Best Good Luck Wishes for Exam

2024 Best Good Luck Wishes for Exam

Sometimes, exams come with a bout of emotions – anxiety, fear, and doubt. However, good words of encouragement and wishes will go a long way to kick out these negative emotions from those sitting for these exams.

Therefore, I’ve written messages in the form of good luck wishes and quotes perfect for any exam type.

You’ll find them in different categories, including but not limited to good luck wishes for examination, good wishes for exams quotes, and best wishes for a good result in exam.

You can even help your friends, family, or colleague feel less tensed during exams by sending them messages in the last category featuring funny good luck wishes for an exam.

Are you ready to pick the best from these myriads of best good luck wishes for exams? Then, go through each category to make your choice.

Here you go:

Good Luck on Your Exam Quotes

You need some good luck in your exam, dear. Therefore, I’m sending my best wishes to you as you prepare for and write your exam today. I know you’ll take the first position in your class.

See these powerful prayers for exam/ that you can send to your friends.

1. This exam will be the best you’ve ever had. You’ll experience good luck and know no failure whatsoever. Be rest assured that a good report shall be your portion.

2. No matter how difficult this exam may be, you’ll come out in flying colours. You shall relish every paper you write. There’ll be no report of misfortune. Good luck, my dear friend.

3. Don’t be afraid no matter how tough the exam gets. I’m quite certain you’ll smash all of the questions and make it to the top as the best student.

4. There is no bad luck for excellent students. So, never be anxious about the exams that are ahead of you. You shall know success at the end.

5. My dear, you’ll have no reason to repeat class nor endure carryovers. Only progress shall be your portion. Keep reading to keep succeeding. I believe you can make it.

6. It’s such an honour to be the valedictorian of your class. This exam shall earn you the first spot in your class. I believe so much in you. Good luck, my buddy.

7. No matter how hard it gets, you’ll always overcome every huddle you face in the course of this exam. I await the good news of your success.

8. I have the coolest gift for you as you mark the end of your exam. Promise me, you’ll come out in flying colours. Good luck, sweety. I wish you the very best.

9. As you get ready for your exam, never think any book is beyond your comprehension. Just take it one day at a time and you’ll end up beaming with joy in the exam hall.

10. Keep aiming for the best score and you’ll end up scoring the highest percentage. I trust you’ll come out as the greatest. Best of luck, my baby.

11. Good preparation will earn you great success. Therefore, keep your lamb on every night and don’t be deceived into slumber. When the morning comes, we’ll celebrate your success.

12. Good luck my dear friend. If not anything, I know you’ll be amongst the best student to ever write this exam. Go into the exam hall like the champ that you are, my dear.

Good Luck Wishes for Exam to Students

My dear, good luck wishes for you during your exam as a student will do you some good. I thought about you and this wish came to my mind: success and honour are your portion in this exam and the ones to come.

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13. As your teacher, I only look forward to your success. Go and make me proud throughout this exam. I know you can do it. My wish for you is to be the greatest.

14. As a student, make reading your priority. Don’t be distracted by anything else. Make yourself, your parents and teachers proud throughout this exam.

15. You’ve studied so hard. I’m quite certain you’ll be the best student to ever take this exam. I pray you to make distinctions in all your papers.

16. Don’t seek pleasure in this exam period instead go after success. Your academic accomplishment will go a long way in keeping you ahead in life. I wish you all-around success in your exam.

17. You’re a good and diligent student. I believe in my heart you’ll make all your papers. Don’t listen to the voice that makes you doubt your capabilities in this exam. All I want for you is 100% academic success.

18. If you feel you can’t do it, remember this is another exam and therefore you should never use your past to weigh your future. Believe that you’ll make this exam and come out in flying colours.

19. As your teacher, believe you me when I say you can achieve all that you set your heart to do in this exam. Keep preparing the best way you know how to and you’ll never be found at the base of the success pyramid.

20. Be committed to making all your papers and you’ll see that there’s nothing impossible with a dedicated student. Success, my dear.

21. Let your heart and attention be on your exam. This way, you’ll not lose focus on the most important thing which is your victory when your exam result is out.

22. The more you read and revise, the better your chances of graduating as the best. I believe you can hit this academic target. Keep aiming for it.

23. I can’t help but wish you success all the way. This exam may not be your last, but it’ll surely be the best you’ve written so far.

Best Wishes for Good Result in Exam

I’m confident you’ll have the best result in this exam. This is more than a wish, it’s a reality that will soon come through. My wishes coupled with your hard work will make it happen. The best result shall be announced as yours.

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24. When the time comes for you to see your exam report, you’ll be truly blown away by your success.

25. Your exam will birth great result, it all depends on your commitment level. I believe you can have distinctions in all your papers. Go ahead and prove me right, son.

26. If there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s the fact that the more you get ready for your exam, the better your result will be. Keep reading and never stop burning the night candles, you’ll enjoy a great harvest.

27. Don’t be discouraged by how many times you’ve written this paper, just keep in mind that this is your chance to right your wrong and I believe you’ll make it this time with good grades.

