Heart Touching Good Night Messages for Wife

2024 Heart Touching Good Night Messages for Wife

The day has a lot of physical activities that take its toll not only on the physical body but also psychological, emotional, and mental wellness of all individual. We could be so stressed up that we forget about the joy in living. A lot happens during the day; that’s a fact that can’t be disputed. Our mental ability to manage everything may sometimes fail us but with something as meagre as a text message, the table can turn around.

While there’s a chase after techniques to manage stress or even to reduce stress from our daily activities, one discovers that sometimes, the type of the work we do, the people we chat with and the nature of our conversations add up to it. For a couple, no matter how bad the day may be, the night should be different. The night gives us time for ourselves. It is the moment we forget everything that bothers us and relax our nerves. A wife needs the husband just as the husband needs the wife. There are many ways to keep that first love burning. One out of the many is heart touching messages to one another. A loving text message exchanged between lovers at night works like magic.

For a wife who has the responsibility of taking care of everyone, knowing how to ease off the stress of a woman at night goes a long way in bringing her comfort and care that words may not be able to express.

Don’t underestimate the effect of lovely words to a woman. You needn’t say them, she just has to read them and watch her glow with pride. Moreover, the night affords couples the opportunity to settle quarrels. Everyone needs to learn how to resolve quarrels with a loved one before nightfall, so that life can run smoothly. Life is too short to live in recurring unhappiness.

Sometimes, we need to do small things in unusual ways. Try it, you’d be surprised to see the little things that matter a lot in a working union or relationship.

Go ahead and send your wife these lovely and heart touching good night messages for wife to make her have a good night rest.

Most Touching Good Night Messages for Wife

Make your sweet wife have a good night rest be sending her these most touching good night messages for wife.

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1. Look who deserves good night- It’s YOU. For all your efforts and all your cares and selfless contributions, have a splendid night, dear wife.

2. We set targets; meet some, fail in some, yet, we have the hope that tomorrow will always be better. Before we get to tomorrow though, we have the night to rest. Enjoy it, my dear wife.

3. A beautiful heart deserves a beautiful man. A beautiful face deserves a beautiful smile. Have a beautiful rest, my wife.

4. No matter how long we want the day to last, the night must have its own fair share. It’s time to rest. Enjoy it and see you tomorrow, my lovely wife.

5. Two immutable things: the day appears to pave way for the night. You have endured one part, now, enjoy the other. Good night, dear.

6. The day is fixed, but the night is elastic. Flex it in all its serenity, coolness and calmness. Good night my wife.

7. Why do the eyes open wider in darkness than in light? It’s because, at night, the most beautiful moments happen quickly. Don’t miss any of it even as you continue in the dreamland. Good night, wife.

8. I long to see the night for just one thing; it is the only time I get to see you lie on the bed without worries. Good night, my dear wife.

9. Shhhhhhh… Don’t be scared, I just want you to sleep. Good night, my wife.

10. Everyone needs rest no matter how hardworking we are. Even the sluggard uses the night as an opportunity to get his rest, how much more of a hardworking wife. Good night, my wife.

11. Work belongs to the day. Rest belongs to the night, but before you take your rest tonight, I want to let you know you are an amazing woman. Good night, my dear.

12. Is it called night because it is dark or it is called dark because it is night? Whatever be the case, the illumination of the day fits its purpose the darkness of the night fits its purpose too. Good night, my dear wife.

13. I perceive that the best time to reflect on the future is the night. With a calm spirit, all struggles suspended and the noise is gone, the brain is at ease. Take your ease tonight and enjoy your sleep. Good night, lovely wife.

14. I could write a hundred letters to you in the day. I could send to you much information in the morning, but in the night I say just a few but powerful sentence, ‘loving you is my desire’. Good night, love.

15. In the morning, our body acts like ginger. In the afternoon, it’s like garlic, but at night, it’s like a chilled ice-cream. Enjoy your ice-cream and have a good night rest. Good night, dear.

16. Life recharges from the inside. No one can heal you better than yourself. Let’s use the night for self-healing. The future is bright. Good night, my dear wife.

17. We can have many successes immeasurable. We may prosper all the way ahead of many, but if we do not take time to rest, our success may fizzle away. Have your rest, my dear wife.

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18. We can never be the best we want to be if we do not give love a chance. The best time to give love a chance is now, the night time. Have a lovely night, my dear wife. I love you.

