Sweet Happy Birthday Poem for a Friend in 2021

Sweet Happy Birthday Poem for a Friend in 2024

Birthdays are special occasions to celebrate ourselves and our loved ones. It is a time to make them feel blessed and loved.


To that special friend, it is an assuring hope and joy to do more.

Make that special person in your life excited as they celebrate!

Happy Birthday Poem for a Friend

Excite your friend on his/her birthday with these Sweet Happy Birthday Poem for a Friend.

1. A beautiful day of a sparkling occasion
The occasion of a genius birthday!
Today, I wonder what should I gift you?
All the gifts in the world wouldn’t suffice,
So I’ll just wish you heavens best as you celebrate!
Happy Birthday!

2. No way, I dare not forget this day,
A day that has become my blessing
A day of love and happiness,
A day to celebrate your birthday
Thank you for been there always!
Happy Birthday to you!

3. If I should give the world best award,
It will be for you,
A special one in need,
And a lovely one indeed.
Daily I celebrate the day I met you,
Keep shining,
Happy Birthday!


4. When I wanted a shoulder to cry on, you were there.
When I wanted to give up, you gave me reasons to breathe one more day.
I am eternally grateful for someone like you in my life, do have a glorious birthday!
I celebrate you!

5. When I wanted to hear kind words, you were there.
When I wanted to share a secret, you listened and never used it against me.
Our world needs people like you.
Happy Birthday!

6. When I wanted to jump in joy and scream my lungs out, you stood by too.
Today for your birthday,
I want to do a lot more than you did in every single way, but I don’t know how. So I’ll have to say:
Happy Birthday, Celebration!

7. You see this smile, it was made beautiful because of you.
You hold a special place in my heart that I’ll always cherish. Happy Birthday!


8. I can cast all of my desires on you,
You mean more than the world to me.
Keep being good and hold your stand,
You never know what good things will be birth from your little act.
Happy Birthday!

9. People come into our lives,
Some leaves scars,
Others leave strength,
While some are just there.
But you came and filled all the void in me, I appreciate your person.
Happy Birthday to someone really special!

10. Yesterday was a day to remember,
For it gave me a gift I can never forget ever.
I look forward to each day and feel blessed because you’re in it.
Have a wonderful birthday!

11. Today, I look forward for your birthday,
And celebrate like it is an exotic holiday.
Of a truth, it really should be.
God bless the womb that birth you and give you peace on all sides!
Happy Birthday!

12. I see you as an important part of my life,
A gift that makes me feel extremely nice.
Have a gorgeous Birthday My Dear One!

13. When hard times surround me, you were in it with me.
You never left me to myself.
Thank you for the love!
God bless your birthday!
I celebrate you!


14. Your birthday is the right time to wish you only the best.
I might have no gift to offer,
But my goodwill is with you,
thank you for being the best thing in my life.
Happy Birthday!

15. You have done what is beyond my imagination,
Though I might try to repay you, I know I’m not rich enough to repay.
I celebrate a rare gift in you today!
Happy Birthday!

16. God bless your mom for bringing you forth.
God bless the day you gave your first cry,
God bless your existence and your great heart.
Happy Birthday!


17. I pray you happiness, health and peace until you rest.
Keep being the best! Happy Birthday!

18. You are my sunshine in moments of grey,
Your company has the power to brighten every day.
Happy Birthday my Dear!

19. Lots of hugs and warm wishes to you.
Make the day splendid and enjoy every moment.
Happy Birthday!

20. You will always prevail,
Your prayers are answered even before you make them,
You are strengthened always!
I celebrate you!
Happy Birthday!

21. You are the best person I’ve ever met,
Your heart, it speaks of love.
Your smile, so pretty and true.
Your whole being speaks of uniqueness.
Happy Birthday!

22. God kept you,
He preserved you,
He made a way for you,
And you saw reasons to explore and be a great person.
I celebrate you dearly! Happy Birthday!

23. A special being like you is rare,
You make the world to me, an easy place.
You turned my notions and made them all positive.
What would I do without you?
Happy Birthday!

24. See a star in human form,
See a being so divine,
See a life filled with love,
See my special one who makes the world like beds of roses.
Keep being wonderful!
Happy Birthday!


25. You’ve got it all,
All that needs to be unique in the world.
I celebrate your birthday!
Have fun on your birthday!

26. Your birthday is a day to rejoice,
A day to feel blessed,
A day to look back and celebrate who you have grown to be.
Don’t let anything distract you.
Happy Birthday!

27. Have fun and celebrate for you made a great choice,
To support others and to be a good friend.
All about you radiates love.
Happy Birthday!

28. Meeting you is the best that could happen to us,
Spending time together relieves me of all stress.
You made my life so beautiful!
Happy Birthday!

29. Wishing you only live’s best,
Relish and enjoy it with all your zest.
Make it an amazing occasion,
Happy Birthday!

30. When others saw the least in me,
You reassured me and gave me hope.
A shoulder to lean on,
A friend to call on,
An eye to look upon,
God bless your new age.
Happy Birthday!


