Birthday Prayers for 5 Years Old

5th Year Birthday Prayers for 5 Years Old (2024)

5th birthday for a child is a big deal, at least to most parents. From age 1 to 5, it’s being hard work of building up the baby.

Most parents will decide on holding a party for the child, which is not a bad idea altogether as long as they can afford it all.

Are you the parent of a 5 year old and you’re in search for the right words to wish your little bundle of joy a happy birthday? Do you have a 5 year old around you who’s celebrating a birthday and you need the words and prayers to send across to his/her parents so they know you celebrate with them?
You made the right decision because here, you will get to read different touching messages that you can send as a birthday wish to help celebrate with that 5 year old around you.

Most people love babies-children. If you’re one of these ‘most people’, then, you’ll love to celebrate your 5 year old on their birthday.

You can prepare children birthday prayers for that kid, maybe to be printed on cards or sent as a text to the parents so they can know you share in their joy.

And aside from that, well depending on your relationship with the parent, of course, you can help out with putting together some party ideas for 5th birthday.

Let the parents know that you truly care, send any of these prayers and wishes to them on the 5th anniversary of their child’s birth. It goes a long way, trust me.

Happy Birthday Prayers for 5 Years Old Child

Here are some appropriate happy birthday prayers you will love to send to celebrate that 5 year old child around you.

Do you know that you can also chip in some ways to celebrate a 5 year old?

1. Five is a beautiful number, an amazing age for a child. It’s 5 years of knowing you and your family already and I must say you brought nothing but joy to the loved of us all. May God continues to hold and keep you, dearest, may you grow into your full potentials. Happy 5th birthday to you (name)

2. Hurray! My baby is 5 years old already! It still feels like yesterday when u first got the news of your birth and now you’re 5? Happy birthday to you darling, may God bless you all your days and continue to make you a bundle of joy to us all. Long life and prosperity to you dear.

3. As you go in this new year, I pray that you grow in wisdom, understanding and favour of God. I pray that your life will be a source of immense and positive influence. You will not just grow, but you will grow well. Happy 5th birthday son, you’re loved always.

4. Happy 5th birthday to our little cutie! Thank you for coming to our lives and bringing so much fun and love. Your mom and I will always and forever love you. May God keep you always and to the end of your days. Long life and prosperity darling, enjoy your cake today.

5th Year Birthday Prayers

5. Look who’s it if it’s not the birthday baby? Today, you look more beautiful, and the that is because you’re our princess. From today, may the eyes of the Lord never leave your life. May your life be a testimony to your parents and everyone around you. Make sure you enjoy your cake darling, Happy birthday to you.

5th Year Birthday Prayer for Christian

Here you go with some perfect 5th year birthday prayers for a Christian that you can forward as wishes to loved ones to celebrate their child’s birth anniversary with them.

6. Just as you look like a princess today, I pray that you will grow to be a ‘queen’ and rule your world conveniently. My prayers are that you will never experience any of life’s sadness or sorrows. May every day of life favour you are you grow older. Happy birthday our little bundle of joy.

7. The first time of meeting you was when you first came to this world tiny and fragile. We’ve known your beginning, we’ll never witness the end in Jesus name. Our Lord Jesus Christ will make you a shining star. Happy 5th year birthday to you darling.

8. Royalty suits you and that’s what you are born to be, may God be with you so you can reach that height destined for your life. You are a joy to us already and you’ll forever be. Happy birthday to our little Champ.

9. 5 looks so good on you, cutie, you look chubbier and definitely more graceful. I pray that you’ll do great things in life. You will live and love to the fullest. We love you so much! Happy birthday, son.

5th Year Birthday Prayers

10. My godson is all grown already, look at you, you’re 5 today! I thank God for the joy and sunshine you brought into all of our lives. My prayers are that you will never cease to be that source of joy. May you enjoy each and every day of your life! Happy 5th birthday to you son.

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Birthday Prayers for 5 Year Old Baby Girl

Do you have a baby girl close to you celebrating her 5th year birthday? Then these prayers are just right to send across to her (her parents) so that they can know you celebrate with them.
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11. No matter what you choose to be when you grow up, I just want to wish you God’s blessings on your life’s journey. You will grow to be an enviably strong woman and adult. You will not be misled in life. Happy 5th birthday to you our baby girl, you’ll celebrate tons of birthday more.

12. So far, you’ve turned out to be our bubbly chubby sweet little angel. I pray that you’ll not lose this glow as you grow! You will grow up to make us all proud. Make sure to enjoy the cake today darling, daddy and mommy worked hard to get it for you. Happy birthday sweets

13. May you grow stronger, wiser and healthier. May you grow in all the good things in life. Skip homework today darling, it’s all on me. But make sure you have all the fun because your birthday is just once a year. Happy 5th birthday our baby girl.

5th Year Birthday Prayers

14. For a dear little one like you, here are my wishes today; may your health be awesome, may your blessings be innumerable, may your life be filled with goodness and every moment of it amazing. Happy birthday dearest baby girl.

