Birthday Prayer for 23 Years Old

23rd Birthday Prayers for 23 Years Old (2024)

Birthdays are once in a year affair and almost everyone loves to celebrate this spectacular occasion no matter how little.
Twenty-three years is awesome, it’s the phase between the frenzy that has just ended with the teenage years and the realization of having to become a young adult.

You have a 23 year old who’s celebrating their birthday and you are not very sure of the right words for motivation to send across to them, well, you’re welcome to what helps you with just that!

Maybe the celebrant is your friend, sister, brother, son, a colleague at work, school mate, church person, in short, no matter what the relationship you share with them may be, you should not have to worry your head about what your heartfelt prayers to them on their special day of the year should be, it’s all here for you to choose from,

In the little way you can, help them appreciate the big 23 and pray for them as they go ahead into the new year, living it to the fullest.

Whether you prefer to print it on a birthday card or send across as text, let your 23 years old feel the affections coming from you to them and help them look forward to the incoming year as an amazing one. Go ahead and bless their new age with these 23rd birthday prayers for your 23 years old in 2024.

Happy birthday prayers for 23 years old

You can make a selection from these appropriate heart touching happy birthday prayers for 23 years old.

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1. Hurray! It’s the occasion of another anniversary of your birth and this is special because you’re 23! Big deal right? I don’t want to say too much than ask for the blessings and favours of the Lord for you today and till the rest of your days. Happy 23rd birthday my dear.

2. You don’t get to be 23 years old every year, I just want to send in a subtle reminder. Make sure you make the whole of this new year count because I already prayed for you God’s blessings. Happy new year, my dear, happy birthday to you.

3. You have always been unique, thorough and absolutely perfect. As you celebrate your birthday today, my only prayers are that you’ll keep being favoured. Welcome to the big 23rd, my dear. I wish you long life and happiness.

23rd Birthday Prayers    

4. As you go into your new year, my prayers are that God will never ever leave you. Your life will become an avalanche of pleasant blessings. This year and beyond, you will stand out. Happy birthday to you.

5. Today again, I want to remind you that you’re on your way to being a full-fledged adult. May every life decisions you make help you put your life on the right track. The world awaits all you’ve got to offer so don’t hesitate to show it. I wish you a perfect transit ahead, happy 23rd birthday to you my dear.

23rd Birthday Prayers for Christians

In this collection, you have the right words you should send across as 23rd birthday prayers for Christians around you.
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6. After 22 is 23, and I must confess that so far you’ve been doing well. This new year and new age, God’s got you completely. May God’s grace and mercies continually be with you. Welcome to a beautiful 23rd year, happy birthday to you.

7. Let me officially welcome you to another phase of adulthood, another year to show forth the treasures of God in you. Get ready because it’s going to be a swell ride of God’s hands all-through. Long life and prosperity to you dear.

8. Glory to God for the grace to celebrate today! Now you’re 23 years old and I can stop seeing you as a baby. My prayers are that God will keep keeping you this new year. He’ll strengthen you so that you don’t falter or fall. Many happy returns of today to you.

23rd Birthday Prayers

9. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God be with you as you commence the journey of your 23rd year on earth. I’m here praying for your ways, so don’t fret about anything. Welcome to 23 girls! Long life and prosperity to you.

10. God’s blessings are already yours for the taking, just go ahead and bask in all of the glory that you already have since your birth. This new year, may God keep you. May God bless you and may He uphold you, even till the end of your days. Happy birthday to you.

Birthday Prayers for 23 Years Old Sister

I know you already have gifts in place for your sister celebrating her 23rd birthday, but amongst all of these, she will appreciate some birthday prayers. Take some of these birthday prayers for 23 years old sister and help her have an awesome celebration.

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11. My little sister is 23 years old already, how time flies? My prayers are that you’ll grow in God’s grace and favours. Keep making us all proud, you know I can’t love you less. Happy birthday my dear.

12. You made it to your 23rd year and that’s a great thing! Thank you for staying alive and doing well so far, you’ve done a great job. this new year, may God’s face shine on you bright. Happy birthday, girl.

23rd Birthday Prayers

13. I want to make sure that I am the one to officially welcome you, my sister, to the list of latest adults. Make sure to enjoy the year ahead because you’re an adult now! Happy 23rd birthday, may you live to celebrate more, cheers to this new day and your new age.

