Heart Touching Quotes for Dp

2024 Best Heart Touching Quotes for DP

It is actually fine to make dp posts without quotes or captions, but it is finer to make your posts with them because they help you add more colour to your post, help you in connecting better with your audience, and expressing how you truly feel.

Quotes are reflections of your thoughts at a particular point in time. They help convey your message directly or indirectly. And using them is one of the easy ways to grow your followership on social media.

These heart touching quotes for dp will definitely do the above and more for you. I hope you enjoy going through them! 

Heart Touching Quotes for Profile Picture

These touching quotes for profile picture will motivate you and others, and will certainly help you convey your thoughts. Try them out!

1. Sometimes, I feel like I’m not doing enough in my life. I’m not making enough waves like my mates are. I’m not achieving as much. And I don’t feel like I have enough big dreams for the future. Compared to the achievements I see around me, mine just seems too simple, too small, too uncomplicated. But recently, I’ve had to remind myself to take life easy. To take things easy on myself. To pursue my simple and not so grand dreams. To live and to be happy.

2. You feel like you’ve not got things together. Sometimes you feel like you are jinxed, like things always go bad when it gets to your turn. You feel like you’re not smart enough, not good enough. News flash, we all feel that way. People with seemingly good lives on social media are battling difficulties. They are battling esteem issues too. Just remember to breathe. You’ll be fine. We’ll all be fine.

3. Growth is the only constant thing in life. So, even when you feel like quitting. When you feel like just crawling into a corner and not coming out. Remember that you are growing through the pain. The growth is happening in the tiredness. When no one is cheering for you. When it’s just you and yourself. You are growing.

4. This period has been tough on all sides. So many sad stories from different corners of the world. Just when you think things are looking up, there’s something else popping up. In essence, nothing seems to be geared towards making you happy or comfortable. You have to strive and struggle. And deal with sad news as well. But even with all of these, remember that being alive is a gift. Being alive is worth you being grateful for. You will be fine.

5. I’m on my way to get a treat. I thought about it recently and discovered how long it has been. Since I last took myself out. No room for worries. Just me and my needs. So I’m urging whoever reads this. Go out for a treat. Splurge a bit. It’s okay to remind yourself that you are human after all.

6. This period has been so trying. A lot of things bringing hurt your way. People disappointing. Alliances changing and all. But I choose to forgive. I choose to let go. I choose to be happy. I choose to stay sane.

7. It’s funny how we can forgive other people easily. How we can give other people second chances. But when it comes to ourselves, we go hard. We don’t give room for mistakes. We want to be perfect all the time. Going forward, I will deliberately forgive myself. I will be kind to myself. I will be gracious to myself.

8. Whoever’s reading this. I want you to know that you’ll be fine. Failed plans inclusive. Hard work and constant calculations inclusive. Even with the constant sacrifices. You’ll be fine. You’ll do okay.

9. There’s no one in the world that is as beautiful as I am. I finally accept that I am a strong person. A unique person. And that my only competition is myself. I will walk on my path, focusing solely on my journey. I won’t be jealous of another’s journey.

10. What’s yours will come for you. I’ve heard this countless times, but I’ve not really understood it until now. We spend a lot of time striving and struggling. We refuse to trust in God’s ability to care for us. Today and on every other day, I’ll put my hope on God. And trust Him to give me that which is mine.

11. Letting go of toxic relationships can be difficult. You’re scared of being by yourself. You’re wondering what the future will hold without the person’s presence. You’re asking yourself if you’ll ever meet the right person. If you’ll find warmth and happiness. I just have one wish. And that is to find the strength to always let go of toxic relationships. I hope you find this kind of strength too.

12. Before you get the sunshine and warmth. Before the unending laughter and happiness. There’s bound to be the rain and cold. There’s bound to be plenty of struggles and difficulties. Just hold on. You’re doing okay. You’ll be fine.

