Birthday Wishes for My Sister
Birthday Wishes for My Sister

2024 Trending Happy Birthday Wishes for My Sister (Elder or Younger)

Special events and moments happen in the lives of everyone at different points in time. These special moments help define us, and their memories remain etched in our hearts for a very long time.

One of those events is a birthday. Birthdays constitute a vital part of our existence – it’s a form of remembrance about when we were born and the things we’ve achieved.

Despite the fact that birthdays are ‘personal’ days, in many parts of the world, they are not celebrated alone. Family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues at work, and many other people help make such special days truly special.

One way to make birthdays memorable is sending lovely birthday wishes to the celebrant through SMS, or email, or instant messaging.

Today, I have here some special messages you can send to your elder or younger sister (your big sister or little sister), to make their birthday truly memorable.

Choose from any of them, and be sure to have her smiling to herself all day long!

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Elder Sister

Here are lovely happy birthday wishes and quotes you can send to your elder sister, as she is celebrating her birthday today.

1. Birthdays are special days, most especially for the one I call my sister. Go out there, spoil yourself, and enjoy the best of it. Happy birthday, lovely sister!

2. Christmas, New Year, Valentine, are all days to celebrate with other people. Today’s a special day, for a special person – my sister. Live long, and break barriers.

3. Since your first birthday, you’ve grown strong and healthy. Till yesterday, you still have. Keep shining bright, and blossom into a graceful womanhood. Much love for you on a birthday!

4. You’re here – alive and well because you were born. Go out there sister, and have fun, for every day won’t be your birthday!

5. It’s another day above ground for you. Be grateful for life, and make plans to touch lives until your next birthday. Happy birthday, sister.

6. S – Strong
I – Intelligent
S – Smart
T – Tenacious
E – Elegant
R – Rugged

Those are your inherent qualities. I pray they see you through in your trying times. May they also strengthen your resolve in your birthday and forever. Happy birthday.

7. May the grace to exhaust purpose be delivered right at your doorstep, today, and forever. Have a grace-filled birthday sister.

8. The strength of heart, peace of mind, and a sickness-free body are my greatest wishes for you, on your birthday, sister!

9. May you do the impossible, surmount the insurmountable, and achieve the unachievable today – your birthday, and forever, elder sister. Go move mountains!

10. Society is designed to look down on women as the ‘weaker sex’. You’ve proved to be a strong woman who’s never felt under the weather. I pray for more strength and willpower for you on your birthday and forever sister!

11. Grow into womanhood in much love, strength, and joy. Happy birthday, sister!

12. You were the first from mother’s womb; you were the first from father’s loins. You’ve led the rest of us, your siblings, with a great sense of leadership and judgment. More of wisdom’s light on your path on your birthday and forever.

13. It’s your birthday, sister. Get off from sleeping, get to work, and exhaust purpose!

14. Birthdays help us to keep track of our ages and accomplishments. As you mark another age off life’s calendar, I wish you unlimited success and joy throughout the remainder of your life.

15. Live, love, laugh. That’s the essence of life. Go through life doing these three. Happy birthday, sister!

16. May your joy be full, may your successes come through, and may your life be long. All these I wish you on your birthday. Happy birthday

17. May all the good things of life be made blessings for you. May all the problems of life made walk stones for you. May all the challenges of life help make you stronger. Happy birthday sweet sister!

18. Your sweetness drips like honey. Your love rains like dew. Your kindness is like the sun shining on cloudy days. May you keep being a source of blessings for humanity. Happy birthday!

19. All the produce from the palm tree never goes to waste. You’re a woman in your prime. May you always be useful to humanity’s advantage. Happy birthday elder sister!

20. May the woman you’ve become be a source of inspiration for millions of women living in the universe. Shine like the sun, sister!

21. Limitations and challenges will favour you,
Disgrace will instead be made grace for you.
May your brightness be as the stars
May life never inflict on you, scars!
Much love for a sister on her bday!

22. Women are seen as weaker vessels. I see you as a strong cornerstone. Keep getting stronger, and stronger as you head on in life’s journey. Happy birthday!

23. May life’s circumstances favour you,
May the universe treasure you.
God’s blessings be your shield,
And a purposeful life your creed.
Happy birthday!

