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2024 Heart Touching Good Night Quotes for Crush

The night is one of the most beautiful times of the day, its a moment of relaxation, reflection, and calmness because that is when the body and soul want to ease off the stress of the day, reflect on how good or bad the day was, and encourage the mind of the wonderful opportunities the next day has to offer. It is necessary that you take advantage of this moment to send love to that special person that you have affection for, that special person who is not your lover and is more than just a friend to you.

Having affection is nice but when it is not expressed, it becomes bottled up and useless. Some times, when your affection is bottled up, it reduces how well you relate with this special person, thereby causing harm to the beautiful relationship that you both have.

A sweet message at night will do a lot of good for this relationship, it tells how dear he/she is to your heart, how much joy he/she brings to your heart, and how much you care for him/her. Also, a crush can be your very close friend or a lover and you shouldn’t take this as though they are like every other general friend we might have out there. They should be treated with so much love in return because he/she might be having the same affection as you do.

Sending a good night text will not only help you in making that special person feel loved but will also help you in saying those silent words that your heart might not be able to utter. Action, they say, speaks louder than voice. So, you need to take action in making his/her night a sweet one with one of these heart touching good night quotes for crush. Send your crush these beautiful heart touching good night quotes for a crush to get the job done without so much struggle and stress.

P.S: It can also be used for lovers. All you need to do is to change the crush to lover and you are good to go.

Most Touching Good Night Text Messages to Crush

These most touching good night text messages to crush will go a long way in making your crush have a beautiful night rest with the thought of you on it all through the night.

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1. No better way to express how I feel about you than making you know that you’re the first person I think of when I wake up and the last thing on my mind at night. This is me saying good night and sleep well, dear.

2. The best thing that can ever happen to me is having you as my own, you give me so much joy daily and I’m glad I met you. I hope that you have a good night rest tonight. I love you.

3. As you may down to sleep tonight, I hope that the angel of the Lord guard you for all evils of the night, and may you wake stronger and better tomorrow. Good night, sweety.

4. I might not always be there for you but I hope you know that you’re always on my mind. Sweet dreams as you sleep tonight.

5. I know you had a bad day, so I hope that this text soothes your heart and bring a smile to your face. Sleep well my darling. I adore you.

6. No matter how stressful or busy my day was, saying good night is the only thing that gives me a fulfilled day. Thank you for making the day fulfilled. Good night, dear.

7. Saying good night to you is as important as me having a sound sleep because there will be no sound sleep without sending my love over. Good night, sweety. I love you.

8. You don’t need flowers at night, but you might need this text to make you have a wonderful night’s rest. I love you, darling. Good night.

9. Its night time, closing my eyes to sleep but all I wished for is for you to be by my side tonight. Come home quickly, I cant wait to see you.

10. The night time is a night of rest and my rest is not complete without the thought of you in it, I hope you have a peaceful sleep as you drift into sleep. Good night.

11. The calmness of each night whispers your name to my heart, so I decided to send you a warm virtual hug to make you have a blissful night rest tonight. I adore you my darling.

12. I’ve waited for so long to tell that each time I lay to sleep, the memories of your sweet and lovely smile give my sound sleep and tonight isn’t an exception. Thank you for your daily dose of sound sleep, good night, and sleep well my darling.

13. I hope that as you lay down to sleep tonight, may the angels deliver you sleep without so much stress. Take care, darling. I miss you.

14. May your night be peaceful and serene as the stars in the sky and may you wake up healthy and strong tomorrow, have a lovely night rest, dear.

15. Fighting to get a peaceful sleep tonight? Close your eyes, take a deep breathe and think of the lovely times we’ve spent together, I am sure you’re dozing off already after doing all these. Sleep tight, baby. I adore you.

16. May your night be filled with beautiful dreams of victory and may you wake up strong to overcome your fears. Stay strong, darling, I’m sure you’ll overcome this.

