I Will Always Love You No Matter What Quotes

I Will Always Love You No Matter What Quotes (2024)

A relationship is a beautiful thing and I believe you are in one and you being here shows you love and cherish your partner and relationship. though there tend to be some misunderstandings in relationships, the beautiful thing about them is that they make the relationships stronger.

Many couples have experienced some hitch in their relationships due to various factors like lack of communication or feeling distant from your spouse, which is giving your partner the negative vibes and they think love you share isn’t as strong as it used to be.

It’s a well-known fact that reassuring your special one of your love for them can give rise to a more loving bond and give ways to resolve disagreements in relationships. Sending awesome I love you quotes is also one of the fastest ways to remove doubts from your love life.

Telling your partner that your love for them and that your love can stand the test of time is a very good recipe for a happy relationship. Your partner may be going through a lot and they may be at their lowest point which may be as a result of the loss of their job, poor health, or even failure in an examination.

Then you should quickly share some of these I will always love you quotes to let them know that you still love them no matter what. Sending one or two messages that express how you love them and how you will continue to love them, no matter life’s challenges can be just what they need to feel uplifted and loved.

If you are the kind of person that doesn’t do well with thinking up words, here’s a compilation of quotes that speaks just what you need to say to your loved ones. This will help you express your inner thoughts just perfectly.

I Love You No Matter The Distance

Long-distance relationships can be very hard to nurture. Love mostly thrive in a situation where both persons/couples are together. Just because a long-distance relationship is difficult to nurture doesn’t mean it’s impossible to sustain. Don’t make your partner think that distance can tear you apart from them. These ‘I love you no matter the distance’ messages can add layers of trust to your relationship. Tell your lover how you still love him or her.

1. You may not be here with me, but I’ll never doubt your loyalty to me. I love you, and I’ll keep on loving you no matter the distance.

2. I love you no matter the distance that’s why I gave you my heart. Don’t dare doubt my love dear for I’ve never doubted your love for me. My heart is with you no matter where you are.

3. I never thought I would be in a situation where the love of my life stays so far away. To be honest, I was a believer that distance kills relationships but here I am still so in love with you no matter the distance. I love you, dearie.

4. Being apart from you has made me realize how true the quote “Distance makes the heart grow fonder” is. My love for you keeps increasing upon the distance between us.

5. You are living rent-free in my heart baby. No matter how far you go, your place will always be in my heart and you can come to occupy it whenever you want.

6. Staying far away from you has made me understand how valuable you are to me. I love you no matter the distance dear and I can’t wait for you to be back to shower you with my love.

7. I’ve cried a lot of times; I’ve craved your presence around me. I can’t do without you. I love you, baby, no matter how far we are from one another.

8. Our love is rare darling. Imagine me still loving you even when the distance between us is so far apart. I’ve come to realize that we are apart so that we can be together.

9. You are my greatest treasure, the distance doesn’t mean a lot to me, for I know the distance only build our trust for one another. I love you no matter the distance.

10. We may not be together right now, but I know I’m always in your heart, and rest assured for you are on my mind too. I love you no matter how far apart we are.

11. You are where you are, I am where I am. The only thing connecting us is the love we have for each other. Our love will never fade dear. Distance won’t stop our love.

I Love You No Matter What Happens Quotes

Is your partner facing some challenges that make them feel like they no longer deserve you? Or are you both currently going through a lot of things that could break your love for one another? Make your lover realize that situation can never hinder your love for them by sending them these I love you no matter what happens quotes.

12. No relationship is perfect. We are currently going through all of this to make us better for each other. Sweetheart, I love you no matter what happens.

13. We are both facing that moment in our lives but no matter what happens, I’ll always be here to be your pillar and lover. I love you.

14. Forget about the difficulties we are presently passing through, I believe it’s here to test our love. No matter what happens, you will always be in my heart.

15. This problem we are both going through is nothing compared to our love dear. I love you no matter what happens so don’t feel down or sad.

16. After a storm comes a great calm. Something better awaits us as we pull through this together. I love you, dear, no matter what great wind we have to overcome.

