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2024 Heart Touching Good Night Messages for Him – Boyfriend

The night time is a special time given us by nature, not only to relax but to also help our loved ones relax, if we find the opportunity to do so. Obviously, at night, the body wants to rest, and that is a battle that nature wins most of the time. We force ourselves to be awake to do some stuff but nature forces us to close our eyes and have some rest.

You can attest to that!

Well, it’s quite obvious that nature wants the best for our body as it were because relaxing ourselves after the stress of the day gives refreshment to us and makes us stronger for the morrow. If nature wants that for us, how much more what we humans want for our loved ones. We should take it as a duty to see our special ones rest well too, not even when that special one is your boyfriend.

You know, having a boyfriend is one thing, and having a good boyfriend is another thing. If you have a loving caring guy as your boyfriend, you will be wrong not to try to make him rest peacefully every night, and if the reverse is your case, who says things can not be better between you two?

However, as the case may be, ushering your boyfriend into a cool night rest is a habit you should inculcate. You can do that in the many ways to care for your boyfriend. And one of the ways is reaching his heart with some cool emotional good night messages and quotes.

And boom!

I have got them here; the best of all 2024 heart touching good night messages for him – boyfriend. Why not use them now and usher your boo into the perfect night time. It’s one of the perfect ways to show your boyfriend you are not cheating on him

Give it a try now!

Most Touching Good Night Messages for Boyfriend

Your boyfriend will feel loved and cared for when he receives these most touching good night messages from you. The best good night messages for him to have a perfect night rest. Go ahead and copy and send to him.

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1. I’m excited to know you made it through the day, but more than excited because I’m sure you will have the most beautiful night ever. Have a good night, my love. I love you always.

2. Sweetheart, I see every night as a gift because it gives me another opportunity to see you in my dreams. Though I wish I can be with you, I will try to be fine until I see you again tomorrow. Good night and sweet dreams.

3. Babes, I have many plans to make the night special for you but the distance wouldn’t allow me. I want you to know that distance can only stop me from holding you but can’t stop my heart from beating for you. I love you always. Good night, darling boyfriend.

4. It’s another time to rest and I thank God for giving us another opportunity to relax. I’m sure nothing will disturb your rest tonight because my heart wishes you a perfect night rest. Good night and sweet dreams, my heartbeat.

5. Just as the day has completely fulfilled it’s course, so shall this night fulfil its course of bringing you a beautiful night rest. So, go to bed, darling and be sure of a restful night. I will always love you. See you tomorrow!

6. I wish a sweet night to the man I love. Loving you is my hobby and wishing you well is my profession. Have a good night rest and remember you are always in my heart. I love you too much!

7. Let this night bring serenity to your mind. May it strengthen you for the exploits of tomorrow. I will be here thinking about you all night, just to tell you how much I am into you. Good night, my love.

8. My joy becomes complete any night I am sure you are fine. Please, be fine tonight and rest well. I know tomorrow will definitely be better than today. Good night, my everyday crush.

9. The sight of your perfect physique and your always handsome face lying innocently in bed makes me crush on you over and over again. I just wish I can be beside you right now to cuddle you to sleep. I miss you so much, and I wish you cool night time. Love you big!

10. Bae, I wish you a night of bliss and perfect rest. I understand how much you want me right now, and I must confess I want you more. Can’t wait to be with you soon. Good night, love.

11. Sleep well, my love. The night is designed to bring you rest and strength. Enjoy it to the full, and I will be right here praying for your safety. Have a wonderful night, my lover.

12. Babe, you need to know how hard I find it to sleep without you by my side. I can’t wait to be beside you every night of my life. I miss you so much and wish you good night time. See you soon!

13. My heart couldn’t stop praying for you all day and now, it has not still stopped. I pray you to enjoy the night in God’s safety and be refreshed for the exploits of tomorrow. Good night, heartthrob.

14. I’m not so sure of seeing you soon but I am so sure of seeing you in my dreams. That’s the privilege the night gives me. Do have splendid night time and welcome to my dreams (winks) I love you, dearest.

15. Sleep baby, it’s time to ease yourself of the day’s stress and get straightened for tomorrow’s success. Have a restful night, sugar pie. Good night!

16. Everyone with a kind and beautiful heart like you deserves a beautiful night rest, but you deserve even more because you have the most beautiful heart. Good night, love and enjoy your sleep.

17. Here is wishing you a good night rest, my love; a night without stress, a night filled with love, a night with enough refreshment for a better tomorrow. Good night, sweets.

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18. I pray for you tonight that God that sleeps nor slumber will take charge over you and keep you safe and strengthens for tomorrow. Have a good night rest, my darling. Much love for you.

19. Another time is here for you to lose grip of the hurts and failures of the day. Get some rest and be inspired for a great tomorrow. I will be here praying for you always. Good night, my lover.

