Best Exam Wishes for Boyfriend

2024 Best Exam Wishes for Boyfriend

In school, exams are set so that the knowledge of the student is tested on what he has learnt so far. That’s why for every student, examination is inevitable. But then, some people dread exams. They see it as a punishment of some sort whose primary aim is to disrupt one’s mental and physical state.

In all sincerity though, writing an exam can be stressful and quite draining. The days may even be long with anxieties hung in the air.

When it’s time for examination, a number of students can be seen walking about with obvious display of gloominess and dejection. Different people with different dispositions to exam period though.
Some are scared because they’re not confident of their intelligence. They doubt their own ability to conveniently pass their exams.
Others see it as a hurdle they must pass whether by nook or crook.
While there are some set of students that see examination as just another exercise and they can’t wait to get it done and over with.

It is at a time like this you should be there for your boyfriend, most especially if he falls in the category of the ‘scaredly’ students. Help him build up his confidence by motivating him and wishing him best of luck.

He needs to know that you support him even at those difficult times.
Let him know you’re thinking of him and definitely wishing him success in that examination. You can boost his morale with motivation and love quotes so that he’s assured of your love for him. Those words can go a long way to giving him the confidence he needs for what lies ahead of him.

This can seemingly look like a simple gesture but because it is genuine, it will help in a long way. You might even be sharpening his perspective towards total optimism and self-aggrandizement.
Pump him full with positive vibes for his examination because if you don’t, who will?

Words have a track record of setting what might look like uncomfortable situations straight, even the ones spoken when it is of utmost need. And when you encourage your better half with the right words that are needed for that particular time, you’re doing not just him but your relationship a huge favour.

You may not be able to help your boyfriend study but you can do a good job of inspiring him to be the best he can be. Send him wishes that show you genuinely care about his success in his forthcoming exams and that you believe in him anytime and any day. These 2024 best exam wishes for boyfriend are sufficient support that you can give to strengthen your boyfriend’s confidence.

You might want to get him a personalized card with these words printed on them as good luck messages, the decision is all yours to make.

Remember that there’s always something to say when you’re searching for the right words to say to make your man feel better, but if you seem unable to come up with the perfect words, this post will help you and it perfectly suits your purpose.

Best Wishes for Exam for Boyfriend

Being ambitious is endearing, and education is a journey that goes hand in hand with examination. Of course, there’s pressure being mounted on anyone that’s facing exams, therefore, you should do all you can to ease the tension brewing around your boyfriend and help him so that he’s relaxed and concentrated.

Some of the best wishes for exam for boyfriend that you can forward to him to help him stay focused are here for you to enjoy.

And if your boyfriend is sick, you can also check out these speedy recovery messages for him.

1. In this life, scores are not the ultimate thing and results don’t really matter. What matters is the knowledge and intelligence you’ve gained so far. That’s why I want you to dump your tension and every worry you may have right now. You’ve done your best as a student and now leave the rest to God to give you wisdom and help you pass. It will be well with you babe. I wish you the best of luck in this examination.

2. So far, you’ve been doing well, and now it’s time for you to be tested of all you’ve learnt. Give it your best babe, and don’t get too worked up because you’ll definitely come out in flying colours. I’m sure you’ll do just fine so please don’t fret at all. I wish that you will have good fortune in this coming examination. Best of luck to you my love.

3. You will go into that examination hall and give it all your best shot. Remember, don’t stress about anything because you’ll do just fine. If you find anything difficult, tackle it the best way you know you can. I’m quite confident of your skills though, I’m sure you won’t disappoint at all. Success is yours, baby.

4. With all of my love right now, I am wishing you the best of luck and I’m praying for you, too. You’ve done a very good job at preparation and now it’s time for you to display your prowess. No matter what though, one thing I’m sure of is that you will pass excellently. You can do this baby, I trust you and God’s got you also. All of the best for you my love.