15. Being five is awesome! You’re no longer a toddler but on your way to becoming a big girl like your mommy! God bless you today darling and always too. May your path never go dark as you advance in years. Happy 5th birthday my lovely pumpkin.

Birthday Prayers for 5 Year Old Baby Boy

Choose any of these prayers to send to parents celebrating the birth anniversary of their 5 year old boy,

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16. 1, 2, 3, 4 and now 5, how fast you’ve grown boy! Thank God for giving you to your parents so you could be a source of real joy to us all. High Fives to you today as you enter the big five! Now let’s go down for the party and devour more than enough cakes because it’s your special day! Happy birthday to you dear, may God bless your days.

5th Year Birthday Prayers

17. Five times more sweet, smart, cuter and definitely adorable, that’s what it means to us all because you’re 5 years old today. May you continue to be as adorable as you are now, always. Happy 5th birthday my sweet candy.

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18. Thank God for helping mommy and daddy take good care of you from day 1 to this age. May God continue to bless them so that you can be well taken care of and grow up to be exactly like Daddy. Happy 5th birthday to you Champ, and don’t forget my cake.

19. Thank God for filling you up with so much energy, thank God for giving you enviable strength because you don’t seem to run out of breath. Today, you will always have that strength available, that’s my deepest prayer. Happy 5th birthday our crown prince! May you continue to make us happy always and forever.

20. Now you’re that 5, I pray that you will enjoy blessings of God, the wisdom from God, the favours of God 5 times more, May your noise and cries be for happiness always. Happy 5th birthday to you, our little bundle of joy!

5th Year Prayer for Daughter From Dad

It’s your daughter’s 5th birthday and as expected you’re more than excited. Celebrate your daughter by sending any of these 5th year prayers for daughter from Dad.

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21. Thank you age 4, you’ve done well but your time is up. Now, my daughter is set for the big 5! Happy birthday to you Daddy’s Little princess, may the joy you bring to my life be forever and ever. Daddy loves you and daddy prays you will grow up to your full potentials.

22. No matter how old you may become, you will always and forever be Daddy’s little and adorable angel. May God bless you with all the good things you’ll need to live a good life. Happy 5th birthday, my chubby sweetheart.

23. You came to my life and made me a Dad, that is one of the greatest blessings my life has enjoyed. Sunshine and blessings all through your days are my prayers for you today baby. Welcome to age 5, it is blessed and sanctified for you all the way.

5th Year Birthday Prayers

24. One thing I’m sure of is that I can never get tired of your tantrums and noise, in fact, they are the ingredients of my love for you. Today my baby girl, I pray that you will shine brighter than stars in life. Happy 5th birthday darling.

25. Your energy is boundless that sometimes I’m worried if you won’t be down the next minute after all the ups. I’m looking forward to all these and more for the new year. Happy birthday to you my little big girl.

5th Year Prayer for Son From Dad

Help your son celebrate his 5th year birthday with these prayers from your heart as his Dad, to him. Even when he’s grown and he looks back on those messages, he’ll know that you really care for him.

26. How time flies so fast, it felt just like yesterday when I first held you in my arms as my tiny little prince. May the joy you bring to our lives not end abruptly. As you celebrate this year, you will celebrate more. Happy 5th birthday son, I wish you a bump-free life journey ahead.

27. My son is a big kid now and I’m more than proud. May all the privileges that come with this new age and all the ages you’ll attain, come to you fully. May God keep you always. Happy 5th birthday to you son.

28. From your birth till this morning, you’ve been an absolutely incredible child. I pray that as you step into age 5, you will not lose the flavours that come branded with your life. You will grow strong and wise dear son. With love from your mom and I, happy 5th birthday to you.

29. Funny how time flies though, just some days back, I was watching you make a trial at crawling, at standing, walking and then running. Now you’re 5! Happy birthday to you my young Superman. You will grow wise and strong.

30. From the day you came to us, you’ve been our life’s greatest entertainer. In every way soon, you’re exceptional. I pray that you’ll enjoy not just your 5th year but every year of your life on this earth. Long life and prosperity to you, the little boss in our home and lives.

5th Year Prayer for Daughter From Mom

Let your child have a feel of that mother-daughter bond even as she celebrates her 5th birthday, you can make a card or decoration with any of these prayers for daughter from mom.

It will greatly help if you can check out these tips on being the best mother for your daughter

31. Now that you’re 5 years old, you’ve fully earned the rights to be called our ‘little madam’. Enjoy your day baby, daddy and I are praying for you always. Many happy returns of today to you and even to every day of your life.

32. Someone is 5 years today and I’m sure she’s seeing herself as a big girl already, well, you sure are my baby. My baby girl, chubby princess and general madam may your life be as amazing as you deserve, may God bless you always. Happy 5th birthday darling, mommy loves you.

33. Enjoy all of the day because it’s all about you baby girl. Now you’re at the door of the big 5, I pray that God will help you make the most out of your days baby. You have been a great baby, you’ll grow to be an awesome young lady and woman. Happy 5th birthday darling!

34. Today, we welcome you into the Big 5 League! My baby is no more 4 years old. You can now count your age, all on one hand and it calls for a great celebration. Happy birthday to you our princess, you’ll grow to be a queen.