20. Promise me one thing tonight, babe: that you will leave whatever you are doing and go to bed. Please, do that so you can be refreshed for tomorrow. I love you and I care. Do have restful night time.

Romantic Good Night Quotes for Him – Boyfriend

With these romantic good night quotes for him, be sure to make your boyfriend go to bed with thoughts of you and wake up with much love for you.

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21. Having you with me all day has made me know how much I am going to miss you tonight. But, please, be fine and relax well for a great tomorrow. Good night, my love.

22. One of the things that have brought me joy in life is the fact that I have a lovely boyfriend like you. I won’t trade that for anything. Do have a great night rest as you close your eyes to sleep.

23. The coolness of the night reminds me of the calmness you have to my life. Thanks for everything, my dearest, and always remember I will love you no matter what. Good night, sweetheart.

24. Never give room for regrets and depressions, dear. That’s what I have to tell you tonight. I will always be here praying for you, just to show you how much I care. Have a good night rest, sweets.

25. The day without the sun is the perfect illustration of me without you. I can’t afford to lose you. That’s why I want you to have a perfect night rest and be strengthened for the morrow. Good night and sweet dreams.

26. Seasons come and go but you have come to my life to stay. I will forever cherish what we share. As you go to bed tonight, I wish you perfect night time with love. Have a good night rest, lover!

27. You did not only come to my world when I needed someone, you came with the sweetness and warmth that my heart wanted. I am glad I found you. Do have a splendid night time as I keep praying for your safety. Good night, dearest.

28. Should I say this is the best time to tell you how much I love you? I think it would be better to tell you with my eyes staring at yours and my hands holding you. That’s why I can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Sleep well, my love.

29. The joy of having someone like you has overwhelmed me that I can hardly sleep. Just checking on you to be sure you are fine. Good night, darling boyfriend.

30. I have never thought of a life without you and I’m not planning to do that. I want to be with you all day and night, just to be sure you are safe. Please, be safe tonight. Good night, my cherish.

31. I have found what my heart had longed for. I have found the peace my soul craved for. I have found you, my love, and I am more than ready to hold you tight. I wish I can hold you tight right now, but I will be fine if you are fine. Please, be fine tonight. Good night!

32. I actually want to see you right now to tell you what you mean to me. Can you come outside now? Smiles… I know it’s impossible but that’s to tell you how much I miss you. Do have good night time, lover.

33. The joy of holding you can not be compared to the excitement of acquiring a rare treasure. You are more than what you can think of. I just love you tirelessly and I wish you a restful night as you lay your head to sleep. Good night, my dear.

34. Every single day I spend with you leaves me yearning to spend the night with you. Can I come over? How I wish I can. Do have a peaceful night rest. I love you.

35. I have come to know that life can’t be complete without the feeling of love. Thank you for showing me true love. I promise to love you as much as I can. Good night, my love.

36. The night is here again, my love. Make good use of it by having a cool sleep. Leave the worries to me, I will do them for you. Good night!

37. Here’s wishing the man of my dreams a good night rest. May you find the strength to get the greatness that awaits you tomorrow. Much love for you. Good night!

38. You can if you can only believe you can. You can get the worries off your head and embrace a peaceful night. I wish you a better tomorrow. Have a good night rest, my love.

39. I can never trade what we share for anything else. I will be by you in every situation. Do have a restful night and be strong for me. Good night, sweetie.

40. I choose to love you and stay with you, come what may. You’ve satisfied my heart and granted peace to my soul. That’s why I’m wishing you a peaceful night rest. Good night, dearie.

Good Night Messages for Him Long Distance

Make your boyfriend who is far away feel the love you have for him. Distance is not a barrier. Make him excited as he goes to bed by sending him any of these good night messages for him love distance.

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41. Dearest, your being away isn’t easy for me. I miss everything about you, including our hot arguments. I must attest that no one can make me happy as you do. Do come back sooner, but before then, do have a restful night. Good night, love.

42. We’ve made memories together. How I wish we can make more tonight. I miss being with you so much. I can’t wait to run into your arms again. Please, ensure you are fine tonight and I pray you wake up strong for a better tomorrow. Good night, boyfriend.

43. It hurts me that I can’t hold you tight right now. I can only send you a good night text to, at least, make you know how much I need you. Do have a beautiful sleep ’cause that’s my prayer for you tonight. G’night, sweetheart.

44. The journey that took you away from me has done me harm than good, though I know it’s for our best. I hurt so much right now for not being able to stare onto your eyes as I desire. But I know we will be fine after all. I just miss you, my love, and wish you a good night.

45. Babe, come feel my heart, it aches badly. It’s because you are not around to calm it with your irresistible presence. Can you, please, hasten your coming. I miss you. Good night!