17. Everyone goes through different difficulties in their relationship dear. Ours is no better, so don’t lose hope in us for I still love you like I did when we first met.

18. We are having these issues because we don’t believe in one another. Baby, I believe in you and will keep believing and loving you, so please, do the same to me.

19. This problem shouldn’t define what we feel for one another. I love you and that’s a fact, whatever happens, won’t change that fact.

20. I know we both were in the wrong and I also know that for this to work, we have to forgive one another. I love you dear, and no matter the misunderstanding we have, I’ll still love you.

21. As they say “what doesn’t kill, makes you stronger”, our situation is here to make the bond we have for each other stronger. Don’t lose hope for I’ll keep on loving you no matter what happens.

22. We are both going through an extremely tough time, but I’m glad that these difficult times are with you. No matter how hard it is, I’ll never stop loving you so don’t lose faith in us.

I Love You No Matter What Messages

A simple text message to your loved one to express your thoughts on the current problem you both are going through can be of great help to them. Sending him or her I love you no matter what messages is a good way to calm the storm they have in their hearts. Take a look at a few ideal messages.

23. My love for you isn’t something that can easily fade away. Don’t be worried about what happened for I love you no matter the challenge of life.

24. I’m sorry for what happened between us. I should have listened to your opinion and consider it. I know I said a lot of things, but I still love you.

25. It’s hard I know! But I’m ever willing to carry this burden with you so allow me to listen to your situation. No matter what you think it is, it’ll never discourage my love for you.

26. I’ve been having a lot of doubts about where our relationship is heading to and I know you are also having these thoughts because of our current situation but just so you know, I love you! Consider that.

27. Just because a car develops a minor problem doesn’t mean you’ll buy a new car and leave the old one to ruin. Just because we have this bridge to cross doesn’t mean I’ll forsake you. I love you no matter what.

28. What you did hurts a lot and I have to admit that I felt hurt but I know you were sincere when you apologized so I’ll let this go. I’ve forgiven you so don’t have those thoughts that I no longer love you. I love you no matter what.

29. You have a strange way of showing that you care and I understand that. I also have a strange way of showing how much I love you but the point will always be that I love you.

30. You can be a mess sometimes, your characters sometimes are questionable, but I love you no matter what for I know that you have a beautiful soul.

31. There is no way I’ll let this little problem stop me from telling you what’s on my mind. To be honest, I love you and this message is to remind you.

32. You are acting out of character lately, I know you are going through something, I’ll always be here to listen dear, and even if you don’t want to talk about it, I understand and I’ll still love you no matter what.

33. I want this relationship we share to be so perfect that we can both look at each other’s imperfections and find them perfect. I love you to the end of time no matter what.

I Still Love You No Matter What Quotes

Couples go through a lot of phases in their relationships and one of those phases involve times when one partner begins to have doubts about the future of the relationship. There are a lot of ways to reassure your partner or loved one that you still love them no matter what and one of these ways is by sending these lovely I still love you no matter what quotes.

34. I know we have spent a great deal of time apart but I still love you no matter what so I want this relationship to work out.

35. You have somehow managed to make me fall hopelessly in love with you to the extent that I still want to love you no matter how it hurts.

36. Every one of my thoughts has always had you in it. I know this is unexpected but I just thought I should make it clear. I still love you even after all these years.

38. No matter how your attitude changes towards me, I still love you no matter what.

39. Today, when you walked up to me, the sun shone on you and revealed your glory and flaws and there I saw my future with you and realized that no matter what happens, you will always be by my side.

40. Do you realize how it’s impossible to live without you? Forever isn’t enough for us, no matter, I keep loving you.

41. Continue throwing around that attitude of yours around! It won’t stop my heart from beating for you. No matter how you change, I’ll still love you.

42. It looks like an obsession but it isn’t, I love you no matter what happens and I know this love comes directly from my heart and not an obsessive trait.

43. All these years we’ve spent together, we both have forgotten how to express our love. Allow me to be the first to say this after many years;- I still love you.

44. You are not the most perfect human you are full of imperfections and you know it, but I still love you and I’m willing to look beyond your imperfections.

