Good Night Messages for My Love

Sweet Romantic Good Night Messages for My Love (2024)

It’s clear that you want to be the last person on the mind of your love before they go to sleep and you also want to send them off to bed with sweet good night messages.

However, it is one thing to want this and another thing to know how to go about it. A lot of people ask, “how can I wish someone a special good night?” because finding the right words can be difficult.

If you can relate to this, you have come to the right place. In this article, I will be showing you different ways to say good night romantically. Here are romantic and sweet good night messages for my love written for you in 2024.

Good Night Text Messages to My Love

If you are asking this question, it means you don’t want to simply say “good night” or even “sweet dreams” even though you could.

You want to say more and I have prepared the right words for you to say more when wishing your lover a good night. Go through the good night text messages to my love below.

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1. Your love is set abroad in my heart. There are no enough words to describe you. I’m totally blown away by your calmness. Good night, my love.

2. You are like the beautiful lotus flower growing around muddy waters, so pure and beautiful. You don’t allow the dirty and decaying nature of where you are to get inside of you. Goodnight, my love.

3. You’re a balm to my soul, your touch is healing, your words are soothing. I’m favoured to have you in my life. Good night, my fair one. I love you.

4. You have quenched the thirst of finding love in my heart. My soul blazons with your fervency. Good night, my love.

5. Your kisses are like currents, they spark up a thousand heat of desires in me, leaving hickeys upon my caramel skin as a testament for your devotion. Goodnight, my love.

6. Sleep, my love, sleep, for I know you will rise in the morning as beautiful as the dawn, waking me with the pacifying dews that drip to quench my desires. Goodnight, my love.

7. I’m always enthralled by the dazzling light of your countenance in the morning. Goodnight, my love, I shall dream of you till my wake.

8. The rhythmic sound of your heartbeat is like a sleeping pill to me. My soul is cleaved to yours, my love. Goodnight.

9. You’re benevolent, my darling. The way you handle our home is so gracious that each night your head hits the pillow, I pray always that you will abide with me till we have lived our lives in the full course. Goodnight, my love.

10. You are an amazing spark of inspiration. Your being by my side has done me a lot good beyond my wildest imaginations, and every day I find new ways to love you. Goodnight, my love.

11. I could have been lost without you in this entire world. I’m grateful I have you in my corner. You have set my lonely life on course by just being in it. Goodnight, my love.

12. Every night when your cologne hits my face, I think of nothing else but you. I’m drowned by your display of femininity. Goodnight, my love.

13. I’m never satisfied without your presence next to me. I’m glued to your body, mind, and soul. Goodnight, my love.

14. My soul is barren without you. Your presence is bespoke of enrichment. You are the star that lights up my life. Goodnight, my love.

15. Goodnight, my love. You make me think of our home as paradise. My heart shall forever beat for you.

16. You’re the truest test of my patience. You make being in love an adventure. Goodnight, my love.

17. You have been more than just my lover, you’re my soulmate, the real reason I can’t think of forever with anyone else. Goodnight, my love.

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18. Our minds are becoming charged up with each other’s activities that we hardly have time for ourselves. I hope we could figure out some way to fix this. I love you, Goodnight.

19. My ink has lost touch for some time now, not because I have ceased from loving you but, because I was afraid I might be alone in this. My heart has become so cold that I crave to feel your warmth again. Goodnight, my love.

20. My love snores so soundly that without you lying next to me I can no longer sleep. I can’t wait to forever wake up next to you. Goodnight, my love.

Romantic Good Night Sms and Msg for My Love

There is little as sweet as reading a romantic good night SMS and msg from your lover. It arouses a special feeling that cannot be explained in your beloved.

You can make your lover feel that special feeling today by sending him/her one of these romantic good night SMS and msg for my love.

21. There are no words enough to describe you. Night after night I grow more thirsty of your love. My spirit is like a caged bird yet, I’m free in your bound. Goodnight, my love.

22. Not that it doesn’t scare me to love you like this, after all, I’m an impure soul going after my lust like a drunken fella. I love you, my darling. Goodnight.

23. I don’t ever want to be free from your love, it would kill me. My spirit is entwined with yours forever, and I can’t survive independent of you. Goodnight, my love.

24. Your doting eyes search deep into my soul. I have grown fond of them probing me without a sound. They’re the very reason I remember you always, my love. Goodnight.

25. I dream of lying by your side under the moonlight’s gaze. Soaked in your warmth like a suckling child with nappy curls. Goodnight, my love.

26. Your tenderness is like that of red hibiscus, so beautiful and fragile. I would never allow any harm to come close to you. Goodnight, my love.

27. You’re my Prince of Bel Air. Nothing gets as close as to hurt me, because, you have set a shield upon my heart, and have sworn to protect me forever. I love you, goodnight.

28. Your loyalty goes out like the smell of sweet perfume. It has kindled my strong affection towards you. How shall I not let this woman love me forever? To your love, I pledge my allegiance. Goodnight, my love.

