Birthday Letters for Girlfriend

Heart Touching Birthday Letters for Girlfriend (2024)

 The calendar runs, not minding who is reading or observing the events, but as the days go by, we recall events, situations and circumstances on special dates. These dates ring bells in our memory because of their peculiarity. There are, however, special ways to keep the memory of an event ever fresh, yet, the calendar has proven to be one of the best.

Birthdays happen to be one of the special days which the calendar reminds us of, especially the birthday of a special person like a girlfriend. When you have a lovely girlfriend, celebrating her on her birthday becomes a priority. You would want the best of birthday letters, messages and wishes for her.

Just so you know, everyone deserves to be loved by at least, one person, how much more of a girlfriend? To be loved is to be cherished, and to be cherished is to be appreciated. We all need to learn how to keep permanently the special people in our hearts because whoever we keep in our heart, whatever that concerns them, we take as a matter of utmost importance.

However, sending some heart touching birthday letters for girlfriend who loves you is one of the most amazing ways to make her feel loved and to keep her in your heart.

The impression of  birthday letters for girlfriend is the first sign that you sincerely care about her. Don’t miss the chance to put a smile to the face of your special one. Use either or all of the following. No amount of love shown to a girlfriend is too much.

Most Touching Happy Birthday Letters for My girlfriend

Awwwwww, you have been looking for a way to do something unique for your girlfriend on her birthday. You’ve found the right place. Below are the most touching birthday letters you need to touch a heart attached to you. An indelible print on love that lasts forever. Congratulations on your discovery.

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1. Dear GF,
When I realized today is your birthday, I recalled how lovely your personality is. You are such a wonderful person to be with. Happy birthday to you.

2. Dear Girlfriend,
With every passing second, every minute, every hour and every day, I get to discover more and more special qualities you possess in character. Today is a special day to you and as well as to me. I wish you, my dear girlfriend, a big happy birthday.

3. Dear Amazing Lady,
It is a great thing to share your love with someone who understands you. It is even more profitable if that person loves you back. How pleasant is it to find a faithful partner. I find these qualities in you in extraordinary measures. Happy birthday, girlfriend.

4. Dear special one,
Love, they say brings peace to the people involved. I didn’t believe this until I met you, then I experienced firsthand what peace, perfect peace means. As you mark your birthday today, I wish you more serenity in all your endeavours. Yours Truly, your boyfriend.

5. Dear lovely girlfriend,
If today would pause and extend itself to cover a period of one year, I would choose to live in it only with you. I am assured of all the love therein. I celebrate a wonderful lady in whom all the embodiment of care lies. Happy birthday, my girlfriend.

6. Dear Girlfriend,
If my love for you is limited to only your birthday, of what use am I to you when many others could also do the same to you today? Nay, but I long to show you my love daily, spoil you with affection and caress you with passionate care. Happy birthday to you, dear.

7. Hello love,
If the heavens were shut from us and no downpour comes again, yet, I would desire to us my last drop of sweat to print on the rock of time that you are my only love. With the breaking of today, life has been renewed. Happy birthday to my girlfriend.

8. My watermelon,
There are many engagements, many meetings to attend, many schedules and clients to attend to. They can all wait because every other day can be shared with them but today is only for you and with you, I want to spend it. Happy birthday, girlfriend.

9. Hey,
Your birthday is one of a kind. Is today beautiful because it’s your birthday or are you more beautiful today because it’s your birthday? Well, the combo gives a good result. Happy birthday to you, my lovely girlfriend.

10. Hello dear,
Every minute today is important, the next second is eagerly expected because a single delay in the timing of the day is expensive because today is not an ordinary day; it’s your special day. It’s your birthday. Lovely wishes from me to you.

11. Dear Girlfriend,
When I consider all of God’s creature in all their beauties and uniqueness, I marvel at how big God is. But when I stare at you, I begin to appreciate the EXTRA time God devoted to making you. I am eternally grateful that you were presented to me as a gift. Therefore, I celebrate you every day, not just on his birthday. Happy birthday to you.

