Best Good Morning Wishes for Friends (2021)

Best Good Morning Wishes for Friends (2024)

To get up and look forward to achieving the day’s plan is what makes morning the better part of the day. Morning gives the soul quietness, thoughts and calmness.

It is also the best time to put a lasting smile and encouraging words through text to someone special, to wish them well throughout the day.

This kind of messages should come with good wishes and prayers which will make such a friend feel loved thus, appreciating your friendship the more.

So, making it a duty to wish a special friend blessed morning is the best idea. It reminds them that whatever happens during the day, there’s someone who got their back all day and that person is YOU.

Here are the most beautiful and best good morning wishes for friends you can send to that true friend of yours.

Good Morning Wishes for Friends

Here the best and the most lovely good morning wishes you could ever come across, so why don’t you send them to that special friend of yours make her day a special one.

1. A special morning to a special friend who makes my life special with her special character. On this beautiful morning, I wish you a blessed day. I love you, friend.

2. Hey you, good morning friend, I wish you coolness just as the early mornings. I wish that all you plan for today will be fulfilled. Have a great day dearest friend.

3. As the morning dew is pure and cool. I wish your day will be as untainted as the morning dew. Be rest assured that you will have a great day. Good morning dear friend

4. Anytime your pretty face cross mind, I always have this sweet smile on my face. To have you as a friend is a blessing. May your day be blessed. Good morning, friend.

5. As the dawn rises today and you step out this morning, I wish that miracles locate you and favour becomes your companion. Good morning, pretty friend.

6. As the sun rises to its horizon, may you shine among your colleagues. Have a sweet morning dearest friend,

7. As you open your pretty eyes this morning, may you see the good things God has planned for you today. Pleasant morning, dear friend.

8. Here’s to more blessings and favours as you step out of your house this morning. Good morning, my darling friend.

9. A friend like you makes the day bright. I wish you brighter than the sun day. You’re a great friend. Good morning.

10. As you start your day, may you experience undiluted joy. I wish you nothing but the best in everything you do. Good morning, dear friend.

11. As the new day emerges, I wish your eyes to behold what is beautiful and the heart to hold onto its miracles. Good morning, my precious friend.

12. On this wonderful day, I wish for you what I wish for myself long life, sound mind and prosperity all day. Good morning, darling friend.

13. Fear has no place to stay in your heart. Your yesterday failure died with yesterday, Before the sun sets, all that you laboured for will come to you in multiple folds. Best morning, my darling Amie.

14. As all eyes see the emergence of the sun, may you be seen in important places. A pleasant morning to you.

15. Get up, thank God and step out because the rain of blessings is about to fall on you this cloudy morning. Good morning.

16. Even with the cloudy morning, I still wish you brightness to see the good things life has in store for you. Good morning, lovely friend.

17. As it raining heavily, may opportunities call on you and I wish you a super cool morning. You are blessed beyond doubt. Cool morning to you, my friend and love.

18. Arise and shine but firstly take a shower. I wish you unparalleled favour to me one who will help you achieve your purpose in life. Good morning, cute friend.

19. Beneath the soft facade lies a hard-working friend who goes extra miles for others to succeed. Your success is guaranteed, dear friend. Good morning.

20. Good mornings are meant to be for someone like you. A person with a heart of gold whose love for all is massively genuine. I wish that all your mornings will be good, better and the best.

Wish A Friend Good Morning Messages

Check out these bunch of wishes for a friend that you send to your lovely friend as a good morning message to complement their day.

21. Dear friend, I wish you long days of blessings and favour. Your going out and coming in is blessed. Good morning, friend.

22. As the day looks bright and shinning, may you receive shinning results in all your projects. Best morning, my dearest friend.

23. May all the sweet dreams you had last night become reality this beautiful morning. I wish you a great day dearie. Good morning.

24 On this beautiful morning dear friend, I’m sending you hugs and abundant love to fill your heart. A pleasant morning to you

25. As you start a new day, may all that you hope for, come to manifestation. Good morning sweetest friend.

26. A pleasant morning my friend. I pray that all the fear and worries you had the previous night never show themselves again this morning.

27. The birds sing beautifully at night while the sun shines brightly this morning, may you have a beautiful shinning day dear friend.

28. Stretch your arms and legs, juggle up and start your day with confidence because it is already a perfect morning. Have a great day, friend.

