Powerful Good Morning Prayer Messages for Friend

Powerful Good Morning Prayer Messages for A Friend (2024)

Being alive to see a new day is a beautiful thing and a special gift from God. Not even when you are alive to see your loved ones alive too. This gift is worth being thankful for and also being secured and nurtured with prayers.

Securing a new day with prayers has a long way to go in making the day peaceful and fruitful. And one thing I am sure of is that everyone wants to see their loved ones have a peaceful and fruitful day.

Isn’t that right? Of course, it is.

And making a loved one like a friend go into a peaceful, blissful and fruitful day is a good thing which is more than necessary in friendship. It shows you care, appreciate the friendship and want the best for them.

I hope you would agree with me on that.

That is why you need to help your friend have a great day with these powerful good morning prayer messages for a friend. They may not even expect the kind gesture from you. Give them the shocker and make them marvel at the rate you can go for friendship.

Are you ready to give your friend the shocker and bless their day? Smiles… Then, slide to this amazing collection of 2024 powerful good morning prayer messages for friend. Whether they are your best friend, a casual friend, a long distance away from you, or even close to you, this collection has all you need for them.

Go ahead, freely copy and send to your friend. Help them have a great day!

Best Good Morning Prayers for A Friend

Help your friend have a great day by ushering him or her into the day with these best good morning prayers for a friend. Powerful good morning prayer messages for your friend to have a wonderful day with thoughts of you.

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1. It’s a bright new day, nothing could be more exciting than having the best of the day. That’s why I pray for you, dear friend, that your today will be better than yesterday. The good lord will cause you to prosper in whatever you invest your time as energy into. You will find abundant strength to go through the day without wearing out. This I ask for in Jesus’ name, amen. Have a great day, dear friend.


2. Having a friend as you go through the day with less stress will be of utmost joy for me. There is no gainsaying that you deserve the best if today. So, may the best that you truly deserve be for you. May you reach heights that you have always aspired. May you find favour beyond your expectations. And may find safety in the blossom of your maker. Have a good day, darling friend. I love you.

3. Good morning to you, my good friend. Nothing is more beautiful than knowing that you made it to this new day. I give all glory to God and I pray that He will continue to keep all through the day. Nothing evil shall by any means come near you. You will venture into your aspirations with confidence and end up with great success. I wish you the best, buddy. Enjoy your day.

4. Darling friend, friendship with you has been one of the most beautiful things that have happened to me this year. That is one reason I won’t stop asking God to keep you safe for me, to bless you in every little effort you make, to honour you with glory and favour wherever you find yourself. I ask that you will find many reasons to be happy, my good friend. Have a beautiful morning and an awesome day.

5. Looking back to what we have gone through together and how you have helped me, I just know you worthy of every good thing. May good things come your way this day. May you be empowered to get that which belongs to you. May the work of your hands come to fruition and may the ideas in your mind come to a realisation. Do have a wonderful day, my dearest friend. Good morning.

6. Good morning, my friend. Every day starts with something, but it is my prayer for you that your day starts with something great, for that’s what you deserve. Your steps shall be ordered by the Lord for greatness. You will never fall victim to failure. At the end of today, you will find several reasons to rejoice. Go into the day with enthusiasm, my friend. The lord is with you. Amen.

7. Good morning, best friend. I bless the day the Lord honoured me with a priceless gift like you as a friend. I am so sure this day, He will honour you beyond your imagination. He will grant you a day more blessed than every other day you have had. He will let His countenance overshadow you and will bless you with good health and peace. Amen. Enjoy your day, bestie. Much love for you.

8. Good morning there! Beautiful days should be for beautiful souls like you. That’s why I pray for a beautiful day for you today. Just as the Lord protected the Israelites through the red sea, so shall He stand with and for you through any difficult time today. He will make the day great and blissful for you. I wish you the best as you go out there, dear friend. Amen.

9. Good morning, friend. You are one of the persons I won’t get tired of praying for, not even on a new day like this. I pray for you that you will excel today. Your path will be ordered by the Lord for great success. You will not come in contact with evil. You will find favour with your boss and your colleagues. You will be blessed beyond measure. Do have a wonderful day and remember we have to see today. I love you!

