Best Exam Wishes for Friend

2024 Best Exam Wishes for Friend

An examination is one of the most stressful exercises in life. From attending tutorials, going to the library, burning midnight candles and keeping up with some mean lecturers.

An examination can be really draining and tasking, and the only way you can be of help to your friend is to get across to them from time to time during this period.

You might be willing to do this, but time may not permit. No problem at all. That’s why I have this compilation of best exam wishes for friend. All you need to do is, read through, and pick your choice. You just send to them, and that’s all.

They are awesome and effective wishes to send to your friend to help them have a successful examination, and doing that will also make them feel cared for and loved.

Best of Luck Wishes for Exam to Friend

Is it an exam period for your friend? Perfect! Just go ahead and send them one of these best of luck wishes to encourage them to do their best.

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1. I have watched you read and attend classes because of this exam. You’ve really worked hard for this exam. So, don’t stress it. I wish you all the best. Good luck.

2. Hello, girlfriend! I know you believe so much in yourself, and this examination will turn out just fine but do not relent. Keep reading and burning those candles. It will definitely pay off. Good luck, dear friend.

3. I have watched you follow your dreams with utmost dedication and perseverance, and I can say for a fact that you will surely make all of them come true. Good luck, and all the best with your exam.

4. In life, hard work pays, but not as much as smart work. Success isn’t only in how much you read, but how much you understand what you are reading. I hope the reading is going well. Best of luck, dear friend.

5. You can reach every aim you want, if only you set your mind on it. You can pass this exam if you are well prepared for it. I wish you all the best, my dear. Good luck with everything.

6. When you put your best effort in the things you do, God will surely crown it with success. I hope you’re reading well. I wish you the best of luck, baby girl.

7. This is certainly not the time to be unnecessarily nervous. I know you. Please, calm down, and answer every question correctly. My prayers are with you. I wish you the best.

8. I have always known you to be a goal-getter. You yearn too much for success, and that’s what has always helped you. Now is the time to activate that spirit again. Go and do well.

9. I have seen you study extremely hard for this exam, and I’m so confident that you will come out in flying colours. I can’t wait to celebrate with you. Good luck, my friend.

10. I sincerely believe in your hard work and determination. I know you’re so confident about the success, but do not relax too much. All the best, my friend.

11. You have always made me proud, and I’m so sure this time, there will be no exemption. Make sure you do very well, so I can be even prouder. Best wishes, my friend.

12. Do not ever feel nervous. Be confident and put your mind at rest. You can do it. Now, go and write distinctions. Best of luck in your exam.

13. I know you most certainly will not be stable, right now. This is like a call to order. Relax, and just do your thing. Success awaits you already. Best of luck in your papers.

14. I pray that all your late-night reading and burning of candles be rewarded with the best results. May you obtain the highest marks and your success be continued. Good luck to you.

15. May the blessings of God be with you during and after the exams. Do not relent in your reading and prayers. Keep pushing forward. Best of luck, my dear.

16. You prepared well, you know it all right, just relax over the night. You just need a little rest. Best of luck for the exam!

17.Stop bugging yourself about how the exams will turn out. I know you will eventually make it. Do not forget to take care of yourself while preparing for the exams. Good luck, dear friend.

Best Wishes for Exams to Friends

These are best wishes for exams to friends, that will make your friend achieve success without burning many candles.

18. Trust me, this exam is no big deal at all. The same way you have been writing the ones before this is the same way you will write this, so please relax. I wish you the very best.

19. You are the most brilliant friend that I have, and I know you’re gonna do well in this exam. Don’t you ever see yourself as a failure, because this exam, you have passed it. Good luck to you.

20. I am sure you have read and understood everything you need for this exam. Please, do very well. Do not disappoint us. Anyway, I trust you. I wish you the very best.

21. As you’re about to start your exams, I pray that you never fall short of accurate answers. Your memory will remember all it has recorded. Amen. Your success is certain. Best of luck, darling.

22. Now is the time to do away with frivolities, and face your reading squarely. You can’t afford to fail, you know this. I wish you all the best and all my love. Love you, friend.

23. You will not only write this exam, but you will also remember all you have read, and put them down accordingly. You are a brilliant friend, and all you will get is good luck. I love you.

