Touching Paragraphs for Your Best Friend When He’s Sad

Touching Paragraphs for Your Best Friend When He’s Sad

People who desire friendship would crave constant fun-filled experience with friends. And if you’re lucky to have a great guy as a friend, you’d want to know how to show him you care.

However, even if you’re equipped with all the things to make your friends happy, there are some times when things do not go the way it is expected – a time when certain situations becloud their moods. Be it a painful experience or aftermath of a disappointing situation. Such times often demand more from friends to make your friendship blossom again and if they’re to remain as besties.

In such moments, you’ll surely need to have the right words to lighten up your friend’s mood. That’s where these comforting words come in handy. It’s a compilation of touching paragraphs for your best friend when he’s sad. Feel free use them, add your comments and share.

1. Our strength isn’t a measure of what we do when things are rosy, rather, it is determined by how strong we chose to be in difficult times, and guess what, you’re the strongest guy I know.

2. Life is in phases and no situation will remain forever. This time is a phase that’ll surely pass and I’m certain you’re coming out of it stronger. Cheer up, dude.

3. Moments like these presents us with the opportunity to dig in and call on our inner strength to stay afloat. I know you can do it, and if you need a shoulder to lean on I’ll be here.

4. Regardless of the prevailing situation within and around us, there’s always something or some things to be grateful for. And at this very time, I just want you to focus on that.

5. When we focus on disappointment, we deny ourselves of the joy we should enjoy. You know how much I want you to be happy, so return that charming smile to your face, it’s always been your best dress.

6. Looking back at all the memories we’ve shared, it’s obvious that we’ve had some difficult times together, and at each of such moments, we came out stronger, happier and better, this won’t be an exception. So cheer up already.

7. I can’t count how many times I’ve had to depend on you when things go south. You’ve always had my back and gave me hope when I’m not finding my feet. So I’m sure the strength to stand tall in adversity is within you.

8. No way I’d let you look like what you’re going through, you’ve always told me that there’s light after the tunnel. All I want you to do right now is to look right ahead, the light is just around the corner.

9. If there’s a consolation I have for you, it is that something big is on the way. I believe this phase is a blessing in disguise, so do not let it make you lose sight of the target.

10. One thing to bring to mind at this time is the fact that many will always look up to you, I’m sure you know that I do. For that reason, you’ve got to be strong for us.

11. Do I need to tell you what you look like when you ain’t wearing your smile? It’s just a representation of you you don’t wanna see.

12. With a moody face comes bad energy, you know that’s not what you represent, so, quit, dude…

13. The best of men is known at their lowest point, this is just that time to fight, stay strong and of course WIN.

14. One thing about life is that challenges are veiled blessings waiting to be revealed. Can we just start celebrating already?

15. When we allow issues of life burden our hearts, it takes our eyes off what’s ahead for us. A perfect reason to always make happiness a priority at all times.

16. The present situation may be difficult and it may seem that your world is falling apart, never forget one thing – you’re not alone.

17. No matter what, we cannot allow circumstances to way us down and burden us to the point that we forget who we really are. And I’m sure I need not remind you who you are.

18. You’ve always had my back, your shoulders have been broad enough for me to lean on, you’ve been a light in the midst of the thickest darkness, and that’s what I want you to be in this trying time – SHINE.

19. The moment that dampens our moods the most often precede a leap in fortune. I’m not a seer, but I’m so sure something big is on the horizon for you soonest. So cheer up.

20. Challenges are not meant to make us sad and dejected, rather, they are a springboard to new heights. So, ride in this and soar.

21. No matter how thick the cloud may be, there’s always a ray of light somewhere in the sky. As for you, you can look inward for your own ray.

22. You sure know that the tree with the best fruits attracts most stones. Whatever it is you’re passing through, it’s only a test of your resilience and doggedness, ace the test mate.

23. You dare not let your smile desert you, do not deny yourself of that endearing face you’re known for, it is a treasure you shouldn’t let anything rob you of.

24. I’ve never doubted the strength you have within, that’s why I know you’re too strong for this, whatever it is.

25. One thing I should tell you at this moment is that it’s not unusual to have experiences like this, but what is unacceptable is when we allow it to dominate our souls.

26. I know how bad the situation is, maybe I am not directly in your shoes, but still, you don’t have to be this way forever.

27. I need you to take a deep breath, maybe the reassurance that you’re still breathing will just be enough to power you through this. You can DO IT.

28. There’s no one who has successfully find answers to the issues of life by worrying, I don’t think you’d want to wait so long to realise that it’s not really worth all the worries.

29. If you could just look beyond the now and look right ahead, you’ll have all the reasons to cheer up.

30. Nothing tangible can come out of worry, it can only make things worse, that’s a reason to quit it.

31. We’ve been through thick and thin together, and even at this trying time, you should know that you can ALWAYS count on me.

32. Most blessings come in the veils of pain and discomfort. Keep that close to your chest.

33. Maybe not directly, but you’ve been through tougher times, and each time, you emerged stronger, this isn’t gonna be different.

34. You shouldn’t be this hard on yourself, you won’t be able to justify it when it’s finally over, and guess what, it’s almost over.

35. I hope you know you’re not alone in this, everyone does experience phases of dark clouds.

36. It may look like it’s all too much to take in right now, but taking it one moment per time will take the fear away.

37. Being sad isn’t bad in itself, but staying sad is certainly not what you’d want to be known for.

38. I have been here before, I felt that my world was crashing, but in the end, I came out victorious, nothing less than what I expect from you.