12. Dear Girlfriend,
To be loved by you is something special to me, to be associated with you is something I cherish. To celebrate you is a privilege and honour bestowed on me from on high. Happy birthday, my lovely girlfriend.

13. Dear Girlfriend,
When the earth was created, there was an emptiness that needed to be filled. God filled it perfectly. Since then, He has been in the business of filling people. As for me, the void in my life was filled up the day you were created. You completed me. Happy birthday, my girl.

14. My Love,
You are like a chilled drink in summer, a hot tea in winter. You’re a blanket in autumn and my sunshine in the spring. You are for me in all seasons. Happy birthday to you.

15. My Lovely GF,
You are such a wonderful personality in my life. You fit in so perfectly that even in your absence, I feel peace to a level touchable. Yet, when you are around, words cannot express the comfort you bring. Happy birthday, dear.

16. Dearest,
You have been declared WANTED! Yes, wanted for celebration because today is your birthday. Meanwhile, the police are bringing your cake. Love you to the top of the mountains. Happy birthday to you.

17. To my dear girl,
Whenever I think about you being in my life, I swell with pride because you are comfortable to be with. You are amazing. Happy birthday to you, my girlfriend.

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18. My girlfriend,
Life is incomplete without you. Like oxygen to humans, like carbon dioxide to plants, like you to me. Without you, life is suffocated out of me. Happy birthday to you.

19. My babe,
As we go through life, we see so many roads, I crossed many of them and found no happiness. Then BOOM! I stumbled across yours, since then, I have been on top of the world. On the occasion of your birthday, I pray for a return of joy into your life in measures more than you give.

20. My loyal woman,
Though I could do this privately, I have decided to do it publicly- let me shout it aloud today: Happy birthday to you, my dear! I hope the phone will scream out the wordings of this text.

Heart Touching Birthday Letters for Her

A letter needn’t be so long. It could be short but has a long and enduring effect that could always be referenced. It takes a lovely heart to recognize the beauty of the letter below. Send these heart touching birthday letters for her to your girlfriend. Believe me, the response would wow you.

21. To the only lady that keeps the smile beaming from me. I have engaged on a frantic chase at finding out what can be used to represent you in the skies, I found none. I researched what you are made of, I found no satisfactory answer, so I have concluded that you are a special breed. Happy birthday to you.

22. My desire, fairy tales are lovely to listen to but they cannot be compared to the story you are making out of me. You are one in a million dear. Happy birthday to my girlfriend.

23. Dearest, the best of wines are aged wine. Even with the few years we’ve met, your constant supply of fresh wine makes me yearn for more years to come because I know it will keep getting better. Happy birthday, dear.

24. My heartbeat, given many options, I will choose you over and over again as my girlfriend. Happy birthday to you, my dear.

25. My girlfriend,
No matter how deep the waters are, my love for you will never drown. No matter how hot the fire is, my love for you will be hotter than fire. Happy birthday to you. Just as we are used to, let’s rock together once again like siblings. Happy birthday to you handsome brother

26. Dear girlfriend,
Going on a bumpy ride with you is fun, and I can follow you till all eternity. Let’s rock it together on your birthday. Happy birthday to you, dear.

27. Beloved, being around you eases me of stress and worries because with you I let loose and get refreshed. On this auspicious birthday, I wish you a cloud of calmness all around you. Happy birthday to you girlie.

28. Hello Miss World,
To the world, you may just be an entity. To me, you are the world. Happy birthday to the most beautiful person in my life. Happy dear.

29. My dear, I have many things to say to you but on this special birthday of yours, I want you to know that you mean more to me than the letters of the alphabet can combine to form. Happy birthday to my handsome brother.

30. My Gift, you have been the source of my encouragement when I am about to give up. As today marks another beginning in your life, let your shine brighter than ever. Happy birthday to you, dear.

31. Hello my love,
You are the first reason I smile daily. So, I want to be the very first person to send you a message of love on your birthday. Happy birthday, girlfriend.