14. God has blessed you with everything you need to make your path right, this new year, I pray that you will have the wisdom to make the right decisions for your life. Happy birthday to you my favourite sister.

15. Today I pray for you the grace to not make rash or hasty decisions in life, for this year and even beyond. May God be with you and help you walk this journey. Happy birthday my baby girl. Welcome to the amazing 23.

Birthday Prayers for 23 Years Old Brother

Here you go with some of the most touching birthday prayers for 23 years old brother, just to motivate them and wish them a happy new year ahead.

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16. May this year be the Golden year for you, may all your dreams and aspirations start manifesting. This new year, you will be favoured all around. Happy 23rd birthday to you my brother, you’ll last.

17. You’ve enjoyed life and you’ll still enjoy more from it. This year, I pray that you find peace and strength in everything you set your mind on to do. Happy 23rd birthday bro, I’m fond of you, always.

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18. Now, I’m sure you’re more than ready to face life and all it has in store for you. May pleasant experiences unfold for you as you go ahead in life. It’s a beautiful year already, just trust God. Happy birthday to my most loved brother.

19. Adulthood is about to get interesting for you because you are advancing in age. Welcome to a new age and a wonderful year ahead. I wish you a very fruitful one. Again, happy birthday to you.

20. From age 1 and now to 23, it’s been God all the way and I heartily pray that he’ll continue to keep you. The best of your days are here by God’s grace. Many happy returns of today my brother.

23rd Birthday Prayers for My Son

If you are in search of the right prayers to send to your son for his 23rd birthday then, your search is over. Right here, you can make your choice of prayers to send across to him to make him feel loved and appreciated on his 23rd birthday.

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21. It’s your 23rd birthday and I must confess that you’ve done well and made us all proud over the years. Happy birthday to you son, you are out life most treasured gift. God bless you today and all your days.

22. So far, you’ve enjoyed the grace of God over your life, and I hope you’re ready for this next phase son? Don’t worry, we’re always here to pray for you and motivate you always. Happy 23rd to you my baby.

23. Let me heartily congratulate you for making it to this new age, we can’t be less proud of you, son. As you go, I wish that amazing opportunities will open up for you in this new year. Cheers to 23, son!

24. I’m convinced that you’ll do well, even better than you’ve always done and that’s because you’re my son. For the gift of you from conception to this day, I’ll forever be grateful to God. Have fun today my love, you earned. Welcome to the big 23.

23rd Birthday Prayers

25. My young man is 23 today and I am more than excited! This little one is grown to be great to us all. I’m proud of you, son and I love you always. May this new year favour you. Happy birthday, lad!

23rd Birthday Prayers for My Daughter

It will be more than nice if, together with other birthday presents you’ve got in mind, you can send any of those beautiful 23rd birthday prayers to your daughter.

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26. Guess who made it to 23 years of age in style and great class? Of course my baby girl! No matter what darling, I’ll love you always and that’s forever. You are more than amazing always my child, make sure to enjoy your day. Happy birthday to you.

27. I am more than grateful to God for gifting you to me. You have made the journey of Parenthood amazing for me so far. A toast to you as the most beautiful and understanding daughter in the world. I love you, daughter, happy 23rd birthday.

28. I woke up today with nothing but gratitude to the creator for keeping for me all through these years. Thanks for making parenting you very easy and exciting. I pray that God is with you in the journey of this year and beyond. Welcome to 23 my dearest daughter.

29. I wouldn’t miss wishing you happy birthday today for anything in the whole world. I pray for you that you never lose your sparkle, drip and enthusiasm. May each day if this new year bring with it love and joy for you my daughter. You already know how much I love you. Happy 23rd birthday.

30. It’s a new chapter and it’s best that you start it with prayers from the heart. I pray that may all your dreams come through and true. May 23 favour you, my girl. Happy birthday to the best daughter any parent could ask for.

23rd Birthday Prayers for My Nephew

Looking for the right 23rd birthday prayers for your nephew? Your search is over! Let these messages help you, all you have to do is take your pick from them.

31. I close my eyes and it’s 23 years of your life already, how does time even fly as fast as that? I pray for you dearest nephew that this new year will spring pleasant surprises on you! Enter into the new year in style my dearest nephew. I love you and you know that. Many happy returns of today.

