Best Friend Text Messages

Best Friend Text Messages for Him or Her in 2024

Best friends are God’s gift of happiness, fun, excitement and growth to us. That’s what best friends are and even more. You can’t work all through the day and skip off adding to the beauty of your best friend’s birthday.

Get on your phone and send one of these Best Friend Text Messages. Make your best friend feel special and treasured to you. Your message can be the best spice of the day.

Take any of these Best Friend Text Messages and get your best friend bubbling gleefully. There are over 150 Best Friend Text Messages, all for you.

Sweet Messages for Best Friends Forever

It’s that time of the day when the feelings of gratitude are to engulf your all. It’s a time you’re to look back to how much of love, care and affection you’ve received from your friends, especially your best friend. It’s time to show gratitude and allegiance together. And these sweet best friend text messages will match the desire. Send to him or her and be loved in return – like you never have.

1. My dear bestie, like fresh blossoming flowers, you shall rise into greatness and exude beauty in your life. Cheers to your best year, yet.

2. Dear bestie may today be the beginning of the most beautiful phase of your life.

3. Dear sweet, may you enjoy this year in exemplary fashion. Enjoy your day, sweet.

4. I can’t quit thinking about you, every day. You bring smiles to my face.

5. The best part of every day is when I get to see you. You make my life so sweet.

6. Thank you, dear, for always believing in me. You are a rare gem.

7. The best thing to ever happen to me is you. It has been a blessing being your friend.

8. The view of sunset on the sea reminds me of my beautiful friendship with you. I can’t stop thinking about you every day.

9. I wish I could have you by my side at all times. I wish I could look into your face and tell you how much I love you. The best thing to ever happen to me is having you as my best friend.

10. My sweet bestie, I wish you the best of all that you desire. I wish you a fantastic month.

11. Happiness, joy, and jubilation shall not elude you, my dear. Have a blissful month.

12. Dear friend, I just want you to know that I treasure you immensely.

13. Every day I spend with you, my dear, is as beautiful as the diamonds in the sky.

14. I wish I could spend every moment of my life with you, my dear. You are super amazing.

15. If I could alter any aspect of my life, it would be to have been your friend much earlier than I met you.

16. There’s one thing I don’t want to ever end and that’s being a friend to you.

17. Just as a new day dawns, so shall you experience newness and freshness in every aspect of your life today.

18., Hello dearest, may you live as a conqueror and work as a victor. God shall bless you abundantly and nothing shall be too difficult for you to achieve.

19. My dear, I just want you to know that you are always on my mind.

20. My dearest, nothing will be too difficult for you to achieve. You shall live your dreams and realise your aspirations.

21. My sweet, all that you set out to do shall work out in your favour. No mountain will be too high for you to climb. No obstacle will be too hard for you to take down.

22. Go on, man. Go on and take the world by storm. It’s time for you to shine.

23. If I could spend every moment being with you, I will be the happiest being on this planet.

24. Your voice speaks to my innermost and brightens my days. I cannot imagine life without you.

25. Being your friend has been the best thing to ever happen to me.

26. Dear, I want you to know that you make my world beautiful.

27. Dear love, the feeling of having you as my friend is greater than the most elegant scenery I have ever beheld.

28. I have a sweet story to tell; a story about how I found true friendship with you. It’s the best story I have got to tell.

29. No matter how fast time ticks away, our friendship shall not fly away. We shall dwell in the beauty of our friendship from now till forever.

30. I love the feeling you exude. In your world nothing is impossible. You are a relentless achiever.

31. I love the aura you emit. You have the most positive vibe around me.

32. For the opportunities, I have gained being your friend. For the achievements, I have made from your advice. You have always proved to be a true friend and I cannot ask for anything more.