29. You have satisfied my youth with the tenderness of your breast. I have become like a toddler ever in wait to be shown affection by the mother. Goodnight, my love.

30. Whenever you are around, everything else happening becomes noise. You steal my attention, and I become unable to focus on anything else but you. I love you so much, goodnight.

31. You make me testify and sing for joy because of the way you love me. I feel so powerful and poised to face anything. Goodnight, my love.

32. Time and time again, you have shown me how vulnerable you’re around me but, what you don’t know is that I’m twice as vulnerable as you are. Goodnight, my love.

33. I’m so crazy in love with you. How else do I spell it out? Tomorrow, I shall tattoo your name under my navel such that when you kiss my belly button your eyes shall behold and adore. Goodnight, my love.

34. All through the day, my mind was fixed on the thoughts of you. I barely did much around the office, because I was pregnant with the imaginations of your shimmering beauty. Goodnight, my love.

35. I dream of dancing to the beat of your heart. They are so loud I could hear them. Goodnight, my love.

36. You’re the best choice I ever made in my life. Choosing you was divine. I could have been lost out there in the arms of an unworthy lover. I’m glad you are mine. Goodnight, my love.

37. I have grown familiar with the traces of your touch. They are like territorial landmarks. I recognise and wriggle shamelessly to their effect all the time. Goodnight, my love.

38. You have shown me how really far you’ll go to prove your love, and I’m glad that I found you. Goodnight, my love.

39. Maybe I might grow weary of loving you someday but, I don’t ever pray for such. I shall take my chances to love you as much as my heart will. Goodnight, my love.

40. I spread my wings and fly like the bird, my spirit dances all around the earth with joy, all because I’m in love with you. Goodnight, my love.

Good Night My Love Quotes for Her

If you need tips to make your woman happy, one of the best ways is to send her good night wishes for lover that will make her swoon.

41. The heart that loves genuinely never seeks for validation. It only concerns itself with the interest of genuinely giving that love. Goodnight, my love.

42. To will the strength of love is to will the power of attention. I’m amazed daily at the rate at which you have given to loving me. Goodnight, my love.

43. Silence is loudest and beautiful when you’re with the right person because you know they can understand even your unspoken words. Goodnight, my love.

45. Nobody goes to farm without a machete, the same way nobody begins the journey of love without having to hold something that can maintain it. Goodnight, my love.

46. When the night approaches like this, it’s only signalling one thing, and that is for my love to rest. Goodnight, my love.

47. The special people in our lives are those whom our hearts can’t go a day without thinking about. You are special to me, love. Goodnight.

48. The house that makes most noise thinks that the quiet ones are not happy. I love how calm and strong our love life is evolving. Goodnight, my love.

49. Nothing ever makes sense from the beginning but, with consistency and trust, bonds can be strengthened. Goodnight, my love.

50. Great relationships are built on the bases of truth. My loving you have never for one day lacked that spice. Goodnight, my love.

51. If there are too many voices in your head about a particular thing, choose the quietest one. Goodnight, my love.

52. Nobody loves with the aim of ending it one day. You are stuck with me forever. Goodnight, my love.

53. Eternal love is sacred and secured, that is the only way I want my heart to love you. Goodnight, my love.

54. Never believe anyone that says I love you when they don’t love themselves, because, you can’t give what you don’t have. Goodnight, my love.

55. To adore is to cherish, and to love is to die for. I love you so much. Goodnight, my love.

57. It’s okay to be scared of love and commitment but never let it stop you from giving yourself a chance to happiness. Goodnight, my love.

58. I cannot promise you tomorrow but, what I do know today is that I love you with all my heart. Goodnight, my love.

59. Saying that life is sweet is an understatement because loving you is sweeter than sweet. Goodnight, my love.

60. Thinking of someone consistently and affectionately is the first sign that you’re in love with them. Goodnight, my love.

Good Night My Love Texts for Him

For some reason, men don’t ask for too much and they may not talk about their emotional needs.

Even if he doesn’t ask for them, you will make him the happiest man if you send him good night text messages to let him know how much you love him.

61. My memories of the day was awesome. I got to spend some time with you. Tonight’s dreams are sure going to be about us. Goodnight, my love.

62. You’re different from the rest of the men out there. Ever since I met you my life has taken a total turn around, love. Goodnight.

63. You know the exact words to say to me, you know the perfect moment to drive your points home without making me feel controlled, you’re wisdom personified. Goodnight, my love.

64. In you, I find happiness, fulfilment, and completeness. You surprise me every day with your wits. I love that you’re here in my little world. Goodnight, my love.

65. It amazes me how you effortlessly handle the matters of the office and remain sane. Only a superhuman can do all that and still manage to love without a slack. Goodnight, my love.

