Birthday Prayers for a Friend

2024 Birthday Prayers for a Friend – Birthday Blessings for Friends

Everyone has such a friend that deserves some lovely birthday wishes for their birthday and as it seems, you are one of those to whom the light of friendship has shone on.

So you want some birthday blessings and birthday prayers for your friend? Then get set to have the best for him or her. If he or she is your best friend, you need to send more than some birthday prayers and birthday greetings. Yes, some gifts would do.

Cute Birthday Prayers for a Friend

Sweet Birthday Prayers for a Friend – Birthday Blessings for Friends

1. As you journey through another year of greatness, may heaven smile at all you do. Happy birthday, dear friend.

2. You’re a good friend, and so you deserve the best. May heaven thank you for your mere your best all the time. May God never leave you unsettled. Have a very happy birthday, friend.

3. Time won’t permit me to say how caring you’ve been since I knew you. I bless God for the kind of person you are. May this birthday bring to you uncommon favour. Enjoy every bit of today.

4. As it is said, true friends are hard to find. I’m grateful to God for releasing the best of friends unto me. As you start this new year of yours, my divine helpers locate you. Happy birthday, best friend.

5. I’ll go wherever you go. I’ll do whatever you do. We’re both going to make it together. You’ll never regret coming to this world. May everything be beautiful for you. Happy birthday, dear friend.

Cute Birthday Blessings for a Friend

6. It’s so good to have known a very rare gem like you. I appreciate all your kindness towards me. May heaven reward you accordingly. Happy birthday, sweetest friend.

7. Dear friend, I wish you have a happy birthday filled with blessings from above. Send my share of the cake.

8. You’re my confidant. You share my wounds and scars with me. You share my happiness and joy with me. You’re all I’m today. May God thank you for me. Happy birthday, friend.

9. Happy birthday to the most amazing friend ever. I join the heavens in celebrating you today. May you always have reasons to thank God.

10. Happy birthday to the one who’s got my respect at all times. May your case be settled this new year.

Sweet Birthday Prayers for a Friend

11. The good friend of our time, I celebrate you today. I pray God perfects all that concerns you. Happy birthday, friend.

12. You’re amazing just the way you are. Never change yourself for anything in this world. I pray your soar higher and higher. Happy birthday, dear friend.

13. Happy birthday, friend. May all your dreams come true in Jesus’ name.

14. May the true resurrection of Jesus be manifested in your life, as your celebrate another year. Happy birthday, friend.

15. Happy birthday to the one who makes me happy and got my back anytime. May you never want.

Sweet Birthday Blessings for a Friend

16. I rejoice with you today as you’ve added another glorious year. May you grow in the fear and understanding of the Almighty. Happy birthday, darling friend.

17. Go and prosper.
Go and do exploits.
Go and make it.
Go and never be the same.
I love you so much, friend. Happy birthday to you.

18. You’re a blessing to me. You’re a blessing to your family and a big blessing to your generation. May God never stop blessing you. Watch out for more blessings this new year of yours. Happy birthday, dear friend.

19. Happy birthday to my gossip mate, and partner in crime. As we all celebrate your birthday with you, see all your wishes coming to pass. Enjoy!!!

20. As you add another year. May God bless your going out and coming in. You shall not be a victim of defeat. Happy birthday to you, friend.

Lovely Birthday Prayers for a Friend

21. May God intentionally do wonders in your life, as you celebrate your birthday. A wonderful birthday to you, friend.

22. May your beauty never go black. May you never stop enjoying God’s unending love. You’re lifted. Enjoy your special day.

23. Today, a champion was born. I join the whole world to celebrate your birthday with you. You’re going places. Happy birthday to you.

24. The Lord will preserve you. He’ll place you above your enemies. And you will laugh at last. Happy birthday, best friend.

25. As this new year of yours starts, may you never record any bad occurrence. May the Lord go before and after you. Amen. Happy birthday, sweetest friend.

