No Matter What Happens I Will Always Be There For You Quotes

No Matter What Happens I Will Always Be There For You Quotes (2024)

Life throws challenges and happiness at us as it wills. However, sometimes those trials may seem unending. There’s no better time than such period to reassure anyone experiencing a difficult time that you’ll always be there for them.

It could be your family, friends, spouse, or partner; your duty is to show them your compassion and loyalty to encourage them not to give up.

When they’re faced with unfounded rumours, tell them no matter what they say about them, you’ll never believe the rumours over them. And when it’s your relationship that is being challenged, let them know that no matter what you go through, you’re never going to give up on your love for each other.

You’ll find different categories in this post; pick the most suitable one for you. However, they all promise to be great. So go ahead and send them these no matter what happens I will always be there for you quotes.

No Matter What Happens In Life Quotes

Will you like to tell someone that you’re going to stick around no matter what happens to them in life? Then do so quickly by sending them any of these reassuring quotes.

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1. Life may be full of many turns and surprises, but no matter what happens in life, I’ll never give up on you.

2. Whether you give me that smile that melts away my griefs or you give me that frown that makes my soul cry out, I’ll remain faithful to you.

3. If you ever walk away from me, I’ll walk behind you just to ensure we’re not apart from each other.

4. Life may become more challenging as we grow taller, but no matter what it throws at us, we’ll always remain bonded together by love.

5. Life is bound to happen at some point, but no matter what, I’ll always be there like an immovable anchor in the storms of life.

6. Life is full of changes, but my love for you is constant. Needless to say, I’ll remain with you even till the end of time.

7. Life may throw us a hard blow, but no matter what happens, I’ll always give you the warmest of my smiles.

No Matter What People Say Quotes

You can assure your love ones that you’ll always be by their side no matter what people say by sending these reassuring quotes.

8. They keep talking about us like their vain words would be strong enough to tear us apart. But hey, no matter what people say, we shall remain in love and unconquerable.

9. They’ve been talking about us for a long time, but nothing has ever changed between us. We remain as strong as ever, even surer of what we feel for each other.

10. Who says we can’t make it together? Let’s tell them we’re destined to be great, and not even a million discouraging words poured on us can make us believe otherwise.

11. This dream will I keep chasing until it becomes the life I’ve always dreamt of from my childhood. So no matter what they say, I’ll never exchange my dream for another.

12. I never give up on the ones I love; therefore, not even the silliest of things you do or the lowest of gossips they make will force me to let you go, cause I love you.

13. No matter what people say, I’ll never stop singing your praises, my better half. Never you worry about their small talks; they never mattered.

14. Let’s keep them talking while we keep on moving. Nothing else should take away our attention other than our dedication to being successful.

No Matter What Religion You Are Quotes

Are you a Christian and they’re a Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, Traditionalist, or even an Atheist? Or perhaps, it’s the other way round. Whatever it may be, if they mean so much to you, just let them know that your religious disparity won’t come in the way of your relationship whether in, friendships, family, business, or love.

15. Love only speaks one language, and it’s love. Religion shouldn’t be what brings us together but our sameness at heart.

16. You’re my friend, and irrespective of your religious doctrines, I’ll still call you my best friend.

17. Love sees beyond religion. Who says we can’t call on God in different ways and still love each other.

18. No matter what religion you practice, I’m still your sister. Our blood is thicker than our differing choices.

19. I don’t mind going to church while you go to the mosque. All I’m saying is love conquers all.

20. Religion is what it is, while love is what it is. Why should one stop the other? I can’t give up on you, my better half.

21. I saw the beauty in you irrespective of your religion. I long to unravel more of that beauty. Would you let me?

No Matter What They Say About You Quotes

Rumours can have adverse effects on any relationship if not well handled by the people involved. The best way to deal with such a situation is to ignore the whisperers while you reassure the one you love that you’ll never give a listening ear to side talks. These quotes below would help you do just that.

