86th Birthday Prayers

Happy 86th Birthday Prayers for 86 Years Birthday Celebration (2024)

86 is a beautiful number that signifies a life lived to maturity. Is your grandmother, grandfather, granduncle or grandaunt turning 86 already? You can make it a memorable day by sending them words of prayer framed into happy 86th birthday messages to brighten their special day. It reminds me of a story about a family reunion.

I remember a time when everyone in the family was invited for a surprise birthday party, but unknown to the celebrant. Every plan was put in place and they thought to act as they all forgot, but they soon found an idea and that was, sending prayers that would make the celebrant happy that she is well remembered and valued in her old age. It was an outpour of words that made the celebrants heart swell at her happy 86th birthday wishes and prayers spree.

When everyone arrived at grandaunt’s place with the cakes and gift, it was such a blessing that she broke down in tears. Laughing as she cried, she hugged everyone and said many prayers for them. It was a beautiful sight to behold and you can help your granny experience this at his or her next 86th birthday.

Let me help you make this a reality with these written texts of happy 86th birthday prayers for 86 years celebration that can make your granny or siblings birthday an awesome day. You want to hear them appreciate you and watch them smile as they age, so, let’s do this.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 86 Years Old Sister

Make your 86 year old sister feel loved and excited on her special day. She deserves all the prayers and love she can get on her 86th birthday.

1. You have come this far into this new spectacular age. I pray that God that has kept you this much will preserve you with health and joy. You will enjoy the remaining days on earth with satisfaction.

2. My beautiful sister with whom I’m well pleased. Even at 86, you still look beautiful. I pray that the beauty and peace of God that is upon you will keep radiating and you won’t lose your value. Happy 86th birthday sister.

3. I have heard of strength, but you have proven over the years to be strength itself. You are a blessed sister and your 86th birthday will bring much strength for the days of your life.

4. I pray for you, sister that your children will be a blessing to this World and may you live as long as you want to. Everything is still possible with God and I pray that you will accomplish your heart desires in strength and peace.

5. To the best sister in the World, living and growing with you as my sister is the best thing I have experienced. I ask that the joy in your heart will never cease and the peace in your life will overflow to everyone around you. Keep being awesome, sis. Happy 86th birthday.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 86 Years Old Brother

Brothers are special and they will always stand firm for siblings through thick and thin. Seeing a brother grow into a well-aged 86 year old, isn’t that a blessing worth celebrating? Now let’s have you pray for him on his special day with these messages.

1. Happy 86th birthday brother! I celebrate God’s grace in you and as you grow, so shall your strength be. Every plan you have will come to fulfilment before your eyes and it will be fulfilled in good health. I celebrate you brother.

2. My brother is becoming an old man. Can’t you see the changes? I guess we have all changed, but being alive today is a great blessing and a wonderful privilege. I ask that God will preserve you with all that your heart desires.

3. You see how amazing God has been to our family? You are 86 today and our hearts are filled with praise to God. I pray that it will be a glorious day for you and God will make it memorable. You are lifted and graced brother. Happy birthday to you.

4. To be strengthened with might in your inner man, that’s my prayer for you brother. As you become 86, you will need strength and health and I ask that God will visit you and give you all the strength that you need. It’s a beautiful celebration for you.

5. Happy 86th birthday brother. I celebrate how far you have come and how much God will do through you. Everything is possible with God and I pray that God will make your life proof of endless possibilities.

86th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Cousin

Cousins are always like our second siblings because truly, they are and they stand by us through every stage of our lives. It’s time to celebrate that amazing cousin of yours and what better way than to use these 86th birthday prayer messages for them.

1. Sweet cousin, God bless you for being a blessing in our family. As you celebrate your 86th year on earth, I pray that you will experience ease on every side and God will bless you beyond measure. Happy 86th birthday, cousin.

2. I pray that God will be good to you and your family. You won’t experience a setback and your new age will mark the beginning of beautiful beginnings for you and your family. Keep being a blessing. I love you, Cousin.

3. To the awesome cousin I have always admired, you have always been the best and you put your best into everything. I pray that God will beautify your life and start a new page in your life and family. I always appreciate you. Happy 86th birthday.

4. See my cousin so young and agile on his 86th birthday. Isn’t this a blessing? I pray that blessings won’t cease from your life and I ask that you will be surprised in this new age. Happy birthday to you.

5. This is to an amazing person. The one who takes family beyond words. I celebrate you powerfully today and I ask that there will be showers of blessing for you and your family. It will become a testimony of what God has done for you and in you. Happy 86th birthday.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 86 Years Old Friend

Let me help you write those prayers for your friend as he celebrates 86 beautiful years on Earth. It really calls for a party, but before the party, let’s get praying and add colours to your friends day with these messages.

1. My prayer for you today, my friend is that you will experience a divine turnaround that will be more than you have ever experienced on Earth. You will be made stronger to handle your days on Earth. Happy 86th birthday my dear friend.