5. I just want to remind you that there’s nothing to be scared for and that you will make us all proud in your forthcoming exams. Because you’ve worked hard, your efforts deserve to be crowned with good success. I’ll be here cheering you baby, so go right ahead and give it your best shot. Special congratulations are on the way for you my love.

6. You’ve started well, you will end well, you will pass these exams in flying colours. I know how much hard work you’ve input into the preparation and I’m praying for you that it won’t go down the drain. God is going to give you good success in this exam and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I’m praying and rooting for you my love, the best of luck for you is here.

7. I hope you’re not giving any chance to fears or worries at all? Please don’t. You have put in your best shot into preparing for this and now that it’s here, you can’t afford to be distracted. There’s nothing in this world that can stand in the way of your success, have that in mind. Know that I am proud of you, always. In this exams, you’re coming out in flying colours by God’s grace.

8. Today I pray for you that as you go into that examination your knowledge is revived, and your memory is refreshed. You will not experience any difficulty or void-ness. You’ve tried your best and now it’s time to leave the rest to God to handle. You’ll pass this exam and brightly too. Best of luck to you my love.

9. Ever since I met you, there’s not a day on this earth that I am not proud of you and what you’re becoming. In everything you’ve done, you always excel and I’m confident that this time too, it will be so. Just keep striving to achieving your dreams and making us all proud. I love you and I wish you the best success in your exam.

10. It is not going to come as a shock when by the time your results come out and you pass in flying colours, you’re a genius, that I’ve known for a while. Everything you lay your hands on prospers, this examination inclusive. I should wish you luck but you’re luck personified so, make sure you crush those questions and give us cause to celebrate you. Congratulations in advance my sweetheart.

11. One thing I’m very sure of is that you’re focused and very intelligent. If anyone can ace this exam conveniently, it is none other than you. I trust you to do well and I believe you will. I’m rooting for you here no matter what so make sure that you never doubt yourself and never lose your focus. You are strengthened for this exam, babe. Nothing will hold you down. I wish you ultimate success in this exam.

12. You’ve got all it takes to pass this examination conveniently and I don’t ever doubt your abilities for once. I know you’re hardworking and very resilient, this exam is just another test that you won’t even stress out before you crush it. Know that no matter what, I’m always here cheering you and being proud of you. So go out there and do your best. Best of luck to you, my love.

13. I have full confidence that you will do well in this exam because you’ve always done well in the past. I am praying for you that you will have good success and that your ambitions will not be frustrated. If I don’t wish you success in this exam what will be my gain? Your success is my success so I have a duty of cheering you ahead. Good luck to you, baby. Plenty of it too.

14. One of the several reasons I’m in love with you is that you’re a go better, you don’t relent or relax not until you achieve the success you aim for. As you prepare for this exam before you, I’m cheering you on baby and I am wishing you absolute success. You will come out in flying colours and I will be more proud of you. Success is yours, baby, go ahead and get it.

15. You know what they used to say that luck is for the lazy but true success comes to those that adequately prepare for it. I’m sure you have worked and prepared hard for this exam and so you won’t fail to do us all proud. This is just another simple test that I’m sure you’ll defeat completely. I’m sure you will pass in flying colours. I am wishing you all the best my love.

16. I know this exam will go a long way in shaping your ambitions and that’s why you can’t afford to fail. I’m rooting for you so don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll do just fine. Make sure you bring the medals home. God’s got you, baby, I’ve got you too. I pray that you will pass this exam and excellently too.

17. It’s being a very long but interesting year of learning for you and now it’s time to showcase all of that knowledge. I don’t have an iota of doubt of what you can do, in fact, I’m more than confident that you will do well even beyond expectations. Give it all your best darling and success is definitely going to be yours. I wish you a very smooth experience in your exams.

18. Remember that you shouldn’t let fear get to you but you will remain calm and collected, you know we can’t afford any mistakes. You’ve studied hard, approach the coming exams with full confidence that you’ll pass no matter what. This is just a starting point for you, baby, you will come out in good grades and also have great results. With all of my love, I wish you all of the best.

