Touching Good Night Messages for Her

Touching Good Night Messages for Her – Girlfriend

Keeping your relationship alive requires efforts from you, It requires some actions and words from you too. Everyone, including your girlfriend, loves being told sweet and touching words by her partner, and that’s an effective way to keep the relationship going.

Saying sweet words to your girlfriend at every time of the day is a good way to make her know how much you care, especially at night, when she is already retiring to bed. She would love to receive messages from you saying good night and sending your words of love to usher her to sleep. And if you make it regular, she’ll begin to look forward to them with excitement. This is one of the sweet things you can do for her daily.

You may already understand all of these, and the issue may be composing the messages, either because you don’t want to make the mistake of using words you shouldn’t use on her or some other reasons. If this is where you find yourself, then this is the answer to your prayers because it contains more than you need. With five amazing categories to explore, you’ll find exactly what you want.

And just so you know, sometimes, your girlfriend might have doubts about where you both stand, and sending these touching messages can just be one of the things you can do to give her peace of mind.

Note: the messages in this collection can also be used for your wife.

Read through this collection of the best of heart touching good night messages for her saying good night to your girlfriend. Copy and paste or edit anyone you like and send to her.

Heart Touching Good Night Sms for Girlfriend

This is a compilation of some of the top heart touching good night Sms for girlfriend to say good night to your girlfriend. Read through and take the ones you think is best for her, and forward it to her.

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1. Lay your pretty head down, darling, and enjoy sweet sleep, sleep only worth the night of a true Queen. Good night, baby.

2. Of course, the day was filled with thoughts of you. I don’t expect any less from the night. I’m glad you’re a strong presence in my life. Good night, sweetheart.

3. The little I can do to thank you for making my day so amazing is to pray that your night is more amazing than you can wish it to be. Good night, honey.

4. Don’t even for a second think that you don’t deserve a great night. Sleep with the confidence that God and I got you. Good night to you, my heartbeat.

5. Baby girl, I pray that tonight will take away all your pain and bring all the things that will make you always happy because this sweet girl deserves to be happy. Good night to my darling.

6. Just like God wants his beloved to have sweet sleep, so I want for you. And just as He gives it to them, this is part of my efforts to give it to you, sweetheart. Good night to you, babe.

7. I wish I could say the only thing I wish you tonight is a good night. Nah. I also wish you all the possible extras that can come with the night, darling. Good night to you.

8. You’re a special person, honey, the sweet kind of special If you don’t deserve to have a special night, the sweet kind, I don’t know what you deserve. Have a blessed night, my love.

9. Greetings, my love. I know you had a great day. Let my love stay with you and guide you through the night, and I promise you’ll have a good one. Good night, darling.

10. I wonder if I’ll ever have a good day or night without you in it. You’ve made things different for me, and I love it! Good night to you, honey.

11. I enjoyed myself so much with you today. I hope you enjoyed being with me too. I pray you to enjoy your night even though I’m not there. I love you so much, darling. Good night to you.

12. I want to remind you that my best nights are those you spend with me. Sleep well and enjoy sweet dreams, my baby. Good night to you.

13. In a few words. I thank God for bringing you into my life. With you, my days are totally beautiful. And at night, my dreams are filled with the beauty of you. Good night, darling.

14. Good night, darling. I can’t wait for tomorrow with you. I look forward to every day with you, sweetheart. I love you so much.

15. Every night, darling, I go to bed with thoughts of you, and it makes the night beautiful. Thanks for being in my life. I love you and I’m here to say good night.

16. I go to bed and wake up knowing that you love me, knowing that you’re mine. What else is the definition of bliss? Good night to you, sweetheart.

17. My love, I just can wait to wake up to another day that will be filled with you and your love. I know you can’t wait too. I miss you already, darling. Goodnight to you.

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18. I know you went around today, doing amazing things, at work, on the road, everywhere. I’m proud of you, sweetheart. Good night to you.

