Heart Touching Good Morning for Friends

2024 Heart Touching Good Morning Messages for Friends

Friendship has been one of the great relationships one can find oneself in life. It just happens in the journey of life that you find one or more persons who just journey smoothly with you without a struggle. They connect strongly with you as though you knew each other before existence. You find yourself happy around them and want to tell them all that excites or bothers you. You find yourself easily displaying your naughtiness, your strength and weakness around them without a second thought. And then, you end up calling them, ‘friend’.

But then, finding such a person you can call a friend can be difficult at times, except you are just fortunate to be blessed with one or more. It can be difficult to find that person who will be a friend and a friend indeed. That person who would always be ready to bear your excesses and massage your strengths. That person who you can easily pour your heart to and share your ideas with. That person who would want to see you happy always and won’t betray you. When you find such a person, you are blessed.

However, it is one thing to find friends and another thing to keep them. When you are blessed with good friends, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to let them go. You would want to keep them and make the friendship last, if possible, forever. Trying to keep and value friendships will also make you know How to attract good friends easily.

Over time, experiences have revealed that to keep friendship, there has to be some commitment. You have to consciously take some steps to make your friends feel loved, appreciated and cared for. That might just be what to do to make friendship last forever. And one of the beautiful ways to show your friends you care is to make them know how much you carry them in your heart and your thoughts. This you can do by reaching them with calls and messages, to check on them and wish them well. And one of the ideal times to do that is in the morning while they are waking up to a new day. It shows to them that you have them in mind and want the best for them.

Have you found that person(s) you can boldly call a friend? Make them know how much you care and how much you value and appreciate the friendship by making them wake up to these heart touching good morning messages for friends in 2024. They have been carefully written for you to touch your friends’ heart with words of love and appreciation in the morning before they set for the day’s activities.

Do well to wish your friend a good morning with these heart touching good morning messages for friends.

Most Touching Good Morning Quotes for My Friend

Make that friend of yours wake up to receive from you, these most touching good morning quotes for my friend. They are the best of heart touching good morning messages for your friend to feel special.

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1. My dear friend, everything about you teaches me what true love is. That’s because you love me wholeheartedly. I might not have shown you love as I ought to, but I will keep trying forever. So, go ahead and have a blessed morning, my love.

2. Having you as a friend has done much good to me. That’s why I am wishing you every good thing today, even as you take a step out. Have a blissful day, dearest.

3. You are a friend that has turned a blessing. Words will fail me to tell you how amazing you are to me, but one thing I will never stop doing is wishing you unending blessings. That’s what I wish you as you launch into a new day. Good morning, friendie.

4. If you listen calmly, you would hear the sound of the cool breeze delivering my words to you, saying, ‘have a wonderful and stress-free day’. Good morning, dear friend.

5. I might not know the end of everything from the beginning but one thing I know is that our friendship doesn’t even have an end. I’m glad because it will give me forever to keep wishing you a good day. Winks.

6. No matter how yesterday came at you, today will be far better. That’s because I have prayed the Lord to keep you and prosper all you do today. Have the best day ever, dear friend. Good morning!

7. Both of us know we never chose this friendship but God did. That’s why I am very sure He will uphold it and give us reasons to always rejoice. That’s to tell you to go into this new day with rejoicing. Good morning, dear friend.

8. You are the only friend I can run to anytime and anywhere. You know what? You deserve the best day. Can you have that for me? Good morning, love.

9. No matter what the dawn appears like, look beyond it, take a step out and see line fall in pleasant places for you. Have a great day, dearest friend. Good morning to you from me.

10. Good morning to my leaning shoulders. Yes, you are always there for me when I need you. What more can I say to make you know how much you mean to me? I love you so much. Please, do enjoy this day and always remember my heart prays for you. Good morning, my friend.

11. The non-stop reappearing of the dawn reminds me of a friend who is faithful and committed to seeing me happy; that’s you, my dear. Thanks for being in my life, and may your joy remain forever. Have a good day, my friend.

12. As far as you are alive in good health to see this day, nothing will stop you from having the best of it. That’s the prayer from the heart of your friend to you. Good morning, dear friend.

