Happy Birthday Sayings for Friend
Happy Birthday Sayings for Friend

2024 Best Happy Birthday Sayings for Friend

Birthdays are beautiful and special days, not only because they occur once in a year but also it affords us the luxury to give our loved one’s special treats.

Every single day, we appreciate our friends through texts and calls but on their birthdays, we go the extra mile to celebrate with them and show them as much love as their hearts can contain with gifts, prayers and beautiful messages.

If a friend really means much to you, then you should go all out and make sure their special days ie birthdays are filled with fun and laughter.

Here are some beautiful sayings to send to your friends on the anniversaries of their birth.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Friends

Sweet sayings to wish a friend a Happy Birthday.

1. It’s a special day for a special friend. I pray you have an amazing new year.

2. Let this new year be everything you need it to be and more. Happy birthday, dear.

3. Each birthday reminds us that God still needs us here on earth. May you continue to walk in God’s path.

4. Continue to grow in God’s wisdom and love, happy birthday dear.

5. You have always been an amazing friend to me, so today I join you to celebrate your new year. Remain blessed dear.

6. Happy birthday to you my darling friend, you deserve every good thing and more.

7. I cannot wait to hear all the success stories this new year holds for you. Happy birthday, dear.

8. It’s a beautiful day to celebrate with a beautiful friend. Happy birthday, dear.

9. Every good and perfect gift comes from heaven. May God gift you an amazing birthday present.

10. Love, joy, peace and grace be yours as you celebrate your birthday and always.

Birthday Sayings for Friends

Best Birthday Sayings for Friends.

11. Because of you, friendship has a new meaning for me. Happy birthday my dear friend.

12. I wish you a very fruitful new year. Happy birthday, dear.

Birthday Sayings for Friends
Birthday Sayings for Friends

13. Every day I celebrate how awesome you are, today as you add a new year to your beautiful life, I pray heaven continues to look on you with Favour, Amen.

14. Happy birthday to one of my favourite humans on earth. May God’s grace and blessings envelop you always.

15. Red roses, White roses, let your life be so beautiful. Happy birthday, dear.

16. Let this new year bring you steps closer to achieving your dreams. Happy birthday, dear.

17. You can achieve anything you put your mind to, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Happy birthday, dear.

18. I say a prayer of thanksgiving to God on this beautiful day, for gifting the world such a beautiful soul and most importantly for letting our paths cross. Have an amazing new year.

19. Your kind is so rare.I’m grateful that I got to know you. Have the best birthday ever.

20. May this day be filled with so much fun, laughter and love and may they never cease. Amen.

Happy Birthday Quotes for Friend

Top Happy Birthday Quotes for Friend.

21. I would never find the right words to describe how much your friendship means to me. Never forget that I cherish you so much. Happy birthday, dear.

22. Let the next 365 days of your life be filled with so much joy and happiness, Amen.

Happy Birthday Sayings Friend
Happy Birthday Sayings Friend

23. So much love and blessings for the birthday girl/boy.

24. I gift you with so much of God’s grace, more than enough for this new year. Happy birthday, dear.

25. May this new year bring many beautiful opportunities your way, and the strength to complete them all, Amen.

26. This new age marks a new chapter in your beautiful life, I pray your pages are filled with beautiful stories.

27. Nothing but love from me to you on your birthday celebration. Have a lovely new year.

28. Wishing you a fabulous birthday and an amazing year ahead.

29. May God listen to your heart and grant you your requests, happy birthday to you.

30. As you turn a year older, continue to blossom in God’s grace and blessings.

Happy Birthday Sayings to a Friend

Sweet Happy Birthday Sayings to a Friend.

31. May God bless your beautiful soul on this day and every other day. Cheers to your new age.

32. You are everything right with the world, don’t ever lose your spark. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Saying to a Friend
Happy Birthday Saying to a Friend

33. I will give you silver or gold but I have none. I pray that God meets every one of your needs as you add a new year to your beautiful life.

34. Good health and wealth be yours on this beautiful day of yours and always, amen.

35. Continue to shine so bright and illuminate the world with your light, happy birthday, my friend.

36. A million words are not enough to convey my birthday wishes to you. Have the very best year.

37. Let the blessings this new year has in store for you surpass all your expectations. Have yourself a lovely birthday.

38. People come and go from my life but you have remained, filling my life with so much happiness. May so much happiness fill your life in this brand new year and always.

39. May God’s choicest blessings rain down on you today and always. Have a wonderful birthday.

40. Happy Birthday to an amazing soul. Continue to grow in God’s love and grace.

Friend’s Birthday Sayings

Best of all Friend’s Birthday Sayings.

41. Stay happy, stay blessed. Cheers to your new year.

42. I have sent a prayer request to heaven on your behalf. Whatever you need, it shall be yours. Have a beautiful celebration.

Friend Birthday Sayings
Friend Birthday Sayings

43. The world is privileged to have you, I feel blessed that I know you. May you never lack, amen. Cheers to a fruitful year.

44. You are one of a kind, passionate and caring, may you reap the fruits of your labour in abundance, amen. Happy Birthday.

45. May your days be long, may your dreams become reality. Have a wonderful birthday.

46. I join the host of angels to wish you an amazing birthday. Cheers.

47. Twinkle like the star,
Shine like the sun,
have a beautiful birthday.

48. Live Long and prosper in all that you do, happy birthday dear.

49. On this anniversary of your birth, May lines fall in pleasant places for you always.

50. I pray you met successes at every turn in this beautiful new year. Happy birthday my dear.

Saying Happy Birthday to a Friend

Amazing words to say Happy Birthday to a Friend.

51. A new year, a better you, ready to take on the world and succeed. Enjoy today and always.

52. May you flourish, May you be fruitful in all your endeavours. Have a fun cake day.

Saying Happy Birthday to a Friend
Saying Happy Birthday to a Friend

53. I wish you an endless supply of God’s blessings on this anniversary of your birth and always.

54. Be you, be everything you want to be, you deserve all the happiness. Have a beautiful celebration.

55. Like the cedars of Lebanon, may you flourish and produce amazing results. Happy birthday.

56. Sending beautiful wishes your way on this special day to celebrate with you. Have fun dear.

57. Let your light shine so bright that the world may see God’s goodness always in your life. Happy plus one day.

58. I pray you become a happier and healthier version of yourself in this new year. Happy birthday.

59. Who you are is amazing, have a beautiful new year.

60. What this new year has in store for you is nothing compared to your past achievements. Happy birthday, dear.

Sweet Birthday Sayings for a Friend

Top Sweet Birthday Sayings for a Friend.

61. Birthdays are meant to be fulfilled, so cast your worries to the wind and have a beautiful celebration.

62. We thank God not because we have it all but because we have friends like you who make the world better. Cheers to your new year.

63. The past year is gone, a new year is here. Welcome this year with so much excitement and joy, it’s well with you. Happy birthday, dear.

64. Birthdays are yearly reminders of how awesome you are; even though you are awesome every other day. Have fun.

65. May God’s glory radiate in your life on this beautiful birthday celebration and always.

66. Eye has not seen nor ear heard nor have it entered into the hearts of men what God has in store for this birthday girl/boy. Have a beautiful celebration.

67. Let the world stop for a minute and wish this amazing human a happy birthday celebration.
Ps. You are the amazing human.

68. On this once in a year celebration, I pray that God fills your life with so much joy and goodness, enough to last the entire year.

69. Happy birthday to a special friend, may your new year be as amazing as you are.

70. Cheers to a brighter and beautiful year ahead. Happy birthday, my dear friend.

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