Heart Touching Breakup Quotes

2024 Heart Touching Breakup Quotes

Heartbreaks can be really messy and painful. Sometimes, they are necessary to bring us relief. And is one of the ways to get out of toxic relationships that sap us of our energy and joy. But other times, you just cannot make sense of why it is happening.

You don’t understand how someone who swore to cherish you, to grow with you, to protect you, and to love you forever can walk away from you. You’re regretting that you got into the relationship in the first place. And you’re asking if you ever mattered to this person.

Whether as a way to comfort yourself with thoughts that you’re not alone, to find succour, to convey your pain and disappointment to your ‘ex,’ or to break up with your partner, you will find these heart touching breakup quotes useful.

Most Touching Love Breakup Quotes

You will definitely find these touching love quotes for breakup most helpful. Send any of them to your ex-lover to make him/her know how you feel after the breakup.

1. It’s really very sad that we had to end up this way. This was supposed to be forever. You were supposed to have my heart always. Anyways, we will be fine.

2. It really hurts. To think that I’m not enough for you. That I wasn’t enough for you. And I know that I did my best, loved you with all my heart, and cared for you with all of me. So painful how we ended.

3. Watching you fall for someone else hurts so much. I can’t even begin to explain how bad I feel, that you’re now lukewarm towards me. That the passion you used to have for me is gone to someone else. This wasn’t what we agreed on. It wasn’t.

4. I feel a lot of pain on my inside. And truth be told, I don’t know how it can ever get better. I don’t know how to cope with this. But as always, they say time makes it all better.

5. I’m still amazed at how you can hurt me without blinking an eye. It’s almost as if we didn’t spend years knowing each other intimately. How you can break up with me, leave my heart in pieces, without blinking an eye, just amazes me.

6. Have you forgotten all that we’ve been through together? Have you forgotten the memories we created, even with the little we had? And you turn around to end things. Just like that! It hurts!

7. What happens to all the dreams we had for each other? Do we take them and invest in other people? I wouldn’t know how to do this with another person. But you’ve asked me to.

8. Even though it hurts so much, I’ll constantly remind myself that I am enough. Because I don’t know how I was able to lose you. How I wasn’t able to ‘keep you.’ I am enough though. Even if I don’t feel that way.

9. I will survive without you. This isn’t to spite you, but to prove to myself that my world doesn’t end and start without you. Because that’s how it almost seems. And you’re no longer in my life.

10. Thank you for everything that you were to me in the short time I knew you. Thank you for the memories, laughter and happiness. But I hate you for this pain that I feel.

11. The worst thing about a breakup, about moving on, is that the memories don’t make things easier. The memories I have of you and I constantly torment me and twist my heart painfully. This isn’t fair at all.

12. They say that time is supposed to make it all better. It’s been six months since we broke up, but my emotions are still raw. My heart still feels numb. I don’t feel any better!

13. I still don’t know where I went wrong. It’s been 4 months without us, and there’s not been a day when I don’t question what happened. Just to be sure that this wasn’t my fault at all. I miss you so much.

14. Lord knows I’ll always love you. You have a part of me that I don’t think I’ll ever be willing to give someone else. Not because I don’t want to. But because I wouldn’t know how to.

15. Even if being apart is for both our good, I still want to be friends. It will make it worse if I lose your friendship as well, and I don’t want that. Please.

16. Your absence is so pronounced. I’m only just realizing the depth of my feelings for you. I come into the house, and it’s so obvious that you aren’t here, that there’ll be no loud songs, smoke coming out of the kitchen, and socks on the floor. No one told me about the pronounced silence.

17. We were magic, you and I. We made our world go round, and we loved each other like there was no tomorrow. What happened to us? Where did all the magic, the spark and fire go to? I still don’t understand.

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18. I wish you happiness. I don’t know how we got to this point of no return. But I wish you happiness with all my heart. Even if the said heart keeps breaking by the second.

19. I feel rejected. I can’t help it. The memory of your breakup stings so bad. I don’t know what to do with myself, and I don’t know how to help myself live again.

