Sweet Dreams Messages for Her

Romantic Good Night and Sweet Dreams Messages for Her (2024)

Most women are always expectant of romantic sweet dreams messages for themselves. This is because they want their man to re-confirm how much he loves them after the business of each day. Doing this not only re-assure them of your unfailing love, but it also puts a smile on their face.

Sometimes, the night can be so lonely and long and this makes it the perfect moment to tell her how much you love and adore her by sending her a romantic good night text. This not only makes her day complete but it also helps her have a good night’s rest dreaming about the love you share.

Getting to do all these would no longer be a difficult task because all you need to put a smile on her face, make her dream about what you share, and also to have a complete day is right here in these best collections of sweet dreams messages for her. All you just have to do is to customize and copy to suit your preferences.

Good Night and Sweet Dreams Messages for Girlfriend

With these good night and sweet dreams messages for girlfriend, your girlfriend will have a peaceful night rest dreaming about you. Send it now!

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1. I send you all the stars up in the sky to watch over you and give you sound sleep. I hope you will welcome them warmly. Good night, my darling.

2. As you lay down to sleep, may your heart be filled with memories of the love we share. Good night, love. I love you.

3. May the beauty of this evening give your mind so much rest and give you peace beyond measure. I love you, darling. Good night.

4. No matter how stressful your day was, I hope this text soothes your heart and relax your mind. Take care darling. Good night.

5. Holding you close to me at night gives me the best sleep one could ever desire. Thank you for making my nighttime worth it. I love you, darling.

6. The beauty of the stars and the moon cannot be compared to the beauty you brought into my life. I love you, darling. Good night, dear.

7. Tomorrow is another day closer to your goals you are a success my darling. So sleep well tonight to wake up into greatness. I love you.

8. There are over one million stars in the sky of my heart but yours is at the centre of it all. Thank you for taking that special position. I love you, baby.

9. Every night away from home is like hell, because a night without you is just like a nap. It’s good to have you by my side, love. Good night.

10. May this night’s sleep bring you the most beautiful sleep you can ever imagine and may you wake up stronger and happier. Good night, sir.

11. The night is dark, yet you illuminate my world like it’s the day. Thank you for being my light in the darkness. I love you, honey.

12. Having you by my side at night chases away all forms of sadness. You radiate joy all over you and that’s why the night is always a peaceful one. Love you always. Good night

13. Tonight, I’m going to dream of you because you’ve been running through my mind all day. Good night, baby.

14. I’m sure that the night is going to be a sweet one because I have you by my side. Thank you for being awesome. Good night, honey.

15. If love is like perfume, I’ll lavish mine on you for you make loving you sweet by the day. Good night, my love. You’re treasured.

16. I don’t know how to tell you exactly how I feel, but I’m sure you can feel my heart beating for you. I love you so much, honey and I miss you too. Good night

17. Don’t be too worked up with the stress of the day, I’m here by your side to ease off all the stress. I love you, sweetie.

18. I hope that your night is as wonderful as your awesome personality. I love you, darling. Good night.

19. May your night be filled with lovely memories of what we share and ay you wake up stronger and happier. Good night, darling.

20. As sure as the dawn, laying at night cuddled in my arms surely looks on you, you feel so peaceful and relaxed with me, and that why I will always protect you even at night. Sleep tight, love.

Sweet Dreams Sms for Her

With these sweet dreams sms for her, her night will be one filled with the aura of your love. don’t hesitate to send it to her.

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21. As you lay down to sleep tonight, may your dream be filled with the memories of the love we share. Sweet dreams, baby. I love you.

22. No matter how far or near dreamland can be, I will be there with you because, without me, your dreams are not complete. Good night, love. Sweet dreams.

23. When I lay down to sleep you are the last person on my mind, you make my life beautiful and I will always love you for the rest of my life. Good night my love. Sleep tight.

24. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, you are the woman of my dreams, that one person I dream of daily. I love you so much, honey. Good night and sweet dreams.

25. May your sleep be as peaceful as your love. Good night, darling. I love you.

26. Thank you for all the times that you make me happy, thank you for being a loving wife. I love you always. Good night, love.

27. The night with you beside me is an imperfect one, today is one of the perfect ones. thank you for making this night one of the perfect ones, I love you always.

28. The best dosage to relieve my stressful day is you, thank you for being my pain relive. I love you so much.

29. As you sleep tonight, may tomorrow be better than today, and may it bring you closer to me. Sleep well, honey. Good night.

30. You are the stars that never leave the sky and the moon that leads me to greatness. I love you, baby. Good night and sleep well.