24. Do away with panic. Away with tension. Just be good and take your time. I know you are very well prepared for this exam. Now is the time to go prove it. I wish you success in your exams.

25. No matter what happens, one thing I’m always sure of is your success. You’re a very wise and brilliant one, so I will just leave you to do your thing. Good luck and all the best.

26. Now, go in there and show them the awesome stuff you’re made of. I have no doubt whatsoever in my mind. I’m sure you will make it. I wish you all the best, girlfriend.

27. I’m sure this exam is already dead on arrival. Go choke the hell out of this exam. Beat it blue and black. When you’re done, you will only be stronger. I trust you, babe. Good luck.

28. No matter how difficult this exam turns out to be, I know you can handle it. No matter how difficult the lecturer in charge is, you will pass the exam. You’ve handled situations way tougher, and they only made you stronger. Good luck with your exam.

29. I know exams can be so draining, and that’s why I am here. Do not hesitate to call on me, whenever you need help. Please, do well for me and you. I wish you all the best. I love you.

30. No matter how difficult this exam is, you are greater. All you have to do is believe in yourself. You can, and you will. You only need to put a little more effort. I wish you the best of luck.

31. Though I am the busy type, because I can never be too busy for you, you will have my support throughout this period. Call me when you need anything. All the best in your exams.

32. You have worked so hard and outdid yourself, because of this exam. It’s okay, I know the result shall be nothing short of beautiful. Success awaits you, my friend.

33. The day has finally come! I have seen you cry while reading for this exam. I have seen you attend different tutorials, because of this. I can only pray for and encourage you. Do not worry, the results will be just fine. I love you.

34. Make sure you follow the instructions and pay attention to the details on your script. Answer the ones you can, and be very hopeful for the best results. I wish you the best, dear.

Exam Success Messages to A Friend

Sending just one of these messages to your friend will make him/her achieve great success in his/her exams.

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35. I know you are not in your best mood, right now. But soon, you will get over it. Just go in there, and crush the exam. Yes, you can do it. Good luck, my friend.

36. We all know how intelligent and wise you are. And we believe that no exam can stop you from achieving your goals. You know everything you need to know already, so go show them how it’s done. I love you, babe

37. You are the most brilliant amongst us, and we know your capabilities. This exam will not be an exemption, baby. May good luck smile on you, as you do justice to these papers. Love you.

38. I know you have your reservations about this course, already, but never let that cloud your judgement. Just go in there, be yourself, relax, and do your thing. I trust you, baby. Good luck to you.

39. It’s okay to be nervous, but don’t overdo it, so you don’t forget all you have been reading all this while. Just relax, and go with the flow. Good luck, my friend.

40. This exam is definitely different from all others because it’s your final year exam. Please, don’t rush. Do all accordingly, and crosscheck. Don’t be in a hurry to submit. I trust you to make me proud. Good luck.

41. My brilliant friend, how is the reading going? Well, even if you don’t make all these efforts, I know you will pass, because even the hardest exam is always easy for you. Good luck, babe.

42. You know I am always rooting for you through prayers, right? Don’t be too relaxed, please. Keep reading, don’t stop! I wish you all the very best. I love you.

43. So your exams have started today. I have seen you go from one tutorial to another. It’s not been easy for you, considering the fact that your lecturer isn’t helping matters. But don’t worry, God is working things out. Good luck.

44. I know your victory is assured, as you prepare for this exam. I can see that you believe in yourself a lot, and that’s the right spirit. Don’t stop doing that. Good luck to you.

45. Don’t fret or panic at all. You will write this exam and pass it with distinctions, trust me. Just give it your best shot and come out in flying colours. I wish you all the very best, dear.

46. This exam is going to be the best yet, so as the result, in Jesus name. I’m so proud of how far you have come. You shun all distractions to be able to concentrate on reading. You will make it. Good luck, dear.

47. I am very sure of your success. You’re so intelligent, and the lecturers will have no choice than to give you the grades you deserve because you’ve worked really hard for them. All the best, my friend.

48. Your confidence is at its highest level; in fact, I envy you a whole lot. You’re always coming through and putting in the work. So your success will definitely be unquestionable. Good luck, my dear.