19. I wish that you go into that exam hall with the right state of mind. Don’t let anything bother you or try to scare you. You have always done well and this time is not even an exception. Just make sure you’re relaxed and tackle everything with your intelligence. You’ll do well, trust me. It’s time for you to add another success to your hall of fame so go ahead and bag it. You’ll do just fine my love.

20. Best wishes among several wishes are my prayers for you from the heart. You have always worked hard and out in your best in everything you do, now I’m sure this exam won’t be exceptional and you will do very well too. I am wishing you the very best because that’s what you need right now. Success is yours, baby.

Exam Wishes for Boyfriend Far Away

Even if your boyfriend is not near you at the moment, nothing stops you from wishing him the best of luck as he’s preparing for his exams wherever he may be.

You will do anything to strengthen your love for each other regardless of the distance between you both and this is one out of the many ways to do just that.

21. If there is anything I’ve known you for, it’s the fact that you don’t rely on luck, you push with all of your strength and without relenting. It is only fair to you that you succeed in this examination. I’m praying for you, success is yours already. Best luck to you baby.

22. At times like this, I wish I could be with you to give you all the support that you’ll need. This distance is killing me but I’ll have to make do with that, for now. Please take good care of you and don’t even allow any negative thought of fears. God is with you, babe. You’ll do just fine.

23. It’s exam time, time for you to translate everything you have learnt so far into paper. I will give anything to be with you at this time but since I can’t be there, know that I’m rooting for you and my heart is with you. Go ahead and do your best, let God handle the rest. Best of luck to you my love, you absolutely need it.

24. Now, you got the chance to prove your intelligence and self-worth to your teachers. No one will look down on you once they see your abilities and strength. You will do well in this examination and will surely make us all proud. I am praying for you here, best of luck to you.

25. There’s nothing stopping your success in this exam, nothing is putting you down because I believe in you. I may not be there with you physically but always know that you’re in my heart and I’m wishing you the best all the way. Success is yours already baby, you’ll come back to us with good news, I’m certain.

26. My wish for you is that you will be healthy to write these exams, you will pass each of the papers, you will reach your goals and you’ll achieve success. Make sure you prepare hard so that you can do well. I’m always here rooting of your love and I’m wishing you the best of lucks right now.

27. Nothing is going to change my love for you, still, you’ve got to do well in this exam and pass in flying colours. You were made to be a success and that’s what you’ll become no matter what. From the depths of my heart, I wish you success, baby. Go and show them what you’ve got because it’s in you.

28. I love you so much baby but you know what will increase my love and respect for you? It’s when you ace these exams conveniently. All the years and efforts will not go down the drain, you will surely excel among your peers. I’m rooting for you, so best of luck!

29. You’ve got good success ahead of you so go ahead and own it. Every moment of your studies is leading to this time and I hope that you’ll do well and make us proud. All the best darling, do well and I promise you a surprise when you’re back.

30. I would give anything just to see you and to give you a very warm hug right now because I’m sure you’re stressed out. I know you’ve been preparing for these exams seriously that’s why I can’t wait for you to be back so I can ease your tensions and help you regain those cute smiles.

31. Don’t allow the stress get to you baby, exams will come and go and you’ll have to remain you. Do your best and leave the rest, that’s how to enjoy life and make sure you don’t leave any question uncrushed. Success is just around the corner darling, so go for it.

32. I know just how important passing this exam is, to you. That’s why I want you to know that I’m with you all the way, cheering you and praying for your success. When we meet we’ll be laughing and celebrating how excellently you’ve aced all of your papers. I wish you the very best baby, you’ll win.

33. I can understand how much pressure you’re under right now and I just want you to know that even if I’m not there with you physically, my heart is with you and wishing you success. You know I’ll always support whatever it is you’re embarking on. I wish you will worry less and relax more, because this exam, you’ve passed it all. Best of luck darling.

