Happy 32nd Birthday Prayers

Happy 32nd Birthday Prayers for 32 Years Old (2024)

The turning of a new age is a very welcomed occasion among all, from a 5-year-old kid to a 50-year-old adult.

And while there are some sects of people that are genuinely excited about birthdays, there are some fractions of the populace that display a bit of indifference to total nonchalance about the anniversary of their birth.

Irrespective of whether you fall in this class or there are people around you, friends, family or acquaintances who exhibit this trait, it is an undeniable fact that birthday celebrations are special.

Turning a new age is a big deal, and when an adult turns a significantly remarkable age as the thirties, it is just right to help them celebrate. In fact, you should never let the birthday of anyone you know to pass without you wishing them because it is the least of things you can do for someone on their birthday. There is always a way to celebrate people no matter our relationship with them and this is why you should help them celebrate as they turn 32.

Humans are supernatural beings; we hold a very strong belief in the spiritual as well as the physical. That’s why prayers are quite vital and are always injected into every aspect of our life.

So, it’s not absurd to see prayers flying around in form of wishes on someone’s birthday.

Birthday prayers and wishes are not expensive, all it takes is a couple of minutes to send them as a text, a handwritten note or even customized into a card.

You should not allow your loved ones’ birthdays pass you without sending your wish to them.

You will find some birthday prayers and wishes that are just perfect and suitable to send to anyone (no matter your relationship with them) celebrating their 32nd around you.

They are direct and quite handy too, in form of prayers and wishes, they will go a long way to reveal your intent which of course is, celebrating with them. Below are the best of all 32nd birthday prayers for 32 years old in 2024.

32nd Birthday Prayers for Myself

You don’t have to wait for anyone before you shower 32nd birthday prayers on yourself. You can post this on your social media handles and WhatsApp status to enforce your belief of God’s blessings on your life.

It is one of the several ways you can treat yourself on your birthday.

1. The heavens have been kind to me so far, it’s more than an honour to see today. Happy birthday to me, may the goodness and mercies of God that I’ve enjoyed so far never end! Long life and prosperity to me.

2. Guess who’s the latest 32 years old today? You’re right, that’s me! All I can say is thank you God for this far you’ve brought me. May my life be very long and fruitful. May the light of God continually shine on my path. It’s going to be a fruitful year ahead by God’s grace.

happy 32nd birthday    

3. Blessings from heaven, favour from men, the grace of God, and every good thing of life, all of these and more I pray for. Happy 32nd birthday to the most awesome person that I know in the world, yes, that’s me!

4. Dear me, it’s been a very good and beautiful life so far, and I’m positive it won’t end there. I’m more than excited for what’s to come which I’m sure they’re greater and better things, a most beautiful happy birthday to me.

5. So far, it’s been a great journey for me and now, I know there’s so much more to live for and to do with my life. All I can say is thank you God for always being there. Please continue to be, that’s all I ask for. Happy birthday to me, today.

Birthday Prayers for 32 Years Old Sister or Brother

It’s your older brother/sister’s birthday and if I were you, I won’t hesitate to send any of these birthday prayers for 32 years old to her, or him.

Do you want to know things you can do to show that you appreciate your older siblings? Here’s one of many.

6. You have been an amazing big sister right from the beginning that I can’t think of anything else to do for you as you celebrate your birthday today than these. Dearest sis, may God always shower your life with pleasant surprises. I wish you great and exciting years ahead. Happy birthday to you.

7. May today usher you into a lifetime of unending excitements! May all your good never be dashed! There’s nothing for you to do today than to celebrate because you’ve enjoyed God’s grace Soo far and you’ll continue to do so. Happy birthday, dearest big bro.

8. It is your big day brother, and I’m intentionally declaring it a public holiday because there’s nothing to do except celebrating you today. Welcome to the second year of your thirties. I wish you an abundance of God’s blessings! Happy birthday bro, may God be with you always.