46. Good night, my prince. But for me, your enchanting presence is what I need to have a good night. I will wait patiently until you come. Good night, love.

47. I looked back to the memories we have had together and wished you never left. Can I ever find anyone like you? That’s why I will wait for you to return. I love you and I miss you. Good night!

48. I can’t say your love in my heart is like a river because a river flows but your love is so still in my heart, bringing peace and refreshment. That’s the kind of night I wish you; one filled with peace and refreshment. Good night, my king.

49. Good night, sugar pie. I am earnestly waiting for your return. I can’t wait to tell you what I missed all the while you’ve been away. Much kisses, boo.

50. I love you so much. Your great personality is second to none. The serenity of the night bears witness to my undying love for you. Do enjoy a peaceful night, my baby.

51. Babe, I can’t sleep! It’s because you are not around. My heart wants to know how much your heart wants mine. Can you put on your hotspot so I can turn on my WiFi? We need to connect right now. Smiles….. Just to tell you I miss you. Good night, honey.

52. My heart is filled with joy that you left to make things better for us, but there is a pain somewhere because I won’t always hold you as I used to. I miss you so much. Do have beautiful night time and be strong for tomorrow’s interview. Good night, sweet.

53. The intensity of the sun can’t describe how much my heart burns to have you around. I miss everything you represent. Come back soon to your baby. Good night!

54. When you are not around, I find it hard to sleep. Are you sure you don’t have the key to my sleeping and waking up just as you have the key to my heart? Just come back soon, I miss you so much. Good night, darling.

55. I will never let each night pass without expressing how much I miss you, and if I don’t, just know I’m already holding you tight. Let’s make that happen fast. Good night, love.

56. You are the one I want to pledge my allegiance to, for you have already captured my heart. Just come soon and have my all. I love you pretty much. Good night, dearest.

57. Watching your handsome you sleep innocently all night is what I desire right now. Can that be possible? Not until you return. Come back soon, dearie. Good night.

58. My baby is far away tonight. May the Lord keep him safe and grant him enough rest for tomorrow’s activities. Good night, boo!

59. Babe, you shouldn’t be Ill. I know you will be fine soon. That’s what I have prayed for. Just be fine for me, fight the sickness and come back home soon. I miss you. Good night, love.

60. I love you is no longer enough to express what I feel for you. If there is any other word deeper than that, please, let me know. Here’s wishing you a good night with much love and bliss.

Emotional Good Night Messages for Boyfriend

Make your boyfriend go emotional as he plans to sleep by sending him one or more of these super emotional good night messages for boyfriend. They are heart touching good night quotes for him to have a perfect night time with thoughts of you.

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61. I never knew love could be this beautiful until I met you. You came into my life and make things beautiful. Why will I not love you? May your night be beautiful as you proceed to sleep. Good night, dearest.

62. You are my soul mate, the one who understands me better. I’m glad you are mine, and I am excited the wish you a good night rest as you proceed into the night. Sweet dreams, my king.

63. Everything you do makes me want to love you over and over again. Can I love you once more tonight? Sure! Do have a good night rest; I will be here loving you more and more. Good night, sweetie.

64. Nothing in the world can be compared to the love you give me. I am over satisfied, and I wish you abundant peace and uninterrupted rest as you close your eyes to sleep tonight. Good night, sugar

65. I am glad to let you know that you have spiced up my life. I wouldn’t have understood what true love is if I hadn’t given you the chance to express it. Thank God I did and now, I am praying that the good Lord blesses you with a perfect night rest. Good night, my love.

66. The day was void and bland because you were not with me, but now, though you are still not with me, I have the hope that the night would be better because I will see you in my dreams. Good night, Cherie.

67. I want to be the one you can trust totally, the one you can freely pour your heart to. Can you, please, open up to me tonight? I am ever willing to take your burden. That’s how much I love you. Let me help you have a good night rest, my love.

68. The purest form of love is what you have shown me today, and my own little way to express my love to you is to wish you the best night ever. Go ahead and enjoy the night. I love you to the moon and back.

69. You made the day all about me and now, I am making the night all about you. You deserve even more, my prince charming. May the night be cool and beautiful for you. Have the best night rest, babe.

70. My lover, my friend, may this night treat you better than you treated me during the day. May it bring you the refreshment for tomorrow. Good night, handsome. See you tomorrow! Winks.

71. The moon would have been what I can describe you with but it still can’t shine as bright as you do. You are my moonlight, dear. Shine brighter even as you sleep. I love you. Good night!

72. You are rare, rare in the fact that people like you are hard to come by. I am glad I met you. Do well to close your eyes as you lie to sleep, other things will be sorted by God. Good night, lover.

