Birthday Prayers for 21 Years Old

21st Birthday Prayers for 21 Years Old

Not many moments in one’s life are quite memorable and the experience worth holding unto. But some are uniquely distinct. They are so important that nothing can blot out the memory, and an example of such is the anniversary of one’s 21st birthday.

In most countries around the world, adulthood begins at 18, but of the truth, full adulthood starts from 21. 21st birthday is very important and of course, worth celebrating. You’ll agree with me. A reason you’ll see many youths fantasize about it and plan big parties to mark this milestone. If you have a friend that falls into this category, you will want to show them that you love them and will help them have a memorable 21st birthday party experience by sending them the following birthday prayers for 21 years old.

No matter what angle you’re looking at it from, the age 21 is unique, that’s a sure thing. So, it’s best to do all you can to help your friend, your child, your acquaintance to have an amazing celebration.

You may be thinking of the perfect gift for a 21 year old. You can not overrule the fact that your young adult also needs some words of advice too. It will be like you’re giving them a guide to healthy adulthood.

So, if the celebrant is your child, friend, sibling, a colleague at work, school mate, church person, regardless of your relationship with them, this post is to help you so that you do not have to worry your head about what your heartfelt prayers to them on that special day of their life should be.

If you can’t afford that unique birthday gifts to help them celebrate, sending them any of the wishes in this post will be more than enough as birthday prayers, motivational messages and even funny birthday jokes. All of these are just several ways to help them appreciate the big 21.

Maybe you prefer to send it as a text or print it on a birthday card, the motive is just to celebrate that person and also send in your heartfelt affections to them so that they can look forward to the incoming year with excitement and extremely ready for whatever it is bringing in.

It’s completely okay if you can’t think of anything, that’s what this post is meant to do, help you with the right words to say to your loved one. You should know special ways of celebrating a loved one especially on their 21st birthday, and here’s a little trick: choose one or two of these wishes (depending on how much you trust your memory skills) to memorize and shout it out to them at the party, the motive is so that everyone can hear you.
This might embarrass your loved one (or maybe not), but trust me, the memory will linger on pleasantly.

You can also copy and send the happy 21st birthday prayers to your 21 years old loved one.

Happy 21st Birthday Prayer Messages for Cousin

Wish your cousin a happy 21st birthday in style with any of these happy 21st birthday prayer messages for cousin. It is a simple way to commit them in God’s hands as they go into the new year.

Also, you can decide to send them any of these words to encourage a friend

1. Blessed be the name of our God who has kept you and brought you this far. You have been doing well, I pray you won’t get tired. More than anything, my wishes for you today are that you live long and celebrate more of birthdays. Happy 21st, my dear cousin.

2. I have asked the heavens to please bless you, keep you and protect you every day, for the rest of your life. As you’ve rocked the years before you, do more to 21 and even beyond. God’s got you always my dear, welcome to real adulthood. Happy 21st birthday to you

3. Becoming 21 is a big deal, that’s why before today, I’d prayed that the heavens will shower onto you every good gift that your life deserves and your heart desires. You’ve come this far because you’ve got God, so don’t fret, he’ll keep keeping you. Many happy returns of today. Happy 21st birthday, dear cousin.

4. So far, even before now, you’ve proved to us all even beyond doubts that you’ll grow to be a responsible adult, so I’m very excited about your future. May God bless you so much that everyone around you will enjoy from the blessings. Happy birthday, my cousin.

5. I have just one prayer for you today and it’s simple; where other’s fell, you won’t even stumble. May every blessing that your life needs from each day come to you and never go to waste. God bless you, not just today but every day of your life! I’m excited it’s your birthday today, let’s go have fun because God is with you already.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 21 Years Old Niece/Nephew

Here are the best 21st birthday prayer messages for your 21 years old niece or nephew to have a great birthday celebration and feel blessed.

6. May the grace of our Lord be with you as you step into today as a full-fledged, responsible and mature adult. May the coming years be filled with pleasant surprises for you, and us all. Cheers to 21 and the years to come, happy birthday, sweets.

7. The last 20 years have passed very quickly but filled with pleasant memories. For you, for what you’ve become, I say thanks to God. The coming years will favour you in every way. Don’t go tired, the journey into life has just started. Happy birthday to you, dear niece.

8. You slept yesterday as a 20 year old to wake today as a 21-year-old, is not God just great like that? I pray for you that in this new year and till the end of your days on earth, you will know peace. The best of your days start now, and you’ll enjoy it to the full. Happy 21st birthday, dearest nephew. May God bless you.