31. Look up in the sky and see all the stars telling you how much I love you. Take care, my love. Sleep well.

32. I love you beyond the stars in the sky. Sleep well, my love. Good night.
33. I so much appreciate the time spent with you today, it is enough to take home for my good night’s rest. I hope that you sleep well too. Good night, love.

34. The evening was awesome with you, you looked so stunning and overwhelming. Thanks for making it beautiful and don’t forget to sleep well thinking of e. I love you so much.

35. My love for you is stronger than the bond between the moon and the night. It runs all around the day at night. Take care, my love. Good night.

36. May your dream be as soft and beautiful as your smile. Good night, sweety. I love you.

37. Tomorrow is another to have you all to myself. Sleep well, tonight. Tomorrow is going to be beautiful for you.

38. May the angels watch over you and keep you safe from all nightmares. Sleep, tight honey. Good night.

39.Breathe in, calm down and unwind yourself from the stress of today, I’m here to help you relax tonight. I love you, darling.

40.Sleep well, my love. You deserve a kingdom in dreamland.

Sweet Dreams Text Messages for Her Long Distance

Distance shouldn’t be a barrier in expressing how you feel to your girlfriend or wife, she deserves the good night messages more due to the distance. Send her these sweet dreams text messages for her long-distance and help her feel loved even with your absence.

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41. You might not be so close to me physically, but you are always so close to my heart. I miss you, honey. Good night.

42. Look up in the sky, try counting the stars, they are innumerable right? That’s exactly how I feel about you. Good night, babe. I love you.

43. I gave the moon a special task for a special person, I gave the moon a special task to be my eyes at night and watch over you – the love of my life. I miss you, darling. Good night.

44. Sleeping without you by my side is as stressful as …… so I devised a means to always keep you close to me. Sleeping without you now I have kept you in my heart…..

45. I might not be available to hold you but I’m sure you know that you are always by my side. Good night, sweety. I love you.

46. Every day of my life, all I wish for is to always be by your side at night because that is the longest time I spend alone. I miss you so much. Good night, honey

47. If you were close to me tonight, I will hold you close, hug you tightly, and never let you go till morning comes. I miss you so much, my darling. Good night, sweetheart.

48. Close your eyes, look within you, and feel me cuddling you to bed like I always do. My love will keep you safe always. Good night, my queen.

49. May your night be filled with so much tranquillity and may you dream of the sweetest moments we have shared. Good night, darling

50. I am sending you this note to tell you how special you are to me and also to let you know how much I love you. I miss you so much, honey. Good night.

51. My nights are always longer than the days because nothing keeps my heart busy at night to make it stop thinking about you. I love you, honey. Good night.

52. As you lay your head to sleep today. I hope that you drift to sleep easily and dream of me by your side. Sleep well, darling. I love you.

53. My only wish tonight is that I gain entrance into your dreamland to know if you are dreaming about us. I miss you is an understatement. Good night, baby

54. I want to be in your arms holding you close rather than sending you this good night, I miss your message. Take care honey and sleep well. I love you.

55. Whenever you are having a sleepless night, have as many doses of “ME” as possible, I’m sure you will sleep well. I miss you, darling. Good night.

56. Sleeping without you by my side is like hell, come to bed honey, let’s go on a dreamland journey together. I love you.

57. Just the thought of you alone and my night is made. Good night, darling. I love you.

58. No matter how busy my day is, how tired my body is, and how sleepy my eyes are, I will never get a good sleep without telling you how much I love you. So tonight, I am saying that I love you always

59. I wish I can run over there to steal my good night kiss from you days like I usually do on days you forget. I miss you, anyway. Good night, princess.

60. I wish I was an owl so I can sit on the branch of a tree by the window and watch your pretty face sleep through the night. I miss seeing your pretty sleepy face a night. Good night, my Mrs.

Romantic Good Night Quotes for Her

With these romantic good night quotes for her, your wife or girlfriend will dream about the beautiful love you both share.

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61. My love for you is as countless as the stars in the sky and more beautiful than the sky at night. I love you so much, honey and I hope you have a good night rest tonight,

62. I love you relentlessly and I will always love you till eternity. Thank you for making my day awesome. Have a sweet good night’s rest dreaming of me. I love you, babe.

63. No matter how dark the night maybe, you are the light that illuminates it. Thank you for being my light in the darkness. I love you always. Sweet dreams, honey.

64. Saying good night to you makes my day so fulfilled and my night more peaceful than I can ever imagine. I love you, darling. Good night.

65. The best moment of my life are those spent with you and I hope that I will have you by my side always. I love you always. Good night, sweetheart.