20. I don’t know how I can ever forgive you for hurting me this way. You were my everything. My everything. And now, I’m supposed to live without you. I’m supposed to create memories without you. I can’t do it.

Emotional Quotes After Breakup

Breakups can seem unreal. These emotional quotes after breakup will convey your thoughts of disappointment, pain, resentment or reason for breaking up.

21. You want me to forgive you. Like you didn’t rip my heart out and hurt me like I was a stranger. Is that how it works? That I’ll forgive you just like that?

22. If anyone had said that we wouldn’t end up together, I’d have called them bluff or laughed till my stomach hurt. Honestly, I don’t see how time will make this better. I don’t see how. But it’s all good.

23. You were my other half. An integral part of me. Now that we aren’t together anymore, I can’t function well. You’ve taken a part of me, and I don’t know how to live anymore.

24. The pain doesn’t stop. It hits you when you least expect it, and even the time apart doesn’t soften the blow. It hits me so bad, that I can almost not breath. No one told me a breakup could be this hard. No one told me losing you would almost kill me.

25. You have to tell me how I can get over this. Because this ranks as my most difficult phase ever. Even being without a job, or having no idea where my next meal will come from, didn’t hurt or make me this scared. You have to tell me how to live without you.

26. I’ve been asking myself constantly if this was all a waste of time. If I just spent the better part of me, loving someone who could hurt me like this. I still can’t believe we’re no longer together.

27. I envy how you can easily move on with someone else. Look at me pining after you, even though I know there can be no us. Even though I know that your feelings have gone to someone else. I really envy you.

28. I carry the pain everywhere I go. It is a part of me now. To cut it out, will be to cut out a part of me. I had to accept this fact, so I wouldn’t lose my mind.

29. I still can’t believe that we were able to look each other in the eye and say goodbye. And decide that staying together isn’t in our best interest anymore. That was the most difficult thing I had to do. And I don’t see how I can recover from it.

30. Even though I understand why we broke up. It still doesn’t make anything easier. It doesn’t make moving on or trying to give my heart to someone, easier. I miss you, and I miss us.

31. I almost wish I could be reborn. That way, I wouldn’t have to deal with this pain I’m feeling, this depression, and not being able to spend life with you. I wish I could help reborn.

32. I wish you’d call me to tell me how this is all a joke. Or that I could just wake up, and realise that this was all a dream. I still can’t believe it!

33. If it is space that you need, I’m willing to give it to you. Just please, let’s get back together. Because I am finding it difficult to do life without you. I miss you so much.

34. I should have listened to the part of me that said not to date you. The part that kept asking, “what if he hurts you?” You told me I was safe with you, but you hurt me. You hurt me really bad.

35. Even with all the bleakness, I see around me, or the sadness that fills my heart, I know that I will smile again. That the sun will come out for me, and I will find happiness again.

36. I just want you to know that if you ever ask me to get back together, I won’t listen to you. I won’t come back. This hurt is gradually taking me to a point of no return with us.

37. I don’t know, but the only thing I can think of is how heartless you are. I can’t help but remember the cold way you ended things between us. You just stood there and said the words like I was some normal person. And not someone you promised to love forever. It’s fine though.

38. Nothing anyone will say can make this better. Nothing you’ll say will make this pain go away. How can you be doing this to me? And you claim that I didn’t do anything wrong!

39. I don’t know if anything is worth it. The pain runs deep, and the loss is so overwhelming, so pronounced. I’m not ready for this at all.

40. You were the one that swore to love me, to protect me, and to cherish me for the rest of our lives. And you’re the one that has turned around to hurt me like this. I’m beginning to think that you didn’t love me at all.

Heart Touching Quotes for Broken Heart

We can wish all we want, but a broken heart takes time to heal. These touching quotes will help you find comfort.

41. I don’t see how I’ll be able to give my heart to another man that isn’t you. Gosh! It hurts!

42. I’ve been asking myself how you expect me to start all over again. To live and laugh again. When you’re still all that I can still think of. When it’s your memories keeping me awake at night.

43. Even when this wound heals, it will still hurt. Nothing will take the pain away. And nothing will make up for how you disappointed me. After promising to love me, to care for me, and to cherish me forever.

