Funny Text for Dad

Funny Dad Texts Messages (2024)

Most fathers will love to feel some love from their children, and children should be aware that there are many ways to make your dad feel loved.

It could be getting him gifts, and if you know things to do to make your dad laugh, he’ll be more thankful to have you in his life.

Funny things are probably among what your daddy wants to hear from you daily or regularly, and through texts and messages this 2024, you can bless him with these funny combinations of words.

Remember that one claim says that laughter will make you live longer, so, consider your attempt to make your dad laugh a way of blessing him with a long life.

Read through these funny dad text and messages  and make your dad laugh as many times as you want this 2024. 

Funny Messages for Dad

Here are simple funny messages to send to your dad to lighten up his mood or to make him laugh. Use them for free.

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1. Every day, I look at you and think of how you’ll be when you’re old. And the picture I see makes me laugh. Lol. Hope you’re having a nice day, daddy?

2. When I discovered there are things you don’t know, I had a distrust for a lot of things, even the content of meat pies. But you’re still my superman. I love you, dad.

3. Hope you woke up on the side of the bed that will make you buy a gift for me on your way home? Have a great day ahead, daddy.

4. When you left today, I thought of going to your room and trying on your clothes, taking pictures in them and sending them to you, but not today. Good day, dad.

5. I’m so happy to have you as a father, and this is not even because you’re a god in the kitchen. I love you, pa.

6. What do you see when you look at me? Do you see how fast years are flying? Soon, I’ll be like you. I just hope I don’t have your kind of beard. Enjoy the day, dad.

7. Times will come and go and things will change but I’ll never stop wishing I’m a little boy so you can throw me in the air. You’re the best dad ever.

8. Thanks for not only being the best dad ever but for also being the best “sugar-daddy” ever! Have a great day!

9. Do you really like the fact that you’re the tallest on the house, or somehow you wish it was mom? Your secret is safe with me, dad. I love you.

10. If you ever see an anonymous message reminding you to buy chocolates for your daughter on your way back from work, know that it’s from me. Be good, daddy.

11. Do our sleep get shorter as we grow, dad? I don’t want to grow then. I just want to say thanks for being my dad.

12. I’m here, ready to tell anyone who cares to hear that I dance better than my dad. I know you’ll disagree, but I have evidence. Good afternoon, pa.

13. It’s long since mom bought anything for me, so, for now, you’re my favourite parent. And you know how to preserve this position, yeah? Enjoy your day, daddy.

14. You were the most handsome man on earth until I came. Hope that doesn’t make you jealous of me? Have a blessed day, pops.

15. I thought of buying a horse just so I could jump on its back anytime, but I remembered that I have you. You’re the best dad ever.

Funny Things to Text Your Father

You know the advantages of funny things, right? They can even turn your darkest days into blinding brightness. I wrote these funny things for children to text to their fathers and put at least a smile on their faces.

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16. Take care of your best dad ever shirt. I’m not buying another for you soon. Have a nice day, pa.

17. Just a quick reminder that no other dad is half as handsome as you. Enjoy your day, daddy.

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18. I’m thinking of the next bad investment to make, knowing that you’ll be there to cover up for me when it goes south. Lol. I love you, dad.

19. So, dad, tell me, what does it feel like to come from the previous century?

20. Prepare for yet another day of carrying the weight of a family on your shoulders. Good morning to you, dad.

21. I don’t want to grow old, I don’t want to be a dad yet. For now, let me just enjoy my dad. How’s your day going, daddy?

22. I’d have been a great dad, just like you, but I’m female. I guess I’ll just be a great mom. Enjoy your day, pops.

23. Happy birthday to you, dad. I know your birthday is still six months away, but I’m telling you in advance. I love you, dad.

24. Now I’m older and you can’t sing to me again because I can now tell a horrible singing voice from a great one. Best dad ever!

25. If you can show me a dad as amazing as you are, I’ll bring the moon to your room and make it your bulb. Trust me on this, dad, you’re the best.

26. You’ve probably paid more school fees than your age. For that, you’re a genius! Have a great day, dad.

27. I have a lot to say to you, but for today I’ll just say I think the reason mom fell in love with you is because of how handsome you are. Sweet and handsome dad!

28. If all men are like you, we won’t be having all the men-bashing hashtags on social media. Are you even on social media? Stay well, pa.

29. I don’t need to have a competition of dads to know that none is your match. Plus, I don’t even have the money to host such a competition. I love you, daddy.

30. I want to start a riot just to get enough attention to announce to everyone who cares to hear that I love you, dad.

Hilarious Quotes for Dad

When I wrote these quotes, I wanted to create a place for you to run to when you need hilarious quotes to send to your dad. I’m sure I’ve achieved that, so enjoy it.

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31. I woke up late today because you were not around. It feels good, pa.

32. Just to remind you that you’re a day older today. Have an amazing day, dad.

33. While your snores at night can be annoying, it’s a reassurance that there’s a protector somewhere close to me. I love you, daddy.

34. Let them have their elections every four years, the only president I know is you. You’re an amazing dad.

35. When are we going to have the conversation on how you are the real Superman? Until then, know that you’re the best!

36. Give me a chance to ask the world for one thing and I’ll scream for a box of pizza for you, just to say thank you! I love you, dad.

37. The only thing that comes close to being as sweet as you, daddy, is a plate of rice with chicken. Enjoy your day, daddy.

38. There are many people looking up to you, dad, and it’s not just because you’re tall. I love you, daddy.

39. Maybe the reason I am lazy is because you’re always there for me. Thank you, dad!

40. Don’t blame me for being a girl who always wants to be around her dad. Blame my dad. I love you, pa.

41. I want to be like you when I grow up dad, just richer and more handsome. Hope you’re having a great day, pa?

42. Remember when you were as young as I am? Could you cook as good as I can? Just to make you laugh, dad.

43. You’re an angel, dad. People don’t believe it because of your black skin, but I know it. May today give you more than you expect.

44. I want to inherit your eyes so I can see the world how you see it. I love you, daddy.

45. Good evening, daddy. I know it’s still morning, but it doesn’t hurt to greet in advance, right? I love you.

Best Funny Text Messages to Dad

What else are you looking for when the best of funny text messages for your dad are right here in front of you? Read them and you’ll find one amazing one to send to him.

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46. Hi, dad. Hope you’re doing great. Remember to tell one person today that your daughter is the prettiest girl in the world. I love you, dad.

47. Hello, pa. I saw how you dressed for work today. So hot you will definitely seduce some woman without even knowing it. Have a nice day, dad.

48. Daddy, good day. I finally got to know that food isn’t free. Enjoy today, daddy.

49. Hi, dad. I love you so much. I’m sure if mom sees how much I love you, she’ll get threatened. Stay safe, dad.

50. Hello, daddy. I miss you, or maybe I just miss having to ask you to buy everything I want for me. Stay safe, daddy.

You have enjoyed yourself so far, reading and laughing to these funny texts and messages. Your dad, who will be on the receiving end, will definitely enjoy them more. 2024 should be fun for you and him with these.

While the texts are yours to enjoy, they are also for everyone who wants to give a gift of laughter and fun to their dads. So, kindly share them with your friends and help them make their dads enjoy laughter and smile too.

Written by Felix Busa

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