19. Let’s leave out the worries. Let’s live in love. Let love lead the way. Good night, my wife.

20. The night is the portal to the mind. Prepare your mind for special revelations tonight. Have a good night rest, my dear wife.

Romantic Good Night Sms for Wife

A kiss, a toast, a hug, a romantic SMS just before bed is the desire of many wives. It prepares the mind to rest and solace away from all the forms and guises by which stress presents itself. You never can tell, it may also turn her on. Don’t waste the opportunity. Send your wife these romantic good night Sms for wife.

21. Your lips taste better at night, sometimes I wish we had unequal days where the night will be longer than the day so that I can have a full day with your lips. Good night, my wife.

22. The night could sometimes be cold, but your body is always warm. I long to stay beside you all night and get covering away from the cold. Good night, my dear wife.

23. What do they say about conception at night? Well, you don’t have to give me the answer now. We can both find the answer tonight. Good night, my wife.

24. I want to be the balm that soothes your pain. The ointment that lubricates you. I want to be the juice coming out of your endowment. Good night, my dear wife.

25. The night is the dominion for the moon. The realm of the starry star in our galaxy. It is your time to be an exhibit that exception feminine quality no one beats you at. Good night, my dearest.

26. Even the weakness of the eyes does not stop the vision of the mind. The darkness of the night cannot stop your body from glowing. Good night, my dear wife.

27. I want to experience once again the silky touch from your skin, the succulence of your breasts and the juice from that favourite passage. Good night, my dear wife.

28. Love is the in-depth value, the uncommon substance, the unique personality that transforms a soul from ordinary to extraordinary. With Love from me to You. Sleep well and good night, my lovely wife.

29. Every tree oozes out when struck. The Creator has perfectly designed in us abundance that can be extracted when need. From your well of abundance, I need a drink. Good night, my wife.

30. May your strength be renewed, your love rekindled. May your passion receive a boost even as you lie on your bed in the warmth of love tonight. Good night, my wife.

31. The gentle whispers of the night are nothing but a herald to the serenity that should bond us together without any form of intrusion from the universe. Good night, my wife.

32. How ironic to exhibit a level of high calorie consuming work as a pill for a good rest. Such high-calorie work can only be found in your bosom. Good night, my dear wife.

33. Arguments can happen during the day. There may be tension arising in the heat of the day. There are too many distractions involved during the activities of the day, but when the night appears, the bed is a place for bonding. Good night, my wife.

34. We work in the day. We rest at nights. Sweet dreams do not come by magic, they come after cuddling. Cuddling heals, never forget that. Good night, my dear wife.

35. For your tenacity in encouraging others. For your patience in seeing others grow. For your love and support all day long, you deserve a good night kiss. Happy night rest, my dear wife.

36. The day spreads itself around us like a garment, the night overshadows us in all its darkness. I am ready to wrap around you like a blanket. Enjoy your deserved rest, my dear wife. Good night.

37. You can’t take it away from the night. It gives you ample time to reflect and to reminisce of all that happened in the day or in all our lives. Good night, my love.

38. I can blow loads of kisses to you in the day to give a hope that you are not alone, but in the night I get to place my lips on yours to ease away your stress. Good night, my wife.

39. My mind is beclouded by many things in the day; targets, worries, expectations, challenges, solutions, ideas etc, but at night you are the only picture on my mind. Good night, my wife.

40. I love the taste of apples but when I tasted your own apples, I had a superior experience. Stay refreshed and away from worries tonight to give your apple nutrients. I love you. Good night, my wife.

Good Night Messages for Her Long Distance

The distance may be long. There may seldom be the barrier of long travel but two close hearts get close to each other with constant communication. A simple good night message for her even in this long distance can make the trip memorable.

41. I send my kisses to you without full ignition of passion to meet you and wherever you are. So, when you feel the air warm around you, be rest assured that I am the one. Good night, my dear wife.

42. Distance is not a barrier to two loving hearts. Wherever you are, I can always locate you for your pheromones have a permanent imprint in my brain. Good night, my wife.

43. Keep my pictures beside you as I have kept yours beside me. Whenever you miss me, touch my picture and I will feel you right here. Good night, my dear wife.

44. Hello beautiful, the sun shines because you smile, the night comes because you need rest. The breeze is cool because I miss you. Love you more than ever. Good night, wife.

