Opening Prayers for 1st Birthday Party

Opening Prayers for 1st Birthday Party (2024)

Birthday celebrations are so wonderful. More important is celebrating a child’s 1st birthday. The child may not be able to fathom what’s happening on his/her big day, but that event will create beautiful memories he/she would love to see when fully grown.

It is really a big deal and all the activities of the celebration should be committed to the hands of the creator just like you did at the time of his/her birth.

Depending on the activities of the celebration, the opening prayer can be a long one, a short one, or as the Spirit leads, as long as the prayer is being said from a sincere heart. Not only is it important to bless the little celebrant with gifts but it is also essential he is blessed with prayers (declarations). Also, the parents and every other person shouldn’t be left out of these divine blessings.

In reality, there is nothing insignificant to be prayed about; the meals, the games, the gifts, and everything else should be soaked in prayers. You cannot afford to joke with the fact that this realm is not all there is and the life of the little one (the celebrant) is important. Just in case you are called out of the blues to say a word of prayer on this occasion, any of these powerful opening prayers for 1st birthday party can come handy.

Long Opening Prayers for 1st Birthday Party

You would really love to say a long opening prayer at a child’s first-year celebration but then you are unsure about how to articulate your thoughts. Any of these could be the right plug for you.

1. I still find it very hard to believe that my baby is a year already. I can’t even use the phrase, ‘how time flies’ to describe this speed. I will rather say, ‘how time leaps.’ Much more than my amazement is my joy. Therefore, I pray for the little celebrant of today that may he experience divine speed in all his life’s endeavour. May the joy of the Lord always be his strength and the grace to fulfil his purpose is released upon his life. As we gather to celebrate him, may we never gather to mourn over him. He will live long to fulfil divine purposes; he will do great and mighty things for the kingdom and humanity. Today is his first birthday celebration, it won’t be his last in Jesus name. We invite the presence of the living God into this celebration, there shall be no casualties in Jesus’ name.

2. What a wonderful God we serve! The one that created everything by His word and gave man His breathe. We cannot comprehend the extent of His power wisdom, and grace but the ones we can see, we exalt Him for it. we appreciate the living God over today’s celebrant, right from conception to delivery to her first-year celebration. God be praised! we commit today’s party into God’s hand, may it be a blessing to all the invitees. May we have fun and experience no casualty. We sanctify all that we will be earing and drinking with the blood of the lamb.

3. Lord, we thank you for this bundle of joy that you gifted this family a year ago. We’ve watched him grow and we cannot but marvel at your wonders and wisdom. The transformation over the months has been subtle yet appears sudden. You are indeed a miraculous God and we are surrounded by these miracles’ day in, day out. We exalt you for the privilege of celebrating him today and we can only say it has been you taking care of him all along. Lord, be praised@ We commit today’s celebration into thy hands, take absolute charge in Jesus’ name and at the end of it, let our cup be full of praise in Jesus’ name. Amen.

4. Your word says that where two or three are gathered in your name, you are there with them. We do not gather to celebrate all by ourselves but we invite you, Dear Lord to be our anchor. Thank you for taking care of today’s celebrant from conception up to the moment. Thank you for making her witness her first year in sound health and peace of mind. I ask that you will continually be her shield and buckler; her sun and shield; her strength and hope; her power and desire. Let everything she will do this day be pleasing unto you. We open this celebration in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.

5. Heavenly Father, your love for little children was explicitly revealed to us in the scriptures. Today, I present today’s celebrant and every other child that has come to celebrate to you. I ask that you will breathe upon them. You will separate them unto yourself for your glory. I pray that they will be a shining light amidst their peers. You will give them great wisdom and they will have a deep understanding. I pray that they will not stray from your will for their lives and they will live to honour you all their days. I commit we the Parents also into your care, I ask that you grant us the wisdom to take care of these gifts in accordance with your will. We open this celebration in the name of Jesus.

Opening Prayers for 1st Birthday Party

6. This is the day you have created especially for our beautiful baby. We, indeed, are rejoicing and are so glad about it. Thank you, Jesus, for Your goodness and faithfulness so far over this child. From conception to delivery, to the first month and now the first year, we are grateful. Not all that was conceived on the same day made it to the ninth month, and not all that made it to the ninth month were delivered safely. Not even all that was delivered safely, made it to the first year. We are not here to mock or to feel better as regards these ones but we are reflecting on your mercies and are grateful. Thank you, Jesus. As we gather to celebrate today, we ask that your presence will be with us and all that we will be doing will indeed be for your glory in Jesus name.