9. As always, I thank God today for the gift of you to me and us all as the big sister. May God bless you more for all you do for us. Your days are in God’s hands already. I pray that He will continue to guide you. Hearty cheers to you sis, welcome to 32.

happy 32nd birthday

10. Today marks another year of steady and significant growth for you, and all I can say is: Thank God for all he is doing in your life. This new year and even through your days, may God continue to bless and guide you. You will live long to celebrate more. Happy 32nd birthday bro.

32nd Birthday Prayers for My Son or Daughter

The pride of every parent is to watch their children grow from infancy into adulthood, and if you are the proud parent, you will not hesitate to send any of these 32nd birthday prayers to your son or daughter as they celebrate.

Prayers from you as the parent is more than vital to your children as it helps to lead them every step of the way in life.
You can input some hints for a successful life to further help them have a nice celebration and look forward to the days ahead with optimism

11. Each year, you’re steadily moving into full adulthood and that is a very good thing to do. This new year, dear daughter, I pray for you that you will receive more than enough wisdom for your life. Nothing will slow your journey of life down. Continue to make us proud, happy 32nd birthday dearest daughter.

12. Whether you’re 32 or 52, you will always and forever be my little princess, note that. Well, as you celebrate today, I pray for you that this new year will be the best of your years yet. Don’t be afraid to do whatever you set your mind on, I’ll be here, praying for you. God bless you much child. Happy birthday to you.

13. Today, it’s evident you’ve kept on growing in every aspect and trust me, son, we are so proud of you. This new year, remember to relax more and take things easy because the plan of God towards you are of good and not for evil. I wish you successful years ahead, junior. Happy 32nd birthday to you.

14. Each day, I pray for a bigger you and today is not an exception. You’ve already started doing rest things, and I pray that 32 will make all the difference in your life. May your life continue to be in the right direction. Just continue to live happily. Have a very merry year ahead, happy birthday to you, son.

15. You can take a breather today, it’s your big day. Welcome to 32, child, it’s is going to be a beautiful and much better year for you. Enjoy today because the best is here for you as long as you’re ready. Happy birthday to you, many happy returns of today too.

32nd Birthday Prayers for My Nephew

Who says you can’t celebrate your nephew as he turns 32? Of course, you should help him have a good celebration. Send some 32nd birthday prayers to your nephew, let him know that you’re thinking of him as he celebrates.

You might want to check out some birthday gift ideas for him too.

16. I just want to remind you to expect more happiness as you go into your new year. Nothing is much better than to be loved and favoured and that’s what you are, always. Have a happy birthday today.

17. Always remember that no matter what anyone says, no one can define you and you have the power to stay happy no matter what. Don’t worry, life will be good for you because I’m praying for you. Happy birthday dear nephew.

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18. May all your hard work over the years come together and bring in unending success to you. May this age bring you more blessings than you can even imagine because that’s what you deserve. Happy 32nd to my favourite nephew.

19. As you celebrate today and you’re happy, I pray that happiness will remain so till forever. May your dreams and hopes never die nor fade away. May life be good to you. Happy birthday to you dear.

happy 32nd birthday

20. There’s nothing much to say today than to pray for you from the bottom of my heart that you will continue to prosper. Remember to never give up but always give everything your best shot. May life favour you, dear. Happy birthday once again, and many happy returns of today.

32nd Birthday Prayers for My Cousin

It’s your cousin’s 32nd birthday and these prayers are just perfect to help him (or her) have an awesome celebration and unforgettably pleasant memories for the day.

You can see how to have a memorable birthday party here

21. I’ve seen enough of you to know that you’re not one to give up on anything easily. Dearest cousin, I pray for you today that your days will be pleasant always and you will enjoy every good thing of life that your heart weeks. 32 hearty cheers to you today, happy birthday.

22. It’s my favourite cousin’s birthday today and I am so happy for all you’ve become. I know I don’t say this to you often but boy, I’m more than proud of you always. May God keep blessing you and you will never go down. Enjoy your birthday man, you’re an adult so, whatever.