29. As the sun shines beautifully. I wish everything around shows brightness. Good morning, friend

30. As you wake up this morning, I wish you a happy day now and forever. Have a great day.

31. Wishing you a pleasant morning always make me have a great day. You are a hidden blessing dear friend. Good morning.

32. What makes the morning good? Texting you every morning makes it good. Good morning, dearest friend.

33. A pleasant morning friend, I wish you have the strength to achieve all you have planned for the day.

34. Good morning precious friend, I wish you a happy new day. Stay blessed, happy and prosperous.

35. Hearing your voice, I thank God for keeping you alive to work on success this morning. A wonderful morning to you, darling friend.

36. The sunshine shows your day is going to be bright and perfect. Have a great day friend.

37. As darkness departs from the earth and light come forty to the new dawn, may your light shine brightly this beautiful morning. Good morning, dear friend.

38. As you step out of bed, may you be energized to step into glory and riches. Good morning, sweet friend.

39. Mornings are the early part of the days that give strength and courage. I wish you the courage to face any obstacles and strength to make exploit. Good morning, darling friend.

40. Just as the sun stands out in the sky, may you stand out among your colleagues this beautiful morning. A pleasant morning to you.

Good Morning Wishes for Special Friend

Makes that one special friend wishes come true with these good morning wishes below and bless her morning with them.

41. I wish you greatness because I see greatness in you. May you receive great things as you step out this morning. A great day for you, dear friend.

42. As the sun takes the darkness from the world so shall your troubles be taken from you. Your light will shine. Good morning, friend.

43. The brightness of the sun indicates that your day will be perfect. Good morning, darling.

44. I don’t need to search for a bright day because, with you, the day is already a beautiful one. Good morning to you, my dearest friend.

45. You are an inspiring person who doesn’t need inspired messages. You are a motivator, who should not be sent motivational messages. Good morning to my best friend.

46. You are the perfect definition of greatness, success radiates you. Beauty revolves around you. You are one in a trillion. Blessed morning, dear.

47. Don’t be eager for tomorrow to come, makes today a wonderful and you’ll see how visible the success of tomorrow will be. A pleasant morning to you friend.

48. Your beautiful smile makes me warm on cold days, smoothens my life on rough days and cause me to be hopeful on sad days. Thank you for being a good friend. Good morning.

49. Holding up to my cell phone just to hear you say good morning is okay for me. You’re a prayer come true for a friend. Good morning.

50. When I fail, I’m always less worried because I know there’s one person who will be my forever cheerleader. That’s You, dearest friend. Good morning.

51. The only thing that is very pure than the morning dews is being a friend to you. Good morning, my bestie.

52. As the sun and rain can’t be left out in the daily activities of the human lives, so can you not be left out in my life. Good morning, my friend.

53. As air is important to human lives, so are you important to my life. Do have a great day my sweet friend.

54. Arise and shine, let the glory of the new day come, dwell and shine in your life. Pleasant morning, my friend.

55. A new day indicates the end of the previous day. Here’s wishing you a positive day that will make you forget the negativity of the previous day. Good morning.

56. Having a great friend like you is the biggest jackpot I ever hit. Good morning and have a great day friend.

57. Here’s to a friend who cares for me before herself. You are an awesome person. I love you, dear friend. Good morning.

58. With happiness, love and joy in my heart, I’m sending you good morning hugs and kisses. Do have a pleasant morning.

59. Open those cute eyes of yours, feel the goodness of the morning and grab the given opportunity to succeed because you deserve it. Good morning, my darling friend.

60. Every morning when you wake up, face the mirror, say whatever you wished to achieve for the day and see how it comes to reality. Good morning, sweet friend.

Good Day Wishes for Friends

Send these heartfelt Good Day wishes for your friends to your amazing friend and make their day a memorable one.

61. Prayers, smiles and of course messages from me are the things to start your day with. Don’t worry, it’s going to be a wonderful day. Have a blessed day, friend.

62. Don’t dwell on your failure, it’s a thing of the past. Focus on your success, it’s a thing of the future that will hold you tight. Good day, dear friend.

63. All I want to do all day is to wish you well, my friend. You have been a unique person and I can’t trade you for the best diamond in this world. Great day ahead.

64. You are where I draw my strength from. I look at you and know the meaning of boldness. On this beautiful morning, be rest assured that it’s already a dream come true morning. Have a pleasant day, my friend.

65. You are the most annoying friend ever, how I come to love you is a big mystery to me. You make me work hard to succeed and cheer me up when I failed. Thank you for annoying my spirit to work harder. Good day, dearest friend.

66. As I opened my eyes this morning, you were the first person that I thought of. It shows it’s going to be a splendid day. Enjoy the day, dear friend.

67. Things to be thankful for when you wake up in the morning- being alive, sound health and above all reading this message from me. Have a splendid day, my special friend.

