Powerful Good Morning Prayers for My Husband

Powerful Good Morning Prayers for My Husband (2024)

Every new day begins with the morning representing a new page. As someone in love and blessed to be a wife to a great man, you should show your better half that you’re mindful of them every dawn.

The best way to do these is by blessing him with a couple of long or short early morning prayers for husband. Sending prayers to your husband is a perfect way to bring him closer to you and show just how much you love him.

Whether you’re living under the same roof or he’s somewhere far away from you, you can always find the perfect prayers for him that effortlessly tell just how much you’re praying for his safety and return.

Help yourself as a good wife by finding powerful morning blessings for husband that perfectly suits your spouse. Below are powerful good morning prayers for my husband you can use.

Long Early Morning Prayers for Husband

When you’re thinking of sweeping your husband off his feet, a long early morning prayer can do just that. Below you’ll find a variety of long prayers crafted to energize him begin a great day.

Unfaithful husbands can change, too. These prayers for a change of heart for husband can draw the heart of your husband back to you and make him repent of his old lifestyle. Pray them to see the results you desire.

1. Darling, may blessings shine on you like the sun, and may this new dawn bring you happiness and wipe away the tears and hurts of yesterday. You’ll feel the heavenly angels kissing your feet with an array of good gifts. I pray you experience what it means to be victorious. With the help of God, you shall be in control of your day; it shall not be hijacked by the devil. The Lord shall guide you and make every crooked road straight for your sake. Have a superb morning, baby love.

2. Good morning to the sweetest hubby in the world. I pray that the Lord gladdens your heart so you could see a brighter day and never have to experience a bad one. Frustrations and every negative feeling shall be far away from you. You shall bear great fruits today and forevermore. May the heavens prove their undying love for you. I decree, go out and prosper, and as you do so, may your health never fail. You shall never be fragile, and your spirit shall never grow weary. You shall blossom like a beautiful plant beside the water. Stay happy cause the angelic ones are protecting you.

3. Oh, baby. How was your night? I pray that the spirit that never gives up fall upon you, today. May the spirit of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding reside in you. You shall never fail, and whatever you lay your hands on shall be successful. Your smile shall not be short-lived. You shall not obtain bad news no matter how little it may be. May the Lord fight all your battles that keep you awake at night. Peace is yours, now and forevermore.

4. I feel good knowing that you’re awake. I pray that today shall see to your success. Your past shall remain in the past. You’ll live victoriously and be a testifier of many victories. You shall grow in all aspects as you go about your day. Wherever you go, the Lord shall go with you; accident shall never be your portion. Wisdom from above shall reside in you. You shall be singled out for numerous miracles. The breakthrough you await shall catch up with you today. Say a big amen, my love.

5. Good morning to the most wonderful man in my life. I pray that you shall have so many reasons to laugh and rejoice today. Depression and dejection shall not take hold of your soul and spirit and may every evil spirit run far from you. You shall not come last where you’re meant to take the lead, and may the heavens not leave you alone to your strength. You shall obtain heavenly assistance in all that you do. Your laughter and smile shall be as genuine as the radiance of the sun. You shall have reasons to live today to the fullest even as you keep God as your focus. Have a great day, hubby.

6. The morning reminds me of a great man. Good morning, darling. I pray that all forces shall work in your favour. You shall not weep again cause new dawn is here and it comes with your blessings. I pray that you shall not be greeted with sad news. Joy and love shall you experience henceforth, and every expectation of your heart shall be fulfilled. You shall not have little success to show for your hard work. May the heavens smile on you as the sun does.

7. It’s a lovely morning, hubby. May your deepest desires and prayers become fulfilling testimonies this morning. May you be caused to rejoice and laugh wholeheartedly. Your enemies shall not have the joy of seeing you miserable. You shall stay far ahead and crush down every obstacle that stands in your way. The Lord shall fight all your battles and show to the world that you belong to Him. Never stop blessing the name of God, cause He shall show forth for you in all areas of your life. Can I get a thunderous amen?