31. Celebrate, your worries are temporal.
Smile, you need it today and always!
Rejoice, it has a long way to keep you going.
Have fun, because it is your special day!
Happy Birthday!

32. Even though we always have something to say,
Today, I just want to stare into your eyes,
Hang around with you and continually whisper into your ear “you are unique”
Do have a beautiful birthday!

33. Trusting you was one of the greatest things I did in my life.
I do not regret it.
Thank you for your love!
Happy Birthday!

34. Now, you are a year older,
Will you also be more lovelier,
More caring, more desired, more cute, more blessed, more of all you have always been.
I just want the best for you as you celebrate.
Happy Birthday!


35. Writing an epistle, you worth it.
Writing a book, you deserve it.
Writing my memoirs, you should be on every page.
Thinking about you, that’s too little to do.
Wishing you a happy birthday, that’s essential and I know you are always blessed!
Happy Birthday!

36. Your words bring me hope.
It strikes a reminder that great people are still in existence!
Happy Birthday to you!

37. I’ve been wondering what to do to make your day worthwhile, but I don’t know what I can do.
I always wish you all the best and you know that.
Happy Birthday to you!

38. When you look back at your past and recall someone who was always there, you can’t help but appreciate all they are and I’ve been to you.
Thank you for always being there!
Happy Birthday!

39. I’m short of words, but this I have to say,
Keep being the best you can be.
God bless you daily as you live!
Happy Birthday!

40. Birthdays are days to rejoice and look forward to improving,
I trust you are attaining that height and nothing is stopping you!
Happy Birthday!

41. Jump into a brand new life,
Explore a new beginning,
Feel the vibe and enjoy your day.
It is a beautiful you were born and you deserve to celebrate!
Happy Birthday!

42. Everything has changed,
But you don’t have to change with it.
A new year it is for you,
Just be real and just be you,
You will see how wonderful life is when you believe.
Happy Birthday!

43. Join and celebrate,
A rare gem,
A precious gift.
I pray life brings you happiness,
And sweet memorable moments.
Have the best of the day!
Happy Birthday!


44. Because today is very special,
So enjoy it with lots of pleasure.
Make it fun!
Best wishes on your birthday!

45. Today someone is very happy,
Your heart is rejoicing,
You feel over the moon and your mind rejoice.
It’s your birthday and you have every right to feel every emotion.
Happy Birthday!

46. You look amazing today. From head to toe, you speak radiance.
You have got a new age to your years,
You need all the glamour!
Happy Birthday!

47. What a fabulous makeover,
May your good looks never change,
And may your beauty always keep shining.
Best wishes to you on your birthday and always!


48. Enjoy our kicks,
Feel the excitement,
Make your environment quake!
It’s your day and you can rejoice the way you feel.
Happy Birthday!

49. All your worries,
Remember them not,
Make wishes and blow the candle.
Make today as beautiful as you are.
Happy Birthday!

50. Till the next birthday comes,
Make sure you achieve more,
Smile more,
Make positive impact and be optimistic even when it doesn’t feel like it.
Happy Birthday!

51. Here today,
Someone special got one year added to his age.
You are not ageing, but growing in wisdom.
Keep building and keep up the good work,
Yours is blessings always.
I celebrate you!

52. Do not shout,
Do not panic,
Make peace with your past,
Let us keep living and making every moment count.
Happy Birthday to you!

53. And there goes age,
Much better for you,
Much more love to you,
So much strength for you and good memories to remember now w and forever.
Happy Birthday!

54. Several years ago,
A little child was born.
Cute, fragile and calm,
You were all the shades of awesome!
It’s great seeing you become an adult,
I appreciate each moment spent together.
Happy Birthday to you!

55. Someone like you is a blessing,
You make my experience through life amazing!
God bless the day you were born!
Happy Birthday!


56. A lot of people come into our lives and lots of people go.
We wish they stay or they give us reasons to smile,
But sometimes we get the opposite.
With you, I have this opportunity and I’m always grateful!
Happy Birthday!

57. Those who will stay forever, you’ll know.
They stand out and stay put through it all!
Happy Birthday!

58. We all have that special person that stays with us come what may,
They are your best friends forever!
Thank you for being the best friend I always.
Happy Birthday!

59. I don’t have many words to say,
But I wish you a blessed life and dreams come through.
Happy Birthday!

60. You are the best,
One in a million.
My dearest and the hope of finding trust at all times.
Happy birthday my Dear!


61. We share our happiness,
Wonderful memories,
Joy, pain, good thoughts and feelings,
You are just one of a kind!
I appreciate your person!
Happy Birthday!

62. To share our needs and desires as being one great virtue I love you.
You are not just heaven sent,
A help for all seasons you are.
Happy Birthday!

63. There have been times of mindlessness,
Times we ignore each other for no good reason,
Times when we just couldn’t connect,
Days we created distance beyond reach,
But you fixed all this,
How you did it, I still don’t know. Thank you for making us right. Happy Birthday!

64. Talking with you was the best,
We had swell moments,
Joyful days,
Peaceful outing,
God bless you for always being there!
Happy Birthday to you!