45. Since you embarked on your journey, I have loved to sleep all the more and even longer because what I cannot see in the day I see at night in my dreams. I see you always in my dreams. Good night, my wife.

46. I got back home this evening and I heard your favourite song on the radio. The memories came back again. I miss you, dear. Good night, my darling.

47. My mind has never been this active since your travel. Every expression on your face, the sound of your moan, the intonation in your voice all playing back on my mind tonight. Good night, my wife.

48. Every love scene in every movie gives more meaning. I know the number of the stars in the galaxy from my part of the universe. Even as I gaze into the stars tonight, I send a message of love to you across the seas. Good night, darling.

49. Distance can’t keep the face of the beautiful one from appearing. I see it across the horizon. I see it in the noontime. It’s obvious in the even tide. Good night dear.

50. The alarm clock on the wall has a melody about you. As you journey, my reflection is all over you. Use it judiciously especially at nights like this. Good night, my dear wife.

51. I never knew our bed is as large as this. You must have been occupying the whole space. I would have preferred you occupying everywhere than me rolling alone tonight. Good night, dear.

52. Missing may sound like attachment but kissing you is what strikes the attachment in me. Good night, honey.

53. Walking from the bedroom to the living room seems hard work to me with your absence but my joy is that you will be back soon. Good night, my lovely wife.

54. The way we flow together reminds me of a well-produced rhythmic flow of good music, but while you are away even the most exciting music sounds like a dirge. Stay safe and good night dear.

55. I will always miss the warmth of your embrace each passing day, for the longer your stay away from home, the longer each day appears to be. Good night, my wife.

56. While you were leaving for your trip, I gave out my heart to you because I know it will always remind you to come back fast. The night reveals how much importance you bring to my life. Good night, my dear wife.

57. Love can leave you with space but it can never leave you empty. Your short trip away from home has left a space only you can fill, yet, every print of yours fills everywhere. Good night, my wife.

58. You can separate true love though lovers could be. Distance seems to have separated us but our love is still holding on together. Good night, dear wife.

59. You mean so much to me that I can endure the little distance created now. Enjoy your break. Good night, dear wife.

60. Distance is part of the lifelong journey of love. Occasionally, distance comes as a test to prove if we are ready. I know we are! Good night, honey.

Good Night Love Letter to My Wife

The letter of love is not written by the hands of mere mortals; they are engraved in the hearts of humans by the maker. The spark for awakening is the responsibility of the people involved. Drop this short good night letter to your wife now.

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61. Dear wife, our marriage is one of the best decision I made. I have no reason to regret it because your loyalty is one second to none. You make every night bright than the day. Good night from your darling.

62. My lovely wife, I have lost count as to the number I steal a peek to look into your face. Good night, dear.

63. Honey, I have gone this far with you because I believed you will love me forever. Thanks for not betraying that trust. I desire to have a romantic dream with you. Have a splendid rest, dear wife.

64. My lovely wife, I cherish our late-night conversations. I love it when we go chitty-chatty together on the sofa. I still desire we do it all night long. Good night, dear.

65. Darling wife, what have heard about early morning hugs? They are medicinal, right? Yet, our late-night cuddle compares to none. With love from me.

66. My lovely wife, there are no perfect people anywhere, but just one is perfect for you. You are my complete half. You are perfect for me. I love you. Sweet dreams.

67. Dear hubby, the smile I saw on your face the first day we met is printed and archived in my memory. It reminds me of such a wonderful personality you are. I love you. Good night, from me.

68. Wifey, you have become a magnet that attracting every piece of my soul to yourself. I cannot resist such love, such force. Let the magnetic bond be at work tonight. Good night.

69. My wife, the more I know you, the more I cherish you. You deserve it: WISHING YOU A GOOD NIGHT REST. Good night.

70. Dear Honey, you call me your prince charming. I call you my angel. You are my romantic desire, the sunshine of my empire; the stars of the night to my kingdom. I love all the more. Good night.

71. Dear wife, today I want to tell you a secret. From the first day you smiled at me, I couldn’t remember how many times I kept talking about you in the company of my friends. And look at us now, Husband and Wife. Good night. From your love.

72. To my only wife, the best of my life is when I wake up at night to see you lying beside me. I can’t begin to imagine what great asset I have acquired in you. Good night, my wife.