66. I am sending you a blanket ‘ME’ so you can have the best night’s rest. I’m sure that this will make you sleep well tonight. Good night to my darling wife.

67. I am sending this good night message to the most beautiful woman in my life. The woman of my dreams and the one I dream of always. I love you, honey. Good night.

68. Good night to the queen who makes all my day to day worries disappear at night. Good night to the lady with the magic wand. I love you.

69. Daily, I sleep satisfied and happy because I have the sun that brightens my morning by my side. I love you, honey. Good night.

70. No matter how long the stars stay at night and how it takes for the moon to disappear, one thing is constant and that’s how I feel about you. I love you always. Sleep well.

71. Tomorrow is a new day, a new slate, and a new sheet to pursue your dreams. So gather all the strength you can get tonight by sleeping well. Take care, darling. Good night.

72. Close your eyes, empty your mind, and listen to the sound of my heart singing you a lullaby to have a restful sleep. Good night darling, sleep tight.

73. As I see you lying beside me always the joy in my heart knows no bound, I am glad to know that you are mine. Sleep well, honey. Good night.

74. You are the most beautiful person in my life and I am grateful to give you as mine. Good night my love, I hope that you dream of me tonight.

75. It’s a great honour to be called your lover but before you close your eyes to sleep tonight, I want you to know that you are my world and I will always love you. Good night, darling. I love you.

76. Closing my eyes at night without your presence is now a difficult task, a dose of you is now my sleeping pill. I love you, honey. Sleep well.

77. Attached to this text is the sweetest hug and warmest kiss to help you sleep well tonight. I love you. Good night.

78. Good night to my precious jewel and treasure. I value and adore you.

79. Sleep well darling and enjoy your night dreaming of me.

80. In the peacefulness of the night my heart beats for you, I love to know that you are doing well. Please, take care darling. I love you.

Goodnight Wishes for Her from the Heart

Send your wife or girlfriend these heartfelt goodnight wishes for her from the heart specially written to express how you feel.

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81. The only goal I have in life is to have you all to myself till eternity. I love you so much, baby. Rest well tonight.

82. I want you to sleep dreaming of me non stop so you can wake up stronger tomorrow. I love you dearly, babe. Good night.

83. You are the one and only person that can keep me awake at night and also the only person that can make me sleep well at night. Having you close to me makes me sleep well while your absence keeps me awake at night. I love you so much, darling. Sleep well

84. I want you to know that you are the galaxies that make my world beautiful. Sleep well, my love. Good night.

85. May your bed be so comfortable to give you the best sleep that you deserve. Sleep well my darling. Good night.

86. Lookout in the sky, count the stars up high and count me to be always there forever just like the stars. I love my darling. Good night.

87. I hope that you enjoyed the beautiful time we spent together even though sleep is about to take you over. I love you, honey. Good night.

88. All my life you have given me nothing other than joy and happiness. Keep making my life sweet with your smile. Good night, pretty. I love you.

89. No matter how dark the night is, the morning will come, the night helps us gather strength for the morning. So, tonight, gather enough strength by sleeping well. I love you, baby. Good night.

90. My greatest fear is not walking in the dark but walking it without you. I don’t ever want to leave you. I love you, always. Good night, dear.

91. Every night, I pray for you before going to bed because, with you, life is good. Good night, baby. I love you.

92. Tonight, I wish that you sleep soundly more than ever before. Take care, honey. Good night.

93. The aura of your love no longer makes the night cold again, it makes the night the perfect room temperature to love you more. Take care, darling. Sleep tight.

94. The night might be cold, but you are always here to keep it warm. Thank you for being there always. I love you, darling.

95. Your absence at night makes my day a long one, so long that I keep rolling and tossing on the bed till the day comes. Tonight, it’s certain I will have the best sleep because you are here to make it beautiful. Sleep well too. I love you.

96. Good night, darling. Now, I fall asleep with a smile and an assurance that the one who put the smile there will always be by my side.

97. No matter how bright the moon shines at night, it cant beautify my world as you do. You are my lover and that you will always be. Sleep well, darling. Love you.

98. Good night and sweet dreams to the woman after my heart, the mother of my unborn kids, and the lover of my soul.

99. Sending you this is a seal to how sweet and peaceful your night will be. Sleep well, darling. I love you.

100. Sending this text is not only to make you sleep well but also to tell you that I love you relentlessly. Good night, darling.

The night is the best time to have fun with your lover and one of the ways to do that is by sending her romantic text. With these collections of sweet dreams messages for her, the night time will be a beautiful one to always look forward to.

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