44. We used to do everything together, including learning. Now, it’s really hard to learn, unlearn or relearn anything without you. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss you. I would be.

45. I hate watermelons. Not because they aren’t sweet. But because they remind me of you. They remind me of the times we just threw our worries aside and decided on Netflix. They remind me of making love on Saturdays. They remind me of you.

46. These past three months have been the worst in my life. I’ve never had it this bad at all. Maybe because you were my first. But I really don’t know how to move on without you.

47. It’s been 6 months, 3 days and 17 hours. And I’m still praying that you would call to say that this was all a joke. That you want us back together. That it was all a mistake.

48. Even with the time we’ve spent apart, nothing still makes sense. It’s been 2 months of asking myself where I went wrong. It’s been 2 months of thinking through our last activities together. This heartbreak doesn’t make sense.

49. I’ve been asking myself lately if I’ll ever get to that point of happiness. That point where this pain goes away, and I can laugh without crying. I really don’t see how.

50. I’ve lost the zeal to do anything. Things that used to bring me happiness and joy now look ordinary. It’s like I’m just going through the motions of life. It really hurts.

51. You’ve totally spoiled me for another man. At the rate I’m going, I doubt there would even be another man. Your thoughts fill my heart, my house and my life.

52. Ours was love at first sight. And even with all the objections I had, I went in with you. Now look who’s the heart has gotten broken. Love at first sight indeed!

53. Having to cope without you is hard. There’s no one throwing the fireworks, the spark or colours anymore. My life is just ordinary, and I don’t even remember what it was like before you came in. I miss you.

54. I know the breakup was my fault. My actions were only making us head in one direction. I expected it, but now that it’s here, it hurts. Can you ever forgive me? Do you even feel anything for me? Because I still love you.

55. You were so perfect. Everyone kept commenting on how perfect we were together. That’s why I’m asking what went wrong. Where did we miss it?

Breakup Messages for My Boyfriend

Decided it’s time to move forward and to look to the future? These messages will help you break up with your boyfriend.

56. I’ll always care for you. But I can’t allow you space in my heart or life anymore. This is where we end us. Stay safe.

57. There’ll always be that part of me that loves you. This is the truth. But I can’t do life with you as my partner anymore. Hopefully, you’ll find the one soon.

58. I hope with all my heart that you find the happiness that you deserve. Even though I feel really bad for hurting you this way, it has to be like this. We have to move on with our lives separately. Take care.

59. This is where we draw the curtain on our relationship. This is where I end the love story for us. I wish you everything good, but I’m leaving to preserve my peace and joy.

60. It’s over between us. I’ve thought of an easier way to say this, but I found none. Life will move on, and time will soften this hurt for both of us. Best of luck.

61. What we had was special. Sadly, it’s not enough to last us forever. I’ve lost my peace and joy in this relationship. And I’m getting out. Good luck, darling.

62. Honestly, you deserve better than you’re getting now. And while I’m sorry that you’re getting this through a text, it’s high time we both moved on with other people. We’ll be fine.

63. I hope that you treat the next girl better than you treated me. I hope that you give her all the attention I’ve been begging you for. Going forward, we’re no longer a couple.

64. Here’s wishing you love, peace, joy and contentment in your next relationship. For me, I’m out. You aren’t what I want. Good luck!

65. I’ve been asking myself if there’s any part of me that wants to save us. But there’s none. There’s nothing pushing me to fight for us. So I’m letting you go. I’m sorry.

66. I’m taking the blame. I used my words to tear down and not build. I let my anger get in the way most of the time. So, to relieve you, I’m ending things between us. You deserve better.

67. Believe it or not, question how cold I am or not, this is hard for me. I invested years, my heart, my time and resources in trying to build us. You’d be wrong to think I find it easy to just break things off between us.

68. I’m still crazy about you, Lord knows. But this is where I leave you and this relationship. May we find the happiness and contentment we deserve.

69. We really did our best. We’ve been fighting for us for a while now. But we just aren’t working. The spark is out and it’s time to move on.

70. I’m not a fan of long distance. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you aren’t worth it. I’m not saying that I didn’t love you. But I can’t do long distance. Good luck.