24. May you live long like the rock; which never goes weary even in harsh weather. May your days be filled with joy and your life with blessings abundant. Happy birthday.

25. May you always remain an achieved with the age-long qualities of grace, compassion, kindness and wisdom. Happy birthday!

26. I pray you’re filled with all of the needed positive energy and love on your birthday, and forever.

27. May you never live below your potential, today, and forever. Happy birthday!

28. May the universe bend to your will, and help make you the best of yourself. Happy birthday, sister!

29. You can accomplish just about anything, sister. Get out there, and be the best of yourself – go shake the world, and move it along its orbit to your will. Happy birthday!

30. May the grace and strength to achieve just about anything you so wish be given unto you. Go move mountains! Happy birthday.

31. May all o your expectations for a good life come to pass. May you take charge. May you win! Happy birthday.

32. Get out there on the cutting edge, take the risks, and rule your world! Happy birthday lovely sis.

33. Don’t focus on regret and disappointments. Focus on the healing and lessons. Go out there, buy a cake, chew on it, and enjoy. It’s your birthday!

34. Walk in faith and ditch fear, as God takes you on a journey of another year. Happy birthday.

35. As you become a better version of you from today – your birthday, ditch people who will make you seem lesser than you. Happy birthday.

36. My advice for you on your birthday: don’t confuse that which you want with what you need. Make the best choice. Happy birthday.

37. Be achievement oriented, as you climb on the plane of a new year. Remember to enjoy every bit of it too. Happy birthday.

38. Be positive, stay positive, spread positive. Happy birthday, elder sister.

39. Love yourself, and others, and never allow any insecurity you are facing stop you from spreading the good. Happy birthday.

40. May grace find you, and may Providence make everything work for your good, today and forever. Happy birthday.

41. Go set the benchmark, go set the trails, go win the awards. Sweetest birthday to you!

42. May you overcome every shame, pain, and hurt that threatens your overall advantage. Happy birthday sweet sister.

43. End up as the high achiever you were born to be. Go prosper, for it’s your birthday.

44. Life’s troubles sometimes make us lose it. May the calm you need for this new age be bestowed upon you. Happy birthday.

45. May the oceans of life be smooth enough for you to traverse. May the storms be calm. May the winds obey. Happy birthday.

46. May you never lose the strength for the determination to succeed and make an impact. Have a glorious birthday.

47. May the skies remain blue, may the Sun keep shining, and may the seas be calm as you journey on life’s ocean this new year. Happy birthday.

48. When the nights remain dark, and the clouds remain heavy, may you have the strength to keep going. Happy birthday.

49. Life won’t always be smooth, know that. Take on the fortitude to keep winning, even when it seems you’re losing. Happy birthday.

50. Never be afraid to give up the good, and go for best. Go for gold, sister. Happy birthday.

51. Get prepared to be different from the normal. Fight for the right cause. Make a move for justice, jettison hatred, and be the best of yourself. Happy birthday.

52. Know one thing sister: it’s never people’s business to make you happy. Always be happy for, and with yourself. Have a glorious birthday.

53. Conquer the world, and make empires from its ruins. Have a fulfilling birthday.

54. Focus on your life, and mind your business. Let your business be your business. Have a fantastic birthday.

56. Be intentional about all you do this new age. Take charge, and don’t leave your life to fate and chance. Have an intentional birthday.

57. Have a positive outlook on life. Take charge, and
grab all the chances and opportunities life throws at you. Be at your best always. Happy birthday!

58. Let your confidence be in God always. He only can give you the best out of life. Happy birthday.

59. I pray that you find help from God, and grace to help others who need help. Much love on your birthday.

60. I’m proud of you today. I’ll always be, because you’re family, and it’s your birthday. Happy birthday, sister!

61. With unbridled enthusiasm, I wish you a happy birthday!

62. Grace, joy, peace, love, kindness, mercy, compassion, and other comely virtues be yours, today and forever. Happy birthday!

63. May love lead you, may grace find you, may peace surround you, and may blessings envelop you today and forever. Have a grand birthday.

64. Sisters are like trees. They bring shade to any family they’re born into. May your leaves keep blossoming, and may your flowers never be trampled underfoot. Much love from a little brother on your birthday!