I Will Always Love You No Matter How Hard The Situation Is

Have you ever tried to imagine a life without the ones you love and cherish? Of course, you will have realized that you won’t be able to live a day without thinking about them. Don’t let the situation of things keep you away from them. Mend your problems with them by sending them these quotes that say I will always love you no matter how hard the situation is.

45. I chose you as the one who’ll own my heart and I chose you, you will always be the one for me. I will always love you no matter how hard the situation is because you are I want to live.

46. This situation is only trying to know how much we cherish each other. Let’s us brace up to overcome this storm, no matter how difficult it is, I won’t stop loving you.

48. We have gone through a lot of problems together, do you realize that whenever we conquer the crises together, there is always a blessing at the end. Same with this situation, no matter how hard it’ll be, I’ll always love you.

49. I refuse to give up on you. You do not need to worry about our love. Even if the earth decides to overturn itself I’ll love you.

50. I know times like these make us find faults in each other and right now I’m trying not to lose myself to negative thoughts. Despite what I’m going through, I know I still love you.

52. They are trying to plant discord between us because they know how much we love one another. I bet they never knew that no matter how hard the situation is, we’ll still love each other.

53. No matter how hard the situation is, I will always love and stay by your side. I’ll never make you feel lonely.

54. All for one, one for all. I love you not only in good times but also when things are at their worst.

55. We are both preparing to be strong for one another and this hard situation is preparing us for that. Let’s love one another instead of thinking of the problem.

I Will Always Love You No Matter What I Say

Love can be so complicated! Sometimes, you stare at your partner and right there in your eyes, they are the most beautiful creature you’ve ever seen but then the next moment, you both argue and they become someone you wouldn’t want to look at because of how much you think you hate them at that moment. The funny thing is, at that moment of disagreement, you tend to lose control of the things you say to them. Let them know that you still love no matter what you say with these ‘I Will Always Love You No Matter What I Say’ quotes.

56. No matter the hurtful words we say to one another during those moments of anger, I still love you.

57. I’m so sorry for what I said, I was so silly when I said that and I feel truly sorry, I still love no matter what I said.

58. You are free to hurt me back with your words for I feel horrible for what I said to you. I will always love you no matter what I say to you.

59. I’m not perfect and I know I make mistakes. My biggest mistake is saying those terrible things to you. I can’t forgive myself until you forgive me. I said all of that but I never meant any of them, I still love you.

60. Apologizing to you won’t help heal the pain, but I have to say that I wasn’t serious about those things I said to you. I still love you no matter those things I said.

61. I need help I know that I’m even shocked at what I said to you. Please forget what I said to you, they don’t define my love for you.

62. I said I was done with you. I’m so sorry for saying that, I never meant to hurt you by saying those things to you, please forgive me and remember that I love you.

63. I won’t even think of making up stupid excuses to cover up my actions. I sincerely apologize for making you feel unhappy with my words. Never mind my words, I still love you.

64. Please don’t hesitate to tell me how wrong you feel with my words I know I was annoying a moment ago. I apologize for that and I love you.

65. Give me another chance, I can’t breathe without you, I never meant what I said when I broke up with you. I’m helplessly in love with you.

66. I know I said a whole load of nonsense but that was me being seriously jealous of how cute you are. I love you, dear, don’t mind my words.

I Will Love You Forever No Matter What Quotes

Appreciate your partner by reassuring them these I will always love you forever no matter what quotes. This will make them understand the depth of your love for them. These quotes best express your appreciation of the qualities your loved one possesses.

67. You give me reasons to laugh and smile, every thought I have of you brings laughter and joy to my heart. Darling, I will love you to eternity.

68. You are a friend I’ve never had, a brother who can bear my pain, a sister who knows my every secret, and a mother who comforts me, I’ll love forever dear for you complete me.

69. Sweetheart, do you believe in reincarnation? Let’s grow old and die and get incarnation together again. I want to love you to the end of time.

70. I don’t know how I lived most of my life without you but now I think of it, those parts of my life were mostly filled with darkness, you are the light I need, I’ll love you forever.

71. I’ve been sitting and looking at the pen in my hands. The rights words can’t find themselves in my head. If you are reading this, I want you to know that I want to spend eternity with you.