73. Dear wife, the entire world can pause. They can stare at us. They can even decide to run ahead leaving us alone. For as long as you are with me, my world is complete. Good night, dear wife.

74. My lovely wife, I have heard that the distance from the earth to the moon is very far but I can love you to the moon back and forth as long as we rock it together. Good night, my love.

75. To my lovely wife, the garden is full of flowers because I plant a flower each time I miss you and each time I cherish you. Now, there’s no more space for additional flowers but my heart still has enough space to remember them. With love, from your husband.

76. Dear lovely wife, my mind is full of thoughts because I have every moment to think about you. I admire, cherish and love you. Good night my wife.

77. To my wife, the day may extend itself for as long as possible but even if it just a moment in the night I get to spend with you, I will hold you for an eternity. Good night, my wife.

78. Dear wife, my minds has two angles of thought: first, counting the days to meet up and chat with you. Second, to reflect and the moments we spend together and relish in the memories. Good night, my dear wife.

79. Dear wife, as nothing can come between the day and the night, then nothing can come between us, not now, not forever. Good night, my dear wife.

80. My dear wife, God designed you to fit perfectly into my life. I work daily to make my life also to fit into yours. Good night, my love.

Heart Touching Good Night Quotes to My Wife

The breeze of love blows to everyone but not everyone realizes it. What an amazing thing it is to spice up our very essence of life with love. You don’t want to miss out on sending more touching good night love quotes to your wife.

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81. Every night may be a routine for many people, but as for me, it is the time to tell you that I love you. Good night, my wife.

82. No one can fathom how the night wraps itself around the day. That’s exactly how I get lost when you wrap yourself around me. Good night, dear wife.

83. The day as its own glory; the night its own too. All work together to complete a cycle of the day and consequently the life we live. Let’s relish in it and get warmth for ourselves. Good night, my lovely wife.

84. No matter how gloomy the day may be, the brightness of the sun gives delight to the hardworking hands. For the night approaches when we shall relax in love. Good night, my wife.

85. It takes more muscles to frown than to smile. After such a hectic day, do less work tonight by smiling because it is cheaper and easier. Good night, my dear wife.

86. No one can hold back the night from manifesting. No one can hold back my love from spreading all over you tonight. Have a good night, my dear wife.

87. The place of the day cannot be traded with the place of the night, also, the place of the night cannot be traded with the place of the day. Dear, let’s enjoy the night. Good night, my dear wife.

88. When love rules, even the night yields to our desires. Have a great night rest.

89. The most important people in our lives are remembered when there is a perceived loss ahead. Let us not wait for bad situations to cherish each other. I admire you daily. Enjoy a good night rest, my wife.

90. You give to the day wat the day needs. In the same way, you give to the night what the night desires. By your soft touch, we make the night better. Good night, my wife.

91. What may not be seen clearly in the day is better seen at night with the lenses of love and joy. Let love lead the way. Good night, my wife.

92. No matter how dark the night may be, the contours of your backside, the roundness of your backside. The silky feelings of your breasts cannot hide. Good night, my dear wife.

93. The beauty of our galaxy in the night overshadows the dread that comes with it. With the beauty of your face illuminating the room, I welcome the night with full gear. Good night, my wife.

94. The beauty of the moon is only cherished only if it hides in the darkness for in darkness is its full glare seen by mortals. Enjoy your night, my wife.

95. The night is beautiful; it gives room for a deeper reflection, echoes of the words spoke during the day reverberates and the confusion that emanates from the day is dissipated with better understanding. Good night, my love.

96. How important the night is! Without the night, the brightness of the day may never be appreciated. Without you, the value of a man may be forever hidden. Good night, my wife.

97. Sheathe your swords, the night has come. Take upon yourself the garment of love, for such is befitting now. Good night, my wife.

98. The night deceives those without understanding, but for lovers, it is the most active period to consummate. Let the fire burn tonight. Good night, my wife.

99. The mattress is not your enemy, fight it not. The pillow is your friend, not a foe. Worries that want you to deprive you a beautiful night rest is what you should kick out. Good night, my dear wife.
100. Even if the owls are watching, our love won’t hide from their lamp. The night is for us. Good night, my wife.

When the day rolls away, the blanket of the night spreads itself. Lovers sleep on it. Singles imagine on it. Animals lay on it. Today is gone, yet the night is still out there, don’t allow the night to roll away until you have sent the heart touching good night messages for wife to your wife. Use them now.

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