Opening Prayers for 61st Birthday

Opening Prayers for 61st Birthday Party Celebration (2024)

Birthdays are one of the most memorable moments in our lives. It even gets more precious the older we grow. A massive milestone like clocking 61 in a world full of challenges is worth celebrating.

Attending a birthday party in honour of a 61-year-old celebrant may put you in the position to lead the opening prayer, whether as a friend, well-wisher, pastor, wife, or child of the celebrant.

Therefore, these opening prayers for the 61st birthday party celebration would easily get everyone to be in one accord with you as you lead the prayer.

So, go ahead and make your choice to make the party even greater.

Long Opening Prayers for 61st Birthday Party

These long opening prayers for 61st birthday party exist for the celebrant, and using them to start the party will get them and the attendees in a good mood.

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1. Thank you, Father, for enabling us all to gather in our numbers to celebrate this day. It isn’t by our power, might but by your Spirit. Hence we give you all the praise and glory. Thank you for the life of the celebrant. It’s been 61 years of your faithfulness; we can’t deny your grace and presence here. Thank you for your steadfast love; accept our praises. I ask that you perfect everything that concerns the celebrant. Cause your face to shine on him and grant him many more happy and healthy years on earth.

2. All things work together for those who love you and are called according to your purpose. For 61 years, dear Lord, you’ve made it so in the life of the celebrant, and I honour, worship, and praise you for that. Thank you for choosing to love this one and for showing the world of your mercy and grace through him. Father, I ask that you enlarge his coast and turn situations around for his sake this year. Because we have gathered like this and we put you first, all other good things shall be added unto the celebrant in Jesus name. Thank you, Lord, for the answered prayer.

Long Opening Prayers for 61st Birthday Party
Long Opening Prayers for 61st Birthday Party

3. Thank you, Father, for the 61st birthday of this beautiful celebrant. Many years have gone by, yet you made it possible for her to be here today basking in your favour. Father, receive praise and glory. Lord, I ask that you change her story and take the glory. May she not fall by the wayside. Indeed, when men say there’s a casting down, with many reasons in her heart, she’ll declare with her mouth that there’s lifting for her in Jesus name. Lord, I ask that on this day, the rain of blessings fall on the celebrant. And let the whole world know that you’re God in her life. Lord, I conclude by thanking you for all the answered prayers.

4. Thank you, Father, for causing the rejected stone to become the cornerstone. Thank you for your faithfulness upon this life cause it’s new every morning. Lord, we thank you for the journey so far. We give you all the praises that you deserve. Lord, on this special occasion, I ask that you bless the celebrant with more profound wisdom to leave another 61 years. Grant him knowledge, understanding, favour, and speed in Jesus’s name. Thank you, dear Lord.

Long Opening Prayers for 61st Birthday Party
Long Opening Prayers for 61st Birthday Party

5. Our mouth will sing your praise all day long because this is a day that you’ve made, and it’s marvellous in our sight. Thank you, dear Lord, for this 61st birthday happening in our lifetimes and by your grace. Thank you for ordering his steps from the moment you brought him into this world. Lord, I pray wholeheartedly that you release divine blessings of favour upon this celebrant in Jesus name. Make his path straight and his works seen by the whole world. Lord, I pray for many happy, peaceful and healthy years for the celebrant in Jesus name. Amen.

Long Opening Prayers for 61st Birthday Party
Long Opening Prayers for 61st Birthday Party

6. Lord, you’re the reason for this gathering. We bless your name for making this day a beautiful reality. Thank you, God, for making the celebrant cross 60 and now celebrating his 61st birthday. May he see many more to come. May we be gathered to celebrate his new age again for many years to come. Thank you, Lord, for making his life perfect, beautiful, whole and wonderful at this age. We give you all the glory, accept our thanksgiving. We ask, oh Lord, that he begins to achieve new feats at this age and receive new dreams. The strength to fulfil each of those dreams shall fall upon him. Thank you, blessed Lord.

Long Opening Prayers for 61st Birthday Party
Long Opening Prayers for 61st Birthday Party

7. Father in heaven, we thank you for being in our midst, today. We are grateful that we can celebrate her while she’s alive and strong. Lord, we pray that you continue to strengthen and uphold her. She’ll never fall by the wayside. May she run the heavenly race like your faithful daughter. Father, we ask, that you give her many more reasons to smile at 61. Going forward, she’ll never experience sorrow. All the pains of yesterday shall be washed away by the joy of today and the days to come. She’ll have a blissful life more than she’s ever had. To God be the glory for this beautiful beginning.

8. Father in heaven, thank you for granting him his heart desire to see his 60th birthday and even beyond. Thank you, Lord, because you who have done exceedingly well shall do so much more for him. We pray that many more beautiful years shall you cause him to celebrate. May today mark the beginning of a new dawn in his life. He’ll begin to achieve greater feats at this age. His life shall be a wonder to every eye that sees him and hear about him. We pray that may the grace to move forward be upon him. He shall no longer struggle to achieve anything is heart is set to achieve. He’ll continue to bask in the faithfulness of God.