19. After a productive day, a sweet girl’s got to rest. And I wish you all the best of the night and an even more productive day tomorrow. My love, good night to you.

20. I love you, babe. As you lay your sweet head to rest, sweet dreams will fill your rest period, and you’ll wake up refreshed and energised. Good night, sweetheart.

Good Night Messages for Her from The Heart

Are you having a hard time expressing something from your heart to her through a good night text message? Here is some help for you with this collection of good night messages for her from the heart. Just read through and, I bet you, you’ll find the perfect one to hit her with tonight.

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1. Every day, you bless me incessantly. So every night, you have to rest, so I can enjoy you properly the next day. You deserve to rest. Good night, baby.

2. There’s nothing I won’t do right now for you to enjoy your sleep. I want you to enjoy everything, and I’ll stop at nothing to make it happen. I love you and I’m here to say good night.

3. I can imagine you reading this and I can see that your smile that can make the whole world pause for a minute and I wish I can see that smile physically now. Good night, sweetie.

4. As you go to bed, I want you to know that if the world ends tonight, I’ll be going to heaven a happy man, because I had you on my side while still here. Good night, honey.

5. My night will be awesome. I have you and that is enough to make me rest well. I bless you with the best of nights too, darling. Good night to you, my love.

6. I want to thank you for making my day sweeter, far sweeter than I could have imagined. Every day, I set expectations for the day with you and every day, you beat my expectations. I love you so much. Good night, my baby.

7. When I count my blessings for the day at night, you always come first. Sleep sweetly, my love. Good night to you.

8. I want to stay awake all night, watching over you as you sleep and admiring the beauty that all mine. Good night to you, my darling.

9. To the definition of beauty, good night. To the one whose side I never want to leave, good night. To the love of my life and queen of my heart, good night.

10. How can I walk away from someone who makes me sleep well? My biggest wish for you tonight is that nothing tampers with you having a very pleasant night rest. Good night, darl.

11. Keep making my days filled with joy. You do it like that’s all you were born to do. Let’s go to bed and have a blissful rest and wake up to another day filled with us! Good night, darling.

12. The best of nights are those with you, so if you ask me, I’ll tell you I’m having one of those. I wish you an even better night, honey. Good night to you, my lover.

13. Finally, the children are sleeping, and you too can sleep. Thanks for being the best partner and mother to me and them. Good night, my heartbeat.

14. With you, it’s an endless bliss party. I haven’t seen my face when I’m sleeping before, but I’m sure it’s filled with smiles, the smiles you put there. Good night, my angel and my queen.

15. Tell me why you don’t deserve a good night rest and for every one reason you give, I’ll give you fifty, fifty sweet ones. Good night to you, my love for life.

16. How many times should I tell you that I love you tonight before you sleep well? Just say it and watch me swing into action because I want your sleep to be the sweetest in the world tonight. Good night, my heartbeat.

17. Truth be told, you filled my day with so much excitement and now I’m so tired that I want to crash. I don’t know how hard it is to find excitement, but I love it and you provide so much of it. Thank you, my love. Good night to you.

18. Every night has me thinking of you and waking up to seeing the prettiest girl I know on another beautiful day — I know it’s beautiful because you’re in it. Good night to you, darling.

19. How much rest do you need to stay happy and excited? I wish you more than that tonight! I love you, honey. Good night to you, love.

20. As peaceful as heaven shall your sleep be, and you’ll wake up to a day that you will rate one hundred when it’s over. Good night to you, my sweetheart.

Most Touching Good Night Quotes for Her

Whenever someone asks me for the most touching quotes to be used to say good night to his girlfriend, and I really want him to get the best for her, I bring him to this collection of most touching good night quotes for her, knowing he can only get the best here.

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1. Darling, sleep with the peace of one who is loved by me. You know all the sweet things you say about me? Remember that and remember that I’m all yours, and let that make your sleep sweeter. Good night, darling.