10. Welcome to a new and wonderful day, my friend. Everything to make this day awesome is what I pray our Father provides you. May you be seen in the path of greatness and splendour. May you be counted among the best in everything you do today. May whatever good that brings you joy not be found missing in your life. You will see the end of the day and testify to the glory of God. Good morning, dearest.


11. Good morning, my good friend. This is a great day to achieve great things. May the Lord give you the strength to get to greater heights today and may He bring you your expected end. Have a glorious day, dear.

12. Every day comes with its goodies and troubles. May the goodies of today come to you, and may the troubles be far away from you. You will enjoy every moment of the day. Have a beautiful morning and a wonderful day, friend.

13. My dear friend, have I told you that you deserve the best in all you do? Yes! You do. So, go into this day and get only the best. You will be the head and never the tail. Here’s wishing you a good and glorious morning.

14. It is another dawn, another beautiful time to wish you beautiful things. I, therefore, wish you a day free from stress and worries. May every moment of the day bring you a reason to be happy. Good morning, my friend.

15. Good morning to you, dear friend. May this day be remarkable for good. Nothing shall bring you sorrow. Every path you trod will be guided by the Lord. You will live to see the end of today. Enjoy your day, dear.

16. Having you as a friend is a great blessing. I pray that you will continue to be a blessing to me and to your generation. Even as you go out today, everyone that comes in contact with you will be greatly blessed. Have a good morning, dear friend. I love you!

17. As the sun sets today, may the glory that is in you shine brighter than the sun. Everyone that comes in contact with you will be illuminated. Darkness shall be far from your habitation. Have a bright day, my good friend.

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18. A morning so bright and clear, afternoon so lively and cheering, evening so cool and soothing are what I wish you today. Welcome to a beautiful day and have a great morning, my dear friend.

19. Here comes an outstanding day for you, friend. A day you will always remember for good. Whatever you have ever aspired will begin to unfold this day. The good Lord will prosper your hands to achieve greater things than yesterday. Good morning!

20. Good morning, friend. I usher you into a day filled with all-round blessings. I destroy every plan of the evil one over you. You will find countless reasons to rejoice at the end of the day. Go and excel, my friend. I love you.

Powerful Good Morning Prayer Quotes for Friends

Praying for your friends is a good way to show you care. You will never go wrong if you send them one or more of the powerful good morning prayer quotes for friend below. Just copy and send.

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21. Good morning, friend. As you step out today, may you step out of your worries and step into your breakthrough. Everything that is needed for you to succeed will locate you. I wish you a great day.

22. As a new day unfolds, my dear friend, may everything old and lifeless in your life come a new and alive. It will be a day of divine restoration for you. Good morning. Do have a fat day with bliss.

23. Good morning to my good friend. Henceforth, may the light that will make you a blessing to your generation continually shine on you. Darkness will see you and become illuminated. Shine into this great day, love.

24. I give thanks to God for sparing your life to see this day, my friend. I know the God has done this will be there to keep you through the day and even the rest of your life. Here’s wishing you a good morning, good friend.

25. I rejoice to see we are both in a new day. It’s my prayer that you will continue to enjoy God’s mercy that has kept us alive. May you also be strengthened to achieve your desires for today and all the days of your life. Good morning, friend.

26. Good news because it’s a new day. Better good news because it’s will be a great and remarkable day for you and yours. The Lord will keep you safe throughout the day. Good morning, dear.

27. My prayer for you this day is that you will experience a better today. You will be divinely strengthened for today’s activities, and the best of it will be yours. Do enjoy a unique day ahead. Good morning.

28. My dear friend, as high as the heaven is from the earth, so shall you be higher than whatever challenge that comes your way today. No weapon that shall fashion against you will prosper. Go into the day with confidence. Good morning!

29. Good morning, friend. I beseech you to embrace this day with all joy and enthusiasm for it’s going to be a wonderful day for you. Your bowels will be enlarged for abundance. Whatever you lay your hands will prosper. Enjoy the day, my dear.

30. Good morning, love. I look forth to rejoicing with you at the end of this day. I know it’s going to be a blessed day for you because I have prayed for the Father to bless you today. Do well to enjoy every moment of the day, friend.