8. It’s a good morning, baby. May you never be defeated by the devil and his minions as you go about your day. You shall be identified as a child of God, therefore no evil shall come near you. The angels of the living God shall keep you on their wings so that you never fall nor fail. I pray that you shall never lose any battle, and may you sing the songs of victory. Every loss you may have incurred in your business shall be restored. You shall count your blessings so much so you’ll never remember the things you ever lost.

9. Good morning to my sunshine. May the heavens pour down joy and love upon you. Where you experienced rejection, you shall become sought after and no longer a reproach. Your success today shall cause the world to know your name and the God you serve. Wherever you may go, you shall witness God and experience His love. May others see Christ in you and glorify the power of the living God upon your life.

10. Good morning to the man of my dream. This morning I pray for you with all my heart, you shall not know a better yesterday. Your today shall supersede your past and you shall break new records. All naysayers and slanderers in your life shall be put to shame. No matter the race you run today, you shall win. I pray that nothing shall snatch away your joy, blessings and sanity. You shall take your authority in Christ and possess your possessions. You shall not fail, neither shall you fall. You will not become a laughing stock before your enemies.

Morning Prayer Messages for Husband

Every morning is like opening a new page of a story. Therefore it’s best to begin a new day with a healthy dose of prayers that can rejuvenate the soul of a man. As you’re praying for yourself, your hubby would want to believe you’re doing the same for him. Send him these morning prayer messages to show him you love him just as you love yourself.

Is your hubby going through a rough time, these breakthrough prayers for my husband can change his story in no time. Pray his way out of that hardship.

11. May the goodness of God follow you today and for the rest of your life. I pray that only good news shall you bring to your family and loved ones. You shall be the reason why a million people smile and glorify the name of God now and forever.

12. Good morning, hubby. May you melt the hearts of angels until they decide to do you good. You shall not come back home empty-handed but be known for victories and successes. Your going out is blessed.

13. Good morning, hubby. May the beginning of today bring you good blessings from above. May the end of today make you glorify God’s name. I pray that you shall get closer to your dreams today and at the end, your accomplishments shall marvel the whole world.

14. It’s a lovely morning, darling. No evil shall come your way. You shall know joy alone. The devil shall not defeat you, but you shall remain strong and indomitable. I pray that only the will of God shall be accomplished in your life. Your going out is safe, likewise your coming in.

15. Good morning, my true love. The day shall treat you kind. Heaven and earth shall work together for your favour. You shall become a wonder to so many. Have a blessed day ahead, hubby.

16. Good morning, my darling. You shall not be disappointed today. You shall be treated as an honourable man. Kings and queens shall seek to do you good. The precious treasures of the land shall be found in your bosom. Have a great day.

17. Good morning, honey. As you prepare to go out, you shall return home safely with your heart desires. You shall not encounter obstacles on your way and if you do, you shall conquer them all like the warrior that you are.

18. I pray that everlasting joy and love shall fill your bosom. You shall not be put to shame but be honoured. Every battle ahead of you shall the angels fight on your behalf. Go forth and prosper. Good morning, my love.

19. It indeed becomes a beautiful day once I get to hear your voice. I pray that you shall not lack any good thing. You shall experience the faithfulness of God wherever you go, my love. Good morning, hubby.

20. I hope you feel the warmth of the Lord around you. May the spirit of God lead you aright and you shall not be misled by the devil. All of your heart desires shall transform into a testimony. Have a great day, baby.

21. My earnest prayers for you this morning is that you feel the love of God till your joy overflows. May you never be overwhelmed by sadness and depression. All trials in your life shall transform into testimonies. It’s your turn to be blessed.

22. I pray that you shall not fall sick. You shall remain strong in body and spirit. Exceeding blessings shall be yours. I pray against every spirit of misfortune, it shall not manifest in your life. Laughter and joy shall you experience from today and till the end.

