Birthday Wishes for Daughter Turning 3

2020 Sweet Birthday Wishes for Daughter Turning 3

Whether she’s your daughter or not, it’s worth it when you celebrate a little girl’s birthday – every birthday, too! The Memory is always monumental.

So you’re ready to have some Sweet Birthday Wishes for a Daughter Turning 3? Follow me on this page to get the best for the 3-year-old.

Sweet Birthday Wishes for Daughter Turning 3

Sweet collection of happy birthday wishes for your daughter turning 3, or someone else’s.

1. Happy birthday, baby girl. I wish you grow in the wisdom and knowledge of God’s will.

2. Happy birthday, darling daughter. May God be at peace with you always.

3. Beautiful baby, you’re 3 already. May God do 3 significant things in your life. Happy birthday.
4. Happy birthday lovely daughter. I wish you grow in stature and knowledge. Amen.

5. Happy birthday, sweetness. As people gather to celebrate your 3rd birthday with you, may you go places in Jesus’ name.

6. I have witnessed your birthday, may I not witness you death day. Amen. Happy birthday at 3.

7. Happy birthday to you, daughter. May God fix you where you fit in.

8. Happy birthday, sweetheart. May you grow in wisdom and understanding of life. Amen.

9. Happy cake day, little one. May you remember this day and have the full cause to smile.

10. Today is my baby’s 3rd birthday. As you journey through life, may you be closer to great fortunes.

Amazing Birthday Wishes for Daughter Turning 3

11. Happy birthday, dear daughter. May you never stop bringing smiles to my face.

12. I celebrate a rare diamond. May the Lord order your steps to success, in Jesus’ name. Happy birthday, girl.

13. Happy birthday, good girl. May you always be the source of happiness to your generation.

14. Happy birthday to my own daughter. May you always enjoy all the pleasures of life.

15. Happy birthday to you, daughter. I strongly believe that God’s plans for your life are of good.

16. Happy birthday to the world’s best daughter. May God uphold you with all that you need to be successful.

17. Happy birthday, daughter. I wish you long life and prosperity.

18. Happy birthday to my daughter and first born. May you continue to bask in the love of God.

19. May your star always shine brighter in Jesus’ name. The sky is your starting point. Happy birthday.

20. Happy birthday to my lovely daughter. I wish you heaven’s treasures as you celebrate.

Cute Birthday Wishes for Daughter Turning 3

21. Happy birthday to the one I love most. No regrets nurturing you, daughter.

22. As you’ve brought joy into this family by joining us 3years ago, may you continue to be joyful all your life.

23. Happy birthday to you, love. May the joy of the Lord never depart from you.

24. Thanks for making me experience the joy of motherhood since 3years. I know I’ve just started enjoying it. Happy birthday, Dearie.

25. Happy birthday at 3, my dear. May you always be intelligent enough to handle matters.

26. Happy birthday to you, lovable. I wish you sound health and happiness.

27. I wish you all the good and positive things of life. Happy birthday.

28. May you always do things brilliantly in God’s knowledge. Happy birthday, daughter.

29. Happy birthday, baby girl. I wish you all the smiles and kisses on your special day.

30. Happy birthday to the baby of the house. May God give you retentive memory, in Jesus’ name.

Beautiful Birthday Wishes for Daughter Turning 3

31. Happy 3rd birthday to my lovely baby girl. I pray as long as you live, you’ll be blessed always.

32. Happy birthday to my true love. I wish you great success and happiness ahead.

33. Happy birthday to our baby girl. God bless your new age.

34. May you be untouchable for the devil. And his will for your life will never be established. Happy birthday.

35. Happy birthday to my ever beautiful daughter. God bless the day you became mine.

36. Happy birthday, beautiful angel. May God decorate your life with lovely things you desire.

37. Happy birthday, baby. Wish you heaven’s best as you age.

38. May the Lord guide and preserve you for me. Happy birthday.

39. Happy birthday to my love. I wish you many happy returns of the day, coupled with long life and prosperity.

40. Happy birthday, dear. May God make you the head, and never the tail.

Sweet Birthday Wishes for a Daughter Turning 3

41. I wish you a happy birthday with blessings from above.

42. With joy in our hearts, we all celebrate you on your birthday. Happy birthday to you.

43. Happy birthday to someone very dear to me. I wish you grow and age gracefully.

44. Happy birthday at 3, my love. May you never be a source of sadness to us. We love you.

45. Happy birthday, beauty queen. May God keep blessing and showing you love.

46. I wish you a very Happy birthday filled with cake and chocolates. God bless you.

47. Happy birthday little one. May you be lifted and placed above your equals. You’re celebrated.

48. Happy birthday to you, daughter. May God never take you away from me now.

49. Happy birthday to my sweet baby. I wish you peace and joy as you age.

50. At last, it’s my baby’s birthday. I wish you more beautiful years ahead.

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