35. I guess I can’t call you baby anymore but a big kid. It’s been a beautiful journey of 4 years since you came into our lives and home. Your smiles have always been bright and beautiful, I pray you don’t ever lose them, darling. Happy 5th birthday angel.

5th Year Prayer for Son From Mom

Check out this 5th year prayer for son from mom. Set your child’s life on the right path as he enters his 5th year on earth with these prayers that show your love to him.

36. Happy birthday, sweetheart! Today you get to play, have fun, eat as much as you want, just make sure not to fall down or fall sick after. May God bless each of your day, darling son, enjoy your 5th year.

37. Your childhood and all it came with is more than pleasant to us all. Every day, I say a little thanks to God for giving you to us as a special blessing because that’s what you and will always be. Happy 5th birthday my son, you’ll prosper by God’s grace.

38. Happy 5th birthday my sweetheart, may your heart be merry all the days of your life. May you continue to be the source of joy you’ve always been. Enjoy your childhood to the peak, my love. Happy birthday my darling.

39. May your life’s journey be filled with gladness, may the energy you exude be overflowing. May this not be the last of your birthday’s, may God bless you every day of your life. I wish you awesome days ahead. Happy fifth birthday darling son.

40. Beautiful and radiant, that’s how your smiles have always been and they light up not just my days but my world in several ways than one. Darling son, may God bless you and make you fruitful in this life. May God colour your life brightly. Happy 5th birthday my prince.

5th Year Birthday Blessing

Check out these 5th year birthday blessings that are appropriate for every child celebrating around you. It shows them and their parents that you care for and celebrate with them.

41. Our world became better when you came into it with your glee, cuddly hugs, kisses and tricks. Every single day, I pray that you will never lose this charm that you’ve got. I love you so much! Happy 5th birthday!

42. To our tiny little princess, may God hold you, keep you, strengthen you, help you, caress you all the days of your life. May godly wisdom be your guide in life always. You will never be stranded, my baby. We all love you darling, happy 5th birthday to you.

43. Today is your day, we’ll shower you with hugs and kisses, daughter! May you enjoy each and every moment of your birthday and your life. God bless you and make you grow well. You will not be a disgrace to us all. Happy 5th birthday baby, many happy returns of the day to you.

44. Don’t worry, your presents are here waiting for you, just close your eyes, say your wish and blow out your candles. This new year, the hand of God on you will never go away. Your days are blessed over and again. Happy birthday to you our sweetness.

45. Dearest child, as you celebrate your birthday today I sincerely pray for you that every hidden potential in you will surface even as grow older. God’s got you, we also got you too so don’t worry about anything. Happy 5th birthday to you our amazing pumpkin, may your awesome grow bigger as you age.

Opening Prayer for 5th Birthday Party

If you are in search of the right choice of words to put together as opening prayers for the birthday party of 5 years old, here you go. Put them together and pray for the 5 year old, from your heart.
Help both the child and the parent have a memorable and worthwhile birthday celebration.

46. Today, we say thank you Lord for the gift of this child, thank you for keeping him for us all these years. We pray that the joy and love he brought to us all will not grow cold. He will flourish and prosper all of his days. Nothing in the heart will stop his shine. May God hold him for us all. Happy 5th birthday to our baby.

47. I sincerely pray for you from my heart that you will prosper, you will not fail in anything and everything you make up your mind to do in life. As you celebrate your 5th birthday today, your days of glory starts from today. You will make yourself, your parents and us all proud no matter what. Long life and prosperity are yours, happy 5th birthday to you or treasure.

48. You are destined for greatness in life, your potentials are for high places. As you embark on the journey of your 5th year, I pray that God’s presence will be with you always. No matter how old you become, may God always guide you and guard your path. Happy 5th birthday baby, long life and prosperity to you.

49. May your life be as awesome and colourful as your birthday party. May God help your parents to raise you properly. You are a joy to have, may you continue to be so. Coming to us all, you made our days worth living and I pray that the same blessings will come to you too, even as you grow older. May you continue to make us proud by God’s grace. Happy birthday to you today, sweetheart!

50. Now that you’re 5, our prayers for you have increased. You will live long, you will have an amazing life, God’s protection will be on you always, ailments will not come near you, your days will be of testimonies, your life will be a mirror of God’s grace, you will go far in life and soar high. ute smile all over your face! May you grow up to be a lovely lady with a big heart! No matter how far you will go in life, always stay humble and grateful to God. Now that you’re five, you will be 5 times better, wiser, stronger and cuter. Happy birthday to you our little adorable. Enjoy your special day, today.

And there you have it, amazing birthday prayers for a 5 year old child so that you can celebrate with them and their parents, and help them have a nice birthday as they celebrate.

Inspiring and heartwarming, these birthday prayers are ideal for a 5 year old whose birthday is upcoming, whether friends or family, no matter your relationship with them,

And maybe the child is not yours, you’ll help them and their parents have a good time celebrating their special day.

Don’t forget to let me know what you think of these 5th year birthday prayers for 5 years old child before you leave.

Thank you in advance for your feedback.


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