Good Morning Messages for Dad

Heart Touching Good Morning Messages for Dad

There is a reason why people never forget the kind words said to them, or the good deeds they experience from others. As this is so, how do you think your father would feel waking up to kind and heartfelt wishes for a good morning?

Alongside mothers, fathers are our knights in shining armour. They are constantly sacrificing for the well-being of their children, planning ahead to ensure their kids get the best, and sometimes having to juggle more than one job for an extended period of time.

For these reasons and many more, you can almost imagine how waking up to thoughtful morning messages can improve the day, and make it so much colourful for him.

To acknowledge your father’s efforts, and to show him that you really care, you should send any of these good morning messages for dad.

Most Touching Good Morning Quotes for My Father

You want to put smiles on your father’s face and lighten whatever burden he may be carrying? These most touching good morning quotes for my father will certainly help you achieve that.

1. You’ll always be my first love. You’re not just my hero, but also the yardstick for judging the men (and people) that come around, trying to be a part of my life. Good morning, dad.

2. I’ve heard of stories about fathers that didn’t stay to take responsibilities for their children. But not you. You’ve held both my hands from the first day, and you’re still doing so now. You’re the best. Good morning, pop.

3. It’s a beautiful day; that’s how I know you’ll have a beautiful day too. Good morning, daddy. Love you!

4. I remember your lessons from when I was younger; they didn’t make much sense then, but it’s been helpful having those stories at the back of my mind. I’m glad that you are my dad. Good morning.

5. I’d ask you not to go out and all, because I want you protected all the time. But I know how impossible that is. (Sighs). So, I’m wishing you a swell day instead. Good morning, dad.

6. You’ve taught me the importance of expressing my feelings to the people in my life. You’ve also taught me how to hold tight to the privileges life has given me. For these lessons and many more, I’ll always be thankful for you. Good morning, daddy.

7. I love you, dad. In addition to expressing my love to you through good acts, my words will always honour you. Good morning, sir.

8. It is never a burden caring for those who spent their whole lives doing the same for you. You’re always a blessing to me, dad; never ever a burden. And I love you so much. Good morning, father.

9. You’ve taught me the importance of enjoying life to the fullest. You’ve also taught me caution and being calculating. You’re simply put, the best dad in the entire world. Good morning!

10. May this day bring you truly beautiful things; and no, sad news aren’t allowed! Have a good day, daddy. Good morning.

11. I’ve heard several times of the importance of having a source of inspiration. Being this far away from home, and facing the workload of each day, I’ve come to see the importance of this. My life is much easier because you’re my inspiration, daddy. Good morning.

12. I’ll always be your little girl. Lord knows, I never want to get to that point where I outgrow your counsel. I’m always your little girl. Good morning, dad.

13. You’ll always be home to me. Thank you for the many sacrifices, and for having both our backs especially after mum passed. You’re my hero. Good morning, daddy.

14. You’re the greatest support system I could have ever asked for. And every day, I never forget to be grateful for the gift that is you, daddy. Good morning. Have a swell day, father.

15. I’m sorry we argued last night. And I admit that all you’ve ever wanted for me is nothing but the best. I love you, daddy, more than words can express. Good morning.

16. We’ve come a long way; we really have. And seeing you live with so much comfort gives me great joy. You deserve everything you have, and more; never forget. Good morning, daddy.

17. I still want you living till you’re 200 years old. That is about 140 years away, but that is how much I never want to be apart from you. Good morning, father!

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18. I’ll always be grateful that you didn’t give up on me. Even when I gave you more heartache than happiness. I won’t let you down again, daddy. I love you. Good morning.

19. You never told me school was this hard! I miss you so much! But at the top of it all is my wanting to make you proud, so I’ll endure. Good morning!

20. I got the picture you sent to me. You have no idea how my day is made already. You’re literally my sunshine, papa. Good morning.

