Birthday Appreciation Messages

2022 Most Beautiful Birthday Appreciation Messages for Birthday Wishes

It’s a good practice to send messages of appreciation to those who wishes you happy birthday, sent birthday gifts or came to your birthday party. And we are glad to let you know we have written enough Birthday Appreciation Messages and Wishes for such wonderful people.

Birthday Appreciation Messages for Friends and Loved Ones

I know you are excited to express your grateful heart to all who made your birthday super-beautiful. Here you are with the most beautiful and impressive birthday appreciation messages for friends and loved ones.

1. Thanks for the call on my birthday. I really appreciate it.

2. I appreciate all love shown during my birthday. God bless you.

3. Thanks so much for your presence on my birthday. God bless you.

4. Thanks for the gifts. I really do appreciate it.

5. I thank you for the text sent on my birthday.

6. I’m grateful for all the texts on my birthday.

7. Thank you for making my birthday a colourful one. God bless you real good.

8. Thanks for the gifts and calls. Things of joy will never cease in your household.

9. Thanks for the lovely message sent. I appreciate it.

10. Thank you for coming all the way, just to make my birthday a good one. I appreciate you.

11. Thank you so much. May you always have reasons to celebrate.

12. Wow! I felt extremely happy seeing lovely people surround me on my birthday. God bless you for me.

13. Thank you for all the love and support shown. I appreciate all of it.

14. I never knew you’d make it to my birthday. I was really happy to see you. Thank you very much.

15. My very good friend, thanks for always being there. I appreciate your presence.

16. Thank you for giving me such an expensive gift. I love them.

17. Thank you for leaving your job, just to attend to me on my birthday. God bless you.

18. Thanks for everything you brought. I just can’t thank you enough.

19. Thank you for giving so much than I expected. I love you.

20. Appreciation is just an understatement here. May God thank you for me.

21. Thank you for the surprise party. I was so excited.

22. Thanks for the surprise package of a car. I’ll forever be grateful.

23. Thank you for the expensive gifts and goodies. God be with you.

24. Thanks for the posts on Facebook. Now, I know I’m loved.

25. Thanks for using my picture as your display picture on all social media. I really do appreciate it.

26. Thank you for making my birthday a special one.

27. Thank you for the surprise birthday shower. You’re the best!

28. I really appreciate all your efforts, through cash and kind. God will settle you in all sides.

29. Thanks for the surprise birthday shopping. You just changed my wardrobe.

30. Thanks for the lovely cake you brought. My stomach is still blessing you. Lol…

31. Thank you for the surprise birthday dinner.

32. Thank you for making yourself available on my birthday. God bless you.

33. Thanks for my birthday makeover. I loved it.

34. Thank you for the small chops. May your life not be tasteless.

35. I really do appreciate all your efforts on my birthday. God bless you with all you desire.

36. Thank you for the surprise of an engagement ring on my birthday. I love you forever.

37. Thank you for making my birthday a success, through your calls and texts.

38. Thanks for the love and care shown on my birthday.

39. Thank you for the money spent on my birthday. I owe you a lot.

40. Thanks for the shoes. They’re lovely.

41. Thank you for making me special on my birthday. It meant a lot.

42. Thank you for that nice perfume. I love it.

43. Thanks for making me know I worth more than I thought. God bless you.

44. Thanks for the beautiful things you presented to me on my birthday.

45. Thank you for your mere presence on my birthday.

46. I actually thought you weren’t going to make it to my birthday. Was nice seeing your face.

47. I appreciate not just your presence, but the gifts you brought.

48. Thanks for coming to my birthday. I appreciate your presence.

49. Thank you for the words of encouragement you shared with me on my birthday. God bless you.

50. I appreciate all of you. Thanks for coming for the party. You all made my day.

51. Thank you for giving me so much for my birthday. God bless you richly.

52. Thank you for coming to make me happy on my birthday. May you always stay happy.

53. Thank you for all you offered on my birthday. I can’t thank you enough.

54. Thank you for the huge amount of money you dropped, to make everything go well. God bless you.

55. Thanks for all you gave towards my birthday. You shall never lack.

56. Thank you for the shocking surprise you gave me on my birthday. May you e divinely surprised!

57. Thank you for the nice treat you gave me after my birthday party. God bless you.

58. I thank you all for leaving your families, to make my birthday a colourful one. God bless you all.

59. Thank you for making my birthday the best in town. I love you.

60. I appreciate all you did on my birthday. I must be present on yours.

61. Thank you for turning up for my birthday party. It couldn’t have been that lovely without your presence.

62. Thank you for making me understand the true value of friendship. God bless you.

63. Thank you very much for everything you made available on my birthday. You’re blessed.

64. How do I express how grateful I am for all that you did on my birthday? May heaven compensate you.

65. Thanks for all your love and care on my birthday. I was really wowed!

66. To whom much is given, much is expected. Thank you for everything towards my birthday.

67. Thank you for making me happy on my birthday, through your lovely texts.

68. Thanks for taking me out on my birthday. I’m more than glad. You rock!

69. Thank you for making yourself available to me on my birthday. I am so much happy for all you did.

70. God bless and thank you for me. My birthday couldn’t have been lovely without you all.

71. May God take you places. I appreciate your presence on my birthday.

72. Despite not reminding you of my birthday, you made it. Thank you, friend.

73. Thank you for getting my back always. You’re blessed.

