Matric Good Luck Messages for Someone Special

Matric Good Luck Messages for Someone Special (2024)

Matriculation exams have different impressions on different people when they think of them and funnily enough, most times, the fear of the exam is bigger than the exam itself. But the good part is that you can help people learn how to overcome exam fears by simply reaching out to them and sharing your experiences with them.

A heartfelt message or perfect words of encouragement for matric exams will go a long way especially when sent to a close friend or someone special. You should never underestimate the power of your words in other people’s lives.

And I understand that you may want to encourage your friends but you don’t know what to say or how to put the words together.

Fear not! I have taken time out to craft out 50 matric good luck messages for someone special and you can send any of these to your friend.

Best Wishes for Matric Exam

Is your friend or someone else in your life about to write their matric exam? Send your best wishes to them with the messages below.

1. Hey, I know you are nervous right now and you are probably scared. I just want you to know that you have nailed it already, you have aced your exams, just walk in with confidence and be the champion that you’ve always been.

2. You’re a champion, and this exam is another chance to prove it.

3. The crowd might seem tensed and the lecturers as always are pretty tough, but just hold your shoulders high and don’t ever be discouraged. I wish you the best.

4. I wish you the best and nothing less.

5. My friend, don’t be scared. In fact, why would you be scared? You’ve always passed the exam before it started, Lol. I wish the best for you.

6. Exams are tough, only when they are seen as tough, go in relaxed and I am 100 per cent sure you would Ace it.

7. I wish you the best of the best in your exams and if there’s anything better than the best, I wish it for you.

8. You’re prepared for it and I am sure that you are going to ace it.

9. My heart is with you throughout your exams. When you feel discouraged just know that I am praying for you.

10. Exams – they are just a walkover for you. Sorry, I don’t have any special words, you are already special all by yourself and that’s all you need.

Good Luck Matric Exams Messages

You want to send this message to your pal?, Yeah, you should. It might not seem important and significant to you, but to that special person, it could be a good relief. Below are some good luck matric exams messages to send.

11. I would have said that you don’t need luck, but bro, you do. I’m sending you as much as I can send. Good luck and make sure you trash that paper.

12. I don’t care how tough or hard the exam will be, all I know is that you are going to be fine. Not just fine but extraordinarily fine.

13. Woke up thinking about you, just wanted to wish you good luck.

14. It’s just a paper, one exam, that’s it. Nothing more than that. Don’t let fear tell you otherwise. Good luck, bro.

15. Good luck, good luck, good luck. I don’t have much to say, but then, good luck, buddy.

16. Hey, heard that your papers are starting today, just wanted to wish you good luck.

17. There’s nothing to be scared about, you’re a genius and I am hundred per cent cent sure you’re going to ace it anyway. Good luck!

18. Look outside, I have a package for you. Just sent a truck full of good luck.

19. I wish I could be right by your side to tell you exactly how I feel, but then the distance is an obstacle. Anyway, I’m going to try to say it in two words – Good luck.

20. Okay, here’s a tip I use, when I have an exam and I am scared, I just close my eyes. It helps a lot. Lol. Good luck, bro.

Good luck Messages for Matric Final Exams

A lot of people are preparing for matric final exams because it often gives hope for a better life, studies, marriage and other things you can think of. However, people get nervous and scared. Help that person by sending your good luck messages to them with the messages below.

21. Wow, this is it, the matric final papers, I can’t start to imagine how you are feeling right now, but in everything, I wish you good luck.

22. It’s just like every other exam, relax and write the exam confidently. Good luck, bro.

23. I wish you good luck and outstanding success.

24. It’s been quite a journey and now you are on the final lap. Nothing can be more exciting than this or scary, but then, you don’t have to be scared. Why? Because you will overcome this final lap. Good luck.

25. I prayed for you before going to bed last night and I also prayed for you this morning. Heaven’s blessings see you through.

26. Just like every other exam, you are going out there to crush it. Good luck.

27. For you my friend, failure is so far away, so far away, success is closer than ever. Good luck.

28. Good luck to you, my thoughts are with you.

29. Good morning, I hope this is the first message you see, just wanted to wish you good luck in your final exams.

30. You won’t write this exam again. Good luck.

Good Luck for Matric Exam Wishes

Good luck and matric exam wishes cannot be too much to send. Check below for more good luck Messages for someone you know needs them.

31. I hope a smile spreads across your face as you read this. My thoughts are with you, I wish nothing but the best for you.

32. Oh right, you have an exam, one of those fearful exams, well, be triumphant as usual and good luck.

33. An exam is a test of your ability. I wish you good luck as you write it.

34. Never doubt for a second. You would certainly come out victorious.

35. Good morning and good luck in your coming exams.

36. Hey, just wanted to tell you that when it’s tough for others, it would be a trillion times easier for you. Good luck.

37. I counted the stars in the sky last night, and one of them shined brightly just like you. Good luck.

38. Best of luck to one of the amazing people in my life. All the best!

39. You’re an amazing friend, you’ve always encouraged me and I feel I should encourage you now. Good luck.

40. When people ask me to define success, I tell them to look at you. Good luck, my friend.

Matric Exam Good Luck Messages

As your friend opens his/her phone, let the first message they see be your best wishes for them. Check out the following matric exam good luck messages below and send anyone of your choice to them.

41. You will excel, as you pick your pen you would write down the right answers and come out victorious.

42. I wish you success and not just any kind of success z the outstanding one.

43. The exams are here again, every student’s nightmare, but for you, it’s a walk in the park.

44. I wish you the best of exams. This exam will be the best and easiest you have ever written.

45. I pray that as you step into the exam hall, all that you have read will come back to your memory.

46. Good morning, heard you are starting your exams today so I decided to reach out to you. Just want to tell you not to be scared at all, it’s going to be okay. Go and nail it.

47. Good morning, you have exams today and I heard that the course is really difficult but then, it will become easy for someone as outstanding as you. I wish you the best.

48. Hey, just wanted to let you know that you have passed already. There’s no need for you to feel nervous or scared. I wish you the best.

49. Happy exams. There’s nothing happy about exams, right? But I want you to be happy because this exam will be the best you have ever written.

50. My dear friend, I wish you the best in your exams. Good luck.

Send these messages now and tell that your friend of yours or someone special that their exams will be alright. You don’t know how much this will mean to them until you send it.

I hope you love them, please don’t forget to share and comment. Thank you.

Written by Joseph Abimbola

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