17th Year Birthday Prayers

Happy 17th Year Birthday Prayers for 17 Years Old (2024)

Birthdays are a reminder of the bad, fair, good and great moments in the past years. It feels good to reminisce and reflect on how those years have been as well as look forward to better years ahead.

Sending your loved ones prayer wishes and messages is one of the many ways to wish your loved ones a happy birthday especially if they appreciate words and heartfelt wishes.

These birthday prayers for 17 years old have been readied for you. All you need do is to share with those you love and care about on their 17th birthday!

Birthday Prayer Messages for 17 Years Old Daughter

You should send these amazing birthday prayer messages to your 17 years old daughter to make her have a blast on her birthday.

1. Happy birthday, my dear daughter. I’m grateful to God He kept you for 17 whole years. I pray that you are kept for more years on earth with blessings and joy in abundance. Love from mum.

2. 17 years is definitely no joke, daughter! May you live long to witness more years on earth. Stay bright and beautiful, my darling angel. Dad loves you.

3. My baby girl! See how big you have grown. You are already 17 today! Happy birthday, daughter. I pray that your heart’s desires are yours. Have a blast.

17th birthday    

4. It is 17 years of God’s goodness and faithfulness in your life. Looking back at all these years, God has been really good to you and our family at large. I pray that you continue to be a source of joy and happiness to us and to everyone around you. Happy birthday, dear daughter. Love from dad and mum.

5. Happy birthday, my daughter. You shall always be above and never beneath in all your endeavours. Have a fulfilling new year. 17 hearty cheers to you, baby!

Birthday Prayer Messages for 17 Years Old Son

These birthday prayer messages for 17 years old son will be a beautiful way to celebrate your son’s 17th birthday.

6. My boy is 17 today! Happy birthday, son. Stay blessed and lifted always. Love from mum.

17th birthday

7. Today and forever, you will always have cause to rejoice and be celebrated. Happy 17th birthday, son. I love you so much.

8. I pray that the good Lord perfects all that concerns you and make your peace great. Happy 17th birthday, son. Love.

9. Happy 17th birthday, my son. You shall live long and prosper all the days of your life. Keep enjoying God’s blessings!

10. I pray that God’s goodness and mercy follow you everywhere you go, all the days of your life. Have a beautiful 17th birthday, son. I love you so much.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 17 Years Old Brother

Share these birthday prayer messages with your 17 years old brother as he celebrates his birthday.

11. Hey, little bro, I am so proud of who you are becoming. 17 looks so good on you. I pray that the good Lord bless you in all ramifications.

17th birthday

12. Dear brother, as you turn 17, the Lord God will shower His blessings upon you now and always. I love you, dude.

13. In this your 17th year of yours, brother, you shall find favour in the sight of God and man, always.

14. Your ways are prospered and may you tread on great paths of success in this 17th year of yours, little brother. Happy birthday!

15. The good Lord will grant you all that your heart desires, my dear 17 yrs old brother. Happy birthday to you.

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Birthday Prayer Messages for 17 Years Old Sister

Your sister will sure have a great celebration when she receives this birthday prayer messages from you as she celebrates her 17th birthday.

16. Your 17th year will be greater than the other years by God’s grace, sis. Happy birthday.

17. You shall find favour, mercy and grace in God’s sight this new and big year of yours, sister. Happy 17.

18. You’re no more getting younger, sister. Now that you’re 17, you will expand in God’s grace and knowledge. Happy birthday to you.

17th birthday

19. 17 is a big year, dear sister, it shows that you are grown up now. I pray that you abound in God’s mercy and grace. I love you, dearie.

20. Happy sweet 17 little baby sis. I’m so proud of who you are becoming, and I know you are going places. May you keep going higher and higher in all of your ways.

17th Birthday Prayer Messages for 17 Years Old Friend

Let your friend feel great on their birthday with these 17th birthday prayer messages for 17 years old friend.

21. I bless the day I met you and became your friend, you’ve turned 17 so soon. Happy birthday, friend. I pray that all things work together for your good.

22. Happy sweet 17, friend, thanks for all the times we’ve spent together and for all days. I wish you a prosperous year ahead.

23. Darling friend, now that you are 17, I pray that you are highly favoured among others. Happy birthday, dear.

24. My dear friend is 17! Cheers to a beautiful new age, dear. This new year will bring a lot of good tidings that you have always wished for and wanted.

