Crazy Birthday Wishes
Crazy Birthday Wishes

2024 Crazy Birthday Wishes You Can’t but Use

Sometimes, it’s funny what requests we have online. It’s funnier what people think about for a birthday wishes to someone else. The funniest part is we’re always here to write any of these requests – crazy or not!

So it’s that special person’s birthday today and all you wish to send are some crazy birthday wishes and messages for them?

Sweat it not, below are some crazy and funny birthday wishes for that awesome person.

(If they are perfect or not, kindly tell us through the comment box so we jump up in awe or cover our face for the poorly written birthday wishes!)

Ready? Take the Shots!

Crazy Birthday Wishes for Him or Her

Here are Crazy Birthday Wishes for your lover.

1. I was about getting the best birthday cake for you when suddenly remembered the saying that, “You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat it”. Happy cakeless birthday to you.

2. The more birthdays you celebrate, the faster you come closer to your grave. I hate birthdays because I don’t have any gift for you. Lol.

3. I think there’s nothing special about today. You’re getting old and you know it! Happy Older day to you.

4. Must it always be happy birthday, Uh! I’ll give you a birthday gift when it’s your happiest birthday. Lol.

5. Here are you blowing the candles, cutting the cake, drinking the wine and digging the dance. Did you just think about those? Then believe I’ve already come for your party. Lol.

6. I have been searching all day for something that will last forever, as a birthday gift for you. You’ll have it once I get one. Happy birthday to you.

7. I heard no gift is as special as a gift of love, so I’m giving you love. Receive it by faith. Happy birthday to you.

Crazy Birthday Wishes for a Special Friend

Crazy Birthday Wishes for a Special Friend on his/her birthday.

8. I know you always buy a costly cake, and you know I always eat a lot… Save the money for the portion I’ll eat for today and let that be your gift from me… Because I’m fasting. Happy birthday to you.

9. I was about buying a cake when I remembered how many innocent chickens would have been broken (through eggs) to make the cake, so I bought some candles! Happy birthday to you.

10. Eat all you can and take the dance floor because the day is yours. But remember to stop it all at 11:59:59pm. Happy birthday to you.

11. You once told me a pen is mightier than a sword, so I used a pen do draw your birthday cake, instead of buying it. I’m sure you’ll like it. Happy birthday to you.

12. I dreamed that I bought you a cake for your birthday and it’s unfortunate that my dreams don’t come to pass. Happy birthday to you.

13. So eggs are broken to make cakes! I can’t have hands in the killing of innocent chickens! I won’t buy or eat any cake for the next one week! Happy birthday to you.

14. I couldn’t get you a gift since I know you’re still younger than your next birthday. I’ll wait until your ages are the same.

15. I was on my way to your birthday party when I remembered that “Time Waits for No Man”. Can you now see why I’ll be missing it? Happy birthday still.

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