34. The distance between us doesn’t reduce my love and support for you. I know what you may be going through right now but I just want you to know that God’s got you and I’m praying for you. Success is yours, my love, you will pass and excellently too.

35. I just want to remind you not to lose your smiles at this time. I know it might be challenging and you’re stressed out but always look and feel positive. You’ve done well with your preparation and now it’s time for you to put it all down and prove your intelligence. I have genuinely prayed for you so your success is guaranteed. You’re the best my love, always have that in mind.

36. Don’t worry, the exams period will be over even before you start getting stressed out. You have tackled many difficult exams and you came out very successful so I’m sure this is just going to be like a step over for you. Don’t worry too much, I’m praying for you. Your success is sure already. Take care of yourself, baby, I can’t wait to see you again.

37. With all of my love, I wish you success in your exams. Good fortune will find you and keep your company even though I’m unable to be there with you right now. I love you so much, so you must make sure you do very well for me. I wish you a grand success in your exams.

38. You’re one step closer to the top that you aim for and this exam is going to boost your steps too. Keep calm, rest well, prepare adequately and you’ll be sure to come out well even beyond expectations. My love and best wishes are with you already.

39. No matter how stressful it seems right now, don’t give up but continue to strive harder because your aim and target are higher than this current level. I wish there’s something I can do to help you in preparation for your exam but then, with all of my love I am wishing you a very grand success. Best of luck darling.

40. Don’t pay attention to anything that may want to distract you right now. You’re made for the best and to be the best you have to undergo processes like this. My prayers and heartfelt wishes for you are that your efforts will not be frustrated and you will pass in flying colours. Till we see again, take care of you, my love.

Exam Success Prayers for Boyfriend

Asides motivation and encouragements, another way you can support your boyfriend as he is preparing for (or even writing) his exams is to pray for him and also forward some prayers to him so he’ll be assured that you’re supportive of his dreams and aspirations.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the things that will make him fall in love with you again.

41. Since I met you, you’ve never had bad grades or lost in anything you choose to do, this time also, you will come out with the best of grades you can imagine. God will want you the knowledge that you need to pass this exam. I’m praying for you my love, so you can’t fail.

42. No matter what it seems like right now, you will come out acing this exam and toping your class, believe it. By God’s special grace, your efforts will not be wasted and you will not be put to shame. I wish you divine success, baby, you deserve it.

43. You have always done your best, and now, you will still do more. You’re not one to get tired easily that’s why I’m confident that God will answer our prayers and grant you success. Continue to do more and you will pass beautifully. All the best my darling.

44. I hope you’re not wasting time being pessimistic about your exams because that’s not allowed for you. I’m praying for you my love and I’m sure my prayers will be answered. The Lord will give you rest on all sides and crown your preparation for this exam with success. You will pass, it’s a certainty

45. Focus all of your attention on passing this examination, instead of being pessimistic. Everything that you need is available for you already. Instead of getting worked up, just think of me and remember all the good times we had together. Know that you can’t afford to fail. I am wishing you all the best in this exams.

46 I am praying for you that you get the superpower to crush the autumns and ace all your papers in this forthcoming exams. From the beginning of it and till the end, you will receiver wisdom from heaven to tackle your papers and stand out extraordinarily. I wish you success, babe.

47. I wish that you will strive to do your best and do very well in this exam. I am praying that you’ll allow nothing to weigh you down instead you will channel all of your energy to passing. I’m praying for you here babe but then, do your best too. Success is yours already.

48. As you go for your exams I’m praying that nothing will stress you, you will receive knowledge and understanding from God and you will get the grace to stand out. Remember that better you’re prepared, the better you’ll come out, so keep pushing baby, you’re almost there. I am praying for your success, my love.

