Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Ex Husband

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Ex Husband (2024)

A birthday is an anniversary of the day on which someone was born. There are unique ways to wish a special person a happy birthday and when it comes to wishing an ex-husband a happy birthday, text messages are one of them.

Today marks your ex-husband’s birthday and it’s an opportunity to clear your mind and make wishes that could come true on a birthday.

Truly, your ex-husband must have been a pain in the ass, he must have really hurt you badly but instead of ignoring his day and living it like some other days, make use of this opportunity to express your mind.

Let go of the past and move on. He’s now in the past but, in some ways, he has played a few roles that will still reflect in your present life.

Clear your conscience today and send him a heart-touching message that might as well make him appreciate you. Check out these heart touching birthday wishes for ex husband.

Most Touching Happy Birthday Messages for Ex-Husband

Your ex-husband who you really miss so much might as well feel the same way. These heart touching birthday wishes will help touch his heart.

1. We are apart but yet you will forever be remembered. Our memories rekindle like fire but our love burns for another. I will forever remember those dates we had once celebrated together. Happy birthday, ex-Husband.

2. With joy in my heart, I wish you a happy birthday, we may not celebrate your day together but it will forever serve as a reminder of our moments together. Bon Anniversaire!

3. A quick reminder of the beginning of our departure. Special days or not, you will always remain in the past but I still wish you have a fun-filled birthday.

4. To the man I once loved, for all the times we spent together I wish you find a better place to invest your love and by now I wish you had known the true meaning of marriage. These are my wishes for you on your special day.

5. Breaking up hurts but marriage with you hurts more, now we are apart. I wish you a better life ahead, more birthdays to come and more happiness, happy birthday.

6. Actually, I forgot to turn off the alarm that rings on this special day. Though we are not together I still wish you all the good things in life and a happy birthday.

7. Today, reminds me of our moments together, how we celebrated special days like this. In between separation and clash, I will wish you a happy and no-regrets birthday.

8. I didn’t marry you just to stop loving you in the middle of our journey. It’s painful but we moved on though we didn’t have time to celebrate special days when we were together, I still wish you a happy birthday, ex-husband.

9. Hearty birthday wishes to you on this day. I wish you find a better place just like I have and I wish you enjoy this day to the fullest. Happy birthday.

10. We met and parted ways but our moments together will forever occupy a tangible space in our hearts. Birthdays were special days for us back then even if we tend to stay apart, I will always remember this day, your birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

11. Ex-hubby! I must say I’ll forever miss you even if I didn’t have time to tell you, even if we will forever be apart, even if we try to erase the past, I miss you and Happy Birthday Ex-hubby!

12. Bon Anniversaire Ex-hubby! You taught me the real meaning of life, you taught that in life we have to fight for what we cannot do without but I lost in the test of life. Days like this help me to think of you Bon Anniversaire, Ex-hubby.

13. Honestly, memories are non-erasable but break up makes us stronger. Every one of our mistakes has gone into the past and now that I have passed all fears, I can wish you a happy birthday without a grudge.

14. Lately, I wonder what you would be doing without me then I concluded there was never me. It was all about you. On this special day, I wish you learn from the mistakes you made with me and never make the same with someone else. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EX-HUBBY.

15. I’m reaching out to you Ex-husband I can’t get in touch with you nor do I remember what your smile looks like but I’m sending this text just to wish you a better life, thanks for giving up on us but I wish you never give up on anyone else this is my hearty birthday wish to you.

16. We promised forever, we held unto each other like we would never leave. Now I don’t even remember when we held hands. My birthday wishes for you today is that you find the meaning of ‘forever’. Have a wonderful and happy birthday.

17. Bon Anniversaire! Divorce is easier said than done don’t forget how I will always think of you, I hope you understand. Many birthday wishes are that all I have said makes sense to you. Happy Birthday!

18. We were both so naïve and knew nothing about marriage when we rushed into it then the ocean of love was full and we couldn’t hold unto each other. We drowned in love and had to part ways. On this your birthday I wish you learn to swim in all oceans without drowning so that you never part ways with the one you love. Happy Birthday to you.

19. Happy Birthday! Thanks for teaching me that in life one shouldn’t waste one’s affection on the person that does not know it worth I wish you understand the true meaning of missing someone.

20. We took an oath of forever but you didn’t tell me sadness was part of the forever. I wish you a happy life and a fulfilled birthday.

21. You were my heartbeat, my happiness the one who was ever there Gosh! I hate to use the word ‘WERE’ I wish I could blow those candles with you today but I will still wish you a blissful birthday.