13. Seasons come and go but true friendship remains forever. That’s the type I want with you but then, enjoy all the blessings this day has to offer. Good morning, sweet.

14. Let the strength in you not fail because you are about to get that which you have long waited for. That’s what this day has for you. Go and get it with all positivity. Good morning, sure friend.

15. You know what? My joy can’t be complete until I see you with a big smile. Now, you know what to do today to make my joy complete. Have a superb day, dearest friend.

16. Good morning to my one and only amazing friend. I have told you I love you, right? Let me also add that I want you to have a great day with all shades of happiness. Good morning, my friend.

17. What your bed won’t tell you is that you will have the best day ever, but I just told you that. What are friends for? Go into the day with enthusiasm, dear friend. I got your back. Good morning.

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18. You need to know how much I cherish you and want to see you happy always. That’s why I’m wishing you the very best even as you go into this day. Have a good morning, good friend.

19. If for any reason I’m asked to define friendship, I would just present you. You are a definition of not just friendship, but true friendship. I love your spirit. Take this into the day. Good morning, faithful one.

20. Angels should be in heaven, but I don’t know why you are on earth. Maybe because of me. Thanks for coming, though. I can’t trade it for anything. Good morning, dear friend. You are loved!

Heart Touching Good Morning Sms in English for Friends

Communicate your heart touching good morning wishes, quotes and messages to your friend in English from this list of heart touching good morning Sms in English for friends.

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21. Good morning, sleeping head! Good into the day and grab the goodies prepared for you. That’s what I had wished you and couldn’t wait to tell you. I really do love you. Have a great day, friend.

22. A part of my heart has you in it. I must confess you won it. Your awesomeness, love, care and attention are irresistible. You are just the best! Good morning to you, my dear friend.

23. You touch something in me whenever you take bold steps to stand by me in difficult situations. What can I do to show how much I love you. Let me start by wishing you the best day ever. Have a good morning, dearest friend.

24. I love your personality. Most times, I wish I can really be as nice as you are to me, but then, I just can’t compete with you. But I pray I am able to treat you nicer than I have. Good morning to you, dear friend.

25. Friend, you deserve a great day. Wake up and have it. That’s what I wish someone like you who takes it as a responsibility to make me happy. Good morning to you, good friend.

26. As much as I am happy to see you go to bed and enjoy a restful night, I am much happier to see you wake up and bask into a glorious. This is wishing you a good morning, sweet friend.

27. Never allow the failures of yesterday to affect the success of today. I know you have the strength to get what you do, so, make the failures a stepping stone. I will be here praying for you and waiting to celebrate with you. Good morning, friend.

28. Let every other word fail to exist, the word friendship will forever exist because of someone like you. You make friendship come alive. So, I wish you a lively day. Good morning, love.

29. Having you in this journey of life has made a whole lot much easier than expected. I love friendship with you. I love you with friendship. Enjoy a great day that you truly deserve. Good morning, surest friend.

30. Coming this far with you in friendship is worth it. I must confess I want this to last forever. So, do well and have a nice day. Much love for you, friend.

31. My day can’t be beautiful if I don’t wish a great friend like you a good day. You deserve countless good days, friend. Good morning to you always.

32. I want to sing your name. I want to scream your praises. I want to tell the world I have the sweetest friend ever. But let me start by wishing you a good morning. Much love for you, dear.

33. Good morning, dear friend. It’s another awesome day and our friendship has stayed strong. Thanks for always being there for me. Do have a lovely day as you are lovely.

34. A beautiful day awaits you, sweetheart. Wake up and have what you deserve. I will forever cherish what we share as long as time exists. Good morning to you, friend.

35. You made me who I am today. Telling you how awesome you are in words would only under express what I feel right now. I am more than grateful and I’m wishing you a glorious day as you go out today. Good morning, dearest friend.

36. I have come to understand that friendship is so easy when with a good person. Guess what! Friendship with you taught me that. I want to keep it forever. Good morning, dear.

37. The world can only be beautiful if we have many people like you in it. Your impact is irresistible and that made me who I am today. You deserve the best day, dear friend. Do have a good morning.

38. With joy in my heart, I wish you a good morning. This is to let you know you are in my thoughts and I care about you. You are a friend indeed. Do enjoy your day.