32. My love. I adore you for who you are to me. You have been a support to me in the midst of confusion. You are my God-sent. Happy birthday, my love.

33. Your birthday is one I don’t forget. In fact, it is almost impossible for me to forget it because as your day approaches, my appetite for cakes and chocolates increases. Happy birthday, dearie.

34. My dear lady, I am the happiest man in the world today because of your birthday. You have made me realize that the bond of genuine love cannot be severed. Happy birthday to you.

35. Hello, dear, I have watched many movies and seen icons of movies excel at their art. Without acting, you play your role so perfectly. You are my superhero. Happy birthday, my girlfriend.

36. You are a jewel wrapped in tinsels. With you, I now realize that the treasures are not dressed in flamboyant attire. You are my moving treasures. Happy birthday to you, girlfriend.

37. Happy birthday to a jewel of inestimable measure. I love in excess.

38. Hello pretty, today is your day; our day of love, celebration and joy. Birthdays are moments of joys. May your joy not be truncated. Happy birthday, girlfriend.

39. I am not ashamed to call you my girlfriend because you have brought to my life the upliftment I could not count. As today begins a happy moment in your life, I wish you many happy returns. Happy birthday, dear.

40. Happy birthday to the one and only person whose love for me keeps me hydrated. With Love, from me to you. Cheers, dear.

Long Heart Touching Birthday Letters for Girlfriend

To touch the heart of someone is to feel the soul of that person. You desire to make a statement of love on your girlfriend’s birthday, then, these long heart touching birthday letters to girlfriend is the magic wand you’ve been looking for. Don’t hesitate!

41. You making growing up so easy though they say growing old is mandatory. With you, each passing day has become a life fully lived. You are so amazing. Happy Birthday to you.

42. The ease of access to your love and care is what keeps me going even in the face of challenges. You have been my strength and my succour in times of pain. You deserved to be pampered even on this special day. I love you. Happy birthday, dear.

43. Hello dear,
On this occasion of your birthday, I appreciate all the loving moments you have shared with me. You are the magnet that draws out the genius in me. Happy birthday, girlfriend.

44. Hey, happy birthday to you. Being in our crude and raw state may seem unpleasant; it takes the patience and tenacity of someone who knows our value to see the best of us, thank you for discovering in me what many people abandoned. Happy birthday to you, girlfriend.

45. It is difficult to please the world because in trying to please everyone, you annoy more people and grieve yourself. On the occasion of your birthday, I say thank you for accepting me the way I am and for your patience in ensuring I become a better person by the day. Happy birthday to you, girlfriend.

46. My lovely girlfriend,
Wherever you are with me is where I find peace, love, and joy. That’s where my future lies for I have found in you a family I can call mine. To summarily put it, that is where I call home. Happy birthday to you.

47. Hello, dear, I will never forget that you came to me when I had lost hope in humanity. You refreshed my life and taught me that there is still a lot to know about lovely people. You became to me an epitome of love and compassion. Happy birthday, beautiful lady.

48. Forever, the day you came into my life will continue to be known as a memorable day. That day events changed its course and love flowed unhindered into my soul. Happy birthday to you, my lovely girlfriend.

49. Birthday comes but once in a year but the memories can last for an eternity. It’s your birthday dear, get all the joy you deserve, all the happiness therein, all the love to be given. Enjoy it to the fullest. Happy birthday to you, dear.

50. Your style of life, the love you show, the care and support you give will definitely outlive you because your good deeds not only to me but to all that comes around you will speak for you. Happy birthday to you, girlfriend.

51. Your love is special. Your care is unique. Your faithfulness is top-notch. Happy birthday to the most graceful, loving, caring and, beautiful girlfriend.

52. With you, I have decided to build my theatre of dreams and as it is your birthday, with the joy, I can tell that we can dream about the nearest together. Happy birthday, dear.