22. Congratulations! On this birthday hope and wish you never love your smile. I wish you find the one that makes you smile even more than I made you smile. Smile more Ex-hubby!

23. We shared memories, beautiful memories that cannot be forgotten for years. I just hope and wish there would be a light at the end of our tunnel. Happy Birthday, Ex-husband.

24. Loneliness is better than being with someone who values not one’s presence. These days I enjoy being without you, you know what I mean, the shouts, the nags and the few happy moments. Happy Birthday, Ex hubby.

25. Since we are no longer together I will still use this opportunity to reach out to you I wish you find happiness with whomever you choose after me. Happy Birthday Ex-boo

Touching Birthday Wishes for Divorced Husband

Messages are another way of pouring out one’s mind, check out some most touching happy birthday messages for your divorced husband.

26. The biggest mistake I made in life was to let you go you know I wouldn’t let you go but my ego stood in the way, I know right now I do not occupy that special space in your heart but I’m glad our path crossed. Happy birthday

27. Despite I caused you pain I’m glad I still remain your friend. A happy birthday to my wonderful friend I hope our friendship last forever unlike our marriage.

28. You and I were meant to be together; I know you are the one for me; you make me proud of myself when with you. I wish you on this birthday that our sweet memories could come to past.

29. I knew you changed because you aged, with time, you got wary of me because I changed, I was not so foolish but I became a victim, I was miss perfect but you were caught in my flaws. Things changed but we are still friends, right? Happy birthday, dear friend.

30. Our jobs where we got the work of marriage was to love ourselves unconditionally but sooner, I realize that we don’t do the same jobs anymore regrets filled my heart I thought if I left, I will be happy but the reverse was the case. I wish you a hearty birthday anyways.

31. I was nervous I said yes, I wanted to refuse you because I didn’t know how to love you, you showed me how to love you, but I was left in the ocean of love to float away. Happy birthday, ex.

32. It’s so strange that we are strangers now, I was your only friend, lover, mother and wife but things changed. My wish today is that you become a friend not a stranger anymore. Happy birthday, friend.

33. I always wanted you to stay, I had hopes that our marriage was going to work but that was what my heart wanted but my actions did the opposite. You are always on my mind I wish our good times reincarnate I miss you. Happy birthday.

34. To hell with you, you left without looking back I’m angry right now but I’m still going to wish you a happy birthday even if you aren’t worth it.

35. Joyous celebration! Happy birthday to you, count your blessings, count your backwardness and give thanks I know I will be one of the blessings. Happy Birthday to you.

36. Like a dream! It came and it’s all gone the sweet memories and the ones I don’t want to look back at it all vanished anyways but there are still memories of you that I don’t want to forget. Happy birthday.

37. I want to make you mine again is there still space in your pretty heart to spare, I don’t mind a choky area just a place that beats for me again. I want to be in your memories can your brain still occupy a little memory of me, I want to be your everything like always before ‘the but’ is there ‘you’ to spare. Happy birthday those are my little birthday wish, hope I am not to selfish?

38. Closely I love back at the old days those times are irreplaceable, you never know what you have until you lose it I had always told myself I miss you I can’t but deny that. happy birthday anyway.

39. I’m stronger! I had always thought I’m better I had always whispered aloud ‘I can do without you’ I would always say to you but can I really do without you, am I strong enough to hold the pain, when you left? Am I even better or worse when we are apart? I just miss those memories when we are apart? I just miss those memories. happy birthday.

40. It all looks like I’ll be happier when we said goodbye, I was happy I’ll be living a free life. I thought I might just enjoy life as I want it but I was wrong you meant the world to me and up to now I still feel the same. Happy birthday, ex.

Birthday Wishes for Someone You Used To Love

Here are some birthday wishes for someone you used to love. Let him know you still wish him good anyways.

41. I’m pressing on, I’m moving on, I thought I will scale through all these troubles but you know what I love freedom, I hate being choked. Happy birthday to you!

42. Let’s say we didn’t break up, we only decided to move on, we moved on from fighting our pricking conscience Happy birthday, I will always remember how you made me feel.

43. I can’t but say thank you for making me identify the differences between being loved and being pitied. A very happy birthday to you ex-hubby. Thanks for taking the right step.

44. Happy birthday, flower, even if our love had gone into extinction, I’ll still be forever grateful for all you have done. Have a blissful birthday.

45. It wasn’t so easy with you but each time I wished I could let you stay; now you are my distraction. I wish I could be yours once again Happy birthday Ex –boo.