31. Welcome to an outstanding day, friend. May everything about you today be outstanding and imparting. The best of the is what I wish you this morning. Have a great day.

32. My dear friend, I pray for you this morning, that as you set out today, you will see the Lord order every of your step. He will lead you to greener pastures and keep you safe from danger. Amen. Have a good morning, dear.

33. Here is a season of laughter for you, friend. Wake up and get into the atmosphere of greatness and breakthrough. I pray you to enjoy this atmosphere today an forever. Good morning, dearest one. Much love for you.

34. Nothing can be greater than having God by one’s side. That is why I pray for you today, that you will always have God by your side. He will answer when you call on Him. Have a good morning and a great day, friend.

35. Good morning to my good friend. May good things follow you wherever you find yourself today and every day of your life. So I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.

36. Wake up, dear! Wake up to a great day the good Lord has made for you. Be ready to enjoy the blessing of God as you go into the day’s activities. That’s what you deserve. Good morning.

37. Good morning this morning! I wish you, my dear friend, a day filled with divine blessings. May the mercy and grace of the Lord be sufficient for you. Nothing good shall by any means, elude you. Go ahead and have a fat day.

38. Dear friend, I usher you into a day filled with rivers of peace and love, accompanied by doses of joy and abundance. Nothing shall take any of these from you. Welcome to a good day. Good morning!

39. It’s a time to celebrate, friend. Your past is fine with the night and your now has received grace to be filled with merriment and celebration. May your joy never be cut short. Good morning, my good friend. Enjoy the bliss of today.

40. Good morning from me to you. Divine blessings from the heavens to you. A day of peace, joy and love from God to you. Go ahead and enjoy all these with gratitude in your heart. Wishing you the very best of this new day.

Best Good Morning Prayer Images for Friends

Here are the best good morning prayers you can send to your friend before they set out for the day’s activities. Awesome good morning prayers for friend with Images.

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41. As another day dawns, may every dull and dark area of your become bright. May the heavens cause you to walk in divine light today and forever. Good morning, dear friend.


42. Good morning to you, friend. May the peace of God be with you as you step into this wonderful day. May everything that bothers you be lifted. Welcome to a wonderful day, dear.

43. The fact that you are alive to see this day is enough reason to rejoice and be glad about today. I am so sure this is a great day for you, go ahead and get the best. Good morning, friend.

44. A beautiful is here for a beautiful friend like you. Wake up and step into the good thoughts of God for you today. You are blessed beyond measure. Good morning, my beautiful friend.

45. Wake up, sleeping head! It’s a good day to get all you couldn’t get yesterday. The good Lord will grant you great strength to conquer whatever stands as an obstacle today. Amen. Good morning, friend.

46. Good morning, friend for life. May the morning be truly good for you and may the whole day be seasoned with divine mercy and favour. You will find enough reasons to rejoice at the end of today. Enjoy!

47. As this day unfolds, may whatever good in your life that has been folded up begin to find expression. This is your day of liberation, rejoice in it, dear friend. Good morning to you!

48. All thanks to God we are up hale and hearty this morning. Greater thanks to Him because He will cause you to prosper in the day. Whatsoever you lay your hands on receive divine touch. Good morning, friend!

49. It’s a new day and a good time to speak positivity into the day. I, therefore, prophesy that nothing negative shall come your way. You will be highly blessed in whatever you venture into. Good morning, my friend.

50. Good morning, awesome friend. May the morning continue to be good towards you and yours. May the hands of the Lord stretch towards you and direct your path. Amen.


51. Good morning to you, good friend. Get ready to gather good things today because the Lord will bless you with abundance and fill your cup with new wine. It’s a day of a greater turnaround. Enjoy it all, my friend.

52. Ceaseless joy, undiluted peace and uncontrollable blessing are what I pray for you to have today. Wake up and step into them in Jesus’ name. Amen. Have a good morning and a great day, dear friend.

53. I rejoice with you today, my friend because I know it will be an outstanding day already. That which you have long hoped for will begin to find expression. Welcome to a great day! Good morning, my friend.

54. Good morning to you, dear. It’s my prayer for you this morning that you will be highly favoured. More blessings will come your way like never before, today and forever.