53. Hello Candy, to the sweetest lady still breathing, thank you for support and care. As sweet as you are, may your birthday be sweet and give you more sweetness for the coming year. Happy birthday, girlfriend.

54. My Lollipop, Happy birthday to you. You the first image cast upon my retina my when I wake. You are the cutest creature my brain knows. You are the most understanding, most gentle being I have met. Wishing you more profitable years ahead. Happy birthday to you.

55. Without the sun, can you imagine what the earth would appear like? Without you in my life, I can only imagine how dark my world would be. I love you always my girlfriend. Happy birthday to you.

56. Wherever you find love, peace abides because when you are around good people, good things fall into places. Dear girlfriend, you are the magnet that attracts good things to me. Happy birthday to you.

57. When the day was about to break, your birthday rang. A message was quickly transmitted to the sun through the universe. So, the sun is shining so brightly. Happy birthday, girlfriend.

58. Today is the day to appreciate you for all the things you have done in my life, yet, I cannot thank you enough for just a single day is not enough to thank you for the effort of many years. Thanks for your love and patience. Happy birthday to you, my girlfriend.

59. Happy birthday to the only one whose love diffuses through the airwaves reaches you like a drone and sweeps you off your feet like a missile. I love you girl. Once again, happy birthday to you.

60. To remove the impact of your influence from my heart and my life is a project that cannot be completed. Your name is engraved on the front page of my heart through the mechanism of love. Happy birthday, girlfriend.

Happy Birthday Letters for Her from The Heart

Wherever the heart is, that sure is the place the treasure is stored. Birthday letters from the heart are special ways to convey the volume of the expression of your heart in a few words, yet making the same impact. They are from the heart. Read through and express them through the means available to her.

61. Today is a special day to you but you make every day special to me. I celebrate you today and will do every day. Happy birthday, girlfriend.

62. To everyone else, today is just another day, but with you dear, your birthday is a special day. Happy birthday to you, my lady.

63. My dear girlfriend, you are the epitome of love, the insignia of care, the crest of patience, the badge of kindness and seal of dedication. Happy birthday to you, dear.

64. Dear girlfriend, I am aware of how much-spoken words mean to you. Though without speaking, my heart adores you, but on this day I will scream it aloud: big happy birthday to you.

65. The ocean may roar and overwhelm my voice. The thunder may shriek to scare everyone but my love for you will withstand them all. Happy birthday, girlfriend.

66. Hey dear, I went out and saw smiles on the faces of many people, I then knew how your virtue has been transmitted into our atmosphere to give an effect to everyone. You are the reason for today’s celebration. Happy birthday, my girlfriend.

67. My love, happy birthday to you. I pray you all the moments of your life will be a pleasant experience.

68. The city is going to be painted blue, red and pink because it is your birthday. Sound the alarm. Happy to my girlfriend.

69. I am endowed with the best woman on earth. A rare gem. A moving treasure walking on the surface of the earth. I have every reason to thank God for you. Happy birthday, my girlfriend.

70. Today is special. It is more than just any other day, it’s my girlfriend’s birthday. Happy birthday, my love.

71. Dear girlfriend, you are the express expression of love. No one does it better than you. Happy birthday to you.

72. Dear girlfriend, you are the glucose in my blood. The salt in my food. Happy birthday to you.

73. If wishes were eagles, then I would climb on its wings today to wish you a memorable day. Happy birthday, dear girlfriend.

74. Hello dear, in life, when trouble comes, we all need someone to call. You have been the person ready to listen and bear in my burdens. As you celebrate today o this birthday, I wish you all the great things you desire. Happy birthday, girlfriend.

75. I can’t just keep calm for it’s your birthday. You deserve all the attention, all the care and love today for were the table turned, you would do more than that for me. Happy birthday to you, my dear.

76. I hope the joy of today would so much fill you that you would overflow with laughter. You are a jewel. I want you to know that you are more than enough. Happy birthday, my girlfriend.

77. When you were born, you cried while everyone laughed. As you live, you have come to fill people’s life with laughter even in sorrow. Thanks for not withholding from me your love. Happy birthday, beautiful.