13. Life is not over because things didn’t work out for you. Life isn’t over because you missed opportunities and all. God’s got you. He’ll safeguard what’s yours for you. They will come in due time.

14. Do only that which makes you happy. It isn’t cliche at all. Don’t be scared to go after those things that you are passionate about. Even with the uncertainties in your mind, the fears too, pursue them with all your strength. They will pay off in the end. I hope you have a wonderful day.

15. You are worth someone else giving you their time, attention and resources. Don’t apologise all the time because you feel you’re an inconvenience. You go out of your way to help others. Also, be willing to accept when people go out of their way to help you. Remember that you’re worth it all.

16. I see how a lot of people feel comfortable only showing love to their friends. I see how we can get scared of being vulnerable with our own family. We allow the distance because it’s all we’ve ever known. Or because it would be too weird to try to get close now. But really, try as much as we can, family is key. Family is all that we have. So, as much as possible, love up on your people. Try to mend the gap between you. Forgive those that may have hurt you in the past. Family will always be important.

17. It’s okay to be vulnerable with people. This can be an issue because you’re scared of so many things. You’re scared of being rejected. Scared of coming off as too needy. Scared of being the only one with complaints in the relationship. But it really is okay to be vulnerable with people. Your true friends won’t think you a bother. They won’t think you too needy.

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18. Be the example. Don’t be the one that is always quick to throw people away. Don’t be the one that doesn’t forgive. Don’t be the one that only stays when the going is good. Don’t be the one that only checks up on people that check up on you. Be the example. Give people second chances. Treat people with patience and kindness. Be good.

19. We can make a choice to do this or that. We decide a lot for ourselves. But when others make their choices, we are angry. If you can make a choice, other people should be allowed too. Now it is true that people’s choices can affect us negatively. They can cause a ripple effect. But don’t primarily focus on this. Allow them their choices, and focus on letting yourself grow. Focus on being better. On doing better for yourself.

20. Here’s to the introvert. You are not boring. You are human. You aren’t ‘different’ in a degrading light. You’re just one who doesn’t prefer talking or going out a lot. Again, you’re human. Embrace who you are. Don’t be scared to grow. Grow because you have to. Grow because it is your choice. Grow based on your terms. You’ll be fine.

21. Never underestimate the power of looking good. A lot of people would say, dress the way you want to be addressed. And they aren’t wrong. The way you dress and carry yourself will take you places. Could land you networking opportunities. And open doors you never dreamed of before. Look good. Feel good. Carry yourself well.

22. Most times, the most rewarding things come from taking risks. Forget about playing it safe sometimes. There are opportunities you’d get, doors that would open because you dared to take a risk, to take a chance. Even with many voices telling you to hold back, even with the fears in your heart, even with the bleak future, take a leap of faith. You never know, it could be the game-changer for you.

23. You can still live the life that you’ve always dreamed of. You can still be the person you’ve always wanted to be. And you can still make the changes that you’ve been wanting to. If there’s anything life gives us, it is another chance to be better. Another day to grow. Take advantage of this. There’s still time.

24. Learn to forgive other people. Learn to truly let go, to give them second chances. You never know what could happen tomorrow. You never know where life could put you. What people you will meet. Or the opportunities you’ll need. We are humans. Be kind and patient with people. Forgive people.

25. Here’s being grateful for another day, for another beginning, for another shot at life. Here’s letting go of the mistakes of the past. Letting go of the mistakes of even yesterday. Here’s remembering to be merciful with self. Here’s remembering to take life one step at a time. To breath, to learn, and to live.

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26. I’m honestly not in the mood to sound deep today. You know those days where you just feel like playing around, both in real life and with captions. That’s exactly today for me. So, for the rest of today, I’ll just be relaxing, having fun and playing around.

27. We indeed have to learn to take life easy sometimes. Like, if possible, take life easy most times. As what is yours will come to you. I agree partially. Sometimes, you just have to fight for what you want. You have to fight for the life you’ve dreamed of for yourself. The kind of career, family and general day to day living you’ve envisaged. What’s yours may not come when you sit and just fill your hands. Go out and fight!

