Happy Birthday Prayer Messages

2024 Special Happy Birthday Prayer Messages

Whenever you are looking for lovely birthday wishes and greetings, even happy birthday prayers for someone special to you, you can always count on this site.

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Special Happy Birthday Prayer Messages

Beautiful special happy birthday prayer messages for your special friends,loved ones,close associates and family members.

1. May this wonderful day usher joy unspeakable into your life and family, as you celebrate. Happy birthday to you.

2. The Lord will continue to show you mercy in all that you do. Happy birthday to you.

3. May this new year of yours bring wonderful testimonies into your family. Happy birthday, dear.

4. May the Lord guide your feet into your place of fulfilment in Jesus’ name. Happy birthday.

5. May there always be lifting up in all that you engage yourself in, today and forever. Happy birthday to you.

Lovely Happy Birthday Prayer Messages for Someone Special

6. You will not go down in life. You’ll always go up, by the power of the blessings of God. Happy birthday to you.

7. May you move into the realm of envy-provoking success and increase as you add another year. Happy birthday, love.

8. By the blessings of God, May you increase day by day through this year. Happy birthday, dear.

9. May you increase in the knowledge of God and make most of your relationship with him. Amen. Happy birthday to you.

10. May you always be strong and do exploits. Happy birthday to you.

Sweet Happy Birthday Prayer Messages for Someone You Cherish

11. May the Lord grant unto you the desires of your heart. Happy birthday to you.

12. May the eyes of your understanding be enlightened as you age. Happy birthday to you.

13. May you always experience evident progress in all that you do. Happy birthday to you.

14. May the Lord grant unto you the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of His will. Happy birthday, Dearie.

15. May you be rightly positioned for increase and advancement in all areas of your life. Happy happy birthday to you.

Special Happy Birthday Prayer Messages for Him or Her

16. Unlimited growth in Christ Jesus is yours. Happy birthday.

17. May you fulfil God’s will for your life, and your life will never remain the same. Happy birthday.

18. May the right understanding of God, and His Love, never depart from you. Happy birthday to you.

19. May your heart and life always be fruitful. Happy birthday to you.

20. May you never fail and fall. God’s goodness and mercy will locate you all the days in this year, and beyond. Happy birthday to you.

Awesome Happy Birthday Prayer Messages for Your Loved Ones

21. May the faith you have in the Lord perform great and wonderful things in your life. Happy birthday, my love.

22. May you be empowered by God to prosper in all you do. Happy birthday, my dear.

23. May you never suffer lack in the midst of abundance. Enjoy an abundance of grace! Happy birthday to you.

24. God’s grace will be sufficient for you and your household, as you achieve another feat of your life. Happy birthday to you.

25. Go and prosper in all that you set your hands upon. Happy birthday.

Best Happy Birthday Prayer Messages for Someone You Cherish

26. Your greatness is assured! Happy birthday to you.

27. May the small steps you take, lead you to greater places this year and beyond. Enjoy your birthday.

28. May you always stay on love’s path and walk in love’s way. Go and enjoy continuous prosperity. Amen! Happy birthday to you.

29. May your special day be filled with all the fullness of God. Happy birthday.

30. May you always stand assured in God’s love, and always extend the same love to everyone you come across. Happy birthday to you.

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