17. The night is a beautiful one and I hope that this text brings a leaping joy to your heart and makes you have a sound and lovely night rest tonight. I value you so much, dear.

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18. Though we are far apart, I hope that the moon sends my greetings to you and I also hope that it lightens your room with a sweet flavour of peace and love. Please, rest well my darling,

19. May you have a peaceful night rest one that is free of worries and uncertainty of what the next day holds. You’re an achiever, dear.

20. I know you had a stressful day, but with this text, I believe that it will make your night one filled with so much rest and peace. Have a lovely night rest tonight. You’re cherished.

Touching Good Night Paragraphs for Crush

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21. Laying down each night without you by my side reminds me of how much I love you, how much I want to always be by my side. I want you to be the last person I will see at night and the first person I will wake up to see in the morning. I hope you know that I miss you and cant wait to see you. Goodnight my darling. I love you.

22. The moon might be far from the earth but it does illuminate our path in the dark, that’s exactly the role you play in my life, you light my life even in dark moments of life, a gift of you is very rare to find and me having you is a treasure I will never let go. Thank you for always been there my special friend. Have a lovely night rest tonight. I cherish you.

23. The only aim and objective I have now are to make me happy for the rest of my life because the smile on your face gives me so much inspiration daily and I will do anything to make that smile a permanent one. I hope that you have a sweet night rest tonight. Good night to my only crush.

24. Each time I want to sleep I have just one very important thing on my mind and not even the busiest day can take that thing off my mind. That thing is you and that thing is love. Good night, darling.

25. I’ve always taught that crushing was wrong until I met you. The sound of you makes my heart leap for joy. You are crush dream and I hope the dream comes to reality by making you mine forever. Have a lovely night darling. You are greatly loved.

26. Staying away from you is an impossible possible task because you might not be with me physically, but you are always on my mind wishing that you were here. Sleep well, sweety. You are loved.

27. Tonight, I wish that a star would fall so I can make a wish that you’ll be mine forever. Don’t be surprised, my feeling for you is stronger than my control. Good night, damsel.

28. I am now an addict of you, not seeing you daily serves as a threat to my health. So, I prescribe a daily dose of you for myself. Hope to see you tomorrow. Good night.

29. The summary of all that happened is that I love you and I will love you to be the love of my life. No jokes. Good night, dear.

30. Friendship with you was awesome, now I wish that we be more than friends. I’m sure you know how I feel about you. Good night, damsel.

31. With you, I always wish the day never ends and that the night stays longer than expected. Your presence makes me lose touch of time with your magic heart. But right now that you are far from me, I wish that the night pass away quickly so I can see you tomorrow. I miss you, darling. Good night.

32. I sent the moon to deliver a message to you. Look at the moon, stare at it for a minute, listen to what your heart says and tell me when you receive the message. I miss you, darling. Good night.

33. May the stars guide you into a wonderful sleep and may your sleep be peaceful. Have a lovely night rest, darling.

34. May you sleep so well tonight that when you wake up tomorrow, you will wanting to see me. That’s my good night wish for you because I miss you so much.

35. Today was awesome, thanks to you. I hope you got home safe? Please call me. Good night, princess.

36. Guess what? I sent the cool breeze to whisper I love you to your heart so you can dream of me tonight. I hope you received it well. Good night, baby. I love you.

37. May the coolness of the night bring calmness to your heart tonight. Take care darling. I miss you.

38. Don’t be too emotional worked out tonight. You deserve a nice massage. Since I’m not there all you need to do is to take a cold bath to aid your sleep. Try this tonight, and I’m sure you will sleep like a child without worries. Good night, damsel.

39. In the coolness of the night, my heart screams your name so loudly for me to hear. How I miss your presence. Good night.

40. This is not to impress you but to tell you how special you are to me. You deserve to happy. Never forget that, please. Have a lovely sleep tonight.

Goodnight Texts to A Male Crush

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41. Each time I’m with you, I experience nothing but joy, and each time I’m far from you, I suddenly lose my peace. I hope you know that you mean so much to me. Good night, cutie.