28. We come online on social media, and this feeling of inadequacy just sets in. And now, I’m speaking to myself as much as I’m speaking to whoever reads this. Following people with a seemingly good life is good. But sometimes, rather than motivate us, we can allow jealousy and unhealthy competition set in. We can allow ourselves to start to dabble into things we aren’t supposed to dabble in. The idea today is to realise that you are your own competition. Strive to be better for yourself.

29. Sometimes, I like to think that there’s nothing in this life that is designed to see you comfortable. It’s like, when you’re done with one problem, another one creeps in. There are just challenges wherever you look. But the gospel hasn’t changed. Regardless of the number of times life throws you down, pick yourself up and move on. You’ll be fine!

30. Learn to leave behind a little mystery. It’s normal to come online on the gram or wherever, and desire to get the huge following. You want to be one of the social media sensations. You want to thrive, you want to be popular. And in this quest, the only thing to do to make your page active is to talk about your whole life. Well, to each his own. But remember to leave a little mystery. There are things about you that shouldn’t just come out on the gram.

31. Don’t stop doing good. Regardless of how many times you’ve been burnt. I deliberately recite this every day, because we can allow past experiences colour how we help others. We can let the stories of people getting scammed affect us. We can let the stories of people getting ill-treatment from those they helped in the past to colour our judgement. Truth is, there’ll always be bad people. And there’ll always be good people too. So, keep doing good. There are people that genuinely need your help. There are people that genuinely need your standing up for them. Think of these.

32. It’s normal to feel like you’re late on a lot of things. Most people, including myself, have set timelines for achieving various things. You want to be done with school at 21, get a good-paying job immediately, get married to this wonderful person and live happily ever after. But sometimes, you still haven’t gotten married at 30. You still haven’t found out your niche at 22. You’re still looking for that dream job at 26. We have to learn to not box ourselves. Work hard, play smart, and allow things to play out for you.

33. Intelligence isn’t overrated. The truth is, it will open doors for you that you never dreamt of. It will give you networking opportunities that will humble you. You will generally just go places you never thought you’d go. Because you dropped a statement that was the game-changer. Because you knew a little about the matter being discussed. Because you weren’t just sitting down. We truly have to understand the power of developing ourselves. The benefits are just wonderful.

34. Today, we should talk about forgiving members of our family. The ones that weren’t there for you. The ones that just didn’t care, they were less concerned. The ones that made choices that affected you badly. The ones that were only after themselves. You have to let it go. You have to let that burden on your shoulders drop. Forgive them. Because humans will always be humans. They aren’t God that is infallible. Did it hurt? Yes. It affected you and still is? Forgive them, so you can be better. Forgive them so you can live a healthy life.

35. I hope that behind the pictures you post on social media, that you are truly happy. I hope that behind the many challenges people participate in on social media, that you are doing okay. I hope that behind the opinions you put up here, you are truly living them out. I hope that behind the convictions you profess, that someone isn’t making you swallow less than you deserve. Because social media can be tricky. Social media can be a facade. I hope that you are happy.

36. Have you noticed how younger we look when we smile? How the folds on our faces can go from ugly wrinkles to beautiful? Smile, people. Smile. When things aren’t going too well, smile. When things are moving fine, smile. When it’s like you’re confused, smile. Because there’ll always be that situation that wants to sap you of your strength, your joy, your smile.

37. Forgive yourself. Be kind to yourself. Be patient with yourself. You are growing just like every other person. You’re finding your niche with the failed testings. You’re building convictions with the inner conflict. You’re developing with the thought pattern you leave behind every day. You’re growing. You’re evolving. You’re discovering self. You’re finding out purpose. So, again, be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself. Be patient with yourself.