Heart Touching Good Morning Sms Messages for Dad from Daughter

You’d find a lot written about how daughters usually have their dads wrapped around their fingers, compared to sons.
You’d also hear how fathers (willingly) go the extra mile for their daughters, just to ensure their safety and happiness. This is why you need the following heart touching good morning SMS messages to make your father’s day and appreciate him as a daughter.

21. Thank you for loving me with a depth that leaves me breathless, and grateful. You’re the best dad any girl can ask for, and I’m glad you’re all mine. Good morning, sir.

22. When I’m older, I want my home just like ours. Peaceful, loving, non-judgmental, and with an awesome man as you. Good morning, daddy.

23. You gave my siblings and me such a solid foundation. And contrary to what anyone may say, we all still have minds of our own! I love you so much. Good morning, daddy.

24. You’ll always be the love of my life. Even when some gentleman comes to “sweep me off my feet.” You’ll always occupy a special place in my heart, where no other person can topple you. Good morning, dad.

25. You’re an amazing father, teacher and role model to me. Your words have kept me going on more days than I can count. But like you’ve drummed into my head, there’s no giving up. Good morning, daddy.

26. When I’m having a really bad day, your laughter rings somewhere in my head, and the world becomes a better place again. Have a beautiful day, daddy.

27. Accepting oneself can be very difficult. But you’ve taught me how to be honest with myself, and to be the best version of me always. You’re the greatest dad that ever lived! Good morning.

28. You’re not only my father, you’re “unbelievably” my best friend. No one has my complete trust and makes me feel as safe as you do. Good morning, daddy.

29. Words like “amazing,” “hero,” and the rest of them wouldn’t exist in the dictionary if you weren’t here. Good morning, dad.

30. I never stop praying that you live for a long long time. Thank you for loving me, praying with and for me, and for giving very sound advice all the time! Good morning, daddy.

31. The distance can be something, but you’re always top of the list in my heart. I miss you so much. Good morning, daddy.

32. You’ll always be my hero. And my knight in shining armour, because you’re always wanting to make my life as easy as possible. Good morning, pop. Love you!

33. To the world’s most amazing father. May your days be long, peaceful and comfortable. I love you much. Good morning, daddy.

34. I’ve learnt a lot from you, dad. And at the top is how to always taking responsibly, and to never blame anyone or circumstances for the hands I’m handed. I’m a much better person because of you. Good morning, sir.

35. You are a gentleman and gentle man. Honestly, I’m glad I have you all to myself; because when it comes to you, I’m surprisingly jealous! Good morning, daddy.

36. You’re always guiding us, holding our hands and all. Even with the distance, you’re constantly dishing out sound counsel. You’re literally our sunshine! Good morning, dad.

37. May today bring you only smiles. And even though the smiles highlight the wrinkles on your face, I love you all the same. While I await your clap-back, good morning, daddy.

38. Try as much as I can, I don’t think my words could ever express the depth of my love and gratefulness for you. Good morning, daddy.

39. May today be filled with joyous and sunny moments. I love you so much. Good morning, dad.

40. Always, when I go through romance novels or daydream about love and warmth, I want a man just like you. You’re perfect, daddy; constant shouting and all! Good morning.

Heart Touching Good Morning Sms Messages for Dad from Son

The ‘usual’ idea a lot of people have about a dad and son relationship is one that involves a lot of coldness and the need to always prove self.
But this is not always the case. And because it is not, these heart touching good morning SMS messages for dad from son would add more warmth to your relationship and make your dad have a great.

41. With the attention you devoted to teaching me about life and being a gentleman, it’s no surprise that I turned out this way. I’m amazing because I have an amazing father. Good morning, dad.

42. Most times, people can’t believe I speak to you every day. While I can’t help but feel pity for people without our kind of bond, I’m never ungrateful for the closeness we share. Good morning, dad.

43. My self-confidence can be intimidating to others; because they simply cannot understand how a person believes in himself so much. But I know that I got this from you. Good morning, daddy.

44. Being a man isn’t a show of muscles, or oppressing others. I’ve learnt a lot from you, and I can say how much better my life has been for it. Good morning, sir.

