Paragraphs for A New Friend

2024 Best Paragraphs for A New Friend

Having someone you can call your friend can be heartwarming and fulfilling. A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you just the way you are.

Sometimes our friends can become more than a friend to us, especially when they are the opposite sex. You can not underestimate the value of friendship when you put your all into it.
It can lead to companionship where the person becomes your best friend and even love where the person becomes your life partner.

You just found someone new you can trust and call your confidant and you want to show that you are very much into the relationship.

You can do that by sending them thoughtful messages that come from deep within the heart expressing your love and gratitude for coming to know them as a new friend. Friends appreciate such messages, it will help relive the memories and help your friendship to strive.

If you are searching for paragraphs to send to that new friend you just found, check out these amazing paragraphs for a new friend and send as many as you can to them.

My New Friend Paragraphs

Below are the best my new friend paragraphs you can send to your new friend to let them know you love and appreciate that he or she is now a part of your life.

1. Sometimes, I wonder what I did to deserve an amazing person like you. Since you came into my life, it has been awesome. You care so much for me and always give me reasons to be happy. I wonder how my life would have been by now if I had not met you.

2. We have not been friends for long but we have bonded in an amazing way. You have touched my heart in special ways I never thought possible. I will always cherish and defend this friendship with every breath in me.

3. I am glad I got the chance to meet an amazing person like you. You have touched my life in many ways with your uniqueness and I am grateful you came into my life the time you did. Thanks for changing the course of my life.

4. Since we became friends, I have realized that having a friend is worth more than riches in the world. You have given me what money cannot buy, you are there for me whenever I need someone to talk to. I love you, my friend.

5. I now have someone to share my good and bad moments with. You understand me so well it seems like I have known you all my life. This friendship is truly destined to be.

6. You came into my life and became an inspiration to me. With your support, I have achieved milestones I never knew possible. You are the best new thing that has happened to me.

7. God gave us the opportunity to become friends and you have been a wonderful one so far. I pray we never have any reason to end this friendship.

8. A true friend will always remember you no matter how long stretches of time you have gone without talking to each other. You have done this so many times in the course of our new friendship and I am grateful for that.

9. You have always been by my side since we met, you are the kind of friend anyone will ask for. I promise you that no matter where life takes us or whatever obstacles life may throw at us, we will overcome them altogether.

10. We have only just met and you have become more than a friend to me. You know me more than I know myself. I can share anything with you and you’ve always got my back. You are a special friend.

11. God bring people in our lives for a certain purpose. We have barely just found each other and the purpose of our friendship is already coming to light. I am honoured and grateful that God brought us together. I love you always my dearest friend.

12. You came into my life at a time when I needed a true friend and you have proven to be one. You know all my secrets, ambition and widest imagination and still supports me. Thank you for accepting and loving me for who I am.

13. I was feeling lost and lonely and the world seemed so big to me, but all that changed when you came into my life. You are closer than a brother and I now see myself as a part of the world.

You are the best thing that happened to me this year. Your friendship has brought joy and hopes to my life. I pray nothing will ever destroy this friendship.

15. My life has been filled with laughter and happiness since we became friends. I pray this friendship will continue to blossom and we never have any reason to regret knowing each other.

16. Dear friend, I have only known you for a short while and you have fulfilled the true essence of friendship. You are at every crossroad of my life and have given me all the love and support I need.

17. You are my new friend but has always been by my side at every junction of my life. You know the right words to say to me and the right things to do when I am down. Your friendship has brought light to my world.

18. I am blessed to have found a great new friend like you. The way you love and care for me is amazing, I will always treasure this friendship with everything I have. It is more precious than the finest pearl.

19. You are my new friend but you have stood for me more any friends I have ever had. I am happy you came into my life the time you did. I love you forever my dear friend.

20. It is a pleasant feeling to have someone who truly appreciates the little things you do, who have your back in times of trouble and console you when you are down. You are my new friend and you already play all these roles in my life, I am truly grateful for you.

Discovering A New Friend Paragraphs

Discovering a new friend can really be exciting. Send these paragraphs to tell them how happy and grateful you are for this newly found friendship.

21. Friendship is not always about finding the right person but creating the right relationship and that is what we have done since we found each other not too long ago. Isn’t that wonderful?

22. You are a true friend, that is why you are always there for me whenever I need help. I won’t trade this friendship for anything in the world not even for the choicest gold and silver.
23. It has not been long since we found each other but we have bonded so much like we have known each other all our lives. It’s not because of the favours we have done for each other but the love and care we deeply have for one another.

24. When we first met, you seemed someone I will not get along with but you have turned out to be the best new thing and one of the most beautiful things that ever happened to me in life.