23. To my cousin, my sister, my friend and my partner, a very happy birthday to you today. I wish you the best of all you wish yourself and I pray that you will always be happy. You’re a great human, don’t forget that. Happy 32nd birthday to you.

24. Girl, you are definitely growing up so fast that it seems almost impossible to catch up with you. Hey, it’s going to be an amazing year yet, so don’t worry. May God be with you always and may life favour you. Happy 32nd birthday to you.

25. Remember that the race is not to the swift nor the journey to the wise. In all, God will always come through for you. You have had a good beginning, your journey forthwith will be on a better path. Make sure to have a very good party today because you’ve earned it. Happy birthday to you dearest cousin.

32nd Birthday Prayers for My Aunt or Uncle

Whether the celebrant is an uncle or aunt, here, you’ll find the most appropriate words and prayers to wish them as they celebrate another year of life.

25. Mum is lucky to have you as her brother, you are more than an Icon to me. As you go into another year today, I pray that God’s joy and blessings will fill your life and everything you do. Happy birthday uncle, you’ll live long to witness more

26. Happy birthday to my favourite aunt, the best aunt in the whole world. I don’t need many words to say how important you are and will always be to me. I pray that you will receive the grace to continue doing well in life. I love you auntie, happy birthday to you.

27. It’s the thirty-second anniversary of your birth today uncle, and I just know that you deserve some prayers. May God keep you that you’ll never stumble. May every day of your life be important and quite exciting for you. Have a good celebration today, happy birthday to you.

28. Three hundred and sixty-five days in a year and one is specifically yours. As you celebrate today, may you have reasons to smile always. Happy 32nd birthday aunt. You rock.

happy 32nd birthday

29. As you celebrate today, nothing will take your joy. May this birthday bring you every exciting thing that you look forward to, in life. I pray that your blessings be stable and you live a happy and long life. Happy birthday, uncle, your best is here already.

30. Today is just for you and celebration alone. May nothing steal or snatch away your joy. Your world is completely yours, go ahead and do all the things you wish for. May God bless you, always. Happy birthday to you!

32nd Birthday Prayers for My Sister-In-Law

It’s your sister-in-law’s birthday and you are not very sure of how best to celebrate her? You can send any of these birthday prayers to celebrate with her and show that you genuinely care from your heart.

It is a good way for you to learn how to maintain a healthy relationship with your in-laws

31. Hey sis, it’s your birthday today. Thank you for being my number one fan, you’ve shown me that you got my back on several occasions. Today, I pray that God bless you and keep you happy no matter what. Have a great celebration today, happy birthday to you.

32. 32 and rocking, that’s what you are today beautiful sis. Thank you for making me, family. I wish you long life and abundance of prosperity. May you be happy always. Welcome to 32, many happy returns of today.

33. It’s your birthday and you’re permitted to have all the fun you choose to, today. Happy 32nd birthday to the best sister in law, I couldn’t have asked for anything less. I pray that you will be happy all the days of your life.

34. Everything you aspire for, I hope you can achieve. Every one of your wishes, I hope they will come true. You are the best sister-in-law ever, and you deserve to be celebrated. Have fun today, happy birthday to you.

35. Thank you for accepting me and making me very comfortable, you are the best sister-in-law around. Today, I pray that your wishes and dreams come true. May God bless you so much. Welcome to 32, I hope it favours you. Happy birthday to you.

32nd Birthday Prayers for My Brother-In-Law

Celebrate your brother-in-law in style with these cool and heartfelt 32nd birthday prayers for my brother-in-law. It’s a way of showing them that you care and you put them into God’s hands as they go into the 32nd year of their life.

36. May God go with you on this journey, may God help you and you will not be afraid of a thing. May every day of your life bring in pleasant memories; happy 32nd brother, you’ve been more than an in-law to me and I appreciate you, always.

37. You are an amazing person with a very beautiful soul. You are my brother, let’s skip the in-law part. As you celebrate today, may God shine his face and shower his blessings on you. Thank you for all you do, happy 32nd birthday to you.