23. Good morning, my love. May goodness from the east, west, south and north follow you. You shall prevail over your adversaries and be made to sing victorious songs. Wherever you go, today, you shall have no regrets. Go out and prosper.

24. Good morning, sweety. May you witness the power of God today. May you not be mocked by the devil. The breakthrough ahead of you shall meet you in peace. Series of amazing testimonies shall be yours today.

25. Good morning, hubby. Whoever wishes you evil shall fall for your sake. You shall not be subjected to the pain and wickedness of this world. Only joy and happiness shall be yours. All of your heart desires shall you see come true.

Powerful Morning Blessings for Husband

There are blessings that the heavenly angels distribute every day. The surest way you can partake in them is by praying for it. These blessings can also get to your husband if you pray on his behalf or even send him some powerful morning blessings for husband.

It’s unhealthy that your husband stays angry with you for too long. Pray these prayers for my unforgiving Husband to make him have a change of heart.

26. I pray that this new day brings you good news that’ll cause you to smile and dance like never before. May your joy never be mixed with sadness. Your day shall be whole and prosperous. Good morning, my darling better half.

27. You’ve seen the dawn of a new day, may you see its dusk and the beginning of another one and then many others till you grow old. I pray that the Lord gives you the strength to achieve all that you desire. Have a splendid day, darling hubby.

28. May all the worries you woke up with will vanish in the twinkle of an eye. May they give way for your happiness and joy. This day shall be a blessing to you. Nothing and no one shall work against you but in your favour. I love you, go ahead and prosper.

29. I cast out every spirit of depression that may want to deny you the privilege of fulfilling your goals and visions. You shall achieve everything you’re set to do on this day. The strength to overcome all trials shall come upon you. Good morning, baby.

30. May you go out with joy and return with more overwhelming joy that lingers beyond the night and into a new day. May your basket be full of harvest as you return home tonight. Go out and prosper, darling.

31. My satisfaction lies in catching a glimpse of the glints of joy and mirth in your eyes. May all that you seek for find you today. May you not have to toil hard before you achieve your heart desires. Good morning, my irreplaceable husband.

32. There’s so much for you out there, today. May the grace to see and get everything that belongs to you fall upon you this morning. No one irrespective of how powerful they are shall succeed in taking whatever belongs to you. You shall not be denied any goodness in Jesus name. Amen.

33. Good morning, hubby. Sadness and bad news shall not be your portion today. You shall enjoy the goodness of God and live to testify of His mercy and favour in your life.

34. Wherever you step on today shall become fruitful for your sake. You shall not be left dry and high. You’ll come back home accomplished and blessed. Good morning, my darling husband.

35. I pray that your heart desires shall be granted to you. May your nightmare never come to pass. May your fears be kicked out and faith be made to overwhelm your heart and spirit. Have a blessed day, baby.

36. I pray for you, my one and only love, you shall not cry sad tears. You shall not have to wallow in depression and anxiety. God shall kick out every unclean spirit dwelling in you and weighing war against your happiness and progress. You shall lead because you have been called to lead. Have a blessed day, my hubby.

37. Wherever your blessings are hidden shall be exposed to you this morning. You shall not walk without direction, may the Holy Spirit direct your path and make your way clear. May your going out and coming in be blessed.

38. I pray for you, dearest hubby, that the glory of your today shall surpass that of yesterday. The Lord shall show you mercy and make all things beautiful today and forevermore. You shall never sink low, rather grow until your light begins to shine so perfectly and brighter than a million of stars gathered together. Good morning, sweety.

39. You deserve so much joy and happiness and that is what the Holy Spirit shall give you on this day. Every confusion you may be experiencing shall no longer exist. Let there be joy where there was bitterness. May peace take over where there was agitation. Good morning, darling.

40. Today you shall experience the magnitude of blessings you’ve never seen nor heard before. Your prosperity shall be one of a kind and I declare that your journey to abundance begins today in Jesus name. Have a glorious day.

41. The blessing of accomplishing your dreams and fulfilling every goal written shall be poured on you today. May the world acknowledge that you’re blessed. Good morning, my sunshine.