55. It is beautiful to know we made it to this day together. But it is more beautiful to know it will be a great and blissful day. I, therefore, pray that whatever will make the day great for us will come our way in Jesus’ name. Good morning, friend.

56. Yeah yeah! It’s a good day, a good time for me to tell you how much you mean to me and how much you deserve. You deserve the best in all you do, so, wake up and go get the best of the day. Good morning, friend.

57. Good morning, dear friend. I pray for you this day that that which you have long desired will come into realisation. You will find grace and strength to conquer heights. Welcome to a blessed day!

58. Dear friend, you are blessed this morning, favoured in the afternoon and graced at night. That’s my prayer for you today. Good morning and have a nice day ahead. Much love for you!

59. Good morning, my good friend. I usher you into a day of bliss and peace. Your burdens will be lifted in exchange for God’s rest and peace. Nothing shall stop your liberation. Enjoy the day, my friend for life.

60. My friend, I pray for you this dawn that everything that makes you shed tears secretly finds intervention. May God replace your days of mourning with peace, joy and love. All these I pray for you today. Good morning!

Good Morning Prayers for My Best Friend

One of the most amazing things to do for your close friend is to make him or her wake up to these good morning prayer messages for best friend.

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61. Dearest friend, you deserve a great day. Therefore, I pray that this day will be great, peaceful and yielding for you. You will find many reasons to be happy in the end. Do have a great morning, love.

62. Having you as my best friend has brought me more blessing. You are indeed a blessing to your generation. It’s my prayer that you will continue to be relevant in places that matter. The Lord will cause you to prosper in everything you venture into, even as you set out this morning. Have a good morning!

63. Beautiful moments should be for beautiful souls like yours. That’s one reason I pray this day that everything around, without and within you will enjoy beautiful moments today. Nothing will cut short you joy. Amen. Good morning, bestie.

64. Good morning, best friend. I seize this opportunity to declare that your day will be peaceful and fruitful. No evil will find it’s way into your surroundings. The shield of the Lord will be all around you all through. Have a wonderful day!

65. All thanks to God Almighty for the privilege to see another great dawn. May His unfailing love continue to be upon you, my good friend. May you enjoy abundant mercy, even as you proceed into the day. Good morning, dearest friend. I love you.

66. Good morning, sweetheart. Welcome to an awesome day. It’s my hearty prayer that every of your step today will be taken over by the Lord. He will not allow you to stumble, and His countenance will continually shine upon you. Amen.

67. As the day dawns without hindrance, so shall your light break forth without obstruction, this day and even forever. Have a good morning, bestie. See you soon!

68. It’s a new day with a new opportunity. May every moment of the day give you another chance to acquire that which appeared as failure yesterday. You will find the strength to succeed today. Amen. Good morning, best friend.

69. Good morning to the world’s best friend. I usher you into a day of joy, peace and all-round blessings. May your barn be filled to overflow. I wish you a better day than yesterday.

70. Good morning, bestie and have a nice day. The Angel of God will take charge of everything you do today and will bring you progress. Amen.

71. As you wake up to a new day, may God bless you through is and cause everything you will do to prosper. Every moment of the day will be recorded for one blessing or the other. Good morning, my friend.

72. Good morning, my good friend. I am so sure this day will be great for you because I know the Lord will be by you. He will fight for you and you will hold your peace. No evil shall find expression in your dwelling. Amen. Enjoy a great day, bestie!

73. Today, you will be singled out for good. You will not struggle to succeed. When others are shouting there is a casting down, you will be rejoicing there is a lifting up. Good morning, best friend. I love you!

74. As you proceed into this day, may the strength of the Lord be made available for you all through. You will find the courage and confidence to face whatever faces you and overcome. Good morning, friend.

75. Good morning, best friend. It’s my prayer for you today that God gives you the strength you need to achieve your aims for today. You will be renewed every passing hour of the day. Amen.

76. A great morning to my best friend. May the good Lord give you all you need to get the best of today. Success all the way, dear!

77. One thing I am sure of this day is that the Lord will not leave you on your own. He will always be by you to guide you through. So, be calm and ready for a great day. Good morning, best friend.

78. This day, I declare that you will rise above all that has risen heads against you. Your feet will not dash a stone as the Lord will keep you safe in His refuge. Have a good day, best friend.

