100 Happy Birthday Wishes for Son
100 Happy Birthday Wishes for Son

2024 Trending Happy Birthday Wishes for Son

It’s your son’s birthday and you’re at loss for words. Here’s a collection of lovely messages you can choose from. Your son would love any of them. Enjoy!

Sweet Happy Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Son

Your son is plus one today, show him you love him so much with the following Cute Happy Birthday Text Messages for Son from My Heart.

1. I fell in love with you the first time I felt you move in me. Loving you has been a most pleasant experience. My prayer for you today dear son is that you remain true to who you are. May the values we have instilled in you always guide you in your life journey. Happy birthday, son.

2. The first time I held you in my arms, I marvelled and felt blessed to be a custodian of such great treasure. The feeling has not waned. Every time, I thank God for giving you to us. You’re indeed a rare gift. Happy birthday dear son.

3. You continually give me reasons to smile. You’re a source of unending joy. Happy birthday dear son.

4. Dear son, may you soar above heights where Eagles dread to fly. May you ride on the wings of storms. May you rise above adversity. Always, may you soar! Happy birthday.

5. Dear son, always remember, you’re made of stuff for kings. Your body, knitted in excellence. You’re Royalty! Of the finest sort! Happy birthday.

6. Today marks another anniversary of when I first held you in my arms. Your body so tiny, your eyes so innocent. See how you have blossomed into such a wise and fine young man. I feel like I’m the luckiest mum in the world. I love you son. Keep making me proud. Happy birthday.

7. My beloved son, I’m so well pleased with you. You’re the excellency of my youth, my first fruit. I’ll always be grateful for the gift of you. Happy birthday.

8. Seems just like yesterday that I first held you in my arms, now you’re so big, so grown. I feel like very soon, you’ ll be slipping from my grasp. I’m not scared! I’m confident of the man you’ll become. I can already see signs of your becoming and I am so proud of you. Happy birthday dear son.

9. Every of your birthday reminds me that someday soon, it’ll be time to let you go. When the time comes, I hope I’d have done my best in equipping you to face the world. I hope I’d have helped in building you up into a fine gentleman, useful to yourself and society. It won’t be easy letting you go but I hope I’d be ready. Happy birthday dear son, God bless you always.

10. My deepest desire is that you’ll always be able to raise your head high. May you find yourself and remain true to who you are and to God. May you never walk in shame. Happy birthday dear son.

11. The son of my loins. God’s blessing to me. I love you the way only a parent can. Happy birthday.

12. My fine young man. A delight to my soul. May I never lose you. May I never lack reasons to be proud of you. Happy birthday.

13. May the values we have instilled in you be enough to guide you when it matters. Happy birthday dear son.

14. May you always stand tall. May integrity guide every one of your steps. May you soar, always. Happy birthday.

15. You will be counted with the best. Excellence shall court your ways. You will matter amongst people that matter. Happy birthday, son.

16. See who you have become! I’m so proud of you really. Your kind’s a delight to any parent. I bless the day I had you, happy birthday son.

17. Dear son, I’ve seen your struggles, I’ve seen how you patiently bore them. I will see you excel, I will see you shine. No one deserves success better than you. You will get there. Happy birthday.

18. When the going gets tough as it sure would, remember always that you are enough. You’ve got all it takes. You will make it. Happy birthday dear son.

19. Dear son, Excellence is for those who dare. Strive for excellence always! Happy birthday.

20. Dear son, it’s okay to fall. What’s not okay is staying down. May you always find the strength and the will to rise any time you fall. Love you always, happy birthday.

21. May you grow and become a man in every sense of the word, valiant, steadfast. May you always hold your head high. Happy birthday, son.

22. Always be true to yourself. It’s okay to cry when you’re hurt. But never allow pity, it’s for weaklings and you’re not one. May you grow up strong, happy birthday son.

23. There are sons, but you are one in a million. None surpasses you. You’re the best, son and I love you so much. Do have a very happy birthday.

24. Wisdom is not a function of age. You have always exhibited wisdom beyond your years. I’m so proud of the man you’re becoming. Happy birthday, son.

25. May you always enjoy grace. May excellence always distinguish you amongst equals. May you be that lone star shining brighter than others. Happy birthday, son.

26. Your coming brought so much joy into our home. You’re a blessed child and may your light shine brighter. Happy birthday.

27. I remember the day, clearly as yesterday when I first held you. You looked into my eyes, so trusting and I instantly loved you. I have loved you ever since and will always do. Happy birthday, son.