38. You are the type that comes into one’s heart and leaves a lasting impression. We are more than lucky to have you in our lives. The best of your days is here, dear brother and it is blessed of God already. Welcome to the big 32, cheers to good things of life!

39. You are the best thing to happen to us and we’re just so happy our lives have you in it. May God bless your days, bro, and he’ll cause his face to shine on you always. May the future unfold pleasantness to you, happy 32nd birthday, bro.

40. You safely made it to the thirties and now, you’re celebrating 32, today. Irs being an honour knowing you and becoming family. Don’t stop being you, you’ve got a lot to offer the world. Happy birthday brother, may God’s goodness be yours.

32nd Birthday Prayers for Dad or Mom

A filial child would do anything to appreciate and impress their parent, these include praying for them on their birthday. You should not hesitate to send any of these 32nd birthday prayers for dad or mom to any of your parents as they celebrate 32 years on earth.
This is just the least of things you can do to show that you genuinely appreciate your parent for all of their love and sacrifices for you.

It is one of the things that strengthen family bond.

41. Today is the 32nd anniversary of your birth dad and I’m sure we’re celebrating in a big way. Thank you for showing me the world in a brand new way. I love that you are my father and I am also proud that I am your son. You will continue to grow well dad, happy birthday to you.

42. I woke today with prayers to God on your behalf. I am thankful for the gift of you to me and to humanity. It has been fun so far, knowing you are my mother and that you’ll always be there. You will live long to celebrate more. Happy 32nd birthday mom, I wish you many happy returns of today.

43. Not one day passes by that I do not give thanks to God on your behalf. Thank you for all your sacrifices, I love you and I will always pray for you. Dearest mother, happy 32nd birthday to you. I pray that you will continue to shine bright on all sides. Cheers to you.

44. There is nothing I could compare your love and sacrifices with. I am more than blessed that you are my father. In this new year, you will always be happy and you will prosper in everything and on all sides. Long life and prosperity to you daddy, happy birthday.

45. To my best friend, my adviser, my lifeboat, my pillar, my comfort when life comes at me, my home, my resting place, my one and only: Happy birthday to you daddy! I love you always and forever. May God bless you all your days.

Happy 32nd Birthday Prayers and Blessings

You don’t have to be short of words to say to the birthday celebrant around you. These happy 32nd birthday prayers and blessings are ideal to send to anyone around you as they celebrate their special day.

If you think you can afford it, you can check customized themes for birthday parties too.

46. It is your most special day today and the most important prayer right now is that nothing will steal your joy away. You are moving forward in life with nothing to hold you back no matter what. I wish you all the happiness that life has in store for you. Happy 32nd birthday to you.

47. As you go into another year of your life today, may every encounter you have be a favourable one. May all your worries and fears fade away and your strength renewed. Today and to the end of your life, I wish you nothing but the best. Many happy returns of today dear, happy 32nd birthday.

48. You have done well so far, and now as you go, I pray that you will not lose focus on what’s important. Keep being the best you can be and the sky is just a starting point for you. I wish you the best for all of your days. 32 hearty cheers to you, happy birthday!

happy  32nd birthday

49. No matter how hard I tried to, there’s no better way to wish you a happy 32nd birthday than to tell you what an awesome person you are. This new year and even till the end of your life, you will not be stranded. The older you grow, the happier you’ll go. May your days being and fruitful. Happy 32nd birthday to you dear, you’re loved.

50. A new age has come and with it new obligations and expectations. I pray that for every new day, you’ll record something new and spectacular. Nothing asides positivities are allowed for you. Look forward to life and prosperity in abundance for you. Enjoy life and don’t forget to get the most out of it, too. Welcome to 32, it will favour you.

I am sure you were able to pick on a couple of 32nd birthday prayers that are appropriate for you to send across to that loved one on their 32nd birthday.

Direct and quite sincerely, you can surely relate to them.
You don’t have to stress on the right words to come up with, all of that has been taken care of for you, as that’s what I do.

Let me know what you think of this post. I look forward to reading comments as feedbacks are highly welcome.

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