7. Thank you, faithful God. You are true to your word which says those that trust in you are like Mount Zion planted on the hill which cannot be shaken. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for gifting us with this wonderful bundle of Joy when all hope seems lost. Thank you for every moment of his life up to this point. Thank you for the privilege of celebrating his first birthday on earth. Thank you for the provision on every side. Thank you for family and friends. Lord, be praised. We commit our activities here today into thy able hand, take perfect control, Lord Jesus, and be glorified through it all.

8. You are the Lord who determines times and seasons and, in your Almightiness, it pleases you to gift this family with this beautiful angel at a time like this. We know that there is a purpose for all that you do and we are humbled about the fact that we are part of your purpose. We commit this celebration and the Celebrant into your hands, we pray that you take charge in Jesus’ name. We open this beautiful event in the name of the Father, Son, and Spirit and we ask that this bundle of Joy will never bring sorrow to our family in Jesus’ name. We sanctify the foods and drinks in Jesus’ name and we ask that no child will be injured during the games. Amen!

Opening Prayers for 1st Birthday Party

9. It is indeed an honour and privilege to father a child and I do not take this divine privilege for granted. Thank you, Heavenly Father for entrusting this perfect gift in my care. Thank you for the provision from the time of his birth until this moment, we cannot thank you enough, Lord. Despite the unstable economy and our fears, you proved yourself as a good Father and always come through for us. Today, we have the privilege to throw a celebration in his honour and we invite your presence into our midst in Jesus’ name. We pray for him that he will grow in your grace, divine wisdom, and in all that you have called him to be in Jesus mighty name. Amen!

10. We have all looked forward to this wonderful day and here it is to the glory of the Lord’s name. We start this celebration in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. We invite the host of heaven to come and celebrate our baby who clocks one today with us. We pray that we will all have fun; be happy and go home blessed in Jesus’ name. We pray for our baby girl that it shall be well with her all her days on earth. She will live to celebrate 2 years, 10 years, 20 years…Even to 100years in Jesus’ name. Amen!

Short Opening Prayers for 1st Birthday Party

Sometimes, a short opening prayer could be the ideal thing at an event such as a child’s 1st birthday party. Repeating words could be boring even to the guests when there’s limited time, you know. Winks.

11. Blessed be the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who gave us all the opportunity to gather so as to celebrate this little Queen. We pray that we shall always celebrate her in Jesus’ name. Her parent shall never mourn over her and all they need to cater for her shall always be available in Jesus mighty name.

12. If we are to count your blessings, Sweet Jesus, we will never be able to number it all but today, we lift our banner of Praise and exalt you over our baby for his 1st birthday. We ask for your blessings upon Him as we celebrate in Jesus name.

13. We celebrate God in the life of this divine gift God gave to us and we ask that not only shall he increase in wisdom but also in grace and favour, in Jesus’ name. Amen!

14. Teach him to number his days that he may apply his mind to wisdom. As he celebrates his first birthday, the glory of the Lord shall be revealed upon him afresh. He will always make us proud. We sanctify this event with the blood of the lamb and we open it in the name of Jesus.

15. I appreciate God for everyone gathered here to celebrate the first birthday of our beautiful baby who is gradually becoming a big boy. Thank you, Jesus, we commence this program in the name of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit.

16. Life is a precious gift and being in possession of that gift is indeed a blessing. We are grateful, Lord for every life gathered for this celebration, especially the celebrant of today. We pray that this gift will not be stolen from us in Jesus’ mighty name.

Opening Prayers for 1st Birthday

17. Awesome Father, thank you. Thank you for the grace of celebrating the first birthday of our first child. We cannot comprehend this goodness and we are overwhelmed by it. We start this celebration in the honor of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

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18. Your banner over us as a family is Love. I ask that we will continue in this love and teach our children the way of love in Jesus name. I pray for my baby girl celebrating her 1st birthday today that she will grow in divine love, and spread love all her days in Jesus’ name. Thank you, Jesus, for answering us. Amen

19. For the grace and privilege of life, we say, ‘thank you.’ For this precious gift we are celebrating today, we say, ‘thank you.’ We bless him with the blessings of the heavens and we ask that his life will be a wonder and a testament of God’s favour. We commence this program in Jesus’ name.

20. We bless the name of the Lord because He is faithful and true in all His ways. We appreciate him over this life starting her journey, we say, ‘Be thou exalted, Lord.’ We launch this celebration in the name of the Trinity and we declare that we shall enjoy every aspect of the event in Jesus’ name.

Opening Prayer for 1st Birthday Celebration

Below are some punchlines of opening prayer suitable for a child’s birthday celebration, especially if it is his/her 1st birthday celebration.

21. Thank you, Jesus, for this day. We ask for your presence and goodness in this celebration. We sanctify everything we will do here with the love of God.