74. Thanks for all the beverages and drinks you made available on my birthday.

75. As you didn’t leave me on my birthday, God will never depart from you.

76. Things of joy will never be scarce in your household. Thank you.

77. Thank you for blessing me with so much on my birthday.

78. Thanks for letting God use you for me, on my birthday. You will surely be rewarded.

79. Thank you so much for being there when I needed you on my birthday. You really blew my mind.

80. Despite my annoying nature, you appeared like an angel on my birthday? Thank you very much.

81. Thank you for blessing me with prayers and exhortation on my birthday. God fill you.

82. Thank you for making my happiness your priority every time. I am grateful for life.

83. For all you brought on my birthday, I say a very big thank you. I love you all.

84. Thank you for the lovely poems on my birthday. They were beautiful, I can’t deny.

85. Thank you for giving me the best of you, on my birthday. My appreciation is endless.

86. Thank you for the opening prayer on my birthday. I appreciate it so much.

87. Thank you for showing up on my birthday. May God always stand by you.

88. May good people never leave you to yourself, when you need them most.

89. Thanks for all of your kindness towards the success of my birthday party. May God strengthen you.

90. Thank you for your helping hands always, and thanks for doing it again on my birthday. I love you.

91. Thank you very much for yesterday. May God bless you and give you more and more years to spend on earth in wealth and sound health.

92. Thank you for making me the happiest person on earth, on my birthday.

93. Thank you for coming out so much on my birthday. God bless you.

94. Thanks for everything you did on my birthday. May God replenish you greatly.

95. May God keep blessing you. Thanks for the love you showed on my birthday.

96. Thanks for beautifying my day with all your support. I cherish you.

97. Thank you for making me know how much I am loved. Thaks for the birthday wishes.

98. Thank you for giving out expensive things as souvenirs on my birthday.

99. Thanks for the hamper of wine. I owe you more than few words of appreciation.

100. Thank you for making my birthday the best so far in this year.

101. Your Type is rare and your gifts are appreciated. I love you so much.

102. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. You really made my day.

Thank You for the Birthday Wishes

To say I had a blast yesterday will be an understatement… It’s my best birthday so far.

And the fact that it was my first time of throwing a birthday party made it a unique one.

To everyone who was able to make it a day with me yesterday. I appreciate your presence.

To my husband and friend… You are the reason my Joy overflow. My first birthday with you will remain a memorable one. Thanks, Babe.

And to all my friends here… Where do I start to appreciate you! You are just too sweet!. Too much love, I even became confused.
You guys are bae o. Olorun!

Thank you… Thank you… Thank you…

Special Birthday Appreciation

Okay!!! I just finished experiencing an adventurous day. This has been the best moment this year and I want to appreciate the people that made it count.

Firstly, I want to really appreciate everyone who showed up for the little bash! This really means a lot to me!!! It’s an amazing feeling when you know that a lot of people you know and don’t even know actually care about you.

Secondly, I want to thank the people who texted, emailed and posted on my social media accounts! Thank you! At least, whenever I remember my aching fingers, I will remember you!

Thirdly, those who called and sent voice messages, I really appreciate. At least, I have found new voices for my alarm tones.

Fourthly, to those who used my pictures for display pictures, post etc… I appreciate… At least, now I know that a lot of people are saving my pictures for the future… I now know where to go when I need them!

Lastly, those who forgot, relax, I still remember you and I know you will not forget next year so you are forgiven!

Most importantly, I want to genuinely appreciate NEMY for saving me from embarrassment at the last minute… And KEVIN for giving my number to the whole world.

At the end of it all, I feel so loved and also excited knowing that a lot of people will always show their care even in the way you least expect!

Thank you all once again! I pray you will be celebrated more!

Thanks for the Massive Birthday Wishes

I don’t really know where to start from.
I was expecting birthday wishes but not this massive. I felt like a celebrity and for a while, I had to go offline because my fingers were aching from replying messages.

Tears dropped. I looked back on how it used to be and I had no choice than to be grateful.

God has been Faithful. He made this new age possible. Like someone wrote yesterday “MISS TESTIMONY” Yes! I’m a living testimony and I owe it all to God who saw beyond my present pain and kept me all the way, I’m forever grateful!

The journey has been a tiring, crooked trip. 24 years on planet earth, filled with so much tides but God made a way and the day was memorable.

Thank you all for showing me love!
From the surprise calls and those whom I couldn’t recall their names (I’m sorry, I have a short memory like that), to the heart-melting post, messages, gifts groups and page celebrations, I love and appreciate you all!

It was more than I could imagine!
It was awesome!

February 22 2017 wouldn’t have been much beautiful without you all.

To my new Friends, I had quite a high number of Friend request yesterday, you are all welcome.
I know we will all have a beautiful relationship together God’s willing.

My journey through life has been a tough struggle, but with God on my side, I came to understand that “I am the only one who can limit ME.”
So, wherever it is you find yourself, don’t settle in for odds. Pick up your shreds and mould something; anything, and if it doesn’t make sense, mould it again and again.
“No circumstance can limit YOU save the ones YOU permit.”

I appreciate you all and I’m shouting “I LOVE YOU ALL!!!
God bless you all!
Keep soaring high and never look down on YOU.

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