Lovely Birthday Blessings for a Friend

26. May you not lose your talent as you start another phase of your life. May successful tasks never be scarce in your life. Enjoy God’s best. Happy birthday to you.

27. By God’s grace and mercy, you shall finish well and strong. Happy birthday to you.

28. As you look up to God for help and assistance today, He’ll send help to you and you will never be disappointed in Jesus’ name. Prosperous birthday to you.

29. In your life and work, the Lord will destroy every plan of the devil. Happy birthday, dear friend.

30. From this moment, the abundant blessings of the Holy Spirit will continue to fall into your life in Jesus’ name. Happy birthday.

Awesome Birthday Prayers for a Friend

31. The Lord will grant you wisdom and understanding from above. Happy birthday, my friend.

32. You’ll begin to bask in the glory of God. The Lord will visit your life, and you’ll be made whole. Happy birthday to you.

33. May the Lord release unto you unprecedented breakthrough from above, now, and forever. I wish you a happy birthday.

34. Things will begin to work in your favour, as your add another great year. Happy birthday, loving friend.

35. The great defender of all creatures will stand in defence of your situations today and forever, in Jesus’ name. A fulfilled birthday to you.

Awesome Birthday Blessings for a Friend

36. The Lord will fight all your battles and you shall see them no more in Jesus name. Happy birthday to you, BFF.

37. Praises of thanksgiving will never cease from your mouth in Jesus name. Enjoy God’s surprises as you age.

38. May God send divine helpers to you on your time of need. And may you always triumph over your enemies. Enjoy this year in Jesus name.

39. The promises of God towards you shall be permanent in Jesus name. Happy birthday to you.

40. You shall be victorious in all you do, by His grace. Enjoy your new year.

Great Birthday Prayers for a Friend

41. Exceedingly, you shall be great.
Victoriously, you shall make it.
Miraculously, you will go places, in Jesus name. Happy birthday to my one and only friend.

42. This new year, you shall possess your possessions. And the devil will tremble at your presence. Happy birthday to you.

43. The Lord will hear your silent prayers and cry. You’ll not be ashamed of yourself. A super happy birthday to you.

44. The Lord will continue to protect you, and your loved ones, from the eyes of the devil. Happy birthday.

45. As you begin another year, may you experience God’s hands in all sides. You’ll witness extraordinary supply of his favour and blessings in Jesus name.

Great Birthday Blessings for a Friend

46. It shall be well with you, today, and for the rest of your life, in Jesus name. Happy birthday to you, dear friend.

47. Everything that seems impossible in your life, shall become possible in Jesus name. Have a blast, friend.

48. You’ll be an outstanding example to your generation, now and forever. Enjoy this special day of yours.

49. As you celebrate your birthday today, you’ll begin to celebrate greater achievements in Jesus name. Happy birthday.

50. The bondage of the devil will never tie you down. It’s your turn to testify. Have a blissful birthday.

51. Happy birthday to the friend who has always gone out of her way to please me. God will settle you.

52. Happy birthday to the person who everyone calls my twin sister. May the love of God never leave your life.

53. Whenever I’m not near you, I just feel down. If you hadn’t come as a friend, I wouldn’t have been a better person. Heavens will honour you. Happy birthday.

54. Life’s full of fake people. Most especially fake friends. Thank God I met you. Keep going places. Happy birthday to you.

55. I’ve always wanted someone who will stand by me at all times, but not necessarily a friend. Then God decided to bless me with you, and then you turned out being my best friend. God will never disappoint you. Have a blast.

56. I’ve searched all over the years, for a friend as beautiful and amazing as you, but I found one. May you beauty never leave you. Happy birthday, dear friend.

57. I’m wishing you God’s approval on all the things that come your way, starting from today. Happy birthday, my friend.

58. You’ve been so kind to me. Thank you for always being there. May God never stop blessing you. Happy birthday, lovely friend.

59. I’m among the world’s chosen few to have had a great friend like you. May you be greatly honoured, in Jesus name. Happy birthday, kindest friend.