9. I begin by wishing the celebrant a happy 61st birthday, ma. May all the good things in your life begin to multiply. You shall never witness sorrow again. The Lord shall do a new thing for you and cause your laughter to be more beautiful and contagious. May sickness, pain and loss be far away from you and your household. The number 61 shall signify a new beginning in your life. All your battles and trials are all behind you. Your life shall experience the mighty hand of God and you shall continue to profess His faithfulness. We pray that if there’s any unanswered prayer lingering in your heart at 61, may God begin to work on them until you see His hand. Many happy returns. You’re highly blessed.

Long Opening Prayers for 61st Birthday Party
Long Opening Prayers for 61st Birthday Party

10. Heavenly Father, we thank you for this type of gathering. We give you all the glory for everyone here to celebrate the celebrant. Lord, we bless you for all the successful journeys the celebrant ever made. Accept our thanksgiving. Father, we pray that all of her heart desires shall transform into beautiful testimonies. She’ll begin to enjoy new grace, love, peace, joy and happiness. The rest of her life shall be better than the yesteryears. We pray that all her children shall continue to remember and honour her. She’ll not know any form of sorrow at this age. Your wonders shall surround her life and defeat the expectations of the devil in her life. She’s blessed, accomplished and fulfilled. What you, oh Lord, have gathered for her, the devil shall not succeed in ruining them. She shall go on to become great and iconic. May she live another 61 years on earth in good health, service to you, joy, peace, fulfilment and wholeness. Thank you, Lord, for the beautiful life you’ve given to her.

Short Opening Prayers for 61st Birthday Celebration

You don’t want to keep everyone waiting with your prayers, so begin the celebration with these short opening prayers for 61st birthday celebration.

These are the best way to show your appreciation to the celebrant.

11. Father, we thank you for this beautiful day in the life of the celebrant. We pray that we’ll continue to have reasons to glorify you in her life.

12. Great God, the journey hasn’t been smooth but with your help, the celebrant made it thus far. We return all the glory to you. We pray your faithfulness shall never cease in his life.

Long Opening Prayers for 61st Birthday Party
Long Opening Prayers for 61st Birthday Party

13. What a marvellous God we serve. Thank you, Lord, for preserving her life to the point of 61. It can only be you. Take all the praises.

14. Lord, we are deeply grateful for bringing us here to gather for a beautiful and joyful reason like this one. You alone are to be praised.

15. Father we thank you for increasing the numbers of years of the celebrant. Your faithfulness is seen by all as we look upon her life. Receive all the glory. Let the remaining of her life be more beautiful and better than the former years.

Long Opening Prayers for 61st Birthday Party
Long Opening Prayers for 61st Birthday Party

16. Father, thank you for giving him the grace to clock 61. It isn’t by his power. We pray that he shall not leave the rest of his life in pain but joy, love, peace and harmony.

17. Thank you Lord for this day. May your name be praised. I pray that by this time next year we shall be celebrating another beautiful year of her life.

18. Oh Lord, we are deeply grateful for all the battles you’ve fought and won for the sake of the celebrant so he could witness new dawn and age. We pray that the rest of her life shall be the best of it.

Long Opening Prayers for 61st Birthday Party
Long Opening Prayers for 61st Birthday Party

19. Father, all we have to say is thank you. Our mouths are full of your praises and we can’t help but glorify you for the life of this celebrant. She’s 61 years old today glowing with the beauty of God. We pray that you continue to sustain her joy and happiness.

20. Lord, we thank you for the life of the celebrant. We thank you for keeping him, his family and grandkids. It’s your making and not ours, Lord, take all the praises.

21. We are happy about what we see and therefore we return all the glory to you for another year making it 61 years on earth for the celebrant. The devil tried but he failed consecutively in the life of this great man. Our prayer is that you keep him in good health as you have been doing and let his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren continue to love and cherish him even in old age.

22. There’s none like you, God. We bless you for a new year in grandma’s life. Clocking 60 isn’t by power but grace. Thank you, Lord, because you bestowed that grace upon her till she crossed 60 and moved into 61. This new journey shall demonstrate your unfailing love for her.

23. Thank you, Lord, because there’s none like you. You are the reason we are all standing and why the celebrant is jubilating. Receive all the thanks, oh Lord.

24. Father we give you all the praises for the beautiful smile we see on the face of the celebrant, the gratitude on her lips and the promises upon her life. Her 61st year on earth shall not be full of trouble but thanksgiving.

25. There’s nothing more beautiful than a life that demonstrates God’s faithfulness. This is her 61st birthday on earth, Lord, make it even more beautiful. Perfect her life. Let her become more celebrated than ever before. Accept our thanks concerning her life.

Long Opening Prayers for 61st Birthday Party
Long Opening Prayers for 61st Birthday Party

26. We are gathered here because you gave someone a long life. He’s 61 today looking more agile, like a fighter and more victorious than ever before. These reasons are more than enough to bless your name and lift you higher.

27. Father, receive all the praises for making this gathering possible. 61 years on earth means 61 victorious and even so much more. We are grateful that the celebrant never went with the previous years. Lord, accept our thanksgiving.