45. I know that I am a better man because I had you to coach me through life. You’re the best dad ever. Good morning.

46. I took your advice, dad. I apologized even when it hurt me to do so, and I couldn’t find where I faulted. But the relationship is restored. There’s still work to be done, but at least we’re speaking to each other now. Good morning, daddy.

47. I know that you are always complaining about my lack of time for us. I didn’t outgrow you, dad. I just want a much better life for you. This is why all I do is for you. You’ve given me so much, and I want to be able to give you the life you deserve. Good morning, sir.

48. My days are always extra lit! That’s because I have an extraordinary father in my life! Good morning, sir.

49. It’s been hard these couple of days. But speaking with you always leaves me feeling light. Thank you for this morning, dad. I love you!

50. May God’s protection surround you always; because I want you alive for a very long time. Good morning, dad.

Emotional Good Morning Messages for Father Long Distance

Long-distance could pose a lot of challenges, but your father will always remain your father. While you work out ways to see each other again, and more often, these emotional good morning messages would set the mood for a great day.

51. “You may be out of sight,” but you’re always on my mind. I’ll be back soon, so we can take all those trips we’ve planned together. Good morning, sir.

52. I’m so grateful that we have this comfortable father-son relationship. Not everyone can boast of this, and I’m glad that you brought me close. Good morning, sir.

53. I hope that your day is filled with so much colour and light. I miss you, dad, and it’s not the same without you here. Good morning.

54. I know we only spoke a few minutes ago. But I still wanted to wish you a quick recovery, and to tell you that you mean more than this world to me. Have a good day, dad.

55. May God cause His face to shine on you always. Even though you’d complain at this, but may your days on earth be long. Good morning, sir.

56. I may not be under your wings right now, but I’m always under your wings. I miss you so much, daddy. Good morning.

57. Mum is too busy running the business and home. Come on home already, so we can all share tasks and have enough time to play. Good morning, daddy. I love you.

58. Funny how I still miss you as much as I did when I left home months ago. Sometimes, I just want to up and fly back home. I miss you so much, daddy. Good morning.

59. The house is definitely not the same without you. For making me miss you this much, I deserve a lot of presents when you return. Good morning, daddy.

60. I understand that you need to work, but it doesn’t stop me from missing you so much. Good morning, pop.

61. There’s no one shielding me from mum’s ‘wrath.’ Hurry back home already. So, I skip house chores and get away with it. Good morning, daddy.

62. Even though it’s been three months away from you, I still am convinced that you’re the best dad ever. Good morning, sir.

63. My test results came in today. And yes, I aced them! Thank you for always believing n me, even when I’m too scared to realize that I’m ready. Good morning, daddy.

64. We may not be together now, but you’re always in my heart; where you’ll remain forever. Have a good day, daddy.

65. It’s a strange world, being out of the house for the first time. Even though I’m learning to cope, I still miss you so much. Good morning, dad.

66. I can’t believe you recorded yourself dancing! But boy, I’m so glad at the change, and for the extra tilt in your steps. Oh, I miss you so much, daddy. Good morning!

67. Arguments and all, we’ll never fall apart. Because I’m not foolish to throw away the only man that has loved me and provided for me all his life. Good morning, daddy.

68. Remembering your call from last night has me pumped for the day. Good morning, daddy. Have a swell day!

69. My willingness to love and receive love is because of all you taught me. I miss you, daddy. But I know I’ll see you soon. Good morning.

70. This period has been a trying one for us. But I’m glad at how we’ve managed to hold each other close, even with the distance. I know this will pass, and we’ll finally be able to be together. Good morning, daddy.

Touching Good Morning Quotes for Step Father

Sometimes, your knight in shining armour could be your stepfather. And what is life without constantly appreciating the people that have been there? Those that have denied themselves a lot to see that you turn out well?

Start your father’s day with these touching good morning quotes for stepfather.

71. I have no doubt that you’ll do great at your presentation today. You’re the most hardworking person I know, and you’ve modelled responsibility to me. Go slay, daddy! Good morning.

