened for achievements. Happy birthday.

44. May God take you from obscurity to limelight. May you light your world with your brightness. May you never grow dim again.

45. May the divine change your hopelessness to hopefulness, poverty to affluence, and hunger to plenty. Have a transforming birthday.

46. May you have absolute and perfect control of every life situations that confront you. God bless you on this special day.

47. Enjoy all of life’s goodies, and have a good time altogether. Happy birthday, friend!

48. May you experience great wealth, peace, and freedom. Have a smashing birthday.

49. Happy birthday dear friend. I pray for elevation for you in all areas of life. May you never be back to less than where you started in life.

50. May your weakness be lifted. May it be replaced by strength. Have a great day.

Beautiful Happy Birthday Post for Friend

The following birthday post quotes and messages for a friend will ignite just the perfect atmosphere for your best friend’s birthday.

51. To my best friend from forever, I wish you a birthday filled with joy and overflowing love!

52. May your remaining days be flooded with riches, success and favour. Best wishes on your birthday.

53. Life is a source of happiness and strength because of you. Happy birthday, friend.

54. Today, being your birthday, ought to be a public holiday. That’s because of how special you’re. I pray that the quality of being special won’t be eroded in your life. Much love to you on your birthday!

55. To the best of friends on planet earth, I pray that you live long and prosper!

56. To a jolly good friend anyone could ever think of having, I wish you a fabulous new year!

57. Happy birthday to a wonderful person who brightens up everywhere she goes. May blessings follow you everywhere you go!

58. Always have it at the back of your mind that you’re appreciated daily by me, and not just on your birthday! You’re a special person, who deserves a special every day!

59. Happy birthday to a great friend who deserves every good thing that comes his way!

60. Have a bright day filled with never-ending delight and love from all of us!

Happy Birthday Post for Best Friend

Surprise your best friend on his birthday with the following beautiful happy birthday quotes for my friend.

61. To the most amazing individual I’ve ever met, I pray that today be the beginning of a journey so blessed and so good.

62. May your days be sweet, your life glorious, and your blessings multiplied.

63. May today be the beginning of something great for you. May your life shine so brightly, and twinkle as the stars.

64. May every birthday be filled with life-changing opportunities better than the last. Have a blessed birthday.

65. May your life be filled with honour every minute, hour and day.

66. Your scarce values of discipline, honesty, kindness and love from time to time remind me of how blessed I’m to have you as a friend. To the best friend in the world, I wish you a happy birthday!

67. I just wanted you to know how much I admire you. I wish you the best birthday ever.

68. I’ll celebrate you today and every day because you are the best friend I’ve always had. Happy birthday.

69. I hope today, and every day of your life is filled with laughter, chuckles, and joy unlimited. Go prosper, dear friend!

70. Happy birthday to a friend who has inevitably made my life so special. Without you, I won’t be here.

Great Happy Birthday Post for Friend

The following happy birthday post for friend will take nothing from you than copy, paste and send to your friend.

71. Every time your birthday arrives, I’m forced to give thanks to God for having brought into my life a special person. Enjoy God’s presence always

72. You’re as special to me, as every moment we spend together. Have a grand time today.

73. I pray you have a successful life filled with good health, peace of mind, and unequalled blessings. Have a blast.

74. I pray the blessings of the divine shower on my best friend on his birthday.

75. May your steps be ordered. May you never go off the path of purpose. May you dominate. Happy birthday!

76. May all the good things attached to righteousness and godliness be yours on your birthday!

77. May your path have the protective lights of God shine on it every minute. May your never hit your feet against the stones of life.

78. May integrity and virtue guide you today, every day, and forever. Have a smashing birthday.

79. May you not live every day as it comes. May you live to make an impact. Happy birthday!

80. May there be a multiplication of everything good, that can result in you living a life of uncensored blessedness. Multiply on every side!

Wonderful Happy Birthday Post for Friend

These wonderous happy birthday post for a best friend will leave your friend stunned if you send it to him or her.

81. As we praise God on your behalf for another birthday on earth, we pray that God raises you, and bring you to the highest pedestal of life.

82. I pray that as you grow older, you get wiser. Happy birthday!

83. Thanks for being a best friend, companion, and confidant. Happy birthday to you!

84. Friends are like oil to an engine. Without the oil, the engine rusts. Thanks for always being there every day. Live long!

85. May you grow old till your hair turns grey. Blessings to you!

86. May we grow old and strong together forever. May our friendship make the whole world green with envy. Happy birthday dear friend.

87. You were hard to find, but I’m lucky to have you. I bless the heavens every day for having met you. May you live long to declare God’s glory in the land of the living. Happy birthday.

88. To a friend who stayed with me when others left, I wish you the best things life’s got to offer. Have a blast!

89. I wish my very good friend, who makes me see the world in an inspiring new way a happy birthday. Rule your world!

90. The best feeling of every day is the thought of having a good friend like you. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Post for a Special Friend

Below are the happy birthday quotes and sayings for a special friend you can send to your best friend on his or her birthday.

91. Today isn’t like every day – it’s a special day for a special friend. Have a sweet day.

92. Thanks for always bringing new energy to my soul. I appreciate you much today, and forever. Happy birthday.

93. Thanks for always accommodating my excesses, and for understanding me always. Enjoy your day.

94. Here’s a special shout-out to a friend who’s like my second self. I pray you grow bigger, and shine brighter than the brightest of stars. Cheers on your birthday!

95. To a friend who has always proved his loyalty and support, I wish you the best on your birthday and forever.

96. I pray for happy moments for you on your birthday and every day.

97. If I ever live a second life, I’ll still choose you as my best friend. Happy birthday.

98. I’ve waited for a whole 365 days to wish you a happy birthday. I’ll do so again and again. Enjoy every moment of today.

99. Thanks for entering my life, and making a positively huge impact. Happy birthday.

100. I return my love to a friend who loves the imperfect person that I am. May you live to see many more days in perfect health and wellness. Happy birthday.

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