46. You gave me love, I gave you mine also you gave me all, I also did the same but what the hell happened to us?! Why are we this so far? I wish we could cant the stars like we always do Happy Birthday anyway, I miss you.

47. My whole heart wishes you today a blissful and not lonely happy birthday we might not be together but any heart longs for you all day. Happy birthday once again.

48. This past week I’ve been thinking I don’t know why I’m so used to your shoulders, I don’t even feel convenient with pillows but I wish you do fine wherever you are, you just be happy. Happy birthday.

49. Let’s say weren’t divorced, what do you think I would have got has a birthday present, a wish? I wish all those dreams you nurtured in your heart come to pass, Happy Birthday.

50. We didn’t have the time to bid farewell all we wanted was freedom; we didn’t have time to say I’ll miss you all we wanted was a night without each other. so this is my farewell message and my happy birthday message to you, I hope we learn to love each other.

51. Mum forgot we are no more together and it serves as a reminder for your birthday. We are apart but not in a clash I wish you a happy birthday Ex-husband.

52. Let’s make a wish that we stop loving each other, that we stop thinking about each other. Let’s make a wish on this your birthday that our moments together should be erased in your heart. Can you make these wishes for me? Happy birthday, EX HUBBY.

53. I wish you have a good life and a happy birthday without me, I wish you become happy, every day of your life. These are my birthday wishes to you, happy birthday.

54. We fought, we shouted at each other, we cried, we doubted, we stopped talking and at last we went our ways. We still got a lot of words left unsaid but none of us cared about it, it’s so undeniable to say we didn’t miss each other. Happy birthday to my first husband.

55. For the memories, you left for me to always look back at. I’m grateful happy birthday I wish you also have those memories fixed in your heart

Emotional Birthday Text Messages for Ex Husband

Your moments with your ex-husband could have been a nightmare but whatever it is, we got you covered. Here are some emotional birthday text messages for him.

56. Have your life better than you had always loved it baby, dance, party and do the things you haven’t had time to do before Happy birthday to you Ex – baby.

57. A happy birthday to the man I once loved, we promised to stay even at the rainy days & sunny days but all went wrong and we gave up on ourselves I hope you and wish we never carry the guilt of leaving us Happy birthday.

58. You know your happiness has to be my main priority, it’s still the same baby have a blissful birthday. Don’t drink too much.

59. Each day, I still remember that handsome face of yours, you know I won’t like it engraved with sadness though I caused you sadness. Now I want you to be happy without me and don’t forget to have a splendid birthday.

60. I took you for granted and I still regret it we loved each other but fate wasn’t by our side. Using this opportunity to wish you a happy birthday.

61. I must say thank you for everything, for the things I never had time to thank you for. I’m sorry for everything I never had time to apologize for. Happy birthday to you I wish you have a splendid day.

62. To the father of my kids, I wish life had an opportunity to go back to the past I would have set things straight. Happy birthday.

63. You know it’s not possible for me to forget your birthday date that itself is a reminder of us, your beautiful smile and the moments we spent together on a special day like this. It’s painful but I will forever wish you a happy birthday darling.

64. Really! I might pretend that I don’t miss you but deep down inside my heart I want to go back to the good old days where we never stay apart again. Happy birthday to you.

65. For all the things I did for you, I must say I’m very sorry. I wish you have a wonderful birthday because you are a wonderful person, fun to be with and your smile always magnet me to you. Happy birthday!

66. On this special day, I wish you nothing less but the best in life. I knew I threw away the opportunity of having you but ill forever wish you the best in life. Bon Anniversaire!

67. No one can ever replace that large space you occupied in my heart (I’m still searching though) I hope I find you back, my heart is empty without you baby. Happy Birthday to you.

68. You are one of the things that make me smile; I loved you back then like my life depended on it. Even at these times when things had changed badly, you will forever remain in my heart. Happy Birthday, darling.

69. Let’s say we had stayed without giving up on ourselves we would have been celebrating this special day together but even at that, I will wish you the best things on earth. Happy birthday to you.

70. No matter how many the stars are in the sky there is just one moon. You were the moon that brightens my world. I wish I find a better moon soon and I wish you the same. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Ex Husband Quotes

Here are some awesome birthday quotes for Ex-Husband that will make him feel great on his birthday.

71. We were once friends then you became my boyfriend, you became my fiancée, then, at last, you became my husband and now you are my friend since life is a cycle. I hope it circulates again. Happy birthday, dear.

72. I know I don’t have the right to even interfere in your life again but as the mother of your kids, I must say happy birthday to the father of my kids.