73. Good night, my cherish. Nothing I do will be enough to thank you for the nice treats you have given me. Thank God you came into my life. I love you pretty much.

74. Look through the window, you will see a star sending you my love. I chose to send it through the star because it will deliver to you undiluted. Have a peaceful night rest, my love.

75. My dear, I am not sure of changing the ugly memories of the day but I am quite sure of a restful night because I have prayed the Father for it. Have a lovely night rest, sweet. Much love for you.

76. Words are less effective to express how much I appreciate all you do and represent. I will only love you deeper and stronger. Good night, my treasure. I love you!

77. I love your presence and I want your presence. I want to be with you to feel the warmth you give with your words that are best for soothing my heart. Can we just take the distance away? Good night, love.

78. I thought I had seen all dimensions of love, not until you came to show me other angles of love. What could I have done without you, babe? I will only love you more. Sleep with much love, dear. Good night.

79. I know I can be annoying some times, but you love as if I am perfect. Thanks for your reckless love. May you find serenity as you proceed into the night. Good night, sweetest boyfriend.

80. The night is here to take your burdens and give you rest. Allow it, babe, for that is what I have prayed for the Father to do for us tonight. Good night, my everyday crush.

Heartfelt Good Night Texts for Him

That sweet and lovely boyfriend of yours would fall deeper in love with you when he receives one or more of these heartfelt good night texts for him from you. Best of all heart touching good night messages for your boyfriend to have perfect night time.

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81. Tonight, my hands want to hold the man I love and tell him I won’t ever leave him. I will have to wait to tell you that tomorrow. Before then, do have a splendid night rest.

82. Every day I spend with you reminds me of how much I will miss you at night. It’s night again and I seriously miss you. I’ve got no choice than to wish you a refreshing night time so you can wake up strong to see me tomorrow. Good night, babes.

83. I heart you a lot that I want to spend every moment with you. I wouldn’t mind spending the whole night protecting you as you sleep, but I am rest assured because God is doing that for me already. Be safe and enjoy a restful night.

84. Hey, babe! Ensure you smile while sleeping because I want to see you smiling in my dreams. Good night, sweetheart.

85. I can choose anything of my choice but I can’t choose to love you because loving you is by default, and wishing you a good night rest is not negotiable. Good night, darling.

86. Let everything in the world fail to exist, my love for you will even get stronger. I love you to the moon and back and wish you a good night.

87. Your day may be stressful but I want you to know your night can be restful if you can drop your worries and close your eyes to sleep. I’m sure of great night rest for you, darling. Good night!

88. Everything is becoming more beautiful because of your great influence. Thanks for being that man I can always lean on. I love you and wish you sweet dreams as you proceed to sleep. Good night, boo.

89. Love, I know how much you want me, and I assure you I will be back soon. Do have a good night and always remember I love you.

90. My dear, my heart is with you right now. I want you to be great and always be handsome for me. I will be here praying for you. Good night, my lover; my friend.

91. May this night bring my heartthrob refreshment and strength for tomorrow. Just wishing you a wonderful night time, my love.

92. The day wasn’t fair enough. Brace up and relax because this night will make it up for the day. Do sleep well and be fine. Good night, honey.

93. Never allow the past infiltrate the now. Be hopeful and optimistic for a better tomorrow. Relax and be good. I will see you tomorrow. Have a great night time, my Prince.

94. Make this night a remedy for the day’s stress. Take your time to relax. I will not stop praying for you and wishing you well. Good night, treasured one.

95. Of course, I wish to be with you right now but glad because leaving you by yourself will make you rest much better. I will see you tomorrow. Good night. I love you.

96. My heartfelt greetings to you, my love. Get prepared to enjoy divine comfort and a perfect night rest as you sleep. I love you pretty much. Good night, dearie.

97. Thanks for making my day beautiful. I wonder what I would do without you. The gifts and affection got me. As you made my day great, may your night be great too. Good night, darling boyfriend.

98. Countless things you have done for me since we’ve met. How can I repay you? I can only love you better and wish you enjoy a good night time. Love you big!

99. To the guy that makes me smile, and the prince that crowned my heart with royalty, have the best night ever and wake up strong for tomorrow. Good night, prince charming!

100. Yeah! Another time to wish you well is here. I wish you a wonderful night time even as my heart won’t stop beating at every thought of you. I so much love you. Good night!

I am glad you read through and quite sure you have gotten one or more heart touching good night messages for him that suits your taste. Don’t hesitate to make that guy who you call your boyfriend smile. The top-notch good night quotes for boyfriend are written specially to melt the heart of every guy who receives them. I am so sure you want to melt the heart of your boyfriend.

What are you waiting for!

Go ahead and do that with messages and come give me some feedback in the comment section. Be generous to share with friends who need to melt their boyfriends’ heart too.


Written by Melissa Usunobun

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