3 Months Anniversary Paragraphs for Him or Her

Happy 3 Months Anniversary Paragraphs for Him or Her

Every day should be celebrated in a relationship/marriage. Some people prefer to celebrate every year, but this shouldn’t stop you from sending as little as a message to your partner every month, especially on your 3rd month anniversary.

This is to tell your lover that you are happy with their presence in your life, and this, in turn, will make them feel very happy with you.

This will not take too much effort, as I have already listed beautiful 3 months anniversary paragraphs below. Please, read through and make sure you choose the best for your partner.

Three Months Anniversary Paragraphs for Boyfriend

These three months anniversary paragraphs will serve as a reminder of your love to your boyfriend. He could even cry.

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1. I can’t express how deeply grateful I am. Its three months with my best friend already. Thank you for making me smile. Happy 3rd anniversary to you, my love.

2. I can’t thank you enough for always loving me for who I am. You’re so real and unique. True love is all I will continue to show you. Happy anniversary to you, dear.

3. There’s nowhere else I’d rather be than in your arms; that’s my safest place. I love your presence so much, hunnay. Happy 3rd anniversary to you.

4. I can always guarantee you, my love. You are the only one who has loved me, not minding what I am going through. I won’t betray you, it’s a promise. Happy anniversary, darling.

5. With you, everything will always be right. You have been nothing but a source of joy and happiness to me. Leaving you will only make me an ingrate. I promise to stay with you for life. Happy anniversary to us, baby.

6. Though it’s three months, but it’s something. I have really paid attention to you, and I can tell you for a fact that I know what you want, and I will always give it to you. Happy anniversary, dear

3 Months Anniversary Paragraphs for Girlfriend

Here are 3 months anniversary paragraphs to make your girlfriend love and cherish you more. Just send one of these to her.

7. The past three months have been full of intense love and affection. Talking about the ups and downs we have had to face, they only made us stronger. Happy 3rd anniversary, baby.

8. Thank you for being more than a girlfriend to me. You’re so proactive, and this has helped you to know everything about me in such a short time. I love you. Happy anniversary.

9. Despite being tested, my feelings for you grow stronger by the day. You have really helped my life. Thank you for being so gentle and patient. Happy 3rd anniversary, baby.

10. I will always do whatever you ask of me. I have no other lady to please than you. We have each other’s back for life, and that’s all that matters. Happy anniversary, dear.

11. I never thought all will play out like this, eventually. But now, I love you more than words could describe. I can’t wait for us to take over the world. Happy three months anniversary, my love.

12. It’s three months into this relationship already, and it’s been cool all along. No doubts, we should keep working on ourselves, but not stop with the loving. Happy anniversary to us.

Happy 3 Months Anniversary Paragraphs for Her – Wife

These 3 months anniversary paragraphs are capable of making your wife feel loved and appreciated. Just one of these will make her appreciate you.

13. From the depth of my heart, I promise to keep loving you. Nothing can change that, and nothing will ever come between us. I love you, baby. This 3rd month is looking great already. Happy anniversary, my wife.

14. You are a great woman. Never have you made me regret ever falling in love with you. So far, it has been pure bliss with you. I love you, baby. Happy 3 months anniversary to us.

15. This day makes it 3 months we got married, and ever since, it’s been a happily ever after story. Thank you for loving me. Happy anniversary to us, babe.

16. You have the keys to every corner in my life. For you, I will give everything up. Thank you for staying with me through it all. Happy anniversary to you, baby.

17. With you, I’m free to be myself. Without you, it would have been a different story. This marriage is the best decision I have ever taken, and you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Happy 3rd month anniversary, my love.

18. You know I will always be with you, right? Nothing will ever come between us. My love for you remains true forever. Happy anniversary, my own.

Happy 3 Months Anniversary Paragraphs for Him – Husband

Your husband will feel excited, loved, appreciated and honoured if you send him just one of these 3 months anniversary paragraphs for husband.

19. I am the luckiest woman alive because I can call you mine. You’re such a responsible husband. Thank you for showing me love. Happy anniversary, sweetheart.

20. Heaven knows I couldn’t have asked for a better man than you. You are the perfect one for me. Thank you for coming into my life. Happy 3 months anniversary, my husband.

21. I am so happy I didn’t reject you. I had my reservations, but then everything turned out perfect. Thank you for choosing me. I love you, and happy anniversary to us.

22. This love has come to stay, and not even any of us can stop it. You are all I have, and that’s all that matters. I love you. Happy anniversary to us.

23. Looking back, I can only thank God for how far we’ve come. Like, I am most grateful to God for giving me the perfect one. Happy 3rd month anniversary. I love loving you.

24. I love this journey of love, and I will make sure that it never stops. We will only keep going. Thank you for choosing to be my companion. I love you so much. Happy 3 months anniversary, sweetheart.

3 Months Relationship Paragraphs Long Distance

Even distance will not be able to keep you apart if you send one of these paragraphs to your partner on the 3 months anniversary of your relationship.

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25. Thank you for making me a better man. You literally changed all my ways. It’s just 3 months, and forever to go. Though you’re not here, I will celebrate for two. Happy anniversary to us, my love.

26. Thank you for making it fun to be with you. Thank you for always calling to check on our baby. You’re gonna be a great dad, just as you’re a great husband. Happy anniversary, darling.

27. Honey, the way you make me feel is out of this world; it’s just like I have never felt how it is to be loved. I love you so much. Please, don’t stop loving me. Happy 3rd anniversary, love.

28. Your love makes me whole and complete. Your love sends too many positive signals. I’m so sure it’s never gonna feel right with someone else. Happy anniversary to us.

29. No matter how far apart we are, your love will always feel the same. Distance will never affect my love for you. You are mine forever. Happy 3 months anniversary, my dear wife.

30. I thank God for another month and an opportunity to make beautiful memories with you. Though you are not here, it doesn’t change the fact that you are my husband, and I love you so much. Happy anniversary to us.

Hey there! Thank you for checking out the 3 months happy anniversary messages for him or her I have on here. I hope I was able to satisfy you. Please, pass on. Thank you.

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