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Heart Touching Words About Life (2024)

Life is an adventure game with a hierarchy of levels where each level has its difficulty. We can all admit that there are levels that are fun to play with, while others might involve some failures to move forward.

Surely, all stages can be passed, but every stage has this game logic that will allow us to move to the next stage which might need to test us emotionally and psychologically to figure it out.

The mistakes and lessons learnt on each level are there to prepare you for every next level. There are situations that may linger for a period of time that the thought of giving up would start bothering you.

The irony of life is that you are always very close to passing that stage whenever the thoughts of giving up come. To help you keep moving, I came with me some 100 heart touching quotes about life from people who have once been in the stage you are currently in and have made the best of the situation.

Most Touching Words About Life

Here are the most touching words about life that will make you a better, stronger and tougher person you have ever known.

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1. Tears come from the heart and not from the brain.

2. Tears shed for a friend isn’t a sign of weakness, but a sign of love.

3. Call it rain, not pain. We most times have no idea how much it helps us grow.

4. The beauty of having self-love is that we can never break our own heart.

5. Time flies, things change, friends leave, but life doesn’t stop anybody.

6. Never make a decision when you are upset, sad, jealous or in love.

7. First, admit sadness and realize winning would lose its value without sadness.

8. Heavy hearts are like heavy clouds in the sky, they are relieved by letting out water.

9. You can’t bloom swiftly, you have to glow first.

10. Even leaving can be defined as an art of love.

Touching Quotes about life

Start each day with these touching quotes about life to help keep you up with the struggle life brings every moment.

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11. Love your life first and everything else shall be added.

12. In life, monkeys fall from trees, but that doesn’t stop them from climbing up again.

13. The lamps that emit light and the type of light they emit might be different, but they all serve the same function.

14. The only limits or barrier in our lives are those we imposed on ourselves.

15. If you don’t build your life longing dream, someone else would hire you to build theirs.

16. No amount of guilt can change the past, the same way no amount of worrying can change the future.

17. There is no such thing as luck chances in life. Chances are created.

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18. In life, it’s not what happens that really matters, what matters is how you respond to all situations.

19. Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that.

20. How people treat you in life is their karma, how you react is yours.

21. Healing doesn’t mean the wound never existed. It basically means the damage never existed.

22. Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction might end up being the biggest step in your life.

23. Learn from others who have walked the path before you, but be smart enough.

24. Learn to say no without the urge to explain yourself.

25. Do everything in good heart and expect nothing in return. Life has its way of putting everything back in place.

26. What defines intelligence is your ability to adapt to change.

Beautiful heart touching words about life

We don’t need a seer to tell us that life is beautiful if we learn to see the positivity in it. Here are some beautiful heart touching words about life to help you see the positivity in it.

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27. A clear rejection is better than a fake promise.

28. Burn the past, flip the pages and move on.

29. Never search for happiness in other people; it will make you feel alone when they leave. Search it in yourself and you will feel happy even when alone.

30. Beautiful and awesome stuff happens in life when you distance yourself from the drama and negativity.

31. In order to stay strong, you must learn how to fight alone.

32. You can’t always be strong, but you can always learn to stay brave.

33. Remember! If you are right no one remembers and if you are wrong, no one forgets.

34. To live is the rarest thing in the world. The fact that most people exist is an irony of life.

35. If you want to be happy, tie your life to a goal, not to people or things.

36. It’s a prestige to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.

37. Every second spent in life is very precious and it is your responsibility to be happy.

38. Once you choose hope, everything in life is possible.

39. No one can predict the future; we can only grasp an idea on how to build it to suit our taste.

40. In life, the first to apologize is the bravest, the first to forgive is the strongest, and the first to forget is the happiest.

41. See life not as a problem to be solved but as a reality to be experienced.

42. The only impossible journey is the one you never thought of.

43. Move confidently in the direction of your dreams, and live the life you always imagined.

44. Life doesn’t owe you anything, life is everything you need.

45. Just a little is needed to make a happy life; it’s all within you and in your way of thinking.

46. Life is simple but, we most time insist on making it complicated.

47. Note! You do not remember days, you remember moments.

48. You know what! See life as an adventure and that is how to get the most out of it.

49. If you love life, then don’t waste your time because that is what life is made of.

Sad Heart Touching quotes about life

Here are some sad heart touching quotes about life that would help you to see the reality of things rather than the movie the world shows you.