79. Good morning, friend. Stay with optimism all through the day because the Lord has you in mind. He knows the thoughts of your heart even before you pray them. He will meet you at the point of your need. Enjoy your day!

80. Rejoice this day, my close friend. It is a good day and the Lord God Almighty will make everything good for you. Be of good cheer and be rest assured. I love you! Good morning!

Good Morning Prayers for Friend Long Distance

A good way to make your best friend who is miles away from you feel loved and cared for is to make him or her wake up to these powerful good morning prayer messages for friend long distance.

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81. Good morning, darling friend. I miss you a lot. All I am left to do is pray for you each day. I, therefore, pray this day that your going out and coming in will be blessed of the Lord. No evil shall befall you. Enjoy a great day, bestie.

82. It is good to know you are awake even when I am not there with you. That’s how much I care and wish you have a nice day ahead. You will be richly blessed in all you lay your hands to do. Good morning, friend.

83. As you set out into today’s activities, I pray that the Lord raises you higher than any obstacle. You will always find yourself at the top and not below. In the end, you will have many reasons to be grateful. Good morning, best friend.

84. Hey, bestie! It’s a good time to wake up and embrace a graceful day. Be ready to catch everything positive today for I have prayed for the best for you. Your destiny helpers are waiting for you. Have a good morning!

85. My dearest friend, words are not enough to tell all you have done for me. I can only but pray that the Lord opens many doors of blessings for you, even as you go out today. I love you so much. Good morning.

86. It’s a good day to pray for you, my friend, that you will always achieve your dreams and find fulfilment for your heart desires. Good morning, best friend. You know I miss you.

87. Good morning, good friend. Be ready for an outpouring this day because heaven is set to bless you beyond measure. Your seeds will be watered and there will be a beautiful harvest.

88. This day, it’s my prayer for you that the Lord will grant you wisdom and strength to face whatever faces you as an obstacle. You will end the day with songs of victory and success. Here’s wishing you a good morning, bestie.

89. Best of the day to you, my best friend. May the Almighty God cause you to enjoy peace like never before and may His glory radiate over you wherever you find yourself today. Good morning!

90. May grace be sufficient for you to always trust in the Lord and lean not in your own understanding. Your path will be ordered for greatness. Good morning, my darling friend.

91. Be of good cheer and rely on the Lord for help. He will make you prosper in the land of the living and bless your household. This I pray for you this day, my best friend. Good morning!

92. Every moment of this day will be accounted for good. You will be numbered among those that have found favour in the sight of the Almighty God. Amen. Good morning, friend.

93. May the pressures of today not frustrate and ruin the blessings packed in the day. May you find enough strength to scale through and be victorious at last. Good morning, dearest friend.

94. Hey! Friend, hope your night was cool, and hope you are set for a better day. I really miss you not being here and I can only pray that you find love and peace where you are. Good morning and enjoy the day.

95. As you found the grace to see a new day, may you find more grace to go through the day with strength. You will be surrounded by laughter and peace. Good morning, bestie.

96. As you decide to take a step out today, may you find favour with anyone you come in contact with. May mercy speak for you in all you do. I wish you have a great day, dear friend.

97. May every single moment of this day build beautiful memories to be remembered for good. Enjoy the day in God’s love, my dear. Good morning, bestie.

98. Welcome to a day filled with warmth and love, dear friend. May the heavens shower upon you, beautiful experiences that you will never recover from. Good morning!

99. Goodness and mercy shall follow you this day and all the days of your life. You will be highly favoured and everything will turn around for you and it’s working together for your good. Good morning, dear friend.

100. Just as the sun sets so bright, so shall every moment of your day be illuminated by God’s light. I pray you have the best of the day, my good friend. I love you and I miss you pretty much.

Making your friend have a great day is a beautiful thing to do in friendship. It shows you love and cherish your friend.

I hope you enjoyed going through the powerful good morning prayer messages for friend and found one or more for your friend. I also did enjoy writing them and I am going to use one or more for my friends too. I appreciate friendship as much as you do… Winks.

Thanks for reading through. I would really be glad if you share with family and friends who may also need them. If you have got any question or contribution, just be free to make use of the comment box. I will be waiting right there. Thanks.

Written by Melissa Usunobun

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