49. Here’s wishing you the very best in this examination. May all your efforts be crowned with good success. Amen. Go and murder the papers.

50. I believe strongly in you. I know you will excel far above your mates. My expectations of you are very high, so you have to make us all proud. Do not worry about anything. You will make it. Amen.

Good Luck Messages for Exams to A Friend

Need a message that attracts exam success and good luck for a friend? Look no further, just pick one of the messages below, and that’s all.

51. You’ve been studying really hard before this day came. Don’t you worry at all. So far you know everything you need to know, then all is under control. Good luck, my dear.

52. Stop worrying and bothering yourself about that course. So far you read well, you will pass well. Just be optimistic and prayerful. Go show them how it’s done, baby. Good luck with your papers.

53. I am pretty sure you are prepared for this exam, so there’s absolutely no reason to be scared. I believe in you and your capabilities. Good luck, my friend.

54. Remember I told you not to be nervous. Believe in yourself. You have burned enough candles to succeed in this exam. So, brace yourself! I’m sure you’re prepared already. Good luck, babes.

55. You are one of the smartest and brilliant people I’ve ever met, and I strongly believe that you are going to murder this exam. Do not be intimidated by your lecturers. Just focus, and show them how it’s done.

56. Here’s sending all my love to you, my friend. Do not stress yourself over any exam. You have read enough, and I know you’re prepared for what’s to come. So, go and prosper. Best of luck, baby.

57. I know you are capable of doing anything, and there is no mountain high enough to stop your plans. So, keep your head up high and set out for your exam. Good luck, dear friend.

58. I want you to know that despite your doubts about this exam, you have all it takes to pass it. I know what you’re capable of doing, so no stress at all. Just go do your thing. Success in Jesus name. Amen.

59. You are a brilliant lady, and I trust you with anything you do. This exam isn’t an exemption, I know you’re going to do well. I wish good luck allover. Love you.

60. Dear friend, be proud of everything you put together to come this far. It’s not easy, and I envy your strength and courage. You will pass this exam, no doubt. I believe in you.

61. You have been studying so hard, and now is the time to show the world what you’ve been up to. Go into that hall, and write down all you’ve read. I am sure you can’t even exhaust all. Good luck to you.

62. I can say for a fact that you have prepared very well for this exam, so I have absolutely no doubt that you are going to do your best. Good luck, my friend. Be calm.

63. Try as much as possible not to talk in the exam hall. The goal is to go and murder the questions given. So please, do not do side talks. Just do your thing and leave. Best of luck, dear friend.

64. There will be distractions, but try as much as possible not to give them your attention. You’re so determined to make it, and I know you will. Just stay calm, and trust God. Good luck, baby.

65. I am 101% sure that you will pass this exam in flying colours. Don’t just be too rigid, be calm and determined. You already know all you need to know. Good luck, darling.

66. Exams are fun, I hope you know that. So please, don’t take everything seriously. Just take your time, and play around everything. You will remember all you’ve read. Best of all lucks, my friend.

67. Finally, the day is here! Now is the time to rest from all the nervousness and panic, and face reality. I know you can do this. Wishing you the best of luck, sweetheart.

Funny Exam Wishes for Friends

Even if your friend is preparing for the most difficult examination, he/she will have no choice than to burst into laughter after reading your wish for her.

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68. I actually can’t wait for you to get done with this exam. I can’t wait to party with you, especially when the results are out. I wish you the best, dear, so we can party hard.

69. You have always been shouting and making mouth about how brilliant and smart you are, now is the time to prove it. If you don’t do well, I will deal with you mercilessly.

70. I can remember how you sleep off while reading, with your big mouth wide open. I just hope that you do well in this exam, else, you will be dead.

71. Please, do not enter the exam hall with the thought of beating me. Instead, enter with a positive mindset that you are going to pass your exam. Good luck with your exams.

72. Now is the time to make me proud. I really want to raise my shoulder pads. Go and show your lecturers and course mates how it’s being done. Good luck, my friend.

73. Wishing you all the best on your exam. I really do hope your sleepless nights pay off. I can’t wait to pop champagne when the results are finally out. Good luck, dear.

74. This is the best opportunity to prove your self-acclaimed brilliance to everyone around you, especially me. Go and do your best, and leave the rest for God. Good luck, big head.