28. May I never lack reasons to be proud of you. Yet no matter what, I’ll always love you. For a parent’s love is ever unconditional. Happy birthday, son.

29. You’re a part of me. An extension of my being. When I look at you, I see a beautiful future. May you be greater than your forebears. Happy birthday, son.

30. May you realise your full potentials. May you be great. May your joy be full always. Happy birthday dear son.

31. As you traverse life, I pray your path be filled with kindness. May you encounter grace in your endeavours. Happy birthday, son.

32. You will succeed. You will shine. Amongst your peers, you will rule. You’re a moving train, you can’t, won’t be stopped. Happy birthday, son.

33. May you enjoy the length of days. May your life be full and rich. May favour answer for you always. Happy birthday dear son.

34. Never walk in the assembly of the wicked. Always choose wise counsel. Never be afraid to stand alone in truth. Happy birthday, son.

35. May yours be the strong voice raised against oppression. May yours be the hand that lifts the downtrodden. May justice be your watchword always, happy birthday son.

36. Son, your labour will yield a bountiful harvest. You will never lack. May joy and success line your way. Happy birthday.

37. Someday, you will head your own family. May you be man enough to overcome all challenges that come with headship. Happy birthday, son.

38. In you, I see hope. The hope of greater years. The hope of brighter tomorrow. May you be ready when greatness comes. Happy birthday, son.

39. I see all you have achieved in a short span of time, my chest is almost exploding with pride. You are a special gift to us. A rare gift to your generation. Happy birthday, son.

40. I couldn’t ask for a child better than you. You’re the best. I’ll always love you and I’ll always be here for you. Happy birthday, son.

41. As you grow, you will discover that not all that glitters are gold. May you have the power of discernment to distinguish always the substance from the trivial. Happy birthday, son.

42. Right before my eyes, you’re becoming a man, a fine one at that. Could it be what I’ve done or am I just blessed? Whichever it is, I’m grateful for the privilege of being your parent. You’re absolutely awesome, have a happy birthday.

43. My son, remember this always, you’re not ordinary. You are of a different stock. Never be afraid to stand alone in truth. Don’t join the mob. Stand out! Happy birthday.

44. When it comes to loving, a parent does it better. I’ll always be here for you dude because you know what? I love you so much. Happy birthday.

45. Choose the path of honour always. Anything less is unworthy of you. Happy birthday, son.

46. As you progress in years, may you have corresponding success. May your years be full and rich. Happy birthday.

47. Dear son, greater is in you. Anytime you feel overwhelmed by circumstances, look within and discover greatness. Happy birthday.

48. For a son whose birth ushered in so much goodness, nothing is too much to give. I celebrate you today. May you live a life of purpose. Happy birthday.

49. Come rain or shine I’ll always love you. How can I not? You proceeded out of my loins. You’re a part of me. Happy birthday dear son.

50. Happy birthday my bobo. May the year ahead be a great one. God bless you greatly. Have fun.

51. One lesson I’d love you to learn dear son is that presence of mind is very important in all you do. Let your mind be present always. Greater years ahead. Happy birthday.

52. May your baby steps never be despised. May your giant strides yield good success. May you always be the son I’m proud of. Happy birthday, son.

53. Happy birthday, son. May you never dwell in obscurity. May your head be lifted above shame. May you rule, may you reign. Have a great year ahead.

54. Son of my loins, may you enjoy the sweetness of life. May you never experience bitterness. May you find reasons to rejoice always, happy birthday.

55. It’s another year again, a new dawn. May it usher in blessings and favour to you. Have a happy birthday.

56. Birthdays are special occasions to celebrate special people. You are special, dear son. Happy birthday.

57. You have developed beautiful wings. It’s time for you to fly. May your wings never be clipped. May you soar! Happy birthday.

58. May your life be as beautiful as flowers in spring. May your countenance shine with the brightness of the sun. May your hands be richly blessed. Happy birthday.

59. Don’t be afraid to dream. Dream big, live your dreams. Fly! Happy birthday, son.

60. When I look at you, I’m convinced I’ve done something right, for you turned out so well, so fine. I’m proud of you son. Happy birthday.

61. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, but always learn so they’re not repeated. Live son. Live fully. Happy birthday.