39. I’m so sorry for what you’re going through, but always remember that I’d be here if you need anything.

40. Whatever it is you’re passing through, I know you’re stronger than that.

41. Should you need someone to talk to at any time, I’ll be right here.

42. Healing may take longer than anticipated, but it will surely come.

43. It may be hard to see beyond the present, but a trial will lead you to true happiness.

44. I don’t mean that it’ll be easy, but you can still choose to be happy, even in situations like this.

45. Trial is what it is, not an end of life. So you can’t give up.

46. No matter how long the night is, the dawn will come, I see your dawn is here already.

47. Challenges are part of life, they are arranged on our ways to make us stronger.

48. These type of situations are not normal, the way we handle them is what distinguishes us from others.

49. Just as the night doesn’t last forever, challenges of life are transient, we’ll always be here to tell its tales.

50. You need to forget the past, holding on to it will steal your joy and deprive you of your peace, just let go.

51. Forgive yourself and focus on what’s ahead, the past is what it is.

52. The only thing you can do with the past is to learn from it, this is the time to shape the future, not the time dwell on the past.

53. Life’s challenges aren’t enough reason to throw away your smile. So cheer up friend.

54. Whatever challenges that come our way, our bond transcends them all, and together we’ll prevail

53. Just here to let you know that the hurt only lasts for as long as you let it.

54. A clear understanding of what tomorrow holds for you should be enough to look ahead, far beyond whatever you may be passing through now.

55. You know how knighted together we are, your challenges are mine.

56. Your inner strength is a treasure many envy. Do not let anything take it away.

57. Time to get up, there at the door stands a bundle of joy waiting to be let in, open the door, it’s new dawn already.

58. One thing to do is to share with me what you may be passing through, we’ve literally scaled mountains together doing that in the past.

59. The more time we give to painful experience, the more we allow it hurt us. Let’s end this friend, it’s cheers O’clock.

60. Today is a new chance to have a go at life. You’ll only be hurting yourself if you don’t make it count.

61. Granted, there may be disappointments here and there, it happens to everyone, but why not just focus on the small WINs.

62. If you’ll choose gratitude over dejection today, you’ll be quick to note that all worries are a waste of precious time.

63. Do not feel like it’s all over, there’s always another chance to start again. But staying dejected may prevent you from seeing that

64. Mistakes are part of life, it’s only a call to be better next time.

65. If God could allow you to go through this, He sure knows that you can handle it, it’s now up to your not to fail Him.

66. Nothing holds back the breaking of a new day, nothing can stop your new damn, so cheer up.

67. Our time here on earth is too short. Our best approach is to live it all in happiness and gladness of heart.

68. Right now, I’ll do anything to see your smile again. I’ve missed it so much

69. It may look like things aren’t happening as planned, but trust me, it’s going to end in praise.

70. I know looking sad and moody may seem an option to you, but trust me looking this challenge in the eye with courage always works.

71. I may not know all that’s going on in your mind right now, but one thing I know is that all will be well.

72. Looking sad is a way of looking down on God’s blessings.

73. Enough of this look, it’s time to put on that charming smile again.

74. If you hold on to the pain and disappointment of life, you’d deny yourself of the opportunities in each passing hour.

75. Maybe I can’t truly imagine how hard it is for you, but I’m certain that the feeling won’t last forever.

76. Although time heals all wounds, but you need not dwell on this painful experience this long.

77. My only counsel for you at this trying time is to look inward for courage and strength. And should you need anybody to talk to, I’m all ears.

78. If you know how bad I feel to see you this way, you’ll surely cheer up because I know you hate to see me sad.

79. I am a living testimony of how strong you could be, and I’m sure you’re coming out of this stronger and better.

80. It may be okay to feel this way for some time, but it is not okay to lose yourself doing that.

81. I’ve searched widely, looking everywhere I could, I haven’t found anywhere a problem was solved by worrying. So why the worry?

82. Each time we spent being sad is an injury to our mind.

83. It is time to give happiness a chance. This is long overdue.

84. Despite this obvious disappointment, we can’t pretend to not have received a blessing from God today. So, you need not mind that and smile.

85. I know things aren’t the way we planned it, but I’d like you to join me in counting our everyday blessings, there’s still so much to be thankful for.

86. Happiness is a choice, and it is always a wise choice.

87. Hey dude, isn’t it enough already? It’s time to move on.

88. As long as we sojourn here on earth, challenges won’t cease, but we can opt for life consistently full of happiness. We owe ourselves that much.

89. I feel your pain and I know it’s difficult. But what I also know is that you’re a fighter, and you’re winning already.

90. It’s almost inevitable to have disappointments from time to time, the choice to remain happy at all times is always part of the package.

91. You’re not the only one in this, but you can choose to handle it differently, smile your way to victory.

92. You’re a source of hope to many, you can’t let this problem take that away.

93. There’s always room for gratitude in every situation, you just need to have the right perspective.

94. I know you’re doing your best to get out of this, I’m with you always and you’re coming out of it already.

95. Life is dynamic, sometimes we experience the unpleasant side. That’s the way it is.

96. You’re still the same person I’ve always know you to be. All I want you to do now is to fight a little more.

97. It is time to give love a chance again. There’s someone out there who values the treasure in you. Don’t lose that because of the past.

98. If only we could solve a problem by simply worrying, I’d have been okay with what you’re doing right now.

99. All you need to do is to take the next step. Just a step and you’re out of it already.

100. I know you’ve heard this many times, but I need to tell you again, Cheer up!

Thrilled by how the touching paragraphs for your best friend when he’s sad restored those smiles? Do well to shine a light on the path of others by sharing with as many as you can.

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