42. The way you respect and protect me makes me wish that you are always by my side. Good night, Mr Handsome.

43. You’re the kind of man I would love to spend the rest of my life with and I hope that you dream of me tonight as you begin to sleep. Take care always.

44. May your dreams be filled with the memories of me in it and may you wake up tomorrow feeling stronger than today. Good night darling.

45. May the moonlight inspire your night into dreams of greatness and may it fill your heart with inspirations for the future. Good night Mr.

46. You are the sun that makes gives me strength during the day and the moon that makes me want to go into dreamland at night. Have a lovely night rest today.

47. I hope that you have a sweet night rest today. I am sending my love over inform of a text. Enjoy your sleep.

48. You are a gift I treasure and will love to keep forever. Good night to my amazingly handsome and caring best friend.

49. Getting you out of my head proved to be a difficult task because I think about you every night. Good night and sleep tight.

50. Seeing you every night gives me joy. Thanks for making my evening a memorable one. Good night and sleep well.

51. Every night, I’m sure that I will have a good night’s rest because I have an amazing man like you to share my life worries with. Thank you for being such an amazing and dear friend to my heart. I love you, dear.

52. I hope that you drift into a peaceful sleep tonight and that you dream of me every single second of the night. Good night, handsome.

53. Though we have our differences, that is what makes me adore you more. You are a whole vibe. Thanks for dinner. Good night.

54. When I’m in your arms, I feel so secured and I would never want to let go. You’re my rock. Thanks for always letting me lean on you. Good night, mister.

55. Thank god for bringing you my way, you give me so much peace daily. Have a sweet night rest tonight. Good night.

56. A day without you makes me want the night to pass very fast so I can see you again. Thanks for making my night short in advance. Good night, dear.

57. Believe in yourself and don’t get too carried away by the happenings around you. Good things are about to happen. Sleep well, dear.

58. ‘Sleep well, dear’ to me it means three magic words that only the heart can understand. I bet you can’t decode that. Anyways, Sleep well, dear.

59. I don’t know what you did to me but you are always on my mind at night. I hope it is not what I’m thinking. Anyways, good night, bestie.

60. Some times, I wish that I am your bed so I can have you all to myself at night, the day isn’t enough for me. I miss you. Good night.

Goodnight Texts to A Female Crush

With these cute goodnight texts to a female crush, not only will she be dreaming of you all through the night, she will be longing to see you the next day.

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61. Ever since I met you, I no longer need an angel to watch over me at night and that is because you are the angel of my heart. Have a good night’s rest dearest one. I miss you.

62. Now, I don’t have a choice but to hold on tight to my pillow as though you are by my side. I need you to be mine, baby. Good night, princess.

63. No one would be a better bed-mate other than you, you are my special kind of woman and I will love to always be by your side. Good night darling. I miss you.

64. I hope this text relives your mind and gives you peace as you sleep tonight. Thanks for always being a special friend to me. I love you.

65. My customized female friend, I’m sure you don’t know how dear you are to my heart, just so you know, I think about you every day and every night I hope that you sleep thinking about me tonight. Have a lovely night rest.

66. Every night, I wish that the next day marks the beginning of our love relationship. I’ve not given up yet. Good night

67. Every night I fantasize about how beautiful my life will be with you by my side. Now, I’m tired of fantasies, I want it in reality, I want you. Good night, dear.

68. I hope that as you sleep tonight, your body and soul receive rest for tomorrow. I miss you beautiful. Sleep well.

69. I don’t have much to say tonight except that, I so much enjoy your company and friendship and I value the gift of you. Sleep tight, adorable.

70. Good night to the queen of my heart, the woman of my dreams, and the best friend I will ever have. I love you.

71. I might get to see you during the day but I will fight to have you all to myself at night. Good night my darling.

72. Before I say good night, I discovered that my night has always been boring and stressful because you’re not by my side. Anyways I hope that an angel appears in your dreams telling you to respond to my request. Good night my sweet angel.