39. One thing I so much believe is that you would go to places and make impacts. What friendship with you has done to me revealed that. Get ready to bless your world, dear friend. Good morning to you.

40. Do you know what? Staying without you today will be a total waste of time. Wake up and get set for a bright day. I will be waiting to see you. Much love for you, buddy.

Emotional Good Morning Messages for Friends Long Distance

Distance is not a barrier to reaching your friends’ heart with some good morning wishes. Here you have free emotional good morning messages for friends long distance. Make that your friend that is away feel your love with some heart touching good morning messages for friends.

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41. If I was asked to choose who should be away from me at this time, you wouldn’t come to my thought. I miss you but will be fine and won’t stop wishing you the best out there. Good morning, dear friend.

42. Do you know how boring hanging out without you is? I just don’t want to experience it again today. I’ll just be waiting for your return, my sure friend. Come back soon. Have a great day.

43. I never knew the reality of the saying that, “you don’t know the value of what you have until you lose it”. But your absence has made it a reality to me. I can’t wait to see you again, dear friend, but before then, have a great day.

44. The mistake you made before leaving was to leave without taking me along. I bet you don’t know how much I miss everything about you. It was awesome having you around. Do have a wonderful day, friend.

45. Good morning, dear friend. The thoughts of you every morning make me want to see you. But any morning I think of you, I would just send you my wishes. So, I wish you the best as you go out today. Have a great day.

46. Good morning, buddy. When you receive a message from me this way, it means I just thought of you. I really do miss you and want to see you once again. Have a great day and always remember I love you.

47. Let the morning breeze send my wishes to you and let the sunrise prepare you for a great day. This is your friend wishing you a super good morning, dear.

48. Wishing you a glorious morning is the least I can do to express how much I miss you and how well I wish you. Do enjoy a great and prosper in all you do. Good morning, dear friend.

49. I will never bet tired to wake you up with best wishes for your day. That’s the little I can do to show how much I value our friendship. I wish you every good thing today. Good morning, my real friend.

50. Sleeping head, wake up to a good day. Enjoy yourself and get the best of today. I will always be praying and wishing you well. Much love for you. Good morning, buddy.

Touching Good Morning Quotes for Male Friends

Do you have that male friend that has been there for you and now you want to send him some heart touching good morning wishes? Below are touching good morning quotes for male friend. They are the best of all heat touching good morning messages for friends you shouldn’t hesitate to send him.

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51. I am so fortunate to have a friend turned brother. What more could I have asked for? You are the shoulder I lean on and the force that keeps me going. I am really grateful and wishing you the beat today. Good morning, dear friend.

52. How great is the feeling of having a great friend like you? You make friendship sweet. Don’t hesitate to ask me if you need anything today. Much love for you, brother friend (Insert smiley). Good morning.

53. Wishing you a great day is one of the least things I can do to express how much I care and want the best for you. Go into the new day and be rest assured that I will always be there for you when you need me. Good morning, great friend.

54. You might not be here with me in person, but you are right here in my heart. I will forever cherish what we share, dear friend. I want you to be stronger today, than yesterday. Have a wonderful day.

55. Your presence in my life has taught me to be tenacious and never give up. We have had our misunderstandings but the love of our friendship has held us still. I love you, dear. Do have the best of this day. Good morning.

56. The more I have you in my life, the more I see myself prosper. If this is what friendship is, I want it to last forever. You are a great person. Enjoy the best of this day and have a good morning.

57. Bother not yourself how this day would go because I have prayed the Father to give you the best of it. Brace up and get set for a glorious day, dear friend. Good morning.

58. I enjoy your being, I enjoy your ways. You have become a brother to me and I am pleased to call you one. The is just to let you know you are greatly loved. Have a great day, dear friend.

59. Another day has come for another series of laughter. Kick out whatever bothers you and laugh into the blessings of this day. A friend like you deserves it. Good morning, friend.

60. Sleeping boy! Wake up! This is the time to exercise the strength you gathered over the night. Here is a great day waiting for your manifestation. I will be waiting to see you today. Good morning, dear friend.