33. Since I became friends with you, my life has been on the upside. I wish we became friends much earlier.

34. Being your friend is the greatest blessing in my life. You are a fabulous friend, my dear.

35. Dear friend, the sound of your voice makes me ecstatic. I am always elated when I am with you.

36. My dear, let us go on an adventure and explore. Let’s enjoy the scenery of nature and the beauty of foreign cultures. I can’t stop imagining how beautiful it would be exploring the world with you.

37. I have enjoyed every moment of our friendship. When we laugh and when we cry; when we agree and when we disagree; they always bring out the best in us and our friendship.

38. If I could shout to the world from the top of a mountain, I would scream out about you. I would tell the world how amazing you are to me.

39. Time and chance happen to us all. The time I met you and the chance I got to be your friend is highly memorable to me.

40. My dear, may your day be more beautiful than a field of roses. May you experience fulfilment and happiness in all you set out to achieve.

41. I wish I knew you much earlier than I did. I love you so dearly.

42. My world is beautiful courtesy of you. You are so dear to me, friend

43. No day goes by without me thinking about you. You are so precious to me.

44. Hello dear, let’s create the beauty the world has never beheld. Let’s show the world the beauty in our friendship.

45. Hey bestie, may the joy of God always be in you and may his presence always be with you.

46. I used to think friendship is of little importance until I became friends with you. You changed my view of friendship. You are amazing.

47. I want you to know, bestie, that I love and care immensely about you.

48. You made my world beautiful. Thank you, dear. You are a rare friend. You are my best friend.

49. I will always be thankful to God for making us friends. You are God’s best gift to me.

50. Hi, dear, I want you to know that you are always on my mind. You are super important to me.

51. Hello, my dear. You are more beautiful than a starry night and more amazing than glittering diamond.

52. Of all that I love and care for, you are first amongst all.

53. My biggest wish is for our friendship to last a century. I thank God for bringing you into my life.

54. Hello, bestie. If all in the world should fall apart, our friendship will be the last one standing. Thumbs up to us. Love you.

55. Hello, my dearest. Of all things good and beautiful in my life, you are on a scale higher than others. I love you to pieces.

56. Hi, sweetie. As you live out the amazing life God has given to you, always know you have a friend that cares. Till I find you later today, keep a kiss for me.

57. No day goes by without me thinking about you. You are God’s best gift to me.

58. My dear, my love for you knows no bounds. I cannot wish for a better friend.

59. Everything that has a beginning must have an end, but not my love for you. My love for you will know no end.

60. All I want to do is tell the whole world that I am in love with my best friend.

61. Nothing else might matter after all but not you. You are most precious to me.

62. I just want you to know dear, that you mean the universe to me.

63. The beautiful life that I display is courtesy of you. I will never forget that.

64. This heart of mine cares for no one than it cares for you. I am for you always.

65. Every day with you is as fulfilling as an adventure to a tourist site. You never cease to amaze me. To more of our happy times together, I say cheers.

66. You are more precious to me, dear friend than gold and diamonds.

67. If I could change everything in my life, I will not alter my friendship with you. You are the best for me.

68. Every day, I thank God for making you my best friend. You are God’s kind gift to me.

69. Dear friend, the best moment of my days, each day, is being with you.

70. Of all the important people in my life, dear, you take the first spot.

71. Hi, dear. The beauty you exude inside and out is greater than the view of blossoming flowers. I love you, dear.

72. My dear, I just want you to know there is no better friend to me than you. You are the best of them all.

73. My dear, of all friends God has blessed me with, you are the best of all. I thank God for having you in my life.

74. Our friendship is the best thing to ever happen to me. I love you, dear. You are the best of all the friends I have.

75. The only time I desire for time to roll very slowly is when I am with you. I cherish you, dear. You are my best friend.