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22. They call you stupid, and others say you’re unfit for me, but I couldn’t care less cause no matter what they say about you, only what my heart thinks of you matters.

23. I’m set to take this journey with you and totally setting aside all small and frivolous talk while I shield you from their wagging tongues.

24. If you’re who they say you are, we wouldn’t be together. Thank you for always proving them wrong. I choose to believe you over a million witnesses against you.

25. I love you so deeply, and no matter what they say of you, I’m unmoved and unbowed. They can keep on talking for all we care. Love you to the moon and back.

26. Do you want to know what I think of all the rumours? They can’t keep me away from you even if they keep getting louder each passing day.

27. Let them say a million of your dirty secrets; I’ll tell them a myriad of your kindness. Don’t doubt me when I say this.

28. If you’re the ugly person they paint you to be, I’m willing to wait for you to become a beautiful work of a great painter.

No Matter What We Go Through

Life is hard, no doubt. Why not tell that special someone that nothing is ever going to change by sending them these no matter what we go through quotes?

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29. If you don’t have a shelter nor the luxury to take care of me, I’m ready to persevere for the sake of my love for you. You and I till forever; I promise you this.

30. Don’t you ever think for a second that I’ll leave your side because of what life throws at us. I’m your ride or die, partner.

31. Times may be tough, but our love for each other remains whole and focused till the alter and then forevermore. There’s no limit on my patience with you.

32. I’m your best friend and ready to be by your side no matter what we go through together. This is more than a confession; it’s a promise that will never fail.

33. Life may through a lot at us, but we’ll keep on smiling and blossoming because we’ve got each other.

34. Let’s remain happy even in the face of adversities cause our determination to succeed is all that matters and can get us through.

35. Do you feel like giving up on us? Think about how far we’ve made it and the beautiful future full of many possibilities ahead of us.

No Matter What You Are Going Through Quotes

Assure a friend, colleague, family member, or partner that you’ll never leave them by sending them these no matter what you are going through quotes.

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36. Times may be challenging for you, but I’m not about to give up on you so quickly. I’m the friend you’ve always dreamt of having.

37. Life can be full of surprises, but one of those surprises is that I’ll be with you even if everyone else leaves.

38. Tell me your story; I’ll like to prove to you that I’m not afraid of your truth but willing to embrace it.

39. If you think I’ll be so fast on giving up on you, then you thought wrong. I promise to stay in your life till my dying breath.

40. Tough times don’t last forever, so I’m willing to stay with you till the very end. I strongly believe in your dreams. Let me be your partner for life.

41. Don’t be discouraged. Let me be your sunshine even when the sky is cloudy, and the light of the moon is faint.

42. Don’t be surprised to see me stand with you till the very end, I’m a loyalist, and my promise is to be there for you even in the hardest of all times.

No Matter Where Life Takes Us I Will Always Love You

If they mean so much to you, let them know that no challenge can come in between you two by sending them these no matter where life takes us I will always love you quotes.

43. I’ll love you even from a distant cause no matter where you go, my love will follow you till the end of time.

44. Life may take you to the west and I, to the east, but what matters is that our hearts journey together.

45. I’m unsure of the future, but I can promise you that I’m never going to leave you for anything in the world. You’re worth so much than I can ever say.

46. Life may take us through hard times, but I’ll love you like it has always been rosy and void of pain.

47. Darling, my heart feels like it’s not the end of our journey together. Therefore, let’s keep on moving till we get to a timeless zone.

48. What makes me love you so much is the conviction that I have in my heart that no matter where life takes us, my love for you can never be compromised.

49. I love you, and I’m willing to be your travel partner in this journey called life even when it may be daunting.

50. I’ll never give up on us even if life leads you to a different road that I travel less for my heart promises to remain with you.

Now go ahead and let someone know that you’re a loyalist and can never turn your back on them no matter what.

How about you tell me which of these no matter what happens I will always be there for you quotes you love the most. Don’t forget to share, as well. Kindly use the share button. I’m always grateful.

Written by Taiye Christiana

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