2. A beautiful night for a beautiful girl like you. And that’s how things should be. Good night to you, my lover.

3. I know you have sweet prayers and wishes for my night. My prayers are that you get what you pray for me and you get what you wish for me. Good night to you, honey.

4. I want to see you in my dreams from beginning to end. That’s how much I always want to have something about you around me. Good night to you, darling.

5. As you sleep, may you be reminded of the amazing things you are, so you’ll smile throughout your night. Good night to you, sweets.

6. The night looks beautiful, but you’re even more beautiful, so may your night be more beautiful than the night itself. Amen. Good night, darling.

7. Baby girl, you’re on my mind, so I’m definitely enjoying rest tonight. Because you’ve blessed with a pleasant rest, may you enjoy the same too. Amen. Good night, sweets.

8. Hope you’re ready for another beautiful night? I love what you told me about your night yesterday and I pray you enjoy even better nights from now on. Good night, baby girl.

9. Good night to you, my baby girl. Have dreams that will leave you better than you were before you had them. Because I know how much you love to grow.

10. No more not-so-nice nights for you. Tonight marks the beginning of endless nights of bliss. Good night to the girl I love most.

11. Rest, my love, for I, your baby, watches over you. Rest like the good queen that you are. Good night to you, my darling.

12. May all sweetness run to you tonight, and may they find a comfortable place in you as you sleep. Good night to the one my heart beats for.

13. Another day of love and joy and all beauty, all because I have you. Good night to you, darling.

14. I don’t mind giving up sleep tonight just so you’ll have a pleasant rest. That’s the least I can do for someone I idolise. Good night to you, my angel.

15. With you, I go to bed feeling loved and feeling joy. And my dreams are sweet because my thoughts are filled with your sweetness. Good night to you, honey.

16. I’m glad today had you in it. All of me craves for tomorrow because you’ll be in it. Good night to you, my heartbeat.

17. In stubbornness, I want you to have a good night. Sleep like the strong and amazing queen that you are. Good night to you, my love.

18. Sleep on, babe. I’ll be here watching over you with nothing but love for you and the sight of you I see as I sleep. Good night to you, my baby.

19. My baby girl, may you sleep as sweet as babies sleep. If anyone asks you why your sleep was so awesome, remember to tell them it’s because you’re my BABY girl. Good night, my lover.

20. My love, rest under the loving watchful eyes of God and me, your lover. I wish you only good and nothing else tonight. Good night to you, sweetheart.

Good Night Messages for Her Long Distance

Do you want the best of messages to say good night to your girlfriend that’s a long-distance away? Try these good night messages for her long distance and see that you’ll have something to thank me for.

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1. I just wish I spent the night with you, hugging you, cuddling with you, and enjoying the sweetness of your body. I miss you, darling. Good night to you.

2. All I’ll do tonight is roll on the bed until sleep takes me away. It would have been different if you were here, baby. I pray you to have a very beautiful night rest.

3. Darling, your presence will make my night far better than it is. I’m not saying I’m having a bad night. I’m just saying the difference is much. Good night, my sweetheart.

4. I’m looking forward to the nights we’ll spend together when you’re back and thinking of those we already shared together. You’re filled with sweetness, darling. Good night, my love.

5. Take it from me, honey. You’re enough for me, and I miss every night we don’t spend together. I love you and I want you to have a very blest night rest.

6. Rest well, knowing that you can never be too far from my heart. I still wish you were here to rest in my arms, though. Good night to you, sweetheart.

7. We both know the nights are sweeter when spent together. But I wish you a very blissful night tonight. You’ll wake up happy! Good night to you, darling.

8. When are we spending another night together, love? That’s one of the things I miss most about being with you. Sleep like a queen, my love. Good night to you.

9. Everything feels different in your absence. Honestly, even the lengths of my night have changed. Come back soon, love. I miss you so much. Good night to you.