28. Lord, we thank you for a blessed life. Clocking 61 is a great victory. We pray that the celebrant shall not fall along the way. She will not become prey in the hand of the devil. You shall continue to lift her.

29. We love what we see when we look upon the celebrant. A strong man, full of God’s wisdom. We thank you for blessing us with him. We ask that you continue to use him to your glory.

30. Thank you Lord because the evil days came and left and didn’t succeed in taking the life of this great man away. Your victory is evident in his life.

Long Opening Prayers for 61st Birthday Party
Long Opening Prayers for 61st Birthday Party

31. Father, I ask that the good thing you’ve started in the life of the celebrant shall not be overtaken by the devil. Your hands of protection shall continually uphold him. He will celebrate many more years and feats.

32. Oh Lord, today is one of the most beautiful time in the life of the celebrant. Thank you, Father, for making it so. Your covenant with her shall not end at 61, it shall continue to last till forever.

33. There’s no one greater than you in this gathering. You made this day possible and for increasing the life of our dear brother, father, friend, grandfather, husband, we are eternally grateful. We ask that the rest of his life will draw him closer to you and he shall continue to bring glory to your name.

34. Father, we return our sincerest appreciations to you. You have done what no man could do. You brought her out of the miry clay and gave her a new song to sing. 61 years on earth is more than what money can buy. Thank you for this priceless gift. We are grateful, oh Lord.

35. Today, we chose to celebrate not just the celebrant but your faithfulness in his life. Thank you for not making his wife a widow nor his children fatherless. Thank you for not letting the devil take away his life untimely. He’s here today because you made it so. We declare a prosperous 61st birthday in his life.

36. For a blissful journey so far, thank you, Lord. For not failing whenever she calls upon you, thank you, heavenly Father. For granting her the grace to take care of the kids, we are eternally grateful. May her 61st year on earth be the best she’s had so far.

37. There’s no one greater than you nor can do the things you do. We see the beauty you added to his life even at the age of 60. Now we ask that you do so much more. Don’t leave him at this point. Let him enjoy the rest of his life in good health and joy.

38. The more we look at her, the more indebted we are to you for what you’ve done in her life. You never let her down but rather you’ve proven to the world that you will never put the one who looks unto you to shame. For this reason and many more, we are grateful. We ask that you make this 61st birthday a very happy one.

39. Lord, there’s no one like you not even in the heavenly places. You have been great and mighty in her life. Thank you for the power you demonstrated in her life. May this 61st birthday manifest according to your will.

40. Lord, we thank you for bringing him to this point. Many thought he’d not be found today but Lord, you did the miraculous. 61 looks better and befitting on him. We can’t help but say thank you, Lord.

41. The testimonies in the life of the celebrant is innumerable but we’ll choose to thank you for it all. You’re the reason she’s alive and basking in your faithfulness. Thank you, Lord, for letting her reach this milestone. Adonai, continue to receive the glory.

42. Lord, accept the thanksgiving we offer on behalf of the handsome celebrant. You’ve been merciful and that is why we have the grace to join him celebrate his 61st birthday. May your name be glorified.

43. Let all praises go to you, oh Lord. This life you made is great. She’s 61 yet basking in your glory and honour. She’s like a youth even though she’s already a grandma. It’s all because of you oh Lord. Make the journey smoother and more beautiful.

44. We can wish her a happy birthday today because you kept her alive. Lord, receive all the glory. We thank you for keeping her in the midst of her loved ones and family. She’s 61 and not begging for bread but giving back to society and to the church of God. Take all the glory, Lord.

45. There’s no one more faithful than you. You’ve blessed her because you love her. Thank you, Father, for all the blessings we all can see in her life and the ones you secretly do. You’re appreciated, Lord, and we declare that this 61st birthday of her life shall be great.

46. There’s no one who could have seen him through but you. We ask that his 61st birthday shall mark the beginning of a new thing far better than we’ve seen you do. This new age shall attract heavenly blessings and every good gift.

47. No one can do the things you’ve done for her. You have made men thank you for her sake. You raised angels to fight on her behalf. She’s 61 today not by her righteousness but because of you. Take all the glory, oh Lord.

48. What can we do to show our sincerest appreciation to you for watching over him as a foetus, baby, teenager, young man, and now a 61-year-old man? It can only be you oh Lord. You even made his life more beautiful by surrounding him with his lovely family. Father, we ask that you do much more as he begins this journey with you.

49. Father, we bless your name forever for making this life grow for 61 years. It’s not because she’s good at exercise nor religiously following the doctor’s order, rather she is renewed every day by your word. We bless you for making her reach this milestone, 61.

50. It’s such a beautiful thing to clock 61. Different times have come and gone, yet you’ve proven to be the one that has everything in control. Thank you for the beginning of his life and for this place you’ve brought him to, we believe it shall be beautiful and full of many untold testimonies.

Are you impressed by these beautiful opening prayers for 61st birthday celebration? If you are, kindly let me know, if otherwise, I’ll still like to hear from you.

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Written by Taiye Christiana

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