32. Let’s celebrate the anniversary of your 23rd year in the earth in style, shall we? 23 hugs for you dearest nephew and I wish you a wonderful year ahead. Happy birthday to you!

33. You’re a year older, stronger and better, but it doesn’t change the fact that you’re my nephew. Happy birthday to you son! You’ve done well, make sure you continue to do so. May God bless your days.

34. 23 and cuter, my nephew is getting better! Happy birthday to you darling. Thank you for coming into our lives and bring with your warmth. This new year will favour you, no stressing. Happy birthday to you!

35. I know it’s sweet sixteen but it’s no big deal if I welcome you into your sweet 23. My prayers for you are that you continue to shine son. Nothing stops you. Have a great year ahead but first, enjoy today’s party. Happy birthday

23rd Birthday Prayers for My Niece

You will love to send any of these wishes and prayers to help your niece have a beautiful time as she celebrates her 23rd birthday.

36. I’m the proud aunt of a 23 year old, just imagine! You have successfully completed the orbit of a year and starting another today. With all my love for you, I wish you an amazing year ahead. Happy birthday to you my dear.

37. I remember the first time I saw you, tiny and quite vulnerable in your cot but look at you today, all beautiful and grown-up! Dearest niece, I pray for God’s blessings on you today. May your days be long and fruitful too. Happy birthday to you my girl.

38. You deserve to be celebrated today, in several ways than one you’ve proved to us all that you are a force to be reckoned with, positively. I pray for you that you will not grow tired even as you advance in your years. Happy birthday to you our darling.

39. So far, watching you grow has been so nice. I can boldly say anywhere that you’re more than enough to take care of yourself, that’s why I’ll only say a few words of prayer. May God be with you always. I wish you a very happy birthday and an exciting year ahead.

40. Thank you for not giving up but holding out through it all, no matter what. This new year, I pray that your strength will not diminish. I wish you a very happy birthday my dear. May God bless you.

23rd Birthday Prayers for My Cousin

Check out these great 23rd birthday prayers that you’ll love to send to your cousin.

41. Welcome to the 23rd year of your life dearest cousin. I wish you all that you wish for yourself. Long life and prosperity to you, may you be great too.

42. You are just one awesomely weird human, but then, I can’t ever trade you for anything in the world. I would have wished you a fun-filled year ahead but you are the definition of fun in itself. In this new year, I wish you, sweetness, all through! Happy birthday, cuz!

43. Many things I want to say to you right now but the most important is that you make the most out of your days. You’re 23 today, may you witness more of this day in good health of course. Keep doing us proud coz, many happy returns of the day to you.

44. The thought of bringing candles to lit up for your birthday came to my mind but I had to crush it out almost immediately. We don’t want you burning down the whole building, you know that’s how playful you can be. Happy 23rd birthday dearest coz, you know that I love you always.

45. You’re 23 already, that means you’re older now and I expect you to be less playful, just kidding cuz. Today, my heartfelt prayers are that you live long and prosper. Happy birthday, dearest!

Birthday Prayers for 23 Years Old Friend

46. To my oldie goldie best friend, gist partner, a partner in crime and all things, I say a hearty 23 cheers to you. In this new year, may all dreams come true for you. I wish you every amazing thing in life. Happy birthday buddy, you rock and you know it.

47. You’re 23 years today, it’s just a matter of time before you get old, I’m just kidding girl. I love you and you know it. I just wish you good health to celebrate more years and greater achievements. May your maturity increase with your age, happy birthday babe.

48. We’ve had a good relationship that I could call old but gold over-time. One thing I’m sure of is that, it’s been awesome being your friend. I could.never trade this friendship for anything. I pray that your prayers meet perfection on this perfect day of yours. Happy 23rd birthday my best friend.

49. Woohoo! It’s my best friends birthday! Today, I just want to remind you of how amazing you are and pray that you never stop being so. Even if I’ve got nothing to gift you today, I’m sure of course, that you’ll definitely understand, just kidding though. Happy 23rd birthday my friend from now till forever.

50. The fondest and happiest birthday ever, that’s my wish for you as you celebrate today. Go out there and show the world what you’ve got because there are definitely hidden treasures in you my dear friend. May God bless you and bless your new age. Happy 23rd birthday sweet.

There you go with the compilation of heartfelt happy 23rd birthday messages you could get. It was carefully composed with you in mind so that you can make your choice from the variety and different sections.

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