60. After Jesus, you’re the only friend I have. You’ve given my life alot of beautiful meanings. Thanks for all. I wish you good luck. Happy birthday, friend.

61. Today, and forever, I wish you heaven’s blessings. Happy birthday to my darling friend.

62. I won’t lie. You’ve made me who I am today with the help of God. Thank you for allowing God to use you. God’s blessings all the way. Happy birthday.

63. I know I’m that friend that is hot tempered, and nags. But Dearie, I love you beyond words. May you always be above. Happy birthday to you.

64. A friend is someone who goes extra mile for the total well-being of the people. Thanks for wanting the best for me always. May heaven smile at you. Happy birthday.

65. Though you do unbelievable things most times. But you’re still that ever caring friend. May the Lord never stop caring for you. Happy new year of greatness.

66. Happy birthday to the only one God’s lifting up today. Age with God’s grace.

67. Happy birthday to my darling friend. As the world celebrate you, you’ll never record any bad occurrence for the rest of your life.

68. And so the most amazing friend is celebrating her birthday today. I’m so happy to be part of your life, Dearie. Watch out for what the Lord has in store for you. Happy birthday.

69. Just last year, you had an accident, and people thought you weren’t going to survive it. I celebrate you today, darling. God’s taking you places. Happy birthday.

70. Happy birthday, best pal. I wish you longer life as well as unfathomable prosperity.

71. I wish I could do what’s on my mind right now, but distance will never permit me. Happy birthday to you. May you never be found wanting.

72. Today, I celebrate an icon. The person whose glory will shine all over the world. Happy birthday, friend.

73. I know a friend who doesn’t make people cry, sad, disappointed, angry, bad, the lists are endless. You’ll never suffer loss. Happy birthday.

74. You know what? From today, whoever is planning to hurt you shall be hurt. Happy birthday, dearest friend.

75. May you continue to bask in the love of God today, and forever. Happy birthday.

76. Arise, shine, for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is with risen upon thee”. This shall be your testimony now and forever. Happy birthday.

77. May you always walk and work in peace, today and forever. Happy birthday.

78. May you abound in the ocean of thanksgiving for the rest of your life. Enjoy your birthday.

79. You’re on your way to the great destiny God has for you. Keep going! Happy birthday to you.

80. May you never live below God’s will for your life. Happy birthday.

81. Because you serve the God of grace, may you always live the life of unlimited grace. Amen. Happy birthday to you, sweetest friend.

82. May you always increase in the knowledge of the Almighty. Happy birthday, my friend.

83. May you always remain unmoved and unflinching, no matter what comes up against you. Have a happy birthday.

84. May people continually praise God because of you, by the reason of your good works. Continue to walk in destiny. Happy birthday, friend.

85. May the knowledge of the glory of God shine in your life, as you start another year. Happy birthday, dear friend.

86. Go, and manifest the glory of God. Happy birthday.

87. May you always have absolute authority over sicknesses and diseases in the name of Jesus. Happy birthday to you.

88. May you have access to God’s riches, wealth, honour, glory, and power, now and for the rest of your life. I wish you a successful life. Happy birthday.

89. May you always walk in your rights and privileges in Christ. Amen. Happy birthday, dear.

90. May your response to God’s love get quicker and sharper. Happy birthday.

91. May you be greatly helped by the Holy Spirit. Have a blast.

92. Nothing in this life will be able to move or defeat you in Jesus name. Happy birthday to you.

93. Continue to walk in the path of love by grace, and grow in the fullness of Christ Jesus. Happy birthday.

94. May you be positioned to live the higher world, that dominates this natural world. Amen and Amen. Happy birthday.

95. Always stand perfect and assured in God’s love. Happy birthday reasonable person.

96. May you always excel greatly in all you do. Happy birthday.

97. Enjoy continuous prosperity. Happy birthday.

98. God shall not call you to smallness, but to greatness in Jesus name. Happy birthday.

99. Continually enjoy the grace of God perpetually and ceaselessly. Amen. Happy birthday.

100. May you always move in the realm of possibility. Happy birthday.


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