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50. Nothing in the whole universe is stable, so how do you think you can survive without moving.

51. At times we should wish we could go back to the bad days and learn the lesson we missed.

52. The tragedy of love is that we all seek unimpaired love, knowing that no one is perfect.

53. The word happy would be meaningless if it were not balanced by sadness.

54. Everything becomes hard when we try to become everything.

55. It’s very sad when someone you know becomes someone you knew.

56. Your pain breaks that shell that encloses your understanding.

57. Don’t grieve. Anything you lose would always come around in another form.

58. Sadness flies off on the plane of time.

59. Experiencing sadness and anger unleashes the creativity in you and by being creative; you can always get beyond your negativity and pain.

60. Everyone was born an artist; the problem is how to remain that artist while growing.

61. You’ve got to raise your white flag to know peace.

62. When the wind blows, we build walls against it, when basically what we should be building are windmills.

63. When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside can’t hurt you.

64. Others may walk your path, but no one will walk it for you.

Touching quotes about life and love

The world rotates thereby changing the direction of the sunlight to bring to us nights and days and also helps us calculate time. Therefore, seasons change, love and life may also change. The best you can do is have some touching quotes about life and love handy to make every second in your life count.

65. Always keep your heads up. Every seed must face point at the sunlight in order to grow.

66. Keep loving, life has a way of finding you the one who loves you too.

67. Weed, to create breathing space for the flowers.

68. Life changes when we look past what it is and begin to see what it could be.

69. The truth about life is that everything is blessed and at the same time cursed to move forward.

70. The irony of life. When we were young, we wanted to be old. We became old and want to be young again, but all we needed was to be okay with where we are.

71. Give people a chance in your life; their light may be bright enough for all your darkness.

72. So do right people with wrong timing ever get a second try?

73. Why should we allow the distance between us define our love?

74. A life without rain would be just an empty container. Nothing to give out.

75. Everyone sleeps except lovers, lying awake all night doing nothing aside counting the stars.

76. A flower can’t blossom without sunshine, the same way a man can’t live without love.

77. Your task in life is not to seek for love, but to find all barriers or blockage within yourself that you have built against it.

78. Worry in life is expensive, buy it sparingly.

79. The past is a place of reference, not a place of residence.

80. Life is too short to cling to a mistake just because you spent a lot of time making it.

81. Never put the key to your happiness in life in someone else’s pocket.

82. Don’t count the days in your life, make every day in your life count.

83. Learn from others who have walked the path before you, but be smart enough to know when to cut your own trail.

84. Life is like a cup of tea; the beauty depends on how you make it.

Heart Touching Quotes that would make you cry

There are challenges in life that we all need to face. Know these bitter truths about life by learning from some true heart touching quotes that would make you cry.

85. Some people come into your life just to teach how to let go off things.

86. Love knows every goodbye has a hello in the horizon.

87. Love is a poison but we’d drink it anyway.

88. There is a problem with putting others first, you’ve taught them you come second.

89. What we are today, is the product of all those who have built and broken us.

90. People go, but how they left always stay.

91. We are afraid of heights when what we should really be afraid of is never flying.

92. Wearing a thousand faces all to hide our own.

93. How many scars have we justified because we loved the person holding the knife

94. In the end, we would always realize that it is what we gave ourselves that truly matter.

95. You are worth every good day and every bad one also.

96. You want to be like them, but you don’t know you are better.

97. There are things in life that you haven’t discovered yet, that would make you happier than you can imagine.

98. If you want to soar, you would have to give up those things that weigh you down.

99. Being honest may not get you lots of friends, but it will get you the right ones.

100. Do not cry because it is all over. Smile again.

In conclusion, the world is an adventure game with levels and each level has a playing logic to be able to get through them. Some level’s logic can be discovered on the first try while others can take a lot of mistakes to discover. The above heart touching words about life will motivate you to keep trying.

Written by Joseph Abimbola

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