76. You are the dearest of all friends to me. I can ask for nothing more from you.

77. Thank you, dear, for your showers of care and love. You are a rare gem to me.

78. You are the dearest of all to my heart. I love you, my dear.

79. The scent of our friendship is like fresh flowers. I cannot have enough of how enticing it is. I love you, bestie.

80. Dear sweet, you are more important than the world is to me.

81. My dear, you are my biggest treasure. I will hold on to you until my days here are complete.

82. Dear bestie, no pressure, no matter the measure can stifle how much I care about you.

83. My love, of all I have seen and touched, you are my most cherished treasure.

84. With my hands clapped and my eyes closed, I thank God for gifting you to me as a friend. You are awesome, my dear.

85. I call myself the happiest man on earth for having you as my best friend.

86. The best gift I have received is the gift of having you as my best friend.

87. I love my bestie because my bestie is the best.

88. You are my best friend and I am proud to say that everywhere I find myself.

89. Of all the friends I have, I am super happy to have you as the best of them.

90. My friendship with you reminds me each day of the beautiful smile of the sunrise as it lights up my day.

91. You excite me. You enrich me. You are the best of all the friends I have ever had.

92. You make me smile. You make me shine. You are the love of my life.

93. With you, I feel stylish and feel amazing. You are a blessing to my life, my dear.

94. My dear friend, you are an awesome partner to me. You are the best.

95. Like flying bubbles, your words make me glide in the air. You are my best support system. I love you, bestie.

96. My dear bestie, beholding your beauty thrills my heart, holding your hands calms my nerves. I am proud to always have you with me.

97. My dear friend, if I could change anything about my life it will be to have known you much earlier in my life.

98. As days roll out and years roll in, you have proven yourself to be my best and most trusted friend.

99. When I feel my heartbeat, I hear it beating in rhythm for you. You are my love, you are my heart.

100. Life is beautiful, life is amazing, life is interesting when lived with you. That is how much you have blessed me.

101. The more of you I have, the more of joy I feel. You are my best friend.

102. Trust is a virtue worth putting in you. You have proven that to me, my dear.

103. Dear bestie, as infinite as time is, so is my love for you.

104. Of all the important features in my life, you are the most cherished. You are the best.

105. The beauty of the sunrise is less than the beauty you exude. I admire your face far more than the coy smile of the rising sun. I love you, dear.

106. Trustworthy friends are a scarce resource, it’s what I cherish having with you.

107. My dear sweet best friend, every moment with you is worth a million dollars.

108. Dear bestie, my world had been made beautiful by you. I just want to say, thank you.

109. For your beautiful presents, your sweet words and your kind affections, I say thank you. You are my best friend ever.

110. Dear sweet bestie, I wish you the best of God today. Go on and live a fulfilling life. Have a sweet day ahead.

111. Like a house on a hill that cannot be hidden, my love for you cannot be hidden. You are the best friend in my life.

112. Everything may pass but my love for you will never pass away. I love you, bestie.

113. When I listen to my heartbeat, I hear it beating for you. You are not just my best friend, you are the love of my life.

114. My dear sweet, I always want to speak about how much I love you. Such words cannot cease from my lips.

115. I just want you to know, my sweet love, that I am sold ou to you.

116. My dear, with you I feel free always. You are my dearest.

117. Hello bestie, being friends with you has been sweeter than I could ever imagine. I am happy to have you as my best friend.

118. You have always topped the list of my best and most important friends. You are a rare jewel.

119. Like a tree planted by the sea, so shall your life be, bearing sweet and succulent fruits. I love you, best friend.

120. Of all good things that your heart desires, you shall receive the full manifestation of them. Have a beautiful day, my dear.

121. My dear sweetheart, I admire you more than lush green fields and desire you more than fresh red roses. You are my best friend.

122. It doesn’t matter how far I go, you will always be in my heart. You are my best friend.

123. Everywhere I go, you go with me. I cannot let go of you out of my mind. You are the best of all the friends I have.

124. In every thought I have of you, I see your cute smile and hear your sweet voice. They melt my heart and make feel loved. I heart you, my dear bestie.

125. All over the world, nothing is important as you are to me. You are my number one.

126. If I am falling from a cliff or rolling down on stones, the only face I will see is you because I know you are and will always be there for me. You are the best of everyone I know.