Touching Good Morning Quotes for Female Friend

Do you have that female friend that has been there for you and now you want to send her some heart touching good morning wishes? Below are touching good morning quotes for female friend. They are the best of all heat touching good morning messages for friends you shouldn’t hesitate to send her.

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61. One of the beautiful things life has given me is a friend that has turned sister. Your presence in my life has made so much positive change that all I want to do is wish you the very best every day. That’s why I’m wishing you the best as you go out today. Much love for you

62. Good morning to my cutest friend. Having you as a friend is worth more than a priceless jewel. I can’t trade our friendship for anything. This is to let you know that I value what we share and want it to last forever. Good morning, dear friend.

63. My beautiful moments are those times I spend with you. Your presence is magical and your wisdom is illuminating. What more could I have asked for in a friend? I love you, dear. Do have a good morning as I look forward to having another beautiful moment with you.

64. One thing I am sure of is that I will never miss it in life with you as my friend. That’s why I can’t stop thanking the day I met you. You are a great person. Just do one thing for me today: have the best day ever.

65. You are great, you are perfect, you are unique, you are beautiful. Words have even failed to describe you. I’m glad I have someone like you in my life. That’s why I’m wishing you a good morning, dear friend.

66. I treasure everything about you. You may not be perfect but you are the best friend for me. With you, I have known that we need two imperfect people to make perfect. Much love for you, dear friend. Good morning.

67. Let the sun shine in it’s highest strength, it still won’t outshine a great person like you. Your beauty from within and without is perfect and can illuminate any darkness. Go ahead and shine all through today. Good morning to you, friend.

68. Have a great day ahead, friend. You deserve even more than that. I will be here praying and wishing you well always.

69. Distance can never be a barrier to what we share. This is to let you know that any time I think of you, I will send you my heartfelt wishes. I wish you good tidings today, dear. That means I just thought of you.

70. I am ready to scream your praises to the world if only you would allow me to do that. Just to let you know that I appreciate all you have been to me and my heart will forever wish you well. Have a good morning, dearest friend.

Touching Good Morning Messages for Friends

Looking for touching good morning messages for friends? Here is a collection of heart touching good morning messages for friends you can freely send to your friends.

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71. One of the things I have never regretted in life is having you as a friend. Your impacts can not be erased. Thanks for coming into my life, dear. I wish a glorious morning. Enjoy your day.

72. Waking up to the fact that I still have a friend I can run to any moment is a great privilege. You have given me a space in your heart and I promise not to break it. Thank you, friend, for everything you have been to me. Please, do enjoy this new day. Good morning.

73. Everything leaves me with the hope of having a great day with you. I’m up and hearty, hope you are too. Can’t wait to see you today. Good morning.

74. Surely as the sun remains faithful to shining, so shall my commitment to this friendship not cease. I will forever cherish what I share with an amazing person like you. Good morning and have a nice day too.

75. When everyone left me to my self, you took me upon yourself. Nothing is enough to appreciate you for that. I pray you to enjoy the best of today and always remember I love you more than what you think. Good morning, dearest friend.

76. The word, ‘never trust anyone’ left my arsenal when I found you. Your honesty and doggedness make me want to trust ad trust again. Thanks for being you. Do have a wonderful day. Good morning, friend.

77. You know what? I can’t have enough of our friendship. It’s as refreshing as the dawn of a new day. Welcome to another day of friendship. Good morning.

78. Listen to your heart, you will hear it telling you that I love you. Can’t wait to have a fantastic day with you again. Good morning.

79. The memories of what we share can’t leave me in a long time. You are indeed a great person and fun to be with. I want to make more memories with you, dear friend. Good morning and have a wonderful day.

80. Wake up, friend. Let’s begin this day with new strength, hope and optimism. Those are some of the things we need to have a great day. Good morning, dear.

Best Good Morning Messages for Best Friend

Make your best friend get the best of today by reaching his or her heart with these touching good morning messages for best friend. Heart touching good morning messages for friends for your best friend to wake up to.

Things your best friend will never tell you

81. What can separate us? The only thing that has the right to come in between our friendship is that which will make us wax stronger and go deeper. I wish you a glorious, bestie. Good morning to you.