25. My dear friend, just as our friendship is new and fresh, may it continue to be fresh as the early morning river. Let each passing day be an opportunity to love and cherish each other more and be together till the end of time.

26. Our friendship has made me become a better version of my self, I wonder what I will become by the time we really get to know each other better and spend more time together. I can never let go of this friendship. Thanks for being my friend.

27. You came into my life and accepted me with my imperfections. You wipe away my silent tears and help me drive away from my unseen fears. Thank you for holding my hands and for not trying to change me.

28. I have just found a friend who I can share my every emotion with, my innermost feelings and every thought that crosses my mind. One that understands my silence as well as my words, who lift me up and never let me down. I am lucky I found you.

29. You came into my life at the time when it seems life has beaten me down. When I was stuck, stranded and has no one to turn to. You came and turned everything around. I am glad to have received the gift of true friendship.

30. I am grateful I came across you in my life’s journey. You are a precious gem as a true friend should be. You always receive me with open arms and ready to go through life’s challenges with me.

31. You are a friend I cannot afford to lose, your coming into my life has impacted my world in many positive ways. Please remain my friend in this life and even in the next.

32. In my life’s journey, I know I will forget a lot of things that will happen to me but one thing I will never forget is the day I met you and we became friends.

33. Since you came into my life, there is this unexplainable calmness and joy that has filled my life. It is as a result of your kindness, love and care. I can’t give you up for anything. I love you.

34. I am forever grateful I found a friend like you, you understand me even when I do not say a word, you seem to know my every thought. I cherish every moment I spend with you, my awesome friend.

35. You are my new friend but you have gone through so much with me more than any friends I have ever had. You are always there both in the good and not so good times. You give your time and resources to make sure I overcome any challenges. I love you beyond the stars.

36. I am the luckiest person right now because I just found a wonderful friend like you. You are gorgeous, unique and incredible on the outside and kind and sweet on the inside. You have the biggest heart of anyone I know, you are a complete definition of beauty.

37. I feel so blessed I found a friend like you. I thank God for positioning me at the spot where we met. You are an angel in flesh, your friendship is so precious to me I can’t trade it for anything in the world.

38. All my life l have felt no one will and can understand me. I can be stubborn, difficult and confusing, but you came, love and accepted me the way I am. You have also brought out the good in me, thank you for making me a better person.

39. You barely know me and you have already sacrificed so much for me. A special friend like you deserves all the love the heart can give. I cherish you, my dear friend.

40. You just came into my life but you have already occupied a large space in my heart. You seem to know what I am going through at all times and always ready to lend a helping hand. I must have done something right to deserve a good friend like you.

Paragraphs About New Friend

You just got a new friend and you want to let him or her know the benefits you are enjoying as a result of your friendship or you just want to let him or her know you are grateful for this newly found friendship. These paragraphs about a new friend will just be perfect.

41. They say you can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends, I say I didn’t choose you God destined us to be friends. And I will forever be grateful He brought you into my life.

42. I never knew the value of friendship until I met you. You are kind, compassionate, supportive and generous. Everything that concerns me is of importance to you. I am truly blessed to have you in my life.

43. They say a friend in need is a friend indeed. You have influenced my life in so many positive ways since I found you. You know the right words of encouragement to give to me when I am down, you give your time and resources to make sure all is well with me. You are truly a friend indeed.

44. True friendship is not measured by how long you have known each other but how well it has been since you became friends. Our new found friendship is proof of that. You have touched my life in so many positive ways this short time we have been together.

45. I am grateful to God for making our path cross and us becoming friends. We might not be together always but I am sure you will always be there for me whenever I need you and I know we will be friends forever.

46. When you came into my life you made me realize who I truly am. You praised me in areas I am doing well and made me work on bad habits. Now I am becoming a better person day by day, all thanks to you.

47. We have not known each other that long and we have already done so much together. You are an amazing friend, I hope this friendship last forever.

48. My life was empty before I met you, you came and filled it with love, joy, laughter and excitement. You brought sunshine and brighten my world.

49. Since the day I met you I have not seen a friend better than you, you came into my life and turned everything around. You influenced me with your good nature and made me a different person. I will never replace you with anyone else.

50. I just want my new friend to know that she is very special. My life had not been the same since I found you and I know it will only get better. You are a wonderful friend.

Thank you for reading through these best paragraphs for a new friend. I sincerely hope you find the ones that best describe your feelings for your new friend.

I also hope sending them this paragraph will relate the exact message you want to pass across and in return help build a better and stronger relationship.

I will be glad to hear from you for more betterment, please, drop a comment.

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