42. There are no bigger blessings than the gift of good health, joy, love and a complete family. I, therefore, pray that these blessings shall always be yours. The devil shall not snatch them away from you. You are blessed and so shall you be forever.

43. I pray that an end shall come to the troubles you’ve been facing for many years. You shall experience peace and joy. You shall confess with your mouth that today is a blessed day. Good morning, darling.

44. I pray that you’ll take a huge step today; the type you’ve never taken before. May you never fall short of wisdom as you do so. I seek heavenly guidance for your sake and may you find it. Good morning, my baby.

45. May you never get tired of chasing your dreams and working hard. The Lord shall bless the work of your hands and make you happy while you enjoy His blessings. Have a wonderful day, baby.

46. Wherever you look, may you find help from God. May you never run out of God’s presence. For the rest of your life, your story shall speak of God’s goodness. Good morning, my only one.

47. Every sickness and disease that lingers in your body is cast out. May you not live your life in pain. I pray that the Holy Spirit take away every pain and heal you of all infirmities and diseases. Arise and walk. Have a blessed day.

48. You will not continue to suffer as you’ve done in the past. Today shall bring you breakthroughs and access to blessings of another realm and dimensions. You’re blessed.

49. Your going out today shall be blessed. You shall be a blessing to everyone that encounters you on this day. I pray that you will never encounter any negative life-changing events. Your steps shall be ordered by God.

50. I pray that you shall come home with testimonies. Every heart desire you nurse shall become a fulfilment. I pray for the grace to wait patiently for God’s time. You will encounter God today. Have a blessed day, my baby love.

Short Morning Prayer Quotes for Husband

Do you know that when your husband gets an Sms or brief chat from you that has to do with prayers, he feels safer and happier that someone is interceding on his behalf? So go ahead and let him experience that special feeling.

Don’t overlook these good night prayers for my husband.

51. As you step out today darling, you shall be honoured in all your endeavours.

52. May the favour of God locate you from all corners. You shall never be stranded in life, my darling husband.

53. No matter the magnitude of help you need today, you shall find it and even bigger than your expectation. Good morning, baby.

54. The mistakes you’ve made in the past shall not affect your happiness today. Go out and do great things, my baby.

55. You shall be a giver and recipient of love today. The Lord shall cause you to be a blessing to someone out there seeking help.

56. My baby, may the sun shine down on you as a form of blessings and favour.

57. Good morning, my better half. May you move closer to your dreams and far away from the pains of yesteryears.

58. I pray to God that you shall sing a new song today and wear a bigger smile. Sorrow and sadness shall not take abode in your dwelling. Love you, baby.

59. Wherever you may go, I pray that you shall never take the wrong step. The Lord shall order your ways and the decisions you make.

60. This morning my earnest prayer is that may the grace to be the best in what you do come upon you. You shall be above and never be beneath.

61. Where others have failed, you shall thrive effortlessly. Your hard work shall be rewarded and celebrated, today. Good morning, my lovely husband.

62. May you sit on the throne of success and be heralded as a winner. The devil will be disgraced concerning anything that has to do with you.

63. Every secret tear shall turn into broad smiles and effervescent laughter. Good morning, darling hubby.

64. I pray that you shall no longer experience failure. You days of trying so hard and seeing little changes are all behind you. Today is a new and prosperous day for you.

65. May you never fall into the traps of evil men and women who disguise themselves as friends. You shall enjoy the spirit of discernment.

66. I pray that progress shall be your portion. I rebuke the spirit of stagnancy out of your life, darling husband.

67. May God meet you at the point of your need. There shall be a turn around for you and the family we’re building together.

68. I pray that the wisdom of God shall reside in you. No longer shall you take the wrong decisions. Have a blessed morning.

69. May you enjoy good health. Every spirit that causes you to be weak and helpless is cursed out of your life.

70. You shall become a new man today. The world shall acknowledge your greatness and celebrate your achievement.

71. The big breakthrough your heart longs for like a deer that pants for the waters shall emerge this morning. You are blessed, hubby.