Breakup Messages for My Girlfriend

Breakups are never fun. But sometimes, they are necessary. These breakup messages for your girlfriend will get the ball rolling.

71. Our lives will be so much better if we’re apart from each other. This is why I’m ending things between us. I’m Sorry.

72. We are incompatible with each other. We were beginning to find faults with each other, to treat each other without kindness, and to hurt each other with our words. I’m sorry, we can no longer date or be together.

73. Our relationship was for optics. You just wanted to present this font of a united couple without struggles. You gave no thought to me or to build us up. I want someone different. It’s over.

74. This relationship has gotten to that point of no return. We’re just too broken to be fixed. I hope that you find someone that loves you with all his heart.

75. The words you say whenever you’re angry can be shocking. In seconds, you switch from a loving person to something else. I’m trying to keep my sanity. So I’m breaking up with you.

76. I’m cutting you out of my life so I can breathe. There’s been no moment of peace for a long time now. And before this turns to hatred, I’m letting you go.

77. I don’t want a toxic relationship anymore. I don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t respect me, who doesn’t listen to me, who doesn’t trust me to lead us on the right path. Good luck, babe.

78. You are sapping me of my joy and happiness. And since I’m big on having these in my life, I’m breaking up with you. May you find happiness going forward.

79. Things will get better. We will survive the months of pain coming for us. But we’re ended, and we aren’t getting back together.

80. You know my deal-breaker. Yet you go do them and expect forgiveness. I saw this same thing play out between my parents, and I’m not taking a chance with us. Good luck, dear. I’m out.

81. I am not enough for you. Even though it hurts a lot, I have finally accepted it. I’m letting you go. So you can find the one that will be enough for you.

82. The fights are becoming too much. I’m even scared of the few moments when we’re happy. Because I can almost imagine how huge our next fight will be. That is why I’m ending things between us.

83. The gap in my heart still isn’t filled. I still want more. And I don’t want to hurt you anymore. So, I’m wishing you good luck. And praying that you find lots of happiness.

84. We were tried with fire, and we couldn’t stand it. Or rather, you baulked at the first sight of a storm. I need a strong woman by my side, and you’re not it. Good luck, dear.

85. Don’t pretend that you haven’t been expecting this other shoe to drop. Long-distance and zoom aren’t my things. So, good luck with your future endeavours.

Heart Touching Quotes for Love Failure

Failure in love can be painful. To find succour, and to be reminded that happiness is coming, you’ll find these heart touching quotes helpful.

86. At some point, we will all go through breaking points. I believe that this is mine. That is how I also know that I’ll be fine.

87. I will come out of this phase unscathed. I’ll look back at this gloomy time of my life, and I’ll smile again.

88. I’ve been dishing out sound advice lately. I guess pain makes you that mature.

89. Even though I’m hurting now, I’ll rebuild the kind of life I want to fur myself. I’ll find the love of my life, and things will look up for me.

90. I’ve found out that I’ve been talking to myself a lot these days. I hope I get to that point where I don’t feel all this pain again.

91. My love for you was like a drug. Now that the temporary high is over, it’s time to move on.

92. With this failed relationship, I won’t deny the growth that’s happened. I’m finally learning to face myself and to constantly improve.

93. I want the stars and the moon. But to get it, I know I’ll face some pain. Here’s mine. Cheers to the fairytale that will follow soon.

94. It hurts that life is going on while I’m nursing a broken heart. Like, no one can see the amount of pain I’m in.

95. I really don’t think anyone can hurt me this much again. That is how I know I’m becoming strong.

96. I’m definitely better. I know the signs, the right questions to ask, and I’m better equipped.

97. Beauty will come with thorns. But I’m constantly learning to grow, to love myself, and to move on.

98. Is it okay to say that I’m now wiser and better? Because I am.

99. I still believe in forever, in the fairy tale, and in love. Even though I’ve been hurt and scarred.

100. May we find the happiness and joy we deserve. May we heal from this self-inflicted pain.

Here’s hoping that you found these touching breakup quotes useful.

Thank you.

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