10. Just thinking of how the night would have gone of you were here is bringing tears to my eyes. I wish I could just fly to where you are and spend the night with you. I miss you, darling. Good night to you.

11. Good night, sweetheart. No cameras on you, but I know you’re very pretty as always. Sleep carefully, and preserve that body for me. I love you forever. Good night, babe.

12. You just beautified my day so much, even from a distance. Damn! I enjoy conversation with you. Thanks, for making my day awesome. Good night to you, love.

13. I’m glad you’re in my life, baby, and I can’t wait to spend time with you again. I want you around me all the time. I miss you and wish you a good night.

14. There are many things I can’t do without you around, and one of them is having the best of nights. My sleep is best when had with you around. Good night to you, darling.

15. I go to bed every night thankful for you, happy that I made the right choice — the choice to be with you. My nights see me resting well because I’m satisfied with you. Good night to you, darling.

16. If I throw a party for you when you return, don’t think I’m overdoing stuff. I’ve missed you madly and having you back is something to rejoice over. Good night to you, baby.

17. Here’s the truth, baby: Your presence makes me feel more complete and more excited and it leaves me really blessed. I miss you, honey. Good night to you.

18. Love of my life, my life needs you right now, but I’ll be patient until you return to my arms, that are itching to receive you. Good night to you, darling.

19. I’m not exaggerating, babe. I can’t live with you. I miss you madly and now it’s harder for me to sleep. Good night to you, my heartbeat.

20. Trust me, darling. This message is not to flatter you. It’s just to remind you that you’re the best thing in my world and that my world feels different with you far away. I miss you, honey. Good night.

Long Goodnight Messsages and Sms for Her

Crafting a long msg or SMS to say goodnight to your girlfriend may not be so easy but I’m quite sure she’ll love to receive one. So, this collection of long goodnight msg and SMS for her is one you can either copy and paste for her, or edit to fit what you want.

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1. It’s always beautiful having you in my day. You make my day sweeter and more interesting. My better days are those with you in it. Now, we’re about to sleep, and I want you to have a beautiful night rest. I want you to sleep with comfort and wake up refreshed and ready for another day. I want you to never forget that I love you. Good night to you, the love of my life.

2. The most exciting part of my day was the time spent with you. You have so much to do, but you still find time to spend with me, making me feel important and proud. You make my days sweeter than I plan them. If you don’t have a good night, I won’t be pleased, because I want that to be one of the few things you should get for being an amazing woman! Good night to you, baby girl.

3. Good night to you, my love. I can see you sleeping like a queen, enjoying all the good that comes with the night. I can see you waking up strong, rested and ready for the day. All I want is for what I see to become what you experience. I wait to hear you tell me tomorrow that your night was the best kind of night anyone could have had. I love you and I should also remind you of that tonight, my darling.

4. I have a prayer for you and for your sleep tonight, my love. I pray that you will always experience bliss whether you’re asleep or awake because I always want to see the love of my life happy. And I pray that your night will not only be one of pleasant rest and sweet dreams but one that will bring you more blessings than we can ask for. Good night to you, darling.

5. I think of you in the day and dream of you at night. You are on my mind all the time and I like it. I don’t just admire you, I love you and want to be around you all the time. Or don’t you know that some of my favourite times are those spent with you? I will just lay on the bed thinking about you until sleep takes me away. I wish you a very sweet night rest, my darling. I love you so much.

6. If there’s one person I want to have a really awesome night now, it’s you. It’s my little way of thanking you for loving me, for dedicating yourself to making me happy, for making my day bright. As you sleep tonight, have the best dreams and wake up healthier and stronger. Good night to you, my sweetheart. Don’t forget to sleep like the Goddess that you are.

7. The night will be pleasant for you. In it, you’ll find rest and peace. When you think of this night, you’ll smile, you’ll remember a night if bliss, you’ll remember what it feels like to have a perfect night. These are the least of my wishes for you tonight. My baby girl has a very beautiful night rest. Don’t forget to dream of me too.