49. Surely, the Lord’s goodness and mercies will be with you as you go for your exams and he will give you retentive memory which is all you need to record success. Everything will turn out just fine and I hope you don’t allow your mind to be scared or wander off. I’m praying success for you, baby, because you deserve it.

50. As you start your exams, I pray that you’ll finish the exam, not the exams finishing you off. No matter what baby, I’m by your side and I’ll be praying for you very hard. You will come out in flying colours and we will definitely celebrate your good success. Go into the exams and do your best, God’s got you and I’m here for you.

51. You have come too far than to quit. You’ve given your best effort and right now is not the time for you to give up. Success is just around the corner, let your mind float to that and not to the present challenge you might think your exam poses. God is your strength always baby. I wish you the best of all lucks.

52. This is the best time to suffer the pain of studying so that as time goes on, you will be reaping so much from each of the efforts you’ve put into learning. I want to remind you that I’ll always be here for you, to help you and pray for you. I wish you all the best in this exams baby, I’m praying for you too.

53. This is not the time to quit or relent. Trust me, I know how you feel right now but you have to keep moving because that’s where the reward of all your struggles lie. Don’t quit, never quit, you can’t quit, you dare not quit! That’s why I’m always here for you baby, to remind you. I wish you excellent success.

54. There’s a joy that comes with the reward for examination, and I pray that you will have it. Your good fortune is here and it’s the success of your exams that will herald it. I wish you all-round success in this examination darling, you’re worth it and more. I am seriously praying that you’ll pass because that’s one of the ways I can be proud of you.

55. I don’t want to disturb you as I understand how crucial these times are for you. I just hope you’re taking good care of your health and you’re not overstressing. All my love and the best of lucks to you my darling. If there’s anything I can do, don’t hesitate to let me know.

56. As you set out to start that examination, I pray that the Almighty God will go before you and be with you. He will help you so that you won’t be alone or stranded. I wish there was something more I could do than to wish you the best of luck but I think that should do. You’re in my heart baby and your success is all I pray for.

57. I just want to remind you that the only motivation you need right now is to thoroughly believe in yourself. You’re your own supporter and cheerleader no. matter what, we can only try but the onus lies on you. Your strength and intelligence are renewed for this stage that you are. I wish you all the best my love.

58. It would be very unfair of me if I don’t show my concern for you as you prepare for this exam and also wish you the best of lucks. I wish I could see you right now and we could have all the fun as we used to have but then, I understand it’s a sacrifice we both need to make for this time we’re in. Success is yours already baby, and you will get it. I love you, don’t forget that.

59. I can’t wait for the exam period you’re in right now to be over, do you even know how much I miss you? I wish there’s something I could do to make you know we’re in this together; like write the exams for you. I’m praying for you so that you’ll come out in flying colours and then I’ll have the opportunity to bill you for celebrations. Just joking baby, but please put in your best too. Success is yours.

60. My deepest and sincerest wish is that you will not relax but you will give this examination your best shot. I am praying for you darling and you will excel among your peers. I love you and I’m praying for you always. I wish you the most successful exam ever my prince.

Funny Exam Wishes for Boyfriend

Examination period can be a tiring and quite unattractive time for your boyfriend. Put a smile on your man’s face, forward to him these funny exam wishes, it will also help you create a lasting romantic bond with him.

61. I was feeling very bored and badly needed to go out with you because it’s being a long while we did that, but then I remember you’ll be preparing for your exams and it felt like I was struck with a heavy blow. I want to see you. I need to see you, but first, take good care and focus on your exams. I love you, honey.

62. Go out there, show them your best, give the exams your best shot and you’ll come out in flying colours because I’m so confident about what you can do. You are a genius already and I’m more than assured that you’ll pass without hassles. Good luck to you my dearest.

63. Thank God that you’re as intelligent as you’re charming, what would have been my gain? Your intelligence is one of the traits that endeared me to you and I’m sure you won’t disappoint me at this time. You should do well in this exam, so I can take you out and spoil you senseless. All the best darling.