68. Don’t think of the failure of yesterday, rather think of the opportunities of the day, it tells you are doing right. A special day ahead, my wonderful friend.

69. As you wake up with joy in your heart this morning, may you operate under an open heaven. Have a wonderful day, dear friend

70. The rooster clucks just to inform the world that it’s another new day, I’m texting you to tell it’s a blessed morning for you. Good day, friend

71. Dear friend, I hope all you have listed out today will accomplish the achieved mark before the end of the day. Splendid day, friend.

72. The day is a special day because it’s going to be filled with lots of achievement. Have a fulfilled day, friend.

73. Waking up and making achievement in a day are the best feelings one can have. These are my wishes for you today friend. Have a fruitful day.

74. On this day, I wish you attain greater heights and make exploit. Do have a great day, my friend.

75. Start your day with the assurance that it’s going to be the best ever. Blessed day, sweetest friend.

76. Hey buddy, it’s another day to grab the opportunities life is throwing at you. You are going to see them, make use of them and accomplish success. These are my wishes for you. Go and have a successful day, friend.

77. Waking up in the morning gives you the opportunity to breathe and to think of the day. Don’t ever take these for granted. Have a nice day, darling friend.

78. As the night turns to morning, so shall your failure turns to success. Have a wonderful day, dear friend.

79. The best miracle you can receive is that of breath and it comes in the morning after the goodnight rest. I wish you more miracle as you step out today. Have a favourable day, my dearest friend.

80. The night has taken away your fears and worries and the sun has shone brightly to give you hope to try again. Don’t be timid about it. Have a wonderful day, buddy

Good Morning Wishes for Best Friend

Below are collections of Good morning wishes for your best friend to make her day a wonderful and amazing one.

81. I wish you nothing but success on a bright morning. You are blessed. Good morning, darling friend.

82. Miracles and favours shall locate you. Your business will blossom and you will be happy before the day runs out. Good morning, friend.

83. I wish that everything and anything you lay your hands upon shall be fruitful. Good morning

84. I saw you, friend, Among those that are selected for success today. God’s grace and eyes shall go with you. Good morning.

85. I hope you start the day with joy in your heart and a sweet smile on your face. Good morning, my friend.

86. I wish that God’s goodness and mercy shall follow you today. You will see His hands of Grace. Good morning, darling friend.

87. Among those to receive His blessings this morning is my darling friend. Go and succeed my friend.

88. As you step out of your house today, may you see God’s hand in every activity you engage in. A pleasant morning to you, pal.

89. I wish that all your dreams and everything you aspire for come to fulfilment this beautiful morning. Good morning, friend.

90. Your everyday happiness gives me unspeakable joy, that’s why I wish you the best things in life. Good morning, pal.

91. Wishing you a happy day this sweet morning. You deserve all the best of the day dearest friend.

92. The morning looks fruitful, I hope you grab the fruitfulness and succeed with it. Good morning, dear friend.

93. On this beautiful morning, may the blessings of the sea be diverted to you. A pleasant morning to you, buddy.

94. May blessings that travel all through the night dwell in your abode. Have a pleasant morning, friend.

95. I wish you the eyes to see God’s goodness, the hand to hold it and the heart to accept it.

96. As you sleep and wake up every morning, my wish for you is to be satisfied with a long life by the good Lord.

97. Breakthrough and the door of blessings be open onto this beautiful morning. Have a great day, friend.

98. Good morning fear friend, I’m sending you all my hugs and wishing you have a profitable day.

99. Wake up buddy, it’s a new day, a new dawn filled with prosperity, happiness and wealth. I wish you be among those planned for all these. Good morning, my friend.

100. Every morning comes with hope. I wish that your hopes will not be dashed and all today’s activities will be achieved. Blessed morning, my friend.

Good Morning Prayers And Wishes for Friends

These good morning wishes and prayers below are just what your friends need to begin their day with and to make it a special one.

101. As you step out this morning, may your going out and coming in be blessed. Good morning, pal

102. May God’s light shines upon you as you go out of your house this morning. Favour will locate you. Good morning, my friend

103. On this warmth morning, may you feel the cool hands of the Almighty. Your handwork is blessed today and forever. Good morning, special friend.

104. You are a hard worker and energetic. May you eat the fruit of your handwork. Wherever you step into, grace will find you. Good morning, sweet.

105. I’m grateful to God for giving another opportunity to live and more grateful for blessing you with open doors today because you are a special friend. Good morning, darling.

106. Your day can only be better when it is crowned with success, goodness and greatness. Good morning.

107. Darling friend, I wish you all-day happiness filled with laughter and joy because that’s how I feel when I’m around you. Good morning, dearest friend.