9. You already know that the days move fast, I’m doubly sure you are ready for this year and the years ahead. Like the flowers in the field and the birds in the sky, the Lord will keep you and provide all your needs. You’ve become an adult today, I pray for you that you will prosper in all you do. Great years lies ahead of you, happy 21st birthday, dear.

10. May this new year and the years to come be as amazing as the ones you’ve had. May every of your life dreams and aspirations come true. You’re 21 today, a big girl already, and you’re set to for a full launch into life, I pray for you that all your experiences will be pleasant. Welcome to adulthood dear, happy birthday to you.

11. At last, someone can finally trash the fake ID he’s been carrying around. May the excitements that come with adulthood be endless for you. I pray that you are blessed with every day of your life too. Happy birthday to you, my good nephew.

12. As you celebrate today and go into your 21st year, I wish that the forces will be with you. May earth celebrate your greatness. Happy birthday, continue to grow in power.

13. Welcome to adulthood, I hope you fasten your seatbelts right as it’s going to be a rollercoaster ride. Blessings and goodness follow you every day of your life. Happy birthday to you.

14. Today, I wish that the happy moments in your life will not be limited to today but it will be as countless as the sand on the seashore. Happy birthday darling, many happy returns of today.

15. Today, I am wishing you a glorious and exciting life ahead, I pray that you will be blessed with every bit of awesomeness. May your life be colourful and vibrant. My God will be with you, always and forever. Happy birthday to you, 21 will make sense.

21st Birthday Blessings

Shower your friends, acquaintances, family, relative, school mate, colleague and other loves ones with these unique 21st birthday blessings.

Or you have not been on good terms with your friends or loved ones? You can make things right by looking up to these simple ways to say ‘I’m sorry’.

16. I’ve known you for a while now and I want to say that you’re a very special person and you deserve to be celebrated specially. Before anything though, I want to wish you a very happy birthday and abundance of prosperity all the days of your life. May all the good things you desire come to you. Many happy returns of today dear.

17. God so loved us that He gave us you as a special angel to us. It’s so nice to see how grown and matured you’ve become. Before today, you’ve been an adult and as you start this new year, u wish you more of Godly wisdom. The world will come to celebrate you very soon. Happy birthday, dear.

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18. I know you see yourself as an adult already, congratulations, you already are. But you’re still my baby till forever. This day will be ascribed to greatness unto you. May the grace and favour of God always be with you. Enjoy your day baby, happy birthday to you.

19. I pray for you from the bottom of my heart today, that the Lord will lift your head up high. May you always be ahead and never behind. Among the rest, you’ll be best. I pray for success into your life and light onto your path always. 21 hearty cheers to you as you celebrate today. Happy birthday to you, sugar.

20. Today, I wish you that the years before you be beautiful, pleasant, exciting and filled with groundbreaking achievements. You will not be tired to be the best you can be no matter what. You’re special, you’ll be treated so, always. Happy 21st birthday dear, welcome to your era of greatness.

21. More wisdom, more beauty, more grace, more blessings, unlimited success, all-round favour, peculiar testimonies, plenteous of breakthrough. If anyone deserves a really special day, it’s you dear. Welcome to full adulthood, I pray that you’ll get the strength to walk it all your days. Congratulations on your 21st birthday.

22. 1, 2, 3 and now to 21, it’s been a delightful experience watching you grow. Over the years, God has been with you and now as you become an adult, he won’t even forsake you. Go into the world and stretch to your full potentials, I’ll be here, praying that God keeps you. Happy birthday my dear child.

23. It is what you do with life that really counts and not the age you’re at. As you enter your 21st year today, I pray that God keeps you. I wish you more blessings as you go on your journey in life. I wish you a pleasantly memorable celebration today. Happy birthday to you.

24. Surely, the goodness of our Lord and his mercies also, will be with you from 21 till forever. You will not fall because your father in heaven will always hold you in his arms. No evil will befall you too because you’re a child of God. Happy 21st birthday my best friend. I wish you long life and prosperity.

25. I join my prayers with that of everyone who wishes you well today, that this day will bless you. From now till forever, God will grant each of the things you desire in life. Blessings follow you today and always. Happy birthday, sugar.

21st Birthday Prayers for My Son

Good parents raise the best children and that’s why as a father or mother, you should not hesitate to send any of these 21st birthday prayers to your son as a turn a chapter into full adulthood.