65. May you soar on high like the eagles and never be lowly like the chickens. May the mountains, and not the valleys be your playgrounds. Happy birthday dear sister.

66. May the winds sweep under your wings to bring you high. May you enjoy the zenith and not the base. Happy birthday.

67. May you be an advantage to humanity, and may your impact be felt for generations to come. Happy birthday.

68. May your beauty and grace keep shining like the sun and keep sparkling like the waters of the ocean. Have a shiny birthday.

69. May your fires never burn out, and may your heart never lose its compassion. Have a fun filled birthday.

70. No one has the exclusive preserve to excel. Go excel without limitations. Happy birthday.

Birthday Wishes for My Younger Sister

Below are lovely happy birthday wishes and quotes you can send to your younger sister, as she is celebrating her birthday today.

1. Crawl, Walk, Run, Soar. Be not like the chicken, fly on the wings of eagles. Happy birthday little sister.

2. Sisters are like the heart which keeps the family alive. I wish you a splendid birthday, as you add another year.

3. We, your brothers are always glad to have you as a younger sister. We’re proud because you complete us. May you grow in God’s wisdom, today and forever. Happy birthday!

4. You’re beautiful, and your heart is true. We’re glad as a family, to have you as sister, daughter, friend, and playmate. We pray to see grow in sound health, and in the love of God. Happy birthday, younger sister.

5. Your strength amazes us; your beauty inspires us. Our birthday wishes for you, is that you grow to be the best version of yourself and that you help others be the best of themselves too. Happy birthday dear sister.

6. We prayed to have you as our younger sister, and here we’ve you gradually turning into a young woman. We pray you turn out well in life, and that you achieve purpose and greatness. Happy birthday!

7. Greatness isn’t the exclusive preserve of men. Great women have exhibited their grace and strength of character in the course of history. We pray you turn out great, little sister, and that you make us all proud. Happy birthday.

8. May you never know regret all your life, and may the universe bow to your will, today and forever. Happy birthday!

9. May limitations be removed from your path of destiny. If they remain, may you climb over them to success. Happy birthday!

10. Your smile spreads like margarine on bread. Your aura spreads happiness all about. May you keep being happy, and may your person bring hope to all who comes in contact with you. Happy birthday!

11. May you never be at the mercy of child poachers and other evil people who take delight in defiling young girls. Happy birthday.

12. Learn to love, love to learn. No virtue is as important as loving and sacrificing for others. Have a lovable birthday.

13. May you achieve purpose, and the reason for your existence. Go prosper!

14. No troubles, persecutions, limitations, confusions and vicissitudes will be able to shake you away from your strong will to achieve greatness. Achieve!

15. May every expectation you have to succeed come to pass. Go succeed.

16. Win. Win. Win again. Winning is all I wish for you on your birthday, and forever.

17. Strive to make impact, little sister. You can start by cooking us a meal. Happy birthday to you.

18. Lions don’t find it hard to roar. May you never find it hard to make a difference in your generation. Happy sweet birthday.

19. May your tenacity to succeed never be downed by the circumstances of life. Happy birthday.

20. Keep smiling, sister, even when the world throws dirt at you. Sweet, sweet birthday to you.

21. I wish you a very long life full of lovely adventures to embellish it. Have an adventurous lifetime.

22. Take time off from trouble making today. It’s your birthday: go make the best of it!

23. Bake a cake, for our sakes. Take a bite, for that’s right! Happy birthday younger sister.

24. Add some weight, from the cake.
Like figure eight, that’s baked!

25. At the end of today, when you’re retiring to bed, be glad, because you’ve had an enjoyable birthday.

26. May your days be long, and your vision sharp. May you never be stopped to be whom you were meant to be.

27. May your focus never be shifted from pursuing purpose in your journey of life. Go journey with purpose!

28. May the forces of nature endear you to chasing after the things that matter in the journey of life. Happy birthday.

29. May your dreams, visions, and aspirations of becoming who you want to be never die. May they come to full realisation.

30. What’s a birthday without fun like? – all shades of boring! Go out there little sister, and have fun with family and friends!