72. I want a man just like you when I decide to settle down. And no, I’m never going to settle for anyone less. Good morning, pop.

73. I see my mother happy and I almost want to weep for joy. Personally, when I think of ‘safe,’ your image pops up. I’m so glad to be your daughter. Good morning, daddy.

74. You’re a good man through and through. And I’m always proud to be called your family. Good morning, papa.

75. I got your presents. Yes, they made my day, as you wished they would. I love you so much, and I would pick your presence over the presents. Good morning, daddy.

76. Thank you for always caring for me, even when “I’m a pain in the eye.” How do you come up with statements like that? Anyways, I miss you, and can’t wait to be home. Good morning!

77. I know we haven’t always seen eye to eye, but you’re still my most favourite person. And I won’t be saying that anytime soon, so enjoy. Good morning, dad!

78. I would never trade you for anyone else in the world. I love you so much, daddy. Good morning.

79. I know it’s been a while since is said it. But I really want you to know that I love you, and will continue to do so. Through the rough and smooth rides. Good morning, father.

80. You’re getting older! Remember you promised to never leave me though! Good morning, pops.

Best Good Morning Quotes for Father In Law

It is often said, how people can find family and warmth in ‘weird’ places, and with ‘strange’ people. But in this instance, the marriage institution introduces you to an automatic family.
These best good morning quotes for father in law can be used to celebrate a good-man-turned-father, and could also help kick-start a great relationship with your in-law.

81. I know you didn’t ask for me, but you’ve spent your life taking care of me. You’ve put pleasures aside to look after me. And look how amazing I turned out! Good morning, daddy. I love you so much.

82. Noticed how much I look like you? I’m your child truly, biology aside! Good morning, daddy.

83. Thank you for not complaining about my new hairstyle. I know I’ll get an earful later, but I’ll still think that you’re the coolest dad ever. Good morning.

84. I found out about this amazing restaurant on the internet, last night. I so can’t wait to visit it with you. Good morning, dad.

85. May your day be as wide and sunny as my smiles. And yes, I always find ways to make things about me. But we love each other and would trade us for anything else. Good morning, daddy.

86. Father-in-law aside, you’re the real deal! Good morning, daddy. I love you so so much, sir.

87. You’re like the father I never had, and every day I’m grateful for the blessing that is you, sir. I’m so proud to be your daughter. Good morning, daddy.

88. You made me so welcome in your home. I don’t think I’ll ever stop being grateful for that. Thank you for being the family I always dreamed of having. Good morning, sir.

89. I was so glad to hear that you’re so much better. I was so excited that I couldn’t wait for the day to get all bright. I’m sure everything will be perfect soon. Good morning, sir.

90. I’ll always be grateful that marriage afforded me the opportunity to meet someone as amazing as you, sir. May your days be long and fruitful. Good morning, sir.

91. How you defend your own in public is wonderful. You’re the best stand-in father ever. As a matter of fact, you’re the real deal! Good morning, sir.

92. I’m so proud to be a part of your family. I wear the name with pride and honour. And I promise to always represent us responsibly. Good morning, sir.

93. Congratulations on your win, sir. I’m certain there’ll be more. And yes, you deserve them! Good morning, daddy.

94. My children will be so blessed to meet the coolest granddad that ever lived. One that has refused to age too! Good morning, dad.

95. It’s been an honour getting to know you, sir. I wouldn’t trade the ride for anything else in the world. Good morning, daddy.

96. I got doubly blessed. With your son and with you, sir. I’m so proud and thankful for the gift of you. Good morning, daddy.

97. This is to say thank you for the values you’ve instilled in me. Who’s the happiest daughter-in-law in the world? That would be me. Good morning, daddy.

98. The depth of your understanding and patience is both humbling and educating. Thank you for all that you are, sir. Good morning.

99. We are much better people because of you. I know that I’m a much better person because I met you, sir. Have a beautiful morning, dad.

100. You raised a wonderful daughter, and I’m glad that my children will meet the world’s best father-in-law. Please live long, sir! Good morning, daddy.

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