73. We might never be together again, we might never build memories together, we might be divorced forever but I’ll always wish we are friends forever. Happy birthday to you.

74. We swore that no matter the storm we would never give up on each other, I’m sorry I gave up on you so easily but I believe destiny had his say on us. Happy birthday, dear.

75. Marriage is a battlefield; you don’t know the capacity of your team until you agree to fight the battle. The battle could be scary, disastrous and it could end well if you are in accordance with your team. Some give up and some stay till the end but ours? We gave up on us. Happy birthday regardless.

76. I wanted to stay with you when it hurts most; I wanted to hold you back. You taught me how to dance but you took the drum, you taught me to sing but you took my voice all along. All I want you to know is that you will forever remain in my heart irrespective of all that happened. Happy birthday.

77. We are exes but still friends, our friendship won’t be ruined despite our past. Our past will forever reflect in my presence because it’s you my heart beats for. Happy birthday.

78. You are no longer mine but you will forever remain in that space, I hope one day you will not just occupy the space in my heart but also physically do so. Happy birthday, dear.

79. I’m so happy that we are friends in spite of the bridges between us. It’s a happy birthday to a hubby turned friend.

80. Even if you are not so important like you were before that won’t stop me from wishing you a sweet, blissful and fun-filled birthday.

81. Even when we are far away from each other physically and emotionally, even when the storm falls us apart, even when we live like strangers, I still loved and cherished you and now, I still do. Happy birthday, ex.

82. The more we stayed apart I begin to realize the kind of person you are I know I only valued you after I had lost you; you were a treasure I didn’t value not until you left. Happy birthday, treasure, I still love you.

83. Living as a being without you, every little thing reminds me of you. What your absence had done to me is impeccable because I’m not even in control of myself. I miss you so much, heartbeat. Happy birthday to you.

84. You made me shed the tears of regrets, you made me lose my mind, you made me cry, you made me live without you, you made me go mentally down do you think I will ever forgive you? Happy birthday.

85. I hated to have an ‘ex’ but now I have, now let’s cross out the ex and let’s become friends. My wish for today is that you become my friend. happy birthday friend

86. Living out our lives like we are less concerned about tomorrow, crossing oceans, doing the needful and deleting sad memories you taught me all this. Happy Birthday, Dear Ex husband.

87. Learning to swim when about getting drown, when all hope is lost, we should learn to stay strong but ours is just the opposite Happy Birthday.

88. My world revolves around this one man I loved so much. Thanks for making me wise up have a fulfilled birthday.

89. For all the colours you brought into my life just to give me a colourful life I’m sad we ended on this note still your birthday is very special to me. I miss you Ex hubby and Happy birthday let those candles without me.

90. Life is all about moving on and on, from the past that keeps going on, in mind, it kind of looks hard but I hope one day I’ll scale through and I’ll have the courage to call you ‘just a friend.’ Happy Birthday, Ex-Husband.

91. Moving on is so easy to say and so hard to do, we promised to move on like it will not affect us but here we are trying hard to move on Happy Birthday Ex-husband.

92. When life brings decisions we tend not to cope with it, our being apart is by nature, not me, baby. Happy Birthday.

93. Grapes equals- I miss you, flowers equal let’s meet so what are we waiting for let’s do Grapes and flower. Happy Birthday, Ex-husband.

94. We were scared, the journey was sacred but we never did the scarce we followed the trend; we gave up. Happy Birthday, Ex Journey mate.

95. Our love jaunt, our love manoeuvre was exquisite but it ended I hope I’m not just the only one missing this jaunt. Happy Birthday to you.

96. Mistakes are done unwillingly but regret is always the enemy of men and now that enemy lives with me! How will I overcome this! Happy birthday.

97. Breaking free from sorrows that might last forever is a difficult step to take but I took it now I am fine without you Happy Birthday Ex-Husband.

98. Things changed, we changed, our alter oath changed, we are now left alone and apart. Happy Birthday Ex – boo.

99. In my dreams, in my thought, in everything I do, I always see you. I miss you. Don’t tell anyone. Happy Birthday.

100. Tell me! How can I live without you, you were my joy and my pain, we promised forever, now we walked away separately. It’s painful but Happy Birthday anyway.

These heart touching birthday wishes for Ex-Husband express your magical words in a way that only him will understand how deep and wide your love for each other has been in the past. A man that wakes up to such text in the morning or at the peak of his birthday celebration will most likely be happy reading it with a smile on his face. Make him go over the messages again and again by replaying your pasts in appreciation.

Written by Joseph Abimbola

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