64. Whether they like it or not, everything is going to be in your favour in that exam hall today and for the duration of your exams. You know you’re handsome, we can’t afford to fail this exam. Good luck to you darling and make sure to bring the medal home. I’m rooting for you, sweets.

65. You don’t have any reason not to be prepared for this examination, you know how you’re always on my neck wishing me nothing but success? Yes, that’s what I’m doing to you right now. We must pass this exam no matter what. Make sure to let the lucks rake in success.

66. I hope you’re not ageing the cold feet’s ready, my dear, this is just the beginning and you must do well whether you like it or not. You know I’m not dull, you can’t afford to be. I’ll be here to get your results firsthand, it’s either a pass or you say bye to kissing me.

67. By the powers vested on me as your girlfriend, I declare that you go ahead and give this exam your best shot, whether you’re exhausted or not is not really a concern of mine. All I want is for you to bring in good grades and that’s what you’ll do for me. Thank you. Signed, love of your life.

68. If I’m not sure of anything else, I’m more than confident that you’ll do exceedingly well in this exam. I’m your good luck charm, it’s only right that I wish you success. Or should I send in a kiss? Just so you’ll like that I really need you to pass this examination. Bring home the distinctions baby, you got this covered.

69. When charm meets intelligence then the ultimate result is undisputed excellence, I hope you know that’s what my expectations of you are? I want to make sure that you have a reason to smile before your exams so that there won’t be room for an excuse. You must pass this exam, I’m counting on you, babe.

70. Let the thoughts of me follow you into that exam hall, don’t worry, memories of me will remind you of everything you’ve read and learnt. Just be happy and know that your girl is somewhere right now, proud of you in ways you can’t even imagine. I am wishing you the best of luck sweets.

71. Even if you’re about to give up, let the thoughts of how mad I’m going to get at you spur you to keep moving on. I would have prayed that you will be favoured abundantly but then I am Favour, you got me already. Anyways, bring home the distinctions my dear, we’ll be needing it.

72. Smile, my dear, this exam is not the end of the world, it’s just another stepping stone for you but this time, to a bigger level. You’ve got me always and forever but then you need this good luck for your exams. Give it your best and don’t let laziness get into the way. You can do it, my love.

73. God will crown every of your late-night reading and other efforts you’ve put into preparations for this exam with good news. You deserve every good thing of life that comes to you and you’ll get it. I’m your angel, you know I won’t hesitate to remind you. I’ve talked to God on your behalf and I’m sure he’ll give you a good success from his examination. All the best sweets.

74. The only thing you need right now is to hold the thoughts of me at the back of your mind as that’s the booster you need to never relax but keep working hard so you can pass your exams. I’m with you my love and God is with you too. Slide into your success baby.

75. I don’t know what you’re thinking right now but one thing I’m sure of is that you’re preparing hard for your exams. Or do you want to swap places with me so I’ll write the exams on your behalf? I await your favourable response though, signed, your love keeper.

76. It’s not everyone that’s presented with another chance to do better in life but then I hope you will make good use of this opportunity and come out in flying colours. And yes, I’m bothered about the results, you must pass and excellently too. Kisses to keep your company in the hall baby.

77. I know you’re well 0repared for this exam, that’s why I haven’t been able to catch your attention all of these days. I can’t wait for the exams to finish though, I miss my baby so much. Don’t worry, I’ve prayed, you’ll definitely pass this exam.

78. The most important and valuable gift I could give you is to wish you a very successful examination and pray that you get the strength to remain focused at his time. Although it hurts that I can’t get to see you as much as I want but then I’ll manage. Just promise to make it up to me after your exams.

79. You’ve prepared so hard for this exam and the only way I’m going to forgive you for not giving me the attention is you coming out in flying colours. Let me start congratulating you in advance because I’m sure you dare not disappoint. Good luck ahead of you my love.