66. You make me grow more thirsty of you every day. Sometimes, I wish I could settle to being your briefcase so that you can carry me anywhere and everywhere. Goodnight, my love.

67. My regular thoughts of you are beginning to drive me wild with emotions. No one has ever meant this much to me. I love you so much, goodnight.

68. Can I have my man back now? You have been so busy lately that I could barely get an ounce of attention from you. Please, haul your self back up here quickly, where our love was once perfect.

69. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow, I guess I have to do with you appearing in my dreams tonight. Goodnight, my love.

70. The king of my heart is the most gentleman in the universe. He knows me so well and treats me like his queen. Thank you for loving me. Goodnight, my love.

71. There is nothing pleasant as the sound of your voice all over the place. Perhaps, I should tell you straight up now that it drives me crazy. Goodnight, my love.

72. You have the purest heart, the warmest smile, and the sweetest touch. With you in my life, there is nothing else I want more. Goodnight, my love.

73. I’m surprised at how deep I have come to love you. I never knew it was possible to be this enmeshed with you. Goodnight, my love.

74. The darkness are gathered all over the universe. I can’t see you with my physical eyes but my imaginations of you are as clear as fluorescent light. Goodnight, my love.

75. I can’t wait for the day when I shall finally be with you forever. I miss you, my joy giver. I hope you can see how incomplete I am without you. Goodnight, my love.

76. Your voice is like vitamin C to my body. I can’t go a day without hearing them. Perhaps, you have charmed me, because, I keep hearing them even when you’re not there. Goodnight, my love.

77. Look at the window, can you see that star? Yes, that one shining the brightest, that is how brightly you light up my world. Goodnight, my love.

78. It’s frustrating trying to fight you off my mind. I have been so scared of giving love a chance but you have stubbornly occupied my entire being. Goodnight, I love you.

79. Sometimes, I get scared of what would happen tomorrow if you ever decide to leave me. But I have decided now to focus on the present and savour every moment I get to be with you, simply praying it lasts forever. Goodnight, my love.

80. You make me feel so confident just by the way you reassure me of being here with me forever. I’m so deeply in love with everything about you, darling. Goodnight.

Long Distance Goodnight Text Messages to My Love

Here you are missing your lover, and you can’t even see them when you want to because you are in a long-distance relationship.

One of the ways to keep each other in mind is through romantic messages, especially good night messages. Use any of these good night messages to let your lover know they are always in your thoughts.

81. I’m just sitting out here, at the lobby, looking over the vast array of lights shining through the high and low places of the city with the thoughts of you in my head, and a glass of wine in my hand, wishing you were here. Goodnight, my love.

82. I hope you can think of me. I hope you reserved some tiny space somewhere in your heart for me in that far away land where you are in because I’m doing the same thing. Goodnight, my love.

83. I didn’t know I would miss you this much. I could barely focus at work. Please be home soon. Goodnight, my love.

84. I really want you here, right now, at this moment. Isn’t there some means possible to do this, my love? I don’t seem to be handling this well anymore. Goodnight, my love.

85. No one ever told me that this is how it is going to be. Being far from you is like a punishment, love. Goodnight.

86. Before you put your head on the pillow tonight, I hope you can think of me. Goodnight, my love.

87. There are no words to describe how deeply your love is engraved in my heart. Goodnight, my love.

88. When I can’t hold you in my arms, I cuddle my pillows closely wishing it were you. Goodnight, my love.

89. It is useless trying to push your thoughts away because my need for you becomes even more persistent. Goodnight, my love.

90. I remember the tiniest piece of everything we did together, you’re never far from my thoughts. Goodnight, my love.

91. There are so many things I have got to gist you about when you return. I miss you, love. Goodnight.

92. I was practically seeing you in everybody that came across me today. That’s how much I miss you. Goodnight, my love.

93. Every now and then, your smile flashes through my thoughts. I smile back at you like you’re present at that moment. Goodnight, my love.

94. All I did today was reminisce on everything we spoke about before you travelled. Goodnight, my love.

95. You mean a lot to me. It took your being absent for me to realize just how much my heart wants you.

96. Can I say that you’re my entire existence? I know you have heard this countless times but I love you. Goodnight, my love.

97. I’m blowing off my candles and sending a wish to the universe, hoping you would come back safe and quick. Goodnight, my love.

98. It is obvious I can’t handle myself when you’re not around. I hope to see you soon. Goodnight, my love.

99. I had to resort to taking warm baths every night because it’s really cold out here without you to keep me warm. Goodnight, my love.

100. When you were here with me, the world looked smaller. Now that you’re far away, the world has become so huge and empty. I can’t wait to have you back, my love. Goodnight.

In conclusion, most times, it doesn’t take much to make your partner happy. They just want to know that you have them in mind and that you love them as much as you claim to. Regularly sending them these romantic sweet good night messages for my love will definitely go a long way in communicating that to them.

Written by Ayandola Ayanleke

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