73. I won’t just wish that you have a good night’s rest today, but I also wish that you sleep soundly like a baby and you wake up to love me more. I love you (winks emoji)

74. I admire your strength and wisdom from a distance and I wish that you are mine. Your man must be very lucky to have you. Good night strong woman. I adore you.

75. You are the best friend and colleague one could ever have. I hope that as you try to sleep tonight, you experience ministration of angels in your dreams. May Sleep tight my darling.

76. Sometimes, I wish I have the boldness to give you a warm hug and tell you how important you are to me. Good night to my special best friend. I cherish you.

77. I will always be grateful for the gift of you in life. You bring me so much joy. Goodnight, darling.

78. To the one and only person that his thought occupies my heart daily – I say good night and have a great sleep tonight.

79. The thought of you brings so much peace to my heart at night because you will always be the man of my heart. I love you, darling. Good night.

80. Sometimes at night, I wish that I was your mattress, so I can listen to your heartbeat and give you comfort at night. Good night, handsome. Sweet dreams.

Cute Ways to Say Goodnight Over Text to Your Crush

With these cute ways to say goodnight over text to your crush I have here, it will go a long way in helping her have a peaceful and sweet night rest.

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81. I might not be available to sing you a lullaby but my heart sings it for you presently and all I want is for you to have a sound sleep. Good night, sweety.

82. I enjoy that you are the last thing on my mind every night. I love thinking about you! I love you.

83. Sweet dreams baby. We shall meet tonight at dreamland having fun just like we did today.

84. I don’t like to sleep cos it stops me from thinking about you, so I ask that you take control of my dreams tonight. Good night, dear. Sleep well

85. The day starts with you and ends with you. You rule my world every day and I enjoy your aura of love. Take care and sleep well tonight.

86. I saw the way you looked into my eyes expecting me to say the THREE magic words I LOVE YOU. Now that I have said it, good night lover.

87. Hey! I beg that you allow me to get some sleep because the more you think about me over there, the more my heart alerts me of your thought. I miss us anyways. Good night.

88. I wish that I never lose touch with you even in the darkest hours of the night. I love the way you protect and adore me. Good night.

89. When I hold hand with you, I see the future, when I hug you, I forget all my worries and when you smile, it brings so much joy to my heart. You are my dream come to reality, sweety and I will never let you go again. I miss having you around. Good night, pretty.

90. I will stop loving you the day the moon refuses to come up at night. Good night, sweetheart.

91. Good night to a sweet angel with the cutest smile I’ve ever seen. Good night to my queen. I love you.

92. Looking at the sky tonight, I saw a star standing out in brightness, that star is you, baby, you stand out amidst others and I will always love you. Good night.

93. Spending the day with you always gives me joy and the night without you makes me sad. Hope to see you tomorrow. Good night, darling.

94. No matter how hard I try, I can’t get you out of my head. You are my special person and I value the gift of you. Have a good night rest. I adore you.

95. No amount of words can quantify how important and dear you are to me, you are a star that shines so bright not only at night but also in my heart. Here is me saying good night to my special crush.

96. I love to tell you good night because it makes me rest assured that you are always safe at night. Take care, darling. Good night.

97. You might not be my lover but you are sure one of the best things that have ever happened to me. Thanks for being awesome, darling. Have a wonderful sleep tonight.

98. Hey, crush! I hope you know that I value every moment spent with you today. Let’s have more of it. Good night, pretty.

99. May your night be filled with so much peaceful rest and may it clear your heart of all worries. Sleep well tonight.

100. It is not too late to tell you to sleep well. Have a lovely night rest, dear. I love you.

These heart touching good night messages for crush will help you in passing whatever message you intend to pass across to your crush. It can be forwarded anytime. I hope you got exactly what you needed. Please, your comments are highly appreciated.

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