72. You have the most beautiful personality I’ve ever seen. Your smile radiates grace and your eyes speak to my soul when you look at me. I will love you forever.

73. Your love feels undeserved, I want us to live forever so I can shower you with all the love I can afford.

74. Until I take my last breath, I’ll never stop loving you, even the world won’t stop my love for you.

75. I woke up today to find you sleeping in arms and I prayed to God to make this scenario happen for the rest of our lives, nothing will stop us baby!, I’ll love you forever no matter what.

76. I can give up everything to trade a lifetime with you. No matter what, eternity is for both of us.

77. I’m giving you access to my heart, lock it and, throw the keys away! Only you will ever have my heart, I’ll love you for all eternities.

I Love You No Matter How Much We Argue Quotes

After an argument with a loved one, certain negative thoughts build themselves in your head. If the issue you have isn’t resolved quickly, these thoughts will give rise to a greater problem which will certainly lead to a breakup. One of the ways of melting their hearts so quickly is by sending them these I love you no matter how much we argue. There are lots of ways to say that line and the quotes below are perfect examples.

79. I want to hold you in my hands every single day of my life, but whenever we argue, I miss my chances of hugging you. No matter how we argue, I’ll still come back to you.

80. We both argued I know! I’m coming over to see how you’re doing. Don’t even think of hiding away from me, we’ll have to resolve this. I love you!

81. Even if we have a million different opinions and argue on all of them, my love for you will never dissipate. I need your kiss now!

82. I think all the times we’ve argued has made us understand each other more. I’m sorry I argued with you, I love you.

83. It was because of how we argued the first time we met that I fell in love with you. You look so cute when you argue and no matter how much we argue in the future, I keep on loving you.

84. I want to yell louder when we argue so that I can look shocked and take a few seconds to admire your cuteness. I love you even when we argue.

85. I love you more after our arguments, I love seeing you fight for what you think is right. I love you so dearly!

86. Just because we argued you’re no longer picking your phone call? Baby, how do you want me to live without hearing your voice? I still love you no matter how we argue so don’t ignore me alright?

87. Arguing with you gives me so much pain, you don’t know how hurt I feel when I argue with you. You deserve so much dear and I love you no matter.

88. No matter how we argue, I’ll always locate you to apologize to you for you are an angel.

No Matter How Much We Fight I Still Love You Quotes

Fights between loved ones are something that can’t be avoided in a relationship. Many couples allow little misunderstanding to tear their love apart for one another. This isn’t right for misunderstandings are meant to build relationships and not break them apart. Here are some quotes to send to your loved ones whenever you engage in a fight with them. These no matter how we fight, I still love you quotes clearly express your true feelings to them.

89. I love you when things were going well with us. I still love and I’ll always love you no matter how much we fight.

90. You think that little fight we just had can stop me from loving you? Well, let me make it clear to you no matter how much we fight, I still love you so take care of yourself.

91. I find forgiving you so easy to do. No matter how we fight, I still want to be in your presence while trying to make you smile.

92. I know we fight a lot but I’ll never leave you. I love you.

93. I can’t count all the good memories we have because they are so numerous but, I can count the numbers of times we’ve had to fight. I won’t stop loving you just because of this one fight.

94. Our love is the unstoppable baby. Even that fight of ours won’t stop it. I love you.

95. I love you when you’re at your best and I also love you so much even at your worst. No matter how we fight each other, I still love you.

96. After the fight today, you made me understand that no matter how we fight, I’ll still forgive you because I love you.

97. Just because we fought doesn’t mean that I had a battle of thoughts debating my love for you.

98. We just fought I know that! But I’m already missing your hugs. I love you, darling!

99. I think fighting with you makes our relationship so real. Your love for me seems so magical that sometimes, I feel like I’m in a dream. I love you, dear.

100. I admire you. I admire all your perfections and everything other things that make you imperfect. I know we just fought, but I still love you.

There you have it, tell your partner, friend, parent, or siblings that your love for them can stand high waves and low tides with these amazing I will always love you no matter what quotes.

Feel free to share and comment below, thank you.

Written by Joseph Abimbola

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