Some words of knowledge will go a long way to help your kid have a good insight into life.

26. The first time I held you in my arms, immediately after you came into this world, I prayed to God to help you grow in wisdom and knowledge. Today, I can say that my prayers were answered and will always be. Happy 21st birthday son. You will grow in power.

27. Looking back into the years and counting my blessings, you are a significant part of my life achievements. Dear son, may God be with you always. You’ve been doing well and I pray you continue to do so. You will continue to make us all proud. Welcome to 21st buddy.

28. Today, my son is all grown and ready to face whatever life has in store; I pray that this will come nothing short of being good and positive. There’s no need for you to look back: your future is beautiful and your path is in God’s hands already. Happy 21st birthday child.

29. My baby is an adult already, how time flies so fast! I bless the day you came to me and the day of your birth. May the turning of every year for you bring in significant achievements. Grow old in power Bud, happy 21st birthday to you.

30. I can’t believe I’m the mother of an adult child already! Thanks for being a good child, I pray that you will be a good adult too. Your days are blessed forever. Happy birthday, baby.

31 Now, someone has got the right and legal permission, today, you’re a full-fledged adult. May every good wish for you today stick with you forever. You will never be a disappointment son. All your days are blessed already. Cheers to 21st may you celebrate more years.

32. Today you’re 21, it feels just like a day ago when you were born. Your mum and I are so proud of what you’ve become already. We pray that you will continue to make us proud. We wish you a hearty and happy 21st birthday.

33. You’re a perfect child, and every day, I always say my thanks to God for giving you to me. God has been with us from the beginning and He will still be for us. May your adulthood be pleasant always. Happy birthday, dearest child.

34., At last, I can call you an adult! Hurray to 21. I have prayers for you and I’ll continue to do just that. May your life be the perfect son. May your hopes and aspirations not trimmed away. Happy birthday my lovely son. May 21 favour you.

35. No matter how grown-up you become, you will always and forever be my baby. Thank you for growing up well. God will be with you all the way. I wish you blessings as you grow. Long life and prosperity my darling, happy 21st birthday.

36. My kid is the coolest 21 years old in the world right now. Mom is super proud of the man you’re becoming. May God be with you and never leave you. Happy birthday

21st Birthday Prayers for My Daughter

Daughters are special and they deserve to be celebrated too. As the proud parent of a 21 year old, send any of these 21st birthday prayers for your daughter to make her feel loved.

37. Today you’re not just a year older but a step into adulthood. I pray for you that may your steps all the way be peacefully and filled with blessings. You have been a great daughter, one who puts plenty of smiles on the face of us all. I pray that the heavens smile on you too, forever. Welcome to 21st darling princess, happy birthday to you.

38. Age does not define that you’re old, it’s just a limited that you’re improving each year into a perfect maturity. I celebrate you today my daughter, thanks for being wonderful and making the journey of parenting easy. Happy 21st birthday princess.

39. Two great decades so far and now plus one year, God has been so gracious by keeping you, baby. This new year, and till the end of your days, you will be called blessed. You will grow well, and you will not lose the sparkle and bubble that you carry. Many happy returns of today baby. Mommy loves you, don’t ever forget that.

40. I celebrated your first birthday with you, thank God that I am alive to celebrate your 21st too. You have put in so much that right now I pray that your efforts will not be wasted. May your presence bring blessings to everyone that crosses your path. I am happy you’ve grown well. Happy birthday to you dearest child.

41. Today is a very good opportunity to remind you that you came into this world to be a special part of it. As you clock 21 today, I pray that your space on this earth and the blessings that come with it, will not be hijacked from you. Congratulations daughter, you’ll live to celebrate more. Happy birthday to you.

42. I am more than excited that you get to see this special day of yours. Welcome to the big 21, darling daughter, officially, you’re an adult. I pray that you will enjoy every good thing of life and nothing else. May your days be long dearest daughter, happy birthday to you.

43. Make way for the latest adult in town, my beautiful daughter. Mummy prays for you that you will not be a failure. You will make impacts. You will stand tall as a queen and rule in this world. I wish you more happiness with each new day. Happy 21st birthday daughter, I love you always.

44. As you go into the world as a 21 year old today, make sure that you open your heart and absorb all life’s lessons. I pray that God will continue to make you a responsible adult and child. May today bring you love, health and happiness, even till forever. Happy birthday, my baby.