78. From my heart to your heart, our love transmission cannot be broken. It is not hindered by distance, neither can any weather stop it. It’s your day! Happy birthday to you, my lovely girlfriend.

79. You matter in every matter that concerns me so I have decided to take your matter to myself as the matter of your birthday is on board today, I wish you all that matters to your heart. This message is coming from my heart. Happy birthday, my girlfriend.

80. My lady, you are an ambassador of love. The whole world celebrates you today. Just look around you; the trees sway in joy, the sun smiles in her brightness, the sky calm in its blue design, all because of you. What more can I say? Happy birthday, dear.

Birthday Love Letters for Her

On her birthday, a simple message embedded in free-flowing words of passion extends the joy in the heart. A birthday love letter for her is never obsolete; it’s reinvented to keep us burning with eternal passion. Try them!

81. Every single volume of oxygen I inhale rings of you. Every warm exhale echoes your day. Every beat of my heart sings your name. Happy birthday to you dear.

82. Your journey to greatness takes a new leap. As you go on for another revolution around the sun in this glorious year, remain on top for there is where you belong. Happy birthday, girlfriend.

83. I can’t but notice the special glow on your face this very day, it reminds me how special you are. Happy birthday to you, my girl.

84. No matter what the weather says, no matter the length of the day or night, today belongs to you and I celebrate you today. Happy birthday to you, my girlfriend.

85. Everyone has a special day to celebrate, and when that day comes, great are the expectations. I wish you all the best therein. Happy birthday, my lovely lady.

86. Hello dear, the smile on your face will be your permanent signature. Happy birthday to you, girlfriend.

87. My love, the longer the merrier. Your love soothes my soul like a chilled drink. I could forever remain in your bosom. Happy birthday to you, my lady.

88. My dear, the world thrives by rushing everything, but for us today, we’ll take a break. The world can go ahead, we will pause, enjoy this beautiful and catch up later. It’s your birthday, we must celebrate. Happy birthday, girlfriend.

89. I dug into the reservoir of the ink of love. I drilled through to the energy of passion to send you this: Happy birthday to you, sweetheart.

90. The world may not comprehend the way I see it, it may not cherish what great potential is in you. We appreciate the things and people we know. I know what a wonderful person you are, so I wish you a happy birthday, dear.

91. Some things in life are better left imagined. The goodness that oozes out of you is one. Happy birthday to you, girlfriend.

92. When you smile, you radiate love to the world. When you celebrate, you cover the people around you with affection. As you mark another year today, I wish you the very best of life. Happy birthday, girlfriend.

93. A day is actually new only if you do new things. You are the source of meaning to a new day in my life because daily, your love is renewed to me. Happy birthday, girlfriend.

94. You deserve all the care and respect you get because you don’t also hesitate to give same to others. I cherish you for your good heart. Happy birthday, beautiful.

95. A day spent with you is equivalent to months spent somewhere else. Happy birthday to my beautiful girlfriend.

96. Hey, look up. What can you see? That my face in the sky smiling at you. Happy birthday to you, dearie.

97. The excellency of your touch in my life is like a heart melted in the irresistible fire of love. Happy birthday, my love.

98. Sometimes, we look for the right things in the wrong place. Some other times, we look for things outside when they are inside. Blessed is the day I found you. You brought to an end futile search in my life. Happy birthday to you, dear.

99. Hey, you do to me things that no one does better than you. You are so good at what you do. You keep me calm and refresh me. Happy birthday to my number one lady.

100. You take my breath away with your love yet not suffocating me. There are billions of people on earth but you stand out as a princess to me. Happy birthday to my girlfriend.

Love is a beautiful thing. It is to be cherished and adored by the people involved. Sending these heart touching birthday letters for girlfriend to your lovely girlfriend is a very good way to keep the flow. Always appreciate every opportunity to do so.

Do well to share with your friends who need them. A comment from you will be a very good way to send me your feedback. Thanks.

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