A Day To My Birthday
A Day To My Birthday

A Day To My Birthday Posts for Social Media

Everyone looks forward to a new age and that is why we all want to celebrate our birthdays in a special way.

Here are a collection of “A Day To My Birthday Messages”. And they are to get you set for your great day! Happy birthday to you in advance, from me.

A Day To My Birthday Posts

Below are sweet words to anticipate your Birthday on Social Media. Don’t hesitate to use these “A Day To My Birthday Posts on Social Media”

1. Tomorrow, the birds will chirp happily. The wind will blow so cool cause they know it’s my birthday real soon.

2. Wow! The day to celebrate is here. God made it possible and I can’t help but be happy. I’m patiently waiting for tomorrow.

3. The Lord has made it possible and I’m seeing tomorrow with all joy. Keep sending in your gifts as tomorrow might be busy.

4. Tomorrow, I’ll feel what it is like to attain another new age that makes me feel older. I am looking forward to celebrating my birthday tomorrow.

5. God bless me today, tomorrow and always. Tomorrow is blessed for me because it’s more than a birthday, it is my favourite day of the year too.

6. I’ll feel every moment tomorrow. I won’t miss out on any moment. It’s my birthday tomorrow and it will be great.

7. More of the Lord I ask as I celebrate tomorrow. God bless my day. Happy Birthday to me!

8. Grace to be better, that I desire and I’ll spend my time interceding for that as I wait for tomorrow to come quickly.

9. You know how it feels to know your birthday is tomorrow? That is what I feel and I’m getting everything set for the celebration.

10. I refuse to let my past make me sad today. I’ll be happy and see tomorrow as a great day. I’m ready to make amends and work towards a better future.

11. See how God has loved me and crowned me with faithfulness. Tomorrow is my birthday and I can’t but appreciate God.

12. I will be an inch taller tomorrow cause it’s my birthday. I wish that were true, but one thing is true, I’ll be a year older tomorrow.

13. I imagine how my parents felt this day many years. It must have been mixed emotions for them as they were not sure I’ll be born the next day or not, but I surprised them. Tomorrow is my surprise birthday to my parents and I’m excited.

14. I see my future without negativity. With or without a party, tomorrow will be great.

15. I want to keep improving. I want to be the best I can be and tomorrow is my birthday, another day to know that I’m not growing younger.

16. Teach me to number my days. Tomorrow feels like forever and I can’t wait to be celebrated.

17. I will be more mature in my thoughts and I’ll work towards my imperfections to be the best of myself. Tomorrow is a new year for me.

18. Tomorrow, I won’t go out. I just want to enjoy myself with myself, but your gifts are welcome.

19. Tomorrow is my birthday and it will be great as I’ll be having a big party in my head where everyone on earth will be present. It looks good already in my imagination.

20. I will celebrate this new age tomorrow with joy in my soul. Nothing will steal my peace.

Written by Fikayomi Aaron

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