8. Good night to you, darling. Good night to the woman who makes my days sweeter. Good night to the only person that will be on my mind throughout the night because I can’t wait to see her tomorrow. Good night to the one I will love forever and hold onto like that’s all I was born to do. I love you so much, baby.

9. First of all, I have nothing but thanks to you for today. When I say I will always love you, people think it’s a joke, but if they know what I know, if they’ve experienced what I’ve experienced, that will know that I’m not only loving you because I chose to. I pray for only the best to come for you tonight. I love you so much, darling. Good night to you.

10. Sleep with the grace of a queen, and as peaceful as a baby does, and let your dreams be sweet. And may you wake up refreshed and set for the day. May tonight be so amazing that when you want to tell someone about a very amazing night you had, you’ll remember this night. Good night to you, my darling. I love you.

11. Wherever you are, know that my love is with you. Know that I’m thinking of you and wishing I spent the night with you. Know that my nights are sweeter when you’re around and I wish to have that every day. And know that you’re the one I love now and the one I will love forever. Have a very blessed night rest and wake up to conquer tomorrow.

12. Thank you for being my companion throughout the day. I’m looking at you and thanking God for the gift of you. You make my life better and sweeter and every night, I am thankful for the gift of you. I love you now and forever and I wish you a sweet night rest with beautiful dreams. Good night to you, sweetheart.

13. It’s always a pleasure to express how I feel to you, and right now I feel so alive. Every day sees me on top of the world, thanks to you. You’re the best girlfriend anyone can have and my favourite person. You’re a Queen and deserving of all my love and attention. I want you to know that my prayers for you are that you have a great night rest, darling. I love you so much.

14. Love of my life, good night to you. When I think about my day, I’m excited, because of how you made it for me. You’re that one person I always want to see daily, that one person I always want to be with. In fact, I’m wishing you were here right now. Sleep well, my love. Good night to you.

15. With you, I know I have someone who loves me completely and unconditionally. In you, I find someone I can spend the rest of my life with. With you, I’m at rest because I trust you. And my nights are best as I go to bed knowing that you’re mine. I love you so much, honey. Good night to you.

16. Tonight will be very blessed for you. If you had any plans for a bad night, I wish you get disappointed, because I want you to have a night far better than what you planned for. Sleep like a baby, my baby. Know that I’m here, loving you and looking out for you. I love you so much, honey. Goodnight to you.

17. I know the nights are sweeter when I’m around and that you love them. That’s the way it is for me too. I’ll give up a lot just to spend my nights with you. I pray that you enjoy the best of tonight, that your night is filled with all beautiful things, that it’ll be bliss from beginning to end. Good night to you, my sweetheart.

18. Would it be off if I tell you that you’re the one I live for before I tell you good night? Then let’s do something weird then. My life is dedicated to you and all I have is yours. I want to be with you all the time, and make you happy only. Everything I do has you considered and I never want to stay a day without seeing your face. I love your darling. Good night to you.

19. Do you feel cold? I do too, and I wish I were with you, so we could cuddle and feel warm. The night will come and go but I pray that it sees you happy through it and hand over an even happier you to the day tomorrow. For me, it will be another night to sleep with two eyes closed, knowing that all is well because I have you, my baby girl. I love you forever, darling. Good night to you.

20. Thanks for all the amazing things you do to make my day brighter. Sometimes, I feel like when you wake up in the morning, you tell yourself, “my day’s mission is to make him happy, and I’m setting out to do just that, and do it consciously.” I always know I will have a good day because you’re in my life. Sleep well, my love, like the queen that you are. Good night to you, darling.

Thanks for reading this collection of touching, romantic and sweet messages to say good night to your girlfriend. With this list of touching good night messages for her, you have a super large range of good options.

Do well to share this collection with your friends in relationships so they can also have messages for the girls they call the love of their lives.

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