72. Every contrary spirit that resides in you is cast out. Never shall they take hold of you again. You shall fulfil your calling as a husband and father.

73. I pray that the wisdom to lead every sphere of your life shall be given to you. The grace to do what the Holy Spirit instructs of you shall fall upon you.

74. I pray that no matter the hardship you may have experienced in the past years, this morning, the Lord shall rewrite your story for good, hubby.

75. As you begin your day it shall not end poorly. You shall move forward and have every reason to rejoice when its dusk. Have a pleasant day, baby.

76. I pray that your hand shall be diligent and fruitful. You shall not be weary of working hard and remaining dedicated to your work. I pray that you shall enjoy good success today.

77. Baby, my prayers for you this morning is that you experience peace and joy like no one gives but of God alone.

78. Every spirit of fear hindering you from taking huge steps is cast out in Jesus name. You shall walk around with the boldness of the Holy Spirit.

79. May you never encounter misery today. You shall taste the favour of God. His mercy shall speak for you till eternity, baby.

80. May you never be denied what belongs to you. Every good gift assigned to you shall you find today in Jesus name.

Good Morning Prayers for My Husband Long Distance

You may not be living under the same roof with your spouse, perhaps either of you embarked on a journey or you’re working in different cities or country, the best way you can bridge the gap between you two is by sending him some prayers. Feel free to pick the best here.

See also: romantic messages for the best man in my life.

81. You may not be here with me but every second, my heart fervently prays for you. May your heart desires be brought to fruition this dawn.

82. You will not experience hardship. Life shall become easy for you starting from this morning. May the love of God be made manifest in your life even as I am far away from you.

83. I may not be there with you but prayers can cover a long distance. I call upon the angels of God to guide your path and make every crooked road straight until you get to your promised land.

84. May the reason you have embarked on this journey be fulfilled. You shall not leave unsatisfied. The grace of God shall perfect you this morning.

85. I love you and I believe the Lord loves you even more. Therefore I pray that His favour shall encompass you this beautiful dawn.

86. You shall not slave for the devil and the power of sin shall never hold you down. Today shall bring you closer to God. I love you, honey.

87. In the twinkle of an eye, your problems shall be solved and every seemingly unsurmountable obstacle shall be made plain for your sake, baby.

88. May Holy Spirit take hold of your heart, you shall not be in a hurry to make it. Nonetheless, the Lord shall hasten your step. My heart is with you over there.

89. Your past is erased and a new future has been written for you. You are now a new man. No longer shall you be addressed as the man of yesterday. Good morning, my best man.

90. May you get the job. May your mission over there be accomplished. Every difficulty you experience shall transform into testimony.

91. The heavens shall cause you to smile endlessly today. You shall be called a blessed man even in a strange land.

92. I pray that sickness shall no longer reside in your body. The Lord shall surround your territory with His guardian angels and protect you from the darts of evil men and women. I can’t wait to see you.

93. Only good report shall I hear of you. You may be far away but the Lord shall protect you and keep you in one piece until we see again pretty soon.

94. I love you so much. I call on God to bless you every minute of the day. May He answer all of my good prayers concerning you, darling.

95. There’s none like you, baby. May the heavens take care of you even as I am far away from where you are right now. May God bless you richly.

96. May your purpose for embarking on this journey become a reality. You shall not have any regrets for taking such a bold step. Love you this morning and to the night time.

97. I pray that the Lord shall send you helpers in a strange land. You shall not be isolated nor feel cheated. This day shall bring you across great men and women of destiny.

98. The Lord shall lift you up and make you sing a new song. I pray that this morning shall be free of dazzles and troubles for you.

99. Good morning, baby love. I pray for wisdom, knowledge and understanding shall be upon you today. You shall do exceedingly in all of your duties.

100. I pray that your dreams shall take flight. The courage you need to run towards accomplishing them all shall be given to you on this bright day.

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