2. You have been my blessing and Angel sent from above to add beauty to my life. I pray for you today that beauty will never cease from you and yours. It will be a glorious shift for you and you will always remember this day to rejoice. Happy birthday to you.

3. I am wishing you the best that life has to offer and I pray that your latter end will be greater than your former. You are lifted and I wish you a happy 86th birthday celebration.

4. For the love that you have shown me over the years, I’m grateful and I ask God to break open the windows of heaven and shower you His blessings in abundance. May it birth abundance for you and your family. Happy 86th birthday to you.

86th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Aunt/Uncle

Uncles and aunts make a lot of difference in our lives. They stand in place for our parents and make family really beautiful to enjoy. Seeing them grow old should bring joy to our hearts and celebrating them with these 86th birthday prayer messages will be so cute and adorable.

1. Happy 86th birthday Uncle. Our family appreciates your uniqueness and for all the times you stood up for us, we are grateful and we pray that God will help you live a fulfilled life to His glory. Shine on Uncle!

2. To the best aunt that God has given me, I pray that you will experience a change of affairs in all that you have been praying for and light will shine on your path to beautify your life. Happy birthday aunt!

3. The World is not complete without you and I’m glad to share in God’s goodness in your life. I pray for you on your special day, may your 86th birthday be a memorable time to look back on and God will perfect everything that concerns you. Happy 86th birthday.

4. Our family is so beautiful and God blessed us with different gifts in human form. Thank you for being one of the many gifts. Your 86th birthday is blessed and I pray that you will live as long as you want to and all the days of your life, you will never experience sorrow.

5. 86 looks good on you and I would love to remind you that you are the best gift to humanity, aunt. I wish you a happy 86th birthday filled with surprises and wisdom to live your days. Happy 86th birthday, aunt.

86th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Sister-In-Law/Brother-In-Law

Coming from a family into another one, the fear and uncertainty of what to encounter are real, but being blessed with in-laws who understands your weakness and strength and through it all, they still decide to stand by you, it is super amazing and they truly worth being celebrated on their special day and more. So, use these 86th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Sister-In-Law/Brother-In-Law to celebrate them.

1. Over the years of knowing you, you have taken our relationship beyond being related by marriage, you have been like my sibling and every day with my spouse is so beautiful because of your presence in our lives. Thank you so much for being the best sister-in-law. Your 86th birthday will bring greatness and open doors to the family. I celebrate you.

2. I pray for you brother-in-law, God will enlarge your capacity and give you the wisdom to do more beyond your age. You are the best brother-in-law and I wish you a happy 86th birthday celebration. Have fun.

3. Having you in our lives begins the day I met my spouse. I’m grateful to God for always keeping you for us. As you celebrate your 86th birthday, more health, more wisdom, more grace and open doors for you, your children and generations after you. Keep being a winner!

4. To my wonderful in-law, it’s awesome being alive to celebrate this awesome age with you. I pray for you that this won’t be your last celebration and by God’s mercy, You will excel in all that you have invested into. Happy 86th birthday, in-law.

86th Birthday Prayer Messages for Dad/Mom

Our parents are our first guide and they will always be the ultimate authority over our lives after God. Watching them grow from the youth that carried you in their arms into the aged that now smiles in between wrinkles, every new age deserves to be celebrated in a grand style, but before you go to that party, why not send a prayer message to your mom or dad on their 86th birthday.

1. Sweet mother, I pray that your investment in our lives won’t be in vain. Your children will love you till the end and you will be able to direct every one of us on the right path. Thank you, mummy, for being the best mom in the World. Happy 86th birthday to you, mummy.

2. Daddy, you seem to me like a young man in his 80’s, not just 80, but awesome 86! You are such a wonderful man and I’m glad to come from your lions. God bless your heart, daddy and cause you to increase your capacity even in old age. You will be blessed beyond your wildest dreams. Happy birthday, Daddy.

3. You have been a strict, yet loving father and this has influenced us, your children to emulate your good works and from your instructions that we listened to, we are now a better person because of you. God bless your new age, you are welcome to a fresh start and more years to live. I celebrate you, my sweet Daddy.

4. Happy 86th birthday, Daddy! You have come this far by God’s grace, and God will keep you as you grow older. The glory of God will always radiate in you, Daddy. You are celebrated, sir.

5. Mummy, you are blessed in the city and you are blessed at home. The banner of God over you is love and the love will radiate all around you. Strength for today and pleasant surprises always. I celebrate you on your 86th birthday mom.

86th Birthday Prayer Messages for Grand Dad/Mom

It calls for a celebration when our grandparents live long and strong. From the stories and the love they share with us, it is splendid to be on the family tree with them. Celebrating their new age is essential and these 86th birthday prayer messages are the perfect prayers to show your grandparents that you love them

1. Happy birthday, grandma. You have been a mother indeed and I pray that God will multiply your seeds on Earth. Generations after you will call you blessed and you are lifted beyond measure. I join the World to celebrate a special mother.