65. I celebrate your new age,
Your days will be multiplied,
Good things for you,
And great pleasures always. Happy Birthday!


66. So many times, you have argued with me,
I thought you hate me,
You made me feel bad,
Filled me with sorrow, but now I understand why you do the things you did!
Happy Birthday!

67. You did all to increase our chemistry
So lucky that I have someone like you
So lucky that you are in my life.
Happy Birthday!

68. You are always the best,
You truly complete me,
Wishing you a good day!
Happy Birthday!

69. Don’t worry about what people will say or think,
Just have fun and have it good.
Happy Birthday!

70. Time to rejoice,
Time to make it another year of greatness,
Time to feel the moment,
Time to laugh,
Time to be blessed.
It’s your birthday!
Happy Birthday to you!

71. Smile all through the day,
Dance if you can,
Show some love and give a smile,
Because it’s your birthday.
Happy Birthday!

72. Have a super awesome day,
A day of joy,
A day for rejoicing,
A day to appreciate life,
A day to celebrate you,
A day of a Happy Birthday!

73. Because it’s your birthday,
Feel all happy and gay,
Feel the peace and serenity,
Enjoy the love and wishes,
Have a fantastic birthday!

74. Because it’s your birthday,
I just want to say: you will have a life of greatness and you will always be celebrated!
Happy Birthday!

75. Because it’s your birthday,
Stay blessed forever!
Today and every day, make sure you rejoice!
Happy birthday!


76. The easiest thing in my life,
Is having you,
You make a difference in a vast majority,
You are splendid and more than amazing!
Happy Birthday!

77. There is so much happiness when with you,
So much joy and I feel at ease,
You are just so special!
An amazing being!
Happy Birthday!

78. No feeling of any blue with you,
We just connect so well,
There is nothing to dwell on,
It is always settled.
Happy Birthday!

79. It’s such a pure relationship between you and me,
Happy birthday to the one that makes life complete!

80. With you, there is nothing to pretend,
Nothing to hide,
Just nothing to twist!
Special to me and awesome to all.
God bless you always!
Happy Birthday!

81. I have been excited since so many days,
Patiently waiting for this very day,
I know not what to make the day,
But my wishes and prayers are with you.
Happy Birthday!

82. I wish to express my joy in so many ways,
To let you know how I appreciate you always,
But words will never be enough,
And wishes will never express it in full.
Happy Birthday to you!

83. I Want to tell you so much for today,
Because it’s your birthday,
Thanks for coming in my life,
You are my reason to strive,
To push to be a better ME.
Happy Birthday!

84. I love you a lot,
Not just for all I’ve gained from you,
But for who you are.
I celebrate you always.
Happy Birthday!

85. Let’s start a trend,
Of being together forever,
No matter the weather,
Just being each other special.
Happy birthday!


86. I can be quite silly with you,
Say naughty things,
Act like a clown and still be appreciated by you.
Aren’t you just lovely?
Keep being your best self.
Happy Birthday!

87. I can be all crazy you know,
Be like someone you never knew and frustrate your efforts at every turn,
But that will be me trying to get at my special one.
You are always loved and look out for one of my pranks today.
Happy Birthday!

88. So many words are unspoken,
I don’t have many gestures to show,
My love for you is unconditional,
It’s not at all situational,
Because you are my best forever,
Your support is forever.
Happy Birthday!

89. I appreciate your continual support,
All you’ve done and that which you’re yet to do.
Be blessed always and have a great life!
Happy Birthday!

90. When I think back at how I met you,
I recall uniqueness,
I remember strength,
And I feel courage,
That’s what you truly are!
Happy Birthday!

91. True people are for life and not sometimes,
They come and make the difference,
They give you a better way to live,
A reason to smile.
You are so blessed!
Happy Birthday!

92. Happy Birthday to a spectacular being.
World best,
Unique being,
The only true one I’ve always known,
God bless your day and grace your life.
Happy Birthday!


93. I feel so good to call you mine,
Call it selfish and I’ll agree,
Call it love and I won’t dispute,
You are amazing!
Happy Birthday!

94. God bless your day and bless your night,
Make His face shine upon you,
Goodness dwelling in your being
And favour on your path.
Happy Birthday!

95. You are my support and strength in whatever I do,
You gave me the reason to do more,
Grace to stretch despite all odds.
Happy Birthday!

96. Bless the Lord for this new day,
For this new age,
For His grace,
For a new strength and the fulfilment of dreams.
May you have all you deserve.
Happy Birthday!

97. Whenever the situation is old or new,
You make yourself available.
Whenever the situation is bad or good,
You are a shoulder to lean on.
Happy Birthday!

98. You stand beside me and hold my hand,
I feel so secured to make a move towards my dreams.
Thank you for being true.
Happy Birthday!

99. The thing is you always will understand,
No matter how silly I sound, you always have a clue.
You are always compassionate.
Happy Birthday!

100. Here is wishing a special being a very happy birthday,
An amazing life,
Joy at all times,
Accomplished dreams and aspirations.
Have an awesome day!



Written by Fikayomi Aaron

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