75. Instead of focusing on the notes you don’t have, you had better focus on the ones you have, and study hard, if possible beat everyone to come first. Good luck to you.

76. It’s high time you stopped being flippant. Get serious with reading for your upcoming exams. Stop playing with me and be serious for once in your life. I will not wish you good luck, till I see you reading.

77. I have taught you so many things, including how to read and pass. Now is the time to implement all I have taught you. Head over to the library, and go and read. Good luck with your exams, tomorrow.

78. Stop hiding under the umbrella of being the most brilliant, and ignore your books. Your examination is fast approaching, you can’t afford to fail. I was only joking, I know you will succeed. Good luck to you

79. I hope you know that good luck will not come and meet you where you are having fun. Get busy with your books, dear. Best of luck with your exam.

80. Do not get nervous in the exam hall, it’s not healthy. The only healthy thing is, having your eyes on success. Be determined to make it, and quite disturbing me. I know you will do well in the exam. Good luck.

81. Even though you fail at being a good friend sometimes, I hope that you don’t fail in life. Don’t take that seriously, I was only joking. Please, face your books squarely, so something good can come out of it. Good luck.

82. Exams test knowledge, but we all know you’re not knowledgeable at all. Lol. Just kidding. How are the preparations for your exam? Don’t stop believing in yourself. Best of luck.

83. It’s very okay to be nervous before an exam, but don’t let the fear hinder your success. Be confident in yourself, and face it. Wishing you all the best, my friend.

84. Stop showing how much of a bully you are, and channel your energy into something productive, like reading for your exams. I wish you all the best, though. Good luck.

Exam Wishes Sms for Best Friend

Would you like to wish your friend all the best in their exams? You are just one step forward. Send one of these exam wishes to them.

85. The only thing that can hinder you from passing this exam is your unnecessary nervousness. I think you need to stop panicking. You can do it, so, please. I wish you good luck, and I will keep praying for you.

86. There’s absolutely no need to be scared, my friend. This isn’t your first time writing an exam, so go ahead and do what’s expected of you. Success all the way.

87. One thing I am sure of is, you’re going to get what you deserve, this time. I see how you put in your best, but you’re always being under graded. Now, you’re making all your papers, Amen?

88. I know that you will nail it because you are more than ready for it. Nervousness is the robber of success, please don’t give in to it. Just relax, and do your work. Good luck.

89. You’ve been studying really hard, I have never seen you like that. I bet your sweat will not be wasted, because you know everything already. Just use your head. Good luck, dear friend.

90. You can only determine what will come out of this, by studying really hard. Do not depend on anyone to supply answers to you. Read, and be prepared enough. That’s the only way to make it. All the best.

91. Quit worrying and start putting in the work. I want you to prepare like it’s your last exam. When you are prepared enough, then there’d be no reason to worry. Good luck to you.

92. I am sure you are 100% ready to face your fears tomorrow. Do not underestimate yourself. Start believing in yourself now. There are no limits to what you can achieve. All the best.

93. I hope you know that the best way to beat your last results is to believe more in yourself and never give room for frivolities. This is stern advice, so treat as such. Best of luck.

94. This might be the only chance you have at making it big in school, so please, do all you can to pass this exam. Don’t stop reading and asking questions. Success awaits you.

95. I pray that good luck smiles on you today and throughout all your examination. I know you are very well prepared, so go ahead and gather those distinctions.

96. Don’t let the nervousness ruin everything you’ve laboured for. Be confident when the exam booklet is handed over to you, and start work immediately. I love you.

97. I am not a bit worried about your exams. I strongly believe in you and I am rooting for your success. Wishing you the best of luck in the world.

98. You have been in your best behaviour lately, and this has got you prepared for your exam. You’ve prepared well for this day, so it’s time to get to work. Best of luck to you.

99. I am so confident that you will make your papers with flying colours. You have put in a whole lot of work, so go and offload them in the exam hall. Wishing you good luck.

100. Don’t stop believing in yourself, even while you are attempting the questions. Stay focused and be confident. I know you will make it. Best wishes on your exam, dear friend.

Hey there! Thank you for checking for the best exam wishes for friends. I hope you got something beautiful. Please, don’t forget to share with friends. Thank you.

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