2. You gave me the best parents, grandpa. Thank you for sharing your life with us and I pray that your desire over your family will come to pass. You won’t experience a bitter end. God bless you, grandpa. Happy 86th birthday.

3. O the joy of knowing you, grandma. Thank you for instilling strict values. You made sure we have the best in everything. May God crown you with the best and enlarge your capacity to do more. Keep living for signs and wonders.

4. You are the reason we celebrate today and it’s a beautiful thing to celebrate you. As you increase in age, I pray that God will increase you in might and give you pleasant surprises. Happy birthday to you.

5. I wonder why you know so much about everything and now I understand that God has endowed you with wisdom. God bless you, grandpa for loving us so much. Be encouraged with strength daily, sir. Happy 86th birthday.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 86 Years Old Father-In-Law/Mother-In-Law

We are all blessed to have another who always stand in love for us. They are parents who help us build our better half and if not for them, we wouldn’t experience peace in our marriage. Let’s take our time to send a birthday prayer message on their 86th birthday. Your mother-in-law and father-in-law deserve the showers of blessings and prayer messages from you.

1. Father in love, thank you so much for giving me a special spouse. I’m grateful to have you in my life and I pray that as you celebrate, you will encounter a divine turnaround for everything you have always hoped and desired. Happy 86th birthday, sir.

2. My mother in love like no other. You know you are special right? I just thought to remind you about your uniqueness today and I ask that henceforth, you will find peace in your heart. Your path will drop with fatness and it will be your best birthday ever.

3. I came into your family and you took me as your own. You made loving my spouse easy. I’m so glad that I can celebrate this day with you. As you celebrate, God will strengthen your weak knees and give you health that will overcome every hurt and sorrow in your heart. Happy 86th birthday.

4. As the rain falls to water the earth, I pray that God will open the windows of heaven and shower you with an abundance of goodness and mercy. You won’t experience a better yesterday. Happy birthday my sweet mummy in love.

5. My father like no other. Thank you for allowing me to love one of your seeds. I pray that God will make your days flourish. Lines will fall to you in pleasant places and all things work together for your good as you celebrate.

86th Birthday Prayer Messages for My Boss

Our boss will always have a reason to be a part of our lives because God has placed us in their lives for them to lead us even as we serve them for our wages and means of lively hood. Use these 86th birthday prayer messages to celebrate them.

1. To my ever-diligent boss, I wish you a happy 86th birthday. Working with you as being a blessing and seeing you around even in your old age, challenges my heart and I pray that your strength will not fade away. You will be daily loaded with benefits. Happy 86th birthday, boss!

2. Serving under you opened me to realities in the business field. Thank you for being a role model and I pray that your commitment to this business will not perish and won’t be ruined. I pray that you will experience ease as you age and your strength will be renewed. Happy birthday!

3. You have made working beautiful by creating an avenue for us to learn as we work. I pray that everything you have lived for will not perish before your eyes and even behind you, it will keep flourishing. As your age increase, so will your health and strength increase. I celebrate you, boss.

4. I bless God for giving me a boss in your and I pray that God will make His face shine upon you. Your home will be a haven and God will grant you and your family the grace to hold on to Him and trust Him. Happy 86th birthday to you, boss! This is a fresh start for you.

Opening Prayers for 86th Birthday Party

Everything should start with prayers and end with prayers, it is a great way to start a party and everything else in life. So, I urge you to use these opening prayers for the 86th birthday party and add colour to your celebration.

1. This birthday party is sanctified and blessed. The 86th birthday party will mark a fresh start for the celebrant and the family will always love each other and stand in for each other at all times.

2. As we begin this birthday party, the Lord will begin with us and the celebrants will enjoy pleasant surprises at all times. Everyone will experience a beautiful blessing beyond just a party and it will be glorious.

3. God who has brought you this far will keep you safe more than this and this birthday will challenge other young people to live right and glorified. It will be a beautiful day.

4. Today is a great day for this family. We ask that greatness will never depart from them. As the celebrant rejoices at 86, may it open doors for the family and friends of the home. Let it be open heaven to everyone.

5. You are all blessed to witness this day and I pray that our celebrant 86th birthday will birth goodness and mercy in our lives. With the grace of God, there won’t be a better yesterday in this family.

Wow! I have completed these 86th birthday prayers for 86 year old celebrant for you and I hope you found it worth reading through. You sure must have made someone smile and beyond just sending a prayer, heaven has registered your words and they are being affirmed for quick answers in the life of your celebrants.

So, before you close this page, please, kindly leave me feedback in the comments as it would help me serve you better next time.

Written by Fikayomi Aaron

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