45. From 21 even till 101, you will be alive and well to celebrate all the birthdays in between. God’s blessings on your daughter. You will not be ashamed or disgraced. With all the love in my heart, I wish you a happy birthday, my dearest daughter.

46. It’s a blessed day today, my daughter turns 21! Happy birthday to you my princess. I pray that you will enjoy this life no matter what! You will live long and prosper. I love you so much my daughter, make sure to enjoy your party today.

47. Your days of restraining and restrictions are finally over, of course, it’s worth celebrating. Happy birthday to you my dearest daughter, watching you grow as been beautiful all along. May the odds forever be in your favour.

48. My prayers for you today, as you celebrate, are quite many, but I’ll only say out loud that may your days be blessed now and forever. Welcome to 21, you’ll be favoured.

21st Birthday Prayer Messages for A Girl/ Female Friend

A girl is many things, a queen most importantly. Help your female friend celebrate her 21st birthday in style by sending any of these 21st birthday prayers for a girl.

You can also take time to search out some special birthday gift for her to add sauce to the celebration.

49. 21 is just a number girl, you’re a queen and now adulthood is here for you to exhibit it fully. I always thank God for giving you to us as a special package. May you grow in wisdom and understanding my dear friend. Happy 21st birthday baby girl.

50. At 20, you were great, now that you’re headed to 21, I’m sure you’ll be more outstanding. Happiness, success and plenty blessings lie ahead of you my dear. Keep being you, happy birthday, dear friend!

51. You are welcome to the beginning of your journey into adulthood. I hope it makes sense all the way. Happy birthday and my wishes are that you will continue to grow well and make us all proud the more. Happy birthday to you, my dearest friend

52. You’re not just a friend anymore, you e become an amazing and very important personality in my life. On behalf of everyone that’s acquainted with you, I pray that you will continue to grow and do us more proud. Happy birthday to you dearest, we love you.

53. I’m taking time out to shout 21 hurrays today. I can’t keep calm because my baby girl is 21 already. Congratulations dearie, you’ve done so well and I’m sure you’ll continue to do so. I wish that all your days be enriched with joy and may your celebrations not end today. Long life, prosperity and good health are my wishes for you. Happy birthday, girl.

54. Go into 21 with all the glamour and prosperity that your life attracts. You’re an exemplary personality and you deserve to be celebrated as such. God bless you as you start the new day of your new year today. Abundance of blessings my girl.

55. My baby girl is not just another year older but you’re now on your way to adulthood! It’s been fun knowing you and walking with you. I hope that your days be full of life and pleasant surprises. Happy 21st birthday to you baby girl.

56. 21st birthday comes just once. Even 31st and 41st do not come near it. Because it’s official, you can do as you like. Welcome to adulthood dear girl, I wish you an abundance of grace for the days ahead.

57. I hope you will have fun and feel good for yourself. This new year, may all the big dreams you have begin to manifest. May everything in life build up your happiness. Your success will not be short-timed. God bless 21st for you, happy birthday dearest.

58. You have completed a cycle of an awesome 20 years on earth. Now, welcome to 21, I hope you have a jolly life ahead. Don’t forget to enjoy every moment and don’t worry about a thing because God is with you on the journey. Happy birthday, dear, may 21 favour you.

59. 21 and fabulous, that’s you, my baby girl, you successfully made it into adulthood. Your subscription plan will not expire midway. Hearty happy birthday to you.

60. I’m the proud parent of an incoming adult. Right now, I’m the happiest person on earth. A toast to you and the independence you got today, happy birthday daughter. Long life and prosperity to you. May 21 be great!

21st Birthday Prayers for A Boy/Male Friend

You know of any young man or male friend who’s on the verge of the age of 21 and you’re not too sure of how to celebrate him or what to celebrate him with? Well, a 21st birthday prayer message is one of the several things you can surprise him with.

And if you choose to be more creative, you can check out some themes for a surprise birthday party.

61. It’s time you trash that fake ID as you are officially an adult today! 20 years plus one, that’s what you are today. A very happy birthday to you, buddy. Congratulations on your special celebration today. 21 one looks so great on you, I’m sure you’ll get to see that today. But first, where’s the party?

62. So far so good, you’ve grown to be an amazing 20 year old. I’m sure you’ll rock 21 conveniently. May God guide your path and light up every dark condition. More strength for your life journey. Happy 21st my brother, you will excel.

63. Each new day comes in with its excitement, I hope your eyes are opened to take them all in and never let them elude you as you go. Well, today is exceptional, you’re 21, an adult already! I pray that in this new year of your life, more of life and best wishes to you. Happy 21st birthday.