80. It would have been hard not to believe in you because your optimism is quite compelling. I hope you’re still as composed and as calm as ever because you’ll be needing a whole lot of it. All the best my dear, you’ve got no excuse not to pass.

Exam Wishes Sms for Boyfriend

Here are some selected wishes you can send to your boyfriend as Sms for his coming exams.

And away from exams, maybe to ease the built-up tension, just forward these silly messages for boyfriend to him

81. I have prayed for you that you will not lose your confidence in these exams. May your labour and sacrifices not be in vain. Best wishes darling, you need plenty of it.

82. You’ve set your mind to achieving a good result and I am praying for you that it is so. I believe in you baby, even if no one else does. May your late-night studying yield beautiful harvest in the form of an excel result

83. I wish you all the best that you wish yourself right now baby. I pray distinctions into your life. Good luck to you darling.

84. Beyond what you even hope for, I pray that you will succeed and excellently too. I don’t doubt that you’ll come out in flying colours so don’t underestimate yourself too. Success all the way baby.

85. My utmost wish for you is the overall best results, you will see me display a form of ecstasy I haven’t ever shown to you. Good luck my baby, you’re your own good luck charm.

86. The interesting part of all of this is that even if you’re not adequately prepared for this exam, you’ll still ace all of the papers without stress at all. I’m rooting for you, my love, success every step of the way.

87. I pray that God will grant unto you enough wisdom and understanding that you need to tackle this exam. I can’t be there but trust me, my prayers are all-encompassing for you right now. Good luck baby, go claim your success.

88. It is settled already, so don’t waste your time worrying whether you’ll pass or not. Best grades, overall best results and outstanding success are all that I wish you right now. I’m praying for you darling.

89. It’s not a bad thing if my congratulations come in earlier even before you start your exams. It’s all because I’m excited for your future and all you’ll become. You’re a child of God my love, you can’t fail.

90. I hope you believe in yourself as much as I do you. I hope there’s nothing that will drag away your self-confidence too. Good grades are just right ahead abbe, so go for it. Remember that I love you always.

91. It’s time for all of your dreams and aspirations to come true and I pray that it will be soonest. Nothing is stopping your testimonies. You already have my heart, so, take care of mine and yours too. Best of luck dear.

92. You were made for so much more than for an ordinary exam to make you cower. Just go out there, do your thing like you always do and bring home the medals. That’s all my love, but remember to take care of you also.

93. This exam is another opportunity for you to rise higher even above your peers. So go ahead and make me proud as usual. I have the complete assurance that you will do well. Congratulations in advance my beloved.

94. You will smile before, during and after the exam, I’m making you a promise. You will not be stranded or tired. Good luck to you my darling man, you deserve it and more.

95. You won’t have any reason to panic, before, during and even after the exams. Just go ahead and face your exams with the confidence that only you have. Make sure you always repeat to yourself that you’re made for the best, and you will never back down.

96. I hope you’re charged enough to face every encounter that comes with these exams. Well, I trust you, you deliver, always. You’re in my prayers darling and you’ll definitely pass.

97. More of God’s wisdom, knowledgeable, understanding and retentive memory for you dear, you need it now more than ever. Good luck to you my dearest human on planet earth.

98. The only thing that makes sense right now is praying for you, and wishing that you will have good success in this exam. God’s got your back my dearest, please relax and take care. I wish you the very best you can need.

99. This is the best time to show everyone around you what you’ve got and what your capabilities are. You have worked hard and now I pray that your efforts be crowned for you. The world is waiting for what you’ve got baby, so go show them.

100. I hope you’re not worrying your head off a d doubting your potentials? I pray that you’ll see success and nothing else. Made to shine, that’s who you are and I wish you will do so without restrictions. I wish you real success, babe.

These ideal messages for your boyfriend will definitely go a long way to help reinforce your love and support for your boyfriend so that as he moves into this new stage of his life, he doesn’t feel alone or abandoned.

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