31. A birthday without God is a birthday without purpose. Move with God today as you celebrate, and enjoy his leading all life long!

32. May your new age never slow you down. Soar on the wings of eagles, and have a splendid birthday.

33. Act maturely, grow in wisdom, and age gracefully. Happy birthday.

34. I pray you’re free from diseases, sicknesses and disaster today and forever. Have a grand birthday.

35. May your spirit be fired, and your energy replenished to make you achieve the purpose of your existence. Go prosper sister, and have a lovely birthday.

36. May the new year be filled with all shades of goodness, mercy and blessing. Happy birthday.

37. May your new age be filled with a plethora of unprecedented growth and opportunities. You’re on your way to better days.

38. I wish you a hundred hearty congratulations and a truckload of good will on your birthday. Do enjoy!

39. I hope you keep shining bright today and forever. Have a beautiful birthday.

40. Keep shining brighter every day, and not for one moment go dull. Shine all the way to victory. Happy birthday.

41. To the most attractive younger sister in the world, I wish you a birthday filled with splendour.

42. The stars, sun, and moon do not find it hard shining their lights. May you never find it hard shining in life. Do have a sunlit birthday.

43. Do have a new year filled with pleasant and unexpected surprises. Have yourself a birthday filled a truckload of beautiful moments.

44. May all your moments and days be filled with life lived to the fullest. Happy birthday.

45. Live your days this new year with joy, and moments free from regrets and suffering. Suffer not. Happy birthday.

46. Keep rocking the chair of life without any iota of care and want. Enjoy yourself today. Happy birthday.

47. All that you need to have a seamless new age are given to you by the grace of God. Have a birthday filled with grace.

48. Here’s to a birthday filled with joy, peace of mind, love, care, and indefatigable protection of the divine. God bless you.

49. May you live each moment of your life to the very fullest. Happy birthday.

50. I do hope I was the first to wish you a lovely birthday, dear sister. Have a smashing birthday dear.

51. As you celebrate your birthday today, take proactive steps that’ll take you quickly to your destination.

52. Being focused on the journey of life may be uneasy. But keep your brain fixed on the target, and achieve the impossible. Happy birthday.

53. Think possible. Never be afraid of dreaming those dreams of how you want your life to turn out. Dreaming comes first, then manifestation second. Have a birthday full of possibilities.

54. Never allow life’s problems scratch away your joy this new year. Live free. Happy birthday.

55. Learn from the challenges of life this new year. Don’t take flight; fight! Happy birthday.

56. When people around you are losing their heads, keep calm instead. The calmer you get, the better for you. Have a stress free year ahead of you.

57. As you embark on the journey of a new year, love yourself more, and allow no one to be the source of your happiness. Happy birthday.

58. Hello sister,
Strive to build up your confidence and competence as you go ahead this new year. Only then can you grow to all shades beautiful. Happy birthday.

59. Fight the battles of life without fear. Keep fighting even in times of despair. Someday you’ll be glad you did because you’ll achieve what denied others the chance to succeed. Have a winning year ahead.

60. Listen not to the noise of the world around you: listen to your own voice. That’s where salvation and self-discovery lies. Have a beautiful new age ahead of you.

61. Great power lies inside of you, to bring out innovations that can liberate the world. I pray you harness that power, so as to liberate us all. I wish you have a smashing day ahead.

62. Make a decision to give back to your world. Make a decision to make it better than you met it. Happy birthday!

63. Soar without limitation. The world awaits your shining. Happy birthday!

64. Let the flames of your passion for an outstanding life keep burning. You’ll be needing it for the journey of this new age. Keep the flames alive!

65. Keep spreading the happiness we’ve always known you for, younger sister. Paint the world with it, even on your birthday.

66. You’ve all it takes to make the world look like a rainbow. Make the skies colourful.

67. May you remain as strong as the Lion, as lovely as the Dove, and as beautiful as a Peahen. Much love to you from elder brother!

68. Grow in grace, little sister. That’s all that I ask God for, for you. Happy birthday.

69. Blossom like the flowers in springtime. May your leaves keep being green. Have a colourful birthday.

70. I just want to say I love you very much as my sister, and that nobody can take your place in my heart. Big brother loves you.

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