64. Now that you’re a man, you’ve done well so far and I just want to pray that you won’t be tired. I wish you strength for the responsibilities that lie ahead. I pray that you will make the right decisions in life. I wish your steps, accurate. Your future is bright already dear brother. Have a beautiful year ahead and cheers to 21.

65. 21 hearty cheers to the child you were, the boy you were, the adult that you’re becoming and the man that you’ll be. My prayers are many but most importantly, may life favour you. Happy birthday, pal, grace abounds for you in Jesus name.

66. I wish you all the strength and positivities that you need to have a healthy life. Your best is definitely here and we are all excited about it. To a golden friend and the greatest of friends; happy birthday to you, and I wish you long life and prosperity too.

67. The only thought in my head right now is that “man’s now an adult!”. Dear brother, you only get to live this age once so make the most out of it. The sky is your starting point. Breakthroughs follow you as you go. Happy 21st birthday to you.

68. All I want to say right now is that you make life count! Not many words to say, I pray you live well and enjoy your life in God’s blessings. Happy birthday, brother, cheers to a bigger, better, older, stronger and wiser you. Now, can we share the cake and postpone the grace?

69. Look who God has favoured to become an adult today! I’m more than happy for you dearie and I pray that today will make an opening for pleasant memories as much as possible, happy 21st birthday, man. Don’t worry, I’ve prayed for you. You’ll live long and live well.

70. The most anticipated day and the highlight of your year is here today. Cheers to you and the awesomeness that 21 has got to offer you. May God bless your days and make his face shine on you. In your journey, you will not be tired. Happy birthday to you dearest. Live long and prosper.

71. Every day I pray that God be with you and not leave you, today as you turn into adulthood, there are no exceptions. This new year, may God add colours to your life. Grace, mercy, favour and blessing, all of these will come together to beautify your life. Happy birthday, darling.

72. You’ve had an amazing childhood and now, I can assure you that your best years are here already, but first, let’s start with a very busy but also the coolest 21st birthday party ever. You will shine bright and last well. Long life and prosperity my dear friend. Enjoy your 21st year.

73. Look who’s officially an adult today, my best friend! Buddy, I’m so excited for you and your future. God’s guidance and help are what I prayed for you all the way and for all of your days. May your steps be ordered. Have a wonderful time at your party today but most importantly, happy birthday to you from my heart.

74. I got another perfect opportunity to celebrate you today my son. All I can say is that you will be great! Long life and prosperity is your portion and you will continue to be a good child all the days of your life. Welcome to adulthood. May 21 favour you, that’s my sincerest prayer.

75. It’s been an awesome experience having you as a friend. Today, and on behalf of the committee of your friends, buddy, I officially welcome you to adulthood! I hope you’re ready for all the experiences that come with it. God’s got you man, and I’m excited already. Happy 21st birthday!

76. Today yet again, I get an awesome opportunity to celebrate my best friend. You look so cool that I always thought you were an adult already. I’m sure you’ll do just great with adulthood. Welcome to 21, dearie, no weapon forms against that will prosper. God bless your age and days.

77. Today is just so special, it’s the 21st anniversary of your birth. Cheers to 21 and the years ahead, may it all favour you. Many years to come and you’ll remember today pleasantly. Happy birthday gee, long life and prosperity to you.

78. I just want to say that you enjoy your youth in all the best way you can. Your life is in God’s hands already and he will do a very perfect job of taking care of you. Long life and prosperity to you my friend, happy 21st birthday. You’ll live long to celebrate more.

79. Waking this morning, I feel different, and I hope you feel this too? My thoughts as I woke today was that I pray the heavens to unleash beautiful and pleasant surprises onto you as you step higher in life. The Lord will anoint your head with oil so that your cup will run over. Happy 21st birthday, my best friend.

80. 21 is a perfect age and you’ll agree with me because 7 comes in 3 times. On this special day, I pray that the heavens shower you with blessings so that your cup will run over. May your days be filled with energy and optimism. Enjoy this year and the ones to come. You are blessed beyond measure, happy birthday my best friend.

81. Happy 21st birthday to my creative and optimistic friend. The world awaits the goodness you’re set to project. You’re a champion already and that’s what you’ll continue to be in your journey of life. Many happy returns of today, coupled with long life and prosperity. Let’s go to the party because what’s 21 without one?