62. Dear son, love freely, live fully, shine brightly. Happy birthday.

63. Life is too short not to be enjoyed. Live life. Savour each moment. Love deeply. Happy birthday, son.

64. Disappointments are part of life. Don’t dwell on them, it’s a waste of time. Always move on. Happy birthday, son.

65. Dude, you’re my son turned friend. I’m thankful for your friendship, for your deep insights, for your valued, timely advice. Happy birthday.

66. You’re special, son. Very special. You’ll always have my shoulders to lean on. You can always count on me to be there. Happy birthday.

67. It’s difficult to trust teenagers but you’ve never given me a reason to doubt you. Keep being worthy of trust. Happy birthday, dear son.

68. I trust you son to always make the right decisions, to tow the path of integrity. Happy birthday.

69. You’re a bird in flight, headed for greatness. No human can clip your wings, God’s got you. Happy birthday, son.

70. You’re a shining star. No human can dim your shine. Shine brighter son. Happy birthday.

71. You will come to realise that people’s opinion does not really matter. Avoid distractions. Be focused always. Happy birthday, son.

72. Being a man means responsibility. May you be graced with the ability to always rise up to occasion. Happy birthday, son.

73. Hold your head high. Brace up for challenges. Never be afraid to say no. Happy birthday, son.

74. May your sky always be blue. But when once in a while it turns black, may you outlive it. May you shine even in the storm. Happy birthday, son.

75. I will not always be there with you. But I’m confident you can stand alone, you can brave whatever storm. May it be well with you, son. Happy birthday.

76. Don’t walk with the fickle, when you need them most, you won’t find them. Make friends with those who have depth. Be deep yourself. Happy birthday, son.

78. Your birthday’s another reminder of God’s faithfulness. He’s kept you. Look how far you’ve come. Look how well you’re doing. You’re a bundle of testimonies. Happy birthday, son.

79. You’re a survivor son. See how you have thrived. Who would have thought it is you, who stood no chance at birth? You have surpassed all expectations. Keep thriving son, happy birthday.

80. The past has not been too kind to you. But we’re hopeful for a beautiful future. Look ahead son, it can only get better. Beauty awaits you. Happy birthday.

81. You have given me endless joy and some pain too. I love you nevertheless. Parents love like that. Happy birthday, son. God bless you always.

82. You’re growing so fast, soon you won’t be needing me. Don’t forget the good values you were taught. Happy birthday, son.

83. As you grow, may you be far better than I am. May you surpass all expectations. May you shine. Happy birthday.

84. My image and likeness. When I see you, I’m assured of better years ahead. You’re the future son, happy birthday.

85. The world is a tough place but the stuff you’re made of is tougher. Shoot for the stars son, you deserve the best always. Happy birthday.

86. Go for gold always, you don’t deserve less. Happy birthday, son.

87. You’ve heard the saying “quitters are losers”. Well, it’s true! Quitters amount to nothing. Don’t be one. Happy birthday, son.

88. Son after my heart. May you be better than nine put together. May my heart know rest with you. May you succeed always. Happy birthday.

89. Where eagles fly, where champions congregate, where leaders gather, amongst them you will be found. Happy birthday, son.

90. I wish you everything lovely, everything beautiful. I wish you a wonderful life, dear son. Happy birthday.

91. When I’m old and gone. I’m confident you’ll hold fort perfectly. You’ve never given me cause to doubt your abilities. I trust your competence. Cheers to greater years ahead. Happy birthday, son.

92. I pray you enjoy a better life than I have known. I pray you surpass your expectations. I pray you will never know limitations. Happy birthday, son.

93. You always have the power of choice son. Use it wisely. May you not go astray. Happy birthday.

94. We fall down, we get back up again. We win some, we lose some. That’s the way of life, savour every experience. Happy birthday, son.

95. The sky is big enough son. Make your mistakes, learn from them. Don’t be timid. Spread your wings, fly! Happy birthday.

96. Your mind has amazing capabilities. You can be anything you wanna be, son. Dream! Happy birthday.

97. No shortcut to success. The only way is still a dedication to duty and hard work. I know you try. God bless your hustle son, happy birthday.

98. Now that you’re growing and becoming a man, I pray you find true love. Someone who loves you for you. And when you find that special person, I pray for discernment, that you’ll recognise her and treat her well. Have a love-filled life. Happy birthday, son.

99. Keep growing in wisdom and in truth. In favour with God and man. Happy birthday.

100. Learn when to speak and when to be quiet. Learn when to acquiesce and when to say no. Happy birthday, son.

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