28. Do you believe me when I say, you’ll not experience failure but success when your result comes out? I do believe and I urge you to do the same. Best wishes, my darling.

29. No matter how great your result has been in the past, you’ll experience greater success when you look upon the board for this semester’s result.

30. When the day comes for you to see how well you’ve performed, may your heart never be broken. Your name shall tally with the best exam percentage.

31. You’ll be acknowledged as the brightest student in your class. This exam report shall set you apart as the greatest. I say this because I’m sure you can do this.

32. No matter the difficulty you encountered during the exam, your result shall outweigh your challenges.

33. You’ll not be disappointed in yourself when you see your exam result. I can’t wait to see the fulfilment in your eyes as an excellent student.

34. Failure isn’t your portion but a complete success. Believe this truth and you’ll see it coming true in your life.

Exam Good Wishes Sms

Accept this exam good wishes message from me to you. I know you’ll be needing it to feel good about the academic responsibility ahead of you. Don’t fret, exams are nothing new. Give it your best and success will be yours.

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35. You never record failure in this exam. You’ll give it your best and it shall be good enough to earn you the top position of your class.

36. I know you may not be so sure about tomorrow’s exam but you can succeed with just a little faith. Keep your hope alive, bestie. You’ll make it.

37. You’re tougher than the exam. Therefore I’m confidently sure you’ll be amongst the best who ever sat for this exam.

38. Whatever you write during this exam shall favour you. Nothing shall draw you back as you write your paper today.

39. May you have great retentive memory throughout this exam period. Nothing shall be too hard for you to solve in the exam hall.

40. The patience to read every question well before you begin penning down your thoughts shall fall upon you. You shall not be in a haste to finish but the patient enough to succeed.

41. May you never be found guilty of any offence during the exam. You shall be seen as a great student and nothing shall distract you in the hall.

42. Whatever you pen down during this exam shall earn you good results at the end. Don’t be anxious, you’re not alone. You’ll make it at the end.

43. I want to be the first person to wish you great achievements at the end of this examination.

44. Whatever you’re going through at the moment shall not affect your composure and commitment during your exam. I wish you untold success at the end of all your papers.

45. I have faith in you as you write this exam. I know if nobody succeeds, you’ll end up as the best. Always remember that you’re destined to make it.

Good Luck Wishes for Test

With my good luck charm, you can be sure to pass all your tests and exams. I love you so much, my darling and wish you’ll achieve the best score on this test. If you need more of my good luck wishes for you during your tests, don’t hesitate to call on me.

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46. Be it a simple or complex test, you’ll never know failure. You shall score your goals for this test.

47. Even if it’s an impromptu test, you’ll make it exceedingly beyond expectations. Never fret, remain confident in your abilities.

48. Don’t allow any test to make you feel inadequate, you’re more than able to score the highest points on this test. I believe in you and you should, too.

49. Never downplay any test, always be prepared so you can give it your best. I wish you complete success.

50. Tests are meant to examine your capabilities. No matter how difficult they are, these tests will never belittle your knowledge.

51. At the end of this test, you shall not feel like a failure but instead accomplished. I believe you can fly, therefore don’t feel intimidated.

52. You shall come out smiling and joyful when the test is over. Cheers to great academic success, my dear friend.

53. Give it your best so you may earn the most outstanding result when the result comes out. You are success personified no one and nothing can change this truth.

54. I know it never gets easy but I’m sure you’ll never get smaller but big enough to face all your challenges in your academic journey. I wish you 100% success, today.

55. With this test, you shall discover how great you are academically and realize that there’s nothing you cannot do.

56. I only want you to know that this test shall mark the beginning of many more successes for you this semester.

Good Wishes for Examination

Here is a good wish for you during your exam: you won’t fail and neither shall you be depressed during the period of this exam. No matter the obstacle surrounding you, one thing is sure, you shall emerge victorious at the end.

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57. This paper may be particularly tough, best believe it will earn you the best result you’ve ever had. Success in today’s exam, dear.

58. Don’t forget that the most important thing is to give it your best and then, leave the rest to God. Have faith in what you already know and don’t let the devil make you doubt your capabilities.

59. May you never be consumed by fear and confusion when you see your exam questions. You shall be knowledgeable enough to pass all question.

60. I believe that you’re brilliant enough to take on this exam. No matter the negative voices speaking otherwise, choose to be positive and you’ll see that nothing is impossible to those who believe.

61. May everything work together in your favour for this exam. You shall not be disadvantaged in any area.

62. You shall be clothed in honour when the exam is all over. Give it your best and you’ll reap the reward of sheer hard work.

63. This shall be the first and last time you’ll write this exam. You’ll get it right today and become the model for others to follow.

64. This exam shall be the best you’ve ever written. You’ll not be amongst those who will regret or complain about this paper.

65. Who says it’s going to be easy? It gets tougher as you go higher but I believe you have all it takes to make it. Just believe, my dear friend.