25. Happy 17. You look adorably beautiful! May the blessings of the Lord keep overflowing upon you darling friend.

17th Year Birthday Prayer Messages for 17 Years Old Cousin

With these 17th year birthday prayer messages for 17 years old cousin, your cousin is definitely going to have a great birthday.

26. Happy 17th birthday, dear cousin. You’ve been nothing but amazing. I pray you to keep prospering in everything you do. Cheers!

27. My dear Cousin, can’t believe you’re 17 today. Time really flies! Watching you grow has been a great joy for everyone in the family. You’ll keep growing in stature and grace. Happy birthday to you

28. You’re 17 today, dear cousin! I’m so excited about your birthday today. You are a source of joy and I pray you’ll continue being one to us all. Happy birthday!

29. Hey, Cousin! Can’t believe you’re clocking 17 today. You’re all grown already. Keep growing dear. God will keep and bless you.

17th birthday

30. Happy birthday! You’ve been an amazing cousin. I’m glad about your 17th birthday. I pray that God will bless you and keep you for the entire family. Cheers!

31. Happy birthday, Cousin. I pray that you continue being a source of joy that you’ve always been. I miss you.

32. It’s your 17th birthday today. I’m excited about your growth. You’re amazing. I pray that this new year will be your best yet.

33. Dear Cousin, I pray that God’s blessings will overflow in your life. Happy 17th birthday. Enjoy good life!

Birthday Prayer Messages for 17 Years Old Nephew/Niece

Send these birthday prayer messages to your 17 years old Nephew/Niece so they have an amazing celebration.

34. Happy birthday, my dear niece. It’s amazing that you’re 17 today. My heart blesses you and I pray that you flourish exceedingly.

35. My niece! Watching you grow has been of so much happiness. You’re 17 today and I wish you greatness. God will keep you. I love you.

36. Woah! My nephew is 17 today. It’s a great day! I pray that every day of your life will be of great joy. Happy 17th birthday.

37. I’m glad that you’re 17 today, niece. I pray that you triumph overall limitations. You’re a winner. Happy birthday to you!

38. It’s amazing to know that you’re celebrating your 17th birthday today. How time flies! You’ve been awesome, I pray that you shall be a blessing to all you come across. I love you.

39. Dear nephew! Happy 17th birthday. I pray you to keep growing and prospering. Have a wonderful year!

40. 17 really looks wonderful on you, niece! May the Lord continue to enrich you and prosper you. I love you so dearly.

Opening Prayers for 17th Birthday Party

With these opening prayers for 17th birthday party, you can be rest assured that the event will be memorable and blissful one.

41. God Almighty, we pray that as this young man celebrates his 17th birthday and starts a new journey in his life, he will grow stronger and higher, above every limitation. Amen.

42. Lord, as this young lady clocks 17 today, she will experience your favour and mercy in all her ways. Amen. Thank you, Lord, for the privilege she has, and that we all have, to be a part of this day.

43. We thank you, Lord, for our dear sister. We pray that as she celebrates her 17th birthday today, great joy shall continually abound in her life and she’ll know no sorrow.

44. We pray that as this young man continues another phase of his life, celebrating his 17th birthday, the Lord will bless and make His grace speak for him, opening doors to greatness everywhere he goes. Amen.

45. Our Lord, we pray that as this lady journeys through life, she’ll experience Your touch in all her undertakings. As she celebrates her 17th birthday, she’ll live even longer to celebrate more of it in good health and greatness. Amen.

46. We have all gathered here to celebrate with our son who’s turning 17 today. We pray that he keeps moving from glory to glory in all his ways. Amen.

47. 17 years have passed, and we still have the course to bless God upon the life of our brother who is turning 17 today. As we are celebrating with him today, we pray that greater opportunities be his ways always and forever.

48. Celebration of our son’s 17th birthday is what we have come to do. May he succeed and grow in God’s grace as he marks a new year. Amen.

49. Things shall work together for the good of this young lady for whose birthday celebration is here today. May you never lack reasons to celebrate and be celebrated. Your 17th birthday is blessed.

50. Happy birthday to our darling friend. We celebrate God’s in your life. See how God has brought you. May you shine brighter and brighter, and may you have no better yesterday. Enjoy 17!

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