127. My dear bestie, everything else may pass away but my love for you remains sure.

128. My darling friend, as fast as the wheels of a sports car does my heart spin for you. You and only you matter most to me.

129. The best of my thoughts and imaginations are spending forever with you. I cannot imagine less with you, my bestie.

130. I am thankful to God for the years I have spent knowing you. I feel most fortunate being your best friend.

131. My dear friend, I want you to know that you are well-loved by me.

132. All of me I can give to you, my dearest. You are my best friend.

133. My biggest desire is to be happy, joyful and prosperous with you by my side. I love you, my dear. You are my best friend.

134. My dear, I want you to know that you are the best of all my amazing friends.

135. Hello, bro. When all is merry and when all is dry, you are always there with me. You are my best and truest friend. I can’t ask for more.

136. To the times we’ve shared, the times we cried and the times we laughed, I say cheers. You’ve been through a lot with me. The least I can say is thank you. You are the definition of true friendship. You are my best friend.

137. You are always on my mind, my dear. You fill up the most important space in my heart. You are my treasure. You are my best friend.

138. My sweet bestie, I look forward to a time when I will have you in my arms, day after day, and I will whisper into your ears how much I love you.

139. My dear bestie, that you have a super amazing heart, unequalled kindness and a sense of humour that’s rival to none. I love you, my dear, with all of me.

140. The best thing that has happened to me is having you as my best friend. You have been a sweet blessing to me.

141. The best time of my life will be when you say yes to living forever with me. I can’t imagine living life without you. You are the best friend I have.

142. Dear sweet bestie, memories live with me, memories of you. I feel nostalgic about the sweet times we’ve had together. I have had no friendship like what I have with you.

143. To the best of all my friends, most trustworthy, most kind and most sincere. I love dearly, my bestie.

144. Time may fly faster than an eagle but its speed cannot take me out of the reality of who you are to me. You are my best and most wonderful friend. Thank you, dear, for your love.

145. I feel my heart leap every time I see your face. I feel excited when your voice serenades my ears. You are the best person to happen to me. I thank God for having you as my best friend.

146. I feel like I want to fly. I want to fly the world with you. There is no better feeling than flying the world with my best friend.

147. I feel like I am rising; rising with the feeling of you in my heart. I feel in love with you, my dear bestie.

148. My dear bestie, I am at the point when all I want is you in my life. You are my top priority, you have always been at the top of my mind.

149. In silence and noise, you don’t cease to exist in my mind. You have touched me so much I can’t stop thinking of the beauty in your words and actions to me. You are my best friend turned sister.

150. The first day we met still plays in my head. It’s the best day of my life. It’s the day I met my best friend. It’s the day for which I am most grateful to God.

151. Dear bestie, every time I see your face in my mind, I get excited. Nothing excites me more than the thought of you.

152. My sweet darling, the love we share is more than an attraction, it’s more than our sweet words of affection, it’s the bond of friendship that unites us. The best form of friendship I have.

153. Hi, bestie. Just want to know you are doing fine. I miss you dearly.

154. Hello, friend. I hold in high admiration every moment we share together. They are the best moments of my life.

155. Hi, my dear. I cannot complete a day without the thought of you. Your friendship is the best thing I have. The thought of you excites me.

156. My dear best friend, I want you to know that you are the most important figure in my life.

157. You, my dear friend, are my biggest drive. My top support system. The most amazing figure in my life.

158. I look forward every day to seeing you. I feel happiest being with you. The greatest freedom I feel is in my friendship with you. You are my dearest.

159. Hello sweetie, the happiest moment of my day is when I am with you. I have had no friendship like what I have with you. It is the best.

160. I have a friend who dares me to greatness, who challenges me to be the best, who spurs me to fulfilment. That friend is my best friend. That friend is you.

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Written by Kayode Sonibare

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