66. I know a medical school exam isn’t a walk in the park, but I also know that the force that has been driving you will never leave you and you’ll accomplish more than you’ve ever done.

67. Read, revise and pray. These are the recipe for examination success. Have a taste of them and see how well they can cook the best results for you.

Good Wishes for Exams Quotes

I found these wishes and exam quotes good for you, so, I thought about sending them to you. Have a great exam and don’t be in a hurry to finish. Remember to give it your best shot. I’m sure you will, my love.

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68. No matter how many times an exam knocks you down, dust yourself up and face it squarely to let it know that you’re not going to ever give up. I wish you maximum success in today’s paper.

69. Don’t feel pressured to succeed. Take off every load that may be weighing you down. Today’s exam shall be one-of-a-kind. This is because it will announce your success.

70. Never contemplate cheating during an exam. The best result is the one gotten through personal hard work. I wish you the strength to prepare well for tomorrow’s paper.

71. Exams will not always be in your life. Therefore, give it all it takes at the moment. You’ll soon be free from reading endlessly.

72. There’s a prize waiting for you at the end of the race. Keep reading so you may win the prize. I love you, my dearest daughter.

73. I’m so sure no exam is beyond the capacity of my beloved son. Go and prove me right, my baby boy.

74. It may seem like the exams never get easier, but that’s how it ought to be. Therefore brace up and you’ll see that you can always come out victorious in every exam.

75. If you feel overwhelmed, take a break from reading. Have fun and then open your book to read again. Soon enough you’ll be on the last page. You shall pass this exam with this strategy.

76. Everything you pen down shall favour your result. You shall not write what will earn you nothing. Wisdom and understanding shall follow you throughout this exam.

77. Remember that it’s the students who prepare the most that will earn the best prize. I believe your name is worthy of honour on your graduation day, so give this exam your best.

78. You won’t fail no matter how hard the exam may be. I know you have all it takes to maintain your victorious academic record.

Good Wishes for Success in Exams

I know you need some good wishes to attain success in your forthcoming exam, so, accept this wish of mine. You shall be the face of success this session. I know it because I can smell it all over you from afar.

79. There’s nothing as sweet as exam success. I want you to have a taste of its flavour, therefore I wish you the best of accomplishment during your exam.

80. This exam shall prove to the world one thing: that you’re the best when it comes to book.

81. Never consider your past failure cause this exam shall rewrite your academic history for good.

82. Don’t be dismayed, there’s nothing new about writing exams. Read as much as you can and you’ll see that success is always within reach.

83. Part of exam’s success is relishing good health throughout the period. I pray you never feel feverish or nauseous during this exam period.

84. This exam will boost your confidence in yourself cause you’ll attain the best academic height of your life at the end. Success, beautiful.

85. You’ll never miss a paper. All your results for this term examinations shall blow your mind away. Be cheerful, best friend.

86. Keep confessing your success and it’ll soon become your reality. I love you, my child. Go and make your parents proud.

87. This law school exam shall not be hard for you even when the world says it is a tough nut to crack. Happy exam, my soon-to-be barrister.

88. Your nursing school exam shall not be tough on you. You’ll be smart enough to prepare well and in the end, you’ll be the best in your class.

89. Today marks the end of your exam, may you have no reason to write it again. You’ll go on to achieve greater milestones.

Funny Good Luck Wishes for Exam

I need you to laugh wholeheartedly throughout your exam, so, here is my funny good luck exam message to you: if you laugh at your teacher, you may end up not laughing in the exam hall. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

You’ll also find these jokes for my friend really funny. Check it out.

90. Your good luck charm for this exam lies beneath my armpit. Smell it so you can come top of your class.

91. Keep burning your candle at night even when you’re asleep, it will make you stay awake in the exam.

92. Your good luck in this exam lies in my hands. Simply grant me my wish and you’ll not have to sweat before scoring high.

93. Stay hydrated before going into the exam hall. It will make you remember all you’ve read. Don’t say I didn’t tell you.

94. If you want to pass this exam make peace with me so I may give you the spell to make your teachers mark you high.

95. The one thing that isn’t funny in life is exam. So, I’m wishing you good luck so you don’t end up crying a river in the exam hall.

96. I wish I could go into the exam hall with you so you may share in my aura of success.

97. If you tell me a joke that cracks my rib before you step into the exam hall, you’ll come out laughing like a geek who solved a further math puzzle.

98. Speak into the air if you want to pass your exams, but don’t shout too loud to make the angels go deaf.

99. I wish your exam today will be as easy as ABC but my wishes can’t come through because you’re no longer in kindergarten.

100. I love you and would do anything for you but you see I could never wish to be the one writing this exam. I know you’ve got the brain for it. Good luck, sweetheart.

I’m very sure by delivering any of these best good luck exam messages and wishes to your friend, siblings or parents, you’ll not only be showing your love for them but also that you care about their future.

Hey, show some love by taking a bit of your time to help me share these best good luck wishes for exams around your social media platforms.

Thank you.

Written by Taiye Christiana

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