108. Nothing but your smile cheer me up. You are the one fan that I can never let go. May you loved all the days of your life. Good morning, mi Amigo

109. As the stars end the day with sparkling and the sun starts the day with brightness, may you wake up with happiness and sleep with joy overflow. Good morning, Mon Ami(e)

110. Good morning my friend, hope you had a wonderful night filled with sweet dreams. Favour and grace will dwell in your abode today.

111. Enjoy this beautiful morning that comes with good luck and sound health. You are specially loved by me.

112. It’s a brand new day and I wish you brand new start. All you aspire for shall come to manifestation. This is my prayer for you, dearest friend.

113. It’s a new day, so rise because new opportunities and new success await you at the doorstep. Good morning, friend

114. A hug to hold you tight, love to make you feel assured and a heart that cares so much for you. Good morning, sweetest friend.

115. You make me smile when I’m sad, you make me hope when I failed, you make me look like the best when I’m in my worst. You are everything thing call friend. I wish you all the happiness in the world. Happy morning to you, my unique friend

116. I opened my eyes and I started thinking of you. May you experience unparalleled happiness this morning and forever. A pleasant morning to you, Ami (e)

117. Dear friend, as you wake up this morning. May you be matter in all gatherings and may it be for good.

118. May you find favour and mercy as you leave your home this beautiful morning. Good morning, darling friend.

119. Waking up to thanks and wealth are my prayers for you on this wonderful morning. Good morning, my true friend

120. No one covers the brightness of the sun, may your success not be covered for the world to celebrate. Good morning, sweet friend.

Good Morning Wishes with Friendship Quotes

These beautiful Good morning wishes with friendship quotes are the cutest things you will love to send to your friends and make your bond grow stronger.

121. The best day is the morning when you arise and shine even if it’s raining outside.

122. People see a lazy person but I see a hard-working friend who wouldn’t give up on himself.

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123. Failure is for the weak, fear is for the timid but success is for the brave. That’s where you belong. Good morning.

124. Take all negativity away and embrace positivity because it’s a new dawn. Good morning, dear friend.

125. Two things that brighten the day is the sun and our friendship. Good morning.

126. Success comes when you rise, learn from your mistakes and make amends. Good morning, friend

127. The best time to start a new day is in the morning. Good morning, buddy.

128. Start your day with a smile and end it with happiness.

129. Challenge yourself to do more and see how the day goes.

130. Be your own inspiration and cheerleader, others will follow when they see that you love your self. Good morning

131. No matter how busy the day will be, I’ll never forget to say good morning to you.

132. When we remember how far we have come, every morning becomes more than good.

133. A prayer for grace, a smile on your face and a message to bless your day on this beautiful morning.

134. When we say good morning, it tells us that it’s a new dawn to make exploit.

135. Every morning is always beautiful when spent with you
Good morning buddy.

136. The sun rises so as to lighten the day, so rise to win the day.

137. Night gathered the day’s blessings, but morning gives the blessings of the day.

138. Starting a day beside you guarantees success. Good morning, friend.

139. Mornings are the journey of new beginnings, overlook your errors and focus on your working towards success. Good morning, pal.

140. Wake up with a heart of gratitude and see how blessed your day will be. Good morning.

Good Morning Quotes for Friend Long Distance

Do not let distance cut your friendship, check out these good morning quotes for friend to bridge the gap of distance between you guys.

141. As long as the same sun rises around the world, our hearts will always be together. Good morning, my friend.

142. Don’t be sad about the distance, let this good morning messages bridge the gap. Good morning, dear friend.

143. Even if you’re far away, your words of encouragement make me feel your presence. A pleasant morning to you.

144. Failure is not only antonymous to success, it’s a little part of it, so don’t dwell too much on it, rather make it your stepping stones and come out a success. Good morning, friend.

145. I hope my hugs and kisses meet you wherever you are this beautiful morning so that you can know you are loved by me. Good morning, friend.

146. The miracles for today cannot be given to yesterday nor tomorrow. So embrace and take them for you. Sweetest morning dearest rib.

147. The beauty of the morning cannot be compared to the evening. May you shine so bright to the world.

148. The perfect time to wish you well and proof my friendship to you is in the morning. Great morning, darling friend.

139. Far or near, I’ll always be your call. A shoulder to lean on and the only friend to say good morning to you every day.

150. Even though I miss seeing your naughty face, I miss eating your tasteless food but I will never miss sending you good morning, my darling friend.

Find them captivating? Why don’t you pick as many as you want and be that one true friend by sending them to your special friends.

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