82. I wanted a friend but I was blessed with a perfect one. You are gentle in heart, smart in thinking, beautiful in the soul and filled with wisdom. I bless the day we became friends. Good morning to you, bestie. Have a great day.

83. Have I told you my heart aches whenever you are not fine? Yes, it does. I always want to see you smile always. Do well to smile all through today. Have a fantastic day. Good morning, best friend.

84. Having you as a friend is blessing heaven has given me. Everything about you tells me what I would have missed if I hadn’t known you. You are a blessing to my soul, dearest friend. I love you forever. Do have a beautiful day as you are. Good morning.

85. The fact that you are travelling today has left me happy and sad. Happy because I know it’s for good, sad because I know I’m really gonna miss you. However, just be fine for me. Good morning and have a safe journey.

86. I want to spend every moment of my day with you because your presence has a way of calming me and your words encourage me. Can we hang out today? You can’t say no. Catch you later then. Good morning.

87. You are always that friend who knows my strength and weaknesses. You have massaged my strength and bore my weaknesses. Thanks for being there for me and understanding me too well. I will forever love you. Have a good morning.

88. I find it hard to let you go because you are just the perfect friend for my soul. Can we let go of our misunderstandings and do this friendship over and over again? Good morning, bestie.

89. No matter where you go, just know that I will follow you. Even if not physically, but my heart will always do. That’s how much I am addicted to you. You are the best. Do have a wonderful day, dear friend.

90. Let every dawn bring newness to our friendship. We will grow stronger and deeper in loving and caring for each other. That’s what true friends do. Cheers to another day of newness. Good morning.

Funny Good Morning Messages for My Close Friend

You can always make your close friends smile into a new day with these funny good morning messages for my close friend. They are funny and heart touching good morning messages for friends.

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91. Hey! Sleeping head, get up and come receive a punch from me; punch of love though, for making me wake up with you in my thoughts. I love you, friend. Good morning.

92. Everyone sees you as that good person but I don’t because you are not what they think you are. You are way farther than good; you are the best. (Winks) Get up and have the best day. Good morning, friend.

93. Even if I want to make another choice of friendship, it’s too late because your naughty personality has kneaded my heart into a love shape, just for you. Get into the day, dear. With much love in my heart for you, I wish you a good morning.

94. Look at who says I am gonna miss her. Hey, babe, I don’t miss you a bit, I only just want to hug you and tell you how much you made me feel lonely without you. Come back soon, dear. I still don’t miss you (Insert laughing emoji) Good morning, dear friend. I really miss you.

95. Wake up, bestie. I have a cup of coffee waiting for you right now in my room. But if you are not here in a second, you will have to take it right in my stomach. Good morning.

96. I don’t want to look away from you, not for a second because if I do, looking back at you will only make me behold another shade of naughtiness. That’s why I love you though. Get up and let’s get the day rolling. Good morning.

97. Have I told you that you deserve to be added with drugs in the pharmacy? That’s because you are doses of happiness. Whenever I feel depressed in any way, I’ll just come to you and have a dose of happiness. You are my joy, dear friend, but you still need to be in the pharmacy though. Good morning.

98. Never give me those your sweet gestures again. They make me want to hug you and tell you how blessed I am to have you as a friend. But I still want to hug you. What do we do now? (Winks) Good morning.

99. Oh, glory! That’s what I always want to scream whenever I see you approach me with a soothing smile and a beautiful heart. I can’t wait to see you again today. Good morning, friend for life.

100. I never knew I could be this lazy until I found you. Lol. You have practically carried my burdens and eased my stress. Now I have less to do and more love for you. Thanks for being there for me, friend. Good morning to you

When you have that person you call a friend, reaching him/her with these heart touching good morning messages for friends would be just the beginning of showing how much you care. And it’s good to always do that. Always reach them with awesome messages like these and watch the friendship grow stronger as days go by.

I am glad you were patient to read through. Hope you found the one that suits your taste. I’m sure you did because they were written with you in mind, especially for this purpose.

You can be more generous with the messages by sharing them with family and friends. They might just need them as well.

I want to know what you think of these messages. Freely share your thoughts and suggestions with me in the comment section. Thanks.

And good morning to your friend!

Written by Melissa Usunobun

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