22. Thank you, Holy Spirit, for everything. We ask that you take absolute charge of this event. It will be one of blessing for every one of us and especially for our little Prince as he celebrates his 1-year birthday. Amen.

23. We are so happy, Lord because we know that you care about every little detail of our lives, therefore we invite you for this celebration so that we can be truly blessed by it.

24. Just as the Lord Jesus performed an astounding miracle at the wedding in Cana, we ask that He does the same for everyone trusting God for their Bundle of joy, even as Karen celebrates her first-year birthday.

25. The coming celebrations for this child will always be bigger and better in Jesus’s name. We launch forth for this in glory!

Opening Prayers for 1st Birthday Party

26. Thank you, Jesus, for the grace given to this Dear Child to have his 1st birthday celebration, we ask that you will continue to protect him in good health and a sound mind.

27. I declare the abundance of the Lord upon the celebrant and his family. This is your 1st birthday celebration; it shall not be your last in Jesus’ name.

28. We start this wonderful celebration in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. We bless all we shall do and sanctify the food and drinks by the blood of the Lamb.

29. Sweet Jesus, as we gather to celebrate today, we ask that your presence will be with us and all that we will be doing will indeed be for your glory in Jesus name.

30. We invite the presence of the Alpha and Omega to this wonderful celebration. We commit everything into His able hand, take perfect control, Dear Lord in Jesus’ name.

Prayers for The 1st Birthday Celebrant

Here are some short and powerful declarations that you can pronounce upon the life of a child at his 1st birthday.

31. I join my faith with every well-wisher that has come to celebrate this lovely child of ours and ask that may the Lord gift her the best gift she needs to do her life in accordance with His will in Jesus’ name.
Opening Prayers for 1st Birthday Party

32. Dear child, you are blessed by the blessings of the morning, you are clothed by the beauty of the afternoon; you shine bright and glorious, you will remain bright even in your night time (old age) in Jesus name. We open the celebration of your first birthday by the authority given us by God. Amen

33. We plead the mercies of God upon today’s celebrant. May we never mourn him in Jesus’ name. He will celebrate many things in life asides birthdays in Jesus’ name.

34. May this little child live in the assurance that God cares for him and that he will ever need will be met at God’s time and in God’s way.

35. I pray that as this little boy of mine celebrates his first-year birthday, he will grow in the love of God in Jesus’ name.

36. This child shall not die but live to declare the works of Jesus all over the world in Jesus’ name. More happy years ahead.

37. We declare upon today’s birthday Celebrant; may He be rooted in the solid foundation which is Christ.

38. Dear Lord, let the life of today’s celebrant experience miracles which are exceedingly, abundantly, and far beyond his life’s expectations.

39. I proclaim God’s mercies over my baby who clocks 1 today. May the good Lord satisfy him early with His mercy.

40. May the word of the Lord be the anchor of your life, dear child. You shall succeed and fulfil purpose in Jesus’ name.

Prayers Before Meal for 1st Birthday

The meals at a birthday party shouldn’t be left out of your prayer. It is important to thank God who provided the meal and sanctify the meal before delving in.

41. Thank you, Jesus, for this birthday celebration. We sanctify this meal with the blood of the Lamb and we accept it with thanksgiving.

42. Thank you, sweet Jesus, for the opportunity to gather as a family to celebrate and relax and share a meal to celebrate this gift you’ve given us. We bless this meal in Jesus’ name.

43. Blessed be the Lord who gives grace to the sower and harvester. We bless this birthday meal in Jesus’ name.

44. We have gathered to celebrate the first birthday of our baby boy. We bless this birthday meal and we bless the family of the celebrant.

45. As we settle to enjoy this birthday meal, may the Celebrant experience abundance in his lifetime.

46. We are grateful for your love and provision on every side. We sanctify and share this birthday meal in the love of the father.

47. Thank you for the blessings of family and friends and for the opportunity to share a birthday meal in Jesus’ name.

48. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for giving seeds to the sower and bread to the eater. We bless this birthday meal in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

49. For the fun we have had so far, we say, ‘thank you, Jesus.’ As we prepare to share our precious baby birthday meal, we bless it in Jesus’ name. May it nourish our body and may we always have reasons to celebrate this child in Jesus’ name.

50. May this meal enrich our bodies and may the Lord enrich the life of today’s celebrant in Jesus’ name.

I am very certain that you are beaming at this helpful powerful opening prayers for 1st birthday party already. So, never be caught unawares at a child’s birthday party. Pray these prayers wherever you are asked to say a word of prayer.

Which one of these will be your first option?

Written by Joseph Abimbola

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