Things to Say to Your Best Friend on Her Birthday
Things to Say to Your Best Friend on Her Birthday

Things to Say to Your Best Friend on Her Birthday in 2024

Positions, properties and wealth are some of those things we attach great value too. Yes, these things are useful and important in establishing a better future and a dream life.
Despite lots of acquisitions I still marvel at how people still keep friends as special assets.

Indeed, it’s a rare opportunity to be a friendly asset which I call a “true friend” or “best friend”.

Some of us have that best of a friend among friends whom we hold so dear. More than a family they mean so much. Appreciate and celebrate them, make them feel unique in their happiest moments and birthdays are part of those tickling moments you show them how valuable they mean to you. Make that Best Friend cheerful. It’s worth it.

Need What to Say to your best friend on her birthday? Below are sweet things to Say to Your Best Friend on Her Birthday.

Sweet Things to Say to Your Best Friend on Her Birthday

Do you feel like celebrating your friend on her birthday with well-constructed words? Then Sweetest Things to Say to Your Friend on Her Birthday is the answer you need to achieve that.

1. So many positions people occupy in life but you fill a part of me I’ll never let go. Happy birthday.

2. Dear best friend because it’s your day, I’ll put a task on hold to honour you for you deserve the best. Happy birthday.

3. Gold has its special value but you worth more than gold to my existence dear friend. Happy birthday.

What to Say to Your Best Friend on Her Birthday
What to Say to Your Best Friend on Her Birthday

4. Good things happen to me every time but the best thing ever is having you. Happy birthday.

5. Destiny they say brings things together and so it brought me to your bosom. I’ll cherish you forever. Happy birthday.

6. You are of great quality to me and I feel so proud to have you. Happy birthday.

7. You’ve turned to be more than a best friend, I’ll prefer to call you a family because if I lose everything, I don’t want to lose you. I celebrate you. Happy birthday.

8. Every day I celebrate you because every day feels like your birthday to me. Happy birthday.


9. Some friends celebrate and stay together once a year because of birthdays but I’ll always want to stay with you forever to keep the day bright. Happy birthday.

10. I didn’t just choose any friend. I choose a substance full of life and love and I’m proud to tell the world of this substance I cherish so dearly. Happy birthday.

11. It’s your birthday. It’s not just an ordinary day but a day a rare gem was produced. Happy birthday, dear friend.

12. I’ll celebrate you again, everyday, every time and always because you mean a lot to me. Happy birthday.

13. If true friendship was sold, I’ll never open a store because I want to keep you close to me always. Happy birthday.

14. Dear friend, my prayer for you today. As you add another year, your life shall speak power to the world, many shall flood your land with wealth and you’ll remain my best friend forever.
Happy birthday.

15. If I’ll go an extra mile, let it be for you just to make your day the happiest. Happy birthday.

What to Say to Your Best Friend on Her Birthday

Note: You can actually start from number 1. Everything on these page can be used as what to say to your best friend on her birthday.

16. When I remember the day I met you, I’ll pray it comes again and when I remember your birthday, my heart explodes with pride and happiness. Happy birthday.

17. Distance, many believe, destroys friendship but no matter how far I’ll go, your place in my heart grows forever. Happy birthday.

18. If I buy luxuries of gifts and present to you, it will never measure to the amount of love I have for you. Happy birthday.

19. Years may roll by and chances may grow lean, still, I’ll never forget a friend and a sister who’s so dear and is the best to me. I celebrate you always. Happy birthday.

20. I’ll sacrifice and give it all it takes on this your special day for I feel honoured to have a bestie like you. You always amaze me. Happy birthday.


21. If I have to smile only for today and sing sweetness to your soul, I’ll never deprive myself the privilege. Happy birthday, dearest friend.

22. If you had never crossed my path, how unlucky I would have lived a lonely life in the world without fun. You’re the best luck I have a friend. I love you. Happy birthday filled with love.

23. Dear Bestie, if I count how many years have gone by, how much love and care you’ve shown to me and how much value you’ve placed on our friendship, I have no cause to regret because it’s the most wonderful thing I have ever experienced. Lots of love dear friend. Happy birthday.

24. I pray this bond never gets broken for you’ve brought me so much peace, soared my soul to a haven of greatness and with you I feel I have everything and nothing is worth the best as you. Let it rain on you blessings unending today.
Happy birthday, dear.

25. You’re really a friend indeed for you chased my fears of failing in friendship. Even at my deepest flaws, you still love me, you stood unaware and took the blast that’s meant for me. In need and out of need, you’ve proven true to be the world’s best friend a person like me could have. I’ll never forget those pure act of kindness you showered on me. Thank you dearest friend. Happy birthday.

26. What more can I say? Is it for the happiness you brought to my life, the time you sacrificed for me, the words you planted in my heart? I wouldn’t ask for more than to say I appreciate you my best friend. Happy birthday, Bestie.

27. If I’m asked to pick who means the world to me, I’ll pick you my best friend. You’re like the family I have ever longed for. May you be blessed forever.
Happy birthday, dearest. kisses.

28. Let me introduce this unique personality I admire to the utmost. So beautiful, her hands full of wealth, her heart of pure gold, her charming smile and everything that makes her a woman perfectly made. Let the world doubt or believe, you’re the most wonderful and perfect friend I’ve ever known.
Happy birthday best friend.

29. I have a friend and I enjoy friendship. She’s the best of friends who can make me walk a thousand miles with smiles and songs in my heart. I don’t ever want to miss a day without you by my side. Thanks for the true friendship. Happy birthday to you dear friend.

30. Every step of the way, I want to walk with you and every hour I want to be by you to cheer your heart with songs and tell you every day how special you are to me. You’re the best and from henceforth, let the best always be your portion.
I love you now and forever. Happy birthday.

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