38. Let your thoughts when you wake up be filled with leaving a legacy behind. Be the one that changes the game for your family. Be the one that leaves the legacy behind. Now, wealth inclusive, character is also key. Be the one that is known to be giving. The one that leaves behind the kind legacy. The one that treats people with equality, regardless of their station in life. The one that puts a premium on education and developing oneself. Be the one that leaves the legacy. Let these fill your thoughts today.

39. I love how love is patient. I love how it is kind. How it remembers to forgive and to give people second chances. I love how it has the power to change lives, to transform people into healthy versions of themselves. I love how it helps people thrive. I love love. Be a carrier of love today. Spread it. Don’t hoard it. Love on the people around you. You’re becoming a better person in the process.

40. There isn’t a time where we don’t see negative captions on social media. There’s always that person that posts negativity. The one that brings out the bad stories of people. And if you aren’t careful, you can allow this kind of thought process to affect you. You start to second guess the relationships you have. You get suspicious with every little thing. Are there bad stories about people? Yes. But please fill your mind with positivity. There are good people out there. Lots of them actually, and they are around you.

41. Keep a close circle. Sometimes, we equal success and achievement with a circle of many friends. But this isn’t always the case. Keep a small circle of people that can help you any time or day. A circle of people that believe in you, and aren’t scared to tell you the truth. This is how you grow, how you become successful, how you achieve.

42. Really, you must not buy clothes and shoes now. You can leave it for later when you can afford it. When you already have investments that are paying you. Starve those distractions. Especially the unnecessary ones. Those you do for clout and all. Feed those things that will have long-lasting benefits.

43. You may have been praying for years. And the answer hasn’t come. It seems God isn’t listening. You feel like you aren’t living. Like your own is always ‘different.’ But the miracle is actually closer than you think. Hold on. Don’t give up yet. Don’t be quick to give up on yourself and your dreams. You will get the answered prayers.

44. There’s nothing as powerful as a woman recognising that she is beautiful. Imagine the confidence she will emit. Imagine the self-esteem! Imagine how she will allow people to treat her. Seek to recognise your worth today. You’re bought with a price. Your worth is far higher than you can ever imagine. You’re worth more than gems or beautiful stones.

45. Be loyal and faithful. Your efforts will pay off someday. Stay and support that friend that is still struggling. Fight with the people that haven’t found purpose yet. Don’t be too quick to leave your boss. Don’t be too quick to quit relationships because they aren’t benefitting you. Don’t give up on yourself too. You’re finding yourself. Stay loyal. Remain faithful.

46. Sooner than you expect, you will find that breakthrough you’ve been looking for for a while now. Stay through with the process. Your dreams are legit but don’t wrong yourself to get them. Hold on. The breakthrough is almost here.

47. Every day you’re alive is a testimony. Remember to give thanks. You may not be where you want to be. You may not have the things you want. You may be lagging. But the miracle is in staying alive. Because when you’re alive, possibilities still abound. You can still do those things you want. And you can be anything you want to be.

48. Be grateful for the good relationships you have. Don’t be ungrateful for the good people you have in your life. People that go out of their way to help you, to advice and to contribute to your well-being. Don’t compare what you have with what you’re shown on the gram. Be grateful. Celebrate your friends.

49. You are someone’s dream. You may be in this terrible relationship now. But there’s someone out there that will want you, that will need you. Letting go of wrong relationships may be hard, but it is worth it. Don’t allow people to treat you less than you deserve. You’re the answer to someone’s prayers.

50. It’s popular to see posts that advice you not to tolerate. And truly, there are things you shouldn’t let yourself take. But let’s talk about not giving up on that friend that’s asked for your forgiveness. Remember that other person that is tolerating your excesses, and hasn’t asked you to leave. People are tolerating you. Learn to tolerate others too. Don’t be the one that easily throws things and relationships away.

I had fun writing these quotes and captions. I hope you had fun going through them as well.

Don’t forget to leave me a comment and to share with friends.

Thank you.

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