82. If you don’t celebrate your 21st birthday in style then when would you do it? 21st birthday in the 21st century, that’s a big deal, yea? May the best of your years start today, may every wish come true. Your great moments are here already. I wish you loads of fun and happiness as you celebrate today. Happy Birthday!

83. At 20, you did well, and as you go into 21 today, with all the potentials that you’ve got, I’m sure you’ll do just fine and continue to make us all proud. My heart prays for you and I’ll continue to do so. This new year and the years ahead, you are blessed and continually favoured. God bless your days greatly. Happy 21st birthday my dear.

84. As you go into this new year, a wonderful life awaits you. Overwhelming blessings follow you. Abundance of favour and blessings are yours for the taking. From now on, you will.never be stranded because God is taking very good care of you. Happy 21st birthday darling, God bless you all of your days.

85. As you go into this new year, I pray that you will never lose focus on what matters and all that is beautiful about life. I wish you great success. On behalf of myself, I warmly welcome you into full adulthood. Enjoy taking care of your responsibilities. Long live you.

86. I pray that the joy you get today will remain all through your days. Adulthood will not stress you. Your worries on your way will be eliminated for you. You won’t be stranded and you’ll enjoy all the good things of life that your heart desires. By God’s grace, every day of your life will be a great party like today. Welcome to adulthood.

87. Finally, someone is an adult already. My dear, only the best awaits you in life, henceforth. Welcome to your legal age. Now, we can have all the fun and party as much as we want. Please let’s start that today for your celebration. I wish you long life and prosperity, my dear friend. Happy 21st birthday!

88. At last, you’ve gained your freedom and you can do as you like already! I know you’ll do us proud because you’ve always been sensitive. From the committee of your friends, I wish you the happiest birthday celebration today. Long life and prosperity, my dearest friend.

89. That’s how you gallantly strolled into adulthood, tell me, how does it feel like? My prayers and heart wishes are with you today. May God bless your days and give you all-round success. May every day be worth celebrating with you. Happy 21st birthday to you. Cheers to the champion you’re becoming.

90. Nothing stops a determined person, I hope you get the message? Anyways, today is not for long words but to celebrate and party as much as we want to because you’re officially an adult. Hope you’re ready? Happy birthday to you.

91. Today, I declare that the sun shines brightly on you. I pray that you will shine bright. Your life will not be cut short. Your mouth will always give out testimonies. May God bless you, my dear. May adulthood favour you. Welcome to 21, you will prosper.

92. Today you’re 21, I pray that you live long to celebrate 121 in good health and a sound mind. May the world accommodate you with your potentials in full. I wish you great years ahead. Happy birthday to you.

93. I wholeheartedly wish you joy and blessings for the days ahead. May the beauty in your days be long-lasting and your happiness, never-ending. Welcome to 21, you will be great.

94. Our days have been beautiful because you’re in it. Every day, we thank God for giving us a child as special as you. You are our joy always and may you never know sorrow. Happy 21st birthday dearest son, we love you so much never doubt that.

95. No one rocks 21 conveniently like my son, and I am more than proud. This new year, you will get better, grow stronger and be wiser. God is your shield always, son. Happiest 21sy birthday to you buddy.

96. It’s 21 years already that you came to me as my daughter, since then till now, you have shown in several ways that you’re God’s best gift to me. May you celebrate more years in God health. With all the love in my heart, I wish you happy 21st birthday darling

97. I am wishing you nothing about of a beautiful celebration today with the prayers that you will live long and do exploits. I’m proud of you always, son. You’re already on your way to becoming a great man. Happy 21st birthday.

98. 21 years ago you came into this world, it’s has been my greatest bundle of happiness to father you. I have watched you grow and I’m convinced that you’re very capable to do well. May God be with you always son, Happy birthday to you today.

99. 21 is a huge milestone, I hope you’ll make the most out of it. My best wishes are for you right now and I wish you many happy returns of today. Happy birthday my best friend, you will live long to celebrate more and in good health too.

100. You’re an adult already and I’m happy for you. Today, I pray that you age with grace. You’ll rise hard and stay strong. May God’s blessing continue to shine on you. Happy 21st birthday to you. Please, don’t forget the cake, that’s what makes a celebration.

Thanks for reading through, I’m sure it was a long read but quite worth it, you’ll say.

Different happy 21st birthday prayers for a 21 year old from the parent, acquaintances and well-wishers.